Chapter 179 Little Rat

Mu Yu did not go, he chose to stay. Now even if he goes to find Luo Wei, it will not help. They can't save the wind and dust. When Mu Yu went there, they just immersed themselves in cultivation. It is an idiotic dream to fight against the mysterious triple palace.

Evergreen is a mysterious person. He is so high. If he wants to take the life of a wooden feather, he only sneezes. However, he not only knows the identity of Mu Yu, but also secretly rescues Mu Yu from Fuxianyu. For an unknown purpose, it is necessary to collect Mu Yu as a disciple. Although Evergreen Evergreen has always said that he and Feng Haochen have hatred that is difficult to resolve, but Mu Yu always feels that this weird old man does not seem to want to die, but wants to save him.

"The demon, the demon, the devil's work, the role?"The first sentence that the dead wood now says to Mu Yu every day is this.

"Day demon fruit is a versatile herb. When the refining medicinal herbs can't find a certain kind of herb, you can cut the celestial fruit into a small piece instead. It is better able to ablate the resistance between various herbs and make them perfectly combined. It’s very rare that the demon tree has two fruits in a hundred years…"Mu Yu said a lot of words.

He is embarrassed because the dead wood tells him that he must recover his dantian in order to survive the wind. Feng Haochen has become the eye of the imprisoned Xianji, at the expense of repair. His dantian was seriously damaged, and it led to the decline.

Using the nine gas and polyester flowers and the grass to refine the original Yuan Yang Dan, you can recover the wind and dust of Dantian. Nine gas, polyester, and dead wood were originally intended to be replaced by the demon fruit, because this flower only exists in the ancient books and is now extinct. However, the demon fruit was faintly entered into the belly of Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai, wasted.

"The two need to find it yourself. As for where to look, I will tell you later."This is what the dead wood said when it was angry, because neither of them is easy to find.

Mu Yu has no way at present. The dead wood not only teaches him "The Sutra", but also teaches him some knowledge of "Xuanzhen". The understanding of dead wood against the law is quite thorough. When Mu Yu said that his master is also proficient in the formation, the dead wood reveals a trace of disdain: "On him, he, his kind of method, no, no, not worth mentioning!"

The dead wood mentioned that the master of Mu Yu’s face was scornful and ridiculous. I really don’t know where the true God of the Triple Continent got rid of this green old man, and he was always beaten. Mu Yu decided not to refute, the grievances of their generations did his ass!

"Xuanzhen" is just some of the knowledge of the formation of dead wood, not deep, but it is enough to make Mu Yu open his eyes. Feng Haochen has not taught him the knowledge of the formation. It is because of some scruples, but he has nothing to worry about on the dead wood side.

When the dead wood gave Mu Yu an explanation of "Xuan Zhen", it was two words and two words. After listening to his introduction to "Xuan Zhen", Mu Yu felt old and old. However, he still learned a lot in the end. For example, in the development history of the formation method, there are smart people who use the arrangement of the stars in the sky to arrange arrays. The method of replacing the stars with the self-cultivator can almost play the role of Yumeng. Unexpected effect.

The dead wood explained to him the most basic gossip array. The gossip wood feathers only knew about one from the old man, and the dead wood directly understood the deeper gossip array to let Mu Yu understand. In order to let Mu Yu remember what the directions of the gossip represent, he also deliberately created a gossip that was guarded by the monsters. The first time that Mu Yu was dying, he stepped directly into the death gate of the gossip. He was almost given a dinner by a dragon who was repaired for a period of time. From that time on, he lost interest in the Eight Diagrams.

Mu Yu has so far been exposed to a number of arrays, from the Dust Mountain to resist the Yuan Ying period of the Yuan Ying period, to the heaven and earth array that trapped the entire Mo Yun mountain range, and then to the transmission array of Yumeng escaped from the imprisonment. The power of the array is different, and each formation is quite powerful. The pattern of the dead wood in the valley is also very mysterious, such as the original ghost wall fight method or the small cleverness of the wood feather.

He has been in contact with many formations, but he can't understand the law of its operation. At this moment, he suddenly encounters a long-lasting dead wood against the law. He can't help but learn a school.

However, withered Muchangqing seems to prefer Mu Yu to focus on the "Poison Sutra", he had already known the Jumunling of the Lord in his body, so he thought that understanding the characteristics of the various herbs would be more helpful to the future of the wood plume in looking for nine gas-washed souls and grasses, so Mu Yu could only follow the withered Muchangqing's mind to know all kinds of strange plants, and test the effects of different plants mixed together.

It is also ridiculous to say that he is a person who can control plants, but his knowledge of plants is not as good as that of dead wood.

"You, you, you are like this," – The dead wood guides Mu Yu to configure his baidu powder. He suddenly found that Mu Yu added several extra herbs, so he reminded him.

"I know it's not right, I know, I just want to know what these fun effects will add to these…"Mu Yu said indifferently.


Mu Yu already knows the effect of this configuration. He was smashed with several kinds of herbs, and his face had a few blisters, and his face was swollen. Baidu San uses a variety of poisons. The unbearable experiment like Mu Yu is completely guilty. Wood feathers rushed into the sky demon tree to detoxify.

