Chapter 178 is familiar and recited

"No, no, I already have a master, I can not worship you as a teacher." ”Mu Yu said without hesitation.

If Mu Yu’s resolute attitude is known to other people in the comprehension community, he will definitely point to Mu Yu’s face to face! How many people are waiting in line to worship the dead wood as a teacher! This kid is good and refused directly.

Unfortunately, they don't know who the master of Mu Yu is. If they know the relationship between the true god of the triple continent and Mu Yu, they will not think so. The dead wood is even more inscrutable, but the true god of the triple continent is comparable to dead wood?

"Who is your master? I am going to kill him so that you can worship me as a teacher. ”The dead wood said angrily. He was not happy to accept his own apprentice, and he was quite flamboyant.

"Although I know that I am talented and smart, many people are rushing to be my master, but it is not good to fight and kill." What do you think of me, I can't change it? ”Of course, Mu Yu will not give up his master. It is estimated that no one believes, who would believe that his master is the true God of the three continents of the year?

The dead wood looked at the wood feathers and seemed to be thinking about it. His anger has not disappeared. After a while, he frowned and said: "Your sword is like a person, your master is a sword and dust!"

Mu Yu was shocked, relying on! Dare to love this old man still know his master? At the beginning, Feng Haochen had fought out his reputation and made it known to the world. The famous interpersonal relationship is very complicated. Mu Yu does not know that the old man is an enemy or a friend!

Mu Yudao: "The predecessor, how do you say that I am a descendant of the true God by sword?" This is not very good? Besides, the true God is such a great person, handsome and handsome, although it looks a little like me, but…"

"He is now called Feng Hao, isn't it?"Dead wood interrupted the wood feathers.

Mu Yu is really scared. The fact that the true god is reclusive in the Mouyun Mountain Range is rarely known. Even the eight-door people basically don’t know. The ghost door knows that this matter is even leaked out. How did this dead wood grow?

The last time the ghost door people knew that this matter was ready to start with the wind, and if it was a dead wood, there was such an idea. Isn’t it dangerous?

"That's really a joy, are you dating my master?" Are you drinking and knowing it, or knowing it better than a sword? ”Mu Yu opened his mouth and said with a smile, he first tempted on the good side.

"Chouren."Deadwood road.

Mu Yu’s smile is freezing, what are these ghosts! It turned out to be an enemy of his own master. Can he still be unlucky? The narrow road of Yanjia Road caused the wooden feather to hit.

"To say that the enemy is more common, everyone is so old, what unhappy things can't stand the years? Otherwise, let me go back, I am looking for Master, he is an old man to persuade persuasion, how do you turn it into a jade? ”

Mu Yu said haha, but his heart secretly complained. The dead wood knows that the sword shadow dust wind, it is to know that he is the true God of the triple continent, but the dead wood does not evade the words of the enemy, not to put the true God in the eyes, who can avenge the true God, where It will be so simple!

"I don't know what he is doing now. I know that there is nothing to grow up in your Master. If you don't even have a baby, you will dare to let you out." Since he will not teach you, I will teach you later. ”After the dead wood finished, he walked angrily toward his tree house.

Mu Yu blinked, and he thought that the old man would fan himself out of the air. He didn't expect him to leave these words and leave. It seems that he didn't want to stay with Mu Yu for a moment.

"What is it called to bite? It’s too hurtful to say that. ”Mu Yu rolled his eyes, he did not dare to catch up and question, just waved his fist in the back.

Mu Yu didn't want to go into the tree house any more. He took the dragon vine to the sky demon tree and wanted to run out from the last path. Unfortunately, he was not successful and was banned. He went to the valley again and failed.

“Can you talk about letting me go out?”


Mu Yu was inexplicably trapped in this valley. He was depressed in the sky, and the dead wood was in the tree at the moment, and he didn't know what to do. He tried all the methods, but unfortunately the dead wood was not vegetarian, basically blocked all the roads.

In the evening, Mu Yu was lying on the bridge and sleeping. His sleeves were forcibly opened by dead wood, and everything that Mu Yu grabbed was taken back, but the quilt was still there. Mu Yu sleeps very well with the quilt and Long Teng and Xiao Shuai.

In the early morning of the next day, it was picked up by the dead wood, and the dead wood was very happy to see that Mu Yu used his quilt.

"Take, "The Sutra", back meeting."The dead wood grows bluntly.

"Can I go out if I have a back?"

Mu Yu took over the thick "Poisonous", but there are hundreds of pages! It’s all about the experience of refining poisons in the dead wood. I really don’t know how dry it is to write such a thick book. Comprehension does not mean that everyone is obsessed with it. So much he has to go back to the Year of the Monkey to remember.

"Can't."The dead wood said succinctly.

"Then I don't want to."Mu Yu handed the "Poisonous" to the dead wood.

Dead wood did not pick up, he just looked at the dragon vines coiled on the bridge, said: "Do not back, dragon vine, refining medicine."

"Would we like to grieve?"Xiaoshuai said.

Mu Yu held his chin. This proposal is of course unacceptable. Longtan said how to suffer with him. He will not cross the river to break the bridge.

