Chapter 180 Plague

"Well, I promised where to go!" Let's go! ”

Mu Yu said with excitement, now he is willing to let him go to fight with the young people in the Yuan Ying period. This place has been suffocating for a few months. Dead wood is not an object that can be relieved. Xiaoshuai and Laolongt will only face each other with "big bang" and "little mouse" every day. He wants to find someone who can speak normally.

"You want, I, my apprentice, the name."

"Let's say, let me be your master."Mu Yu couldn't wait to go out. Although the dead wood did not mention the matter in the past few months, he really taught Mu Yu as an apprentice.

The dead wood ignores the wood feather directly, and Mu Yu likes to play the mouth. He is used to it. In fact, this half-year with Mu Yu has made his temper a lot better, because