On the dead wood, there was a smile that was difficult to hide. Mu Yu found that he was quite kind when he smiled.

"True, true, true-"

"I really envy my ability to control trees?"Mu Yu is not surprised by Yumen’s ability to dry wood. He seems to know very well what he has done with Feng Haochen.

Mu Yu and dead wood have been together for a few months, and have gradually figured out the temperament of this strange old man. This green-haired old man is actually not bad at heart, but because of the study of the relationship between drugs, it is only a matter of respect. His speech is always slow, and he doesn't know which rib is wrong. When he is in a good mood, he will stutter and be fluent when he is in a bad mood. And Mu Yu has learned how to try to figure out the old man's mind, and then finish the words for him. If you wait for the old man to say two words, you have to wait until the flowers are thankful.

Mu Yu was particularly satisfied with his body that was not poisoned, and then he became a dead mouse with dead wood.

"Over, over, come and try…"The dead wood handed a small bottle to the wood feather.


Mu Yu has a kind of impulsiveness. The dead wood used to test the poison is to find the monster in the valley river. With the feathery experimental body, the monsters are relieved and no longer risk their lives. . Two days before the wood feathers, a yellow potion was poured from the dead wood, which made him pull the whole stomach for a whole day. The most important thing is that the dead wood did not allow him to detoxify. He said that he should record the seizure characteristics of this poison until yesterday. Mu Yu gave the poison to his body.

"At last. once. ”

"Let me pull out two days ago and you say the last time!"Mu Yu said angrily.

"The demon, the demon, the devil's work, the role?"The corners of the dead wood are slightly raised.

"Alright alright!"

The wooden feathers were soft, and when he didn't want to cooperate, the dead wood will be deliberately moved out of this. Mu Yu wants to save Master from the Mouyun Mountain Range. It is impossible to do it with his current ability. The dead wood knows everything well, and the intention of the dead wood is to let Mu Yu find the nine gas and the soft grass and the grass. Feng Haochen resumed repairs. Since Mu Yu chose to believe in dead wood, he dumbly ate Huanglian – there is no way to say it.

Mu Yu drank the disgusting yellow potion, and soon his body became hot, then he began to cough, his heart beat slowed, and his body was weak. These are not big problems for him, as long as they can be dispelled directly by spiritual power, but the dead wood has shackled the spiritual power of his whole body.

"what. feel. ”

"Nausea, retching, vomiting, sleepy, uncomfortable, want to die…"Mu Yu stretched out his tongue and felt that he was struggling in hell. He was obviously inhaling in a big mouth, but he still didn't feel chest tightness.

"Well, drink it."The dead wood handed a bottle of red potion to the wood feather, and the wood feather turned a white eye, swallowed a red potion, and then the feeling of discomfort gradually faded.

The dead wood looked at Mu Yu again and became alive and kicking. He nodded with satisfaction and said: "The plague, scattered, and effective."

"Don't you, what do you do with the plague poison? Do you want to kill those mortals? ”Mu Yu jumped up, and when he heard the dead wood trying to spread the plague, he suddenly felt that he was working for the tiger. The plague is ineffective against the self-cultivator, but the mortal is almost irresistible.

"I, yes, then, bad?"The dead wood glanced at Mu Yu, very dissatisfied.

"There's none? The dead wood valley you made is poisoned by so many people, and it is not bad! ”Wood feathers only pointed at the nose of the dead wood.

"They, no, the ability. Come in……"The dead wood begins to explain the reason two words and two words, UU reading www. The speed of speech is surprisingly slow.

"Master, your enemy is my master!"Mu Yu naturally can't wait for him to explain this. He finds that every time he talks about the wind and dust, the dead wood will be irritated and even angry. When he is annoyed, he will speak with ease.

"That bastard!"The dead wood whispered aloud and said: "What other people have not done this to me? That is what they deserve! If you didn't happen to come here, you still passed my test alive, and I was too lazy to pay attention to you. ”

Deadwood said that he has set up such a large number of levels, because he will encounter similar difficulties when he picks up the grass in the future. He wants to pick someone who can pass these obstacles as a descendant and let the descendants go to that place to pick the grass. As for why the dead wood in that place did not go by itself, the reason was not said.

"Then you configure so many poisons every day, and you ran out from time to time. Is it going to find a living person to do experiments?"Mu Yu Road. The dead wood often leaves the valley three by five, and then seals the valley, not letting Mu Yu go out, nor know where he is going.

"Correct."The dead wood said crisply.

"Then I will stop testing for you!"Mu Yu said with anger.

The dead wood suddenly laughed: "Every day, by you, anger, finally, also, see, you are, mad, time."

Because of the stuttering relationship, the dead wood talked with the woody feathers of the sharp teeth. He could hardly take advantage of it. Every time he would be mad and jumped his feet, he couldn’t easily see that he jumped his foot on the wood, and suddenly felt very relieved. Originally, no matter how the dead wood is against the wood feather, Mu Yu always has an indifferent attitude and will not be angry, but when it comes to the problem of mortal life, he can't sit idly by.

Mu Yu is amazed, this old man said so much just to deliberately anger him?

"Yes, don't, follow me, go out, what?"The dead wood suddenly asked.

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