"Big mouse, why don't you go to refining!"Long Teng screamed at Xiaoshuai.

"You are bigger and you have more medicines."Xiaoshuai said.

Mu Yu shook his head and said pitifully: "Can I read it every day?"

"Reading, and reciting."Dead wood is undoubtedly said.

Read and memorize, these five dry words do not know how many people have a pain in their hearts, a large number of words to memorize, what is the use!

However, Mu Yu did not have the ability to resist, so every day, Mu Yu’s heart was reluctant to resound in the valley.

"Tiger vine, pharmacology: …I really don't want to memorize it! ……Efficacy: can make men regain their glory…Oh, this is not bad! ……Three or two can cause death…Opportunities and risks coexist! ”

Mu Yu so self boredom to recite for several days, in order to let the dry text is not so monotonous, every herbal medicine he has to add his own unique "insights", he suddenly understood why the strong in the book graffiti, such a boring book to make wood feather also want to give the book painted herbal illustrations graffiti into a person's image.

He secretly used the carved dansas as a pigment, and repainted the illustration of the chapter on the introduction of the dragon in the Torah.

"Look, the old green man has painted you a big bang."Xiaoshuai pointed at Longtan on the "Poison" and laughed.

Long Teng glared at the big bell of the bell, and snorted, indicating that Mu Yu would change it quickly.

"Don't worry, the old man of the dead wood does not seriously study painting when he is a child. His painting technique is too bad. I am called a little child prodigy."Mu Yu smeared the original painting, used a variety of dansha, and measured the size of the dragon vine, scaled down.

"what! Originally, the old man of green hair just painted a big cockroach, Mu Yu, you changed it into a big cockroach! ”Xiaoshuai laughed and laughed, and the dragon vine snorted and swallowed Xiaoshuai.

"Hey, this painting really restores the dragon's four feet, you see the dragon must…"Mu Yu pointed to the dragon mustard that was painted like a hemp rope. He decided not to comment and continued: "There are two corners…"The two corners on the painting were uncoordinated, and the hand was shaken in the middle of the hand, and he was a little embarrassed to say it.

"what are you doing."

"Painting!"Mu Yu picked up the branches and prepared to modify it again, but he immediately found that something was wrong, and the dead wood came! He had not had time to explain that the whole person had been hanged in the air and swayed in the air.

"Let me down."Mu Yu shouted.

The dead wood eyes almost spurt out the fire. He flipped through the Torah and found that many pages were filled with ugly graffiti. He even saw his portrait on a page, and painted him with his eyes and nose. .

"That's all my hard work, mixed kids, are you looking for death?"The dead wood heart was almost bleeding, and he did not stutter, indicating that he was angry.

"Your efforts will be put away, why do you have to recite me!"Mu Yu protested.

"I don't know what!"

The dead wood has to blow his beard and blink his eyes. If the "Poisonous Classic" is circulated to the realm of comprehension, it will cause many people to kill and rob the baby. This little bastard is so bad!

Longteng has long been running far, for fear of being refining medicine by angry dead wood, and the young handsome is working hard to get out of the dragon's teeth.

The dead wood chest can not stand ups and downs, said: "If someone else I have already killed him, your kid has gotten cheap and sold!"

Mu Yu didn't talk, he really felt that he was over-extended. He said: "Predecessors, but rote memorization can't make a big talent!"

Looking at Mu Yu, the UU reading seems to think of something, said: "So many people come in to worship me as a teacher, I can not see, you know why you choose alone?"

"Because I am handsome?"Xiaoshuai interjected.

The dead wood stunned Xiao Shuai, and Xiao Shuai quickly re-drilled back into Long Teng's mouth. Long Teng took a sip and spit out Xiao Shuai.

"Because I am the apprentice of your enemy?"Mu Yu didn't struggle. He was hanged in the air and couldn't get down. He had to accept his life. He said, "Do you want to fight against the enemy's apprentice? I told you that this is impossible. I can't betray my master. You are still dead…"

"Because you want to save your sword and dust."The dead wood is staring at the wood feathers.

Mu Yu stopped and looked at the dead wood. He really wanted to save his master, but how did this dead wood know?

"I know far more than you think, you want to save him, only I can help you."The dead wood looks very unsightly. He said this with a hint of disgust, feeling that he made this decision insulting his personality.

"Why do you want to save my master?"Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

"To tell the truth, I really want to kill him, but he can't die. There is one thing that needs him to do it."The dead wood clenched his fist.

"Is it a matter of Youmon?"Mu Yu asked.

"No matter what you do, in general, if you want to save your master, you have to follow my arrangement. If you don't want to, you can leave now. ”After the dead wood waved, the wooden feather fell, and he turned and returned to his tree house.

Mu Yu fell to the ground, he directly vacated, found that the valley's ban was untied, he came outside the valley, Long Teng and Xiao Shuai also followed, do not understand why the dead wood suddenly became so good to talk.

However, Mu Yu hesitated, and the dead wood said that Feng Hash is his enemy. Then why did he have to save an enemy?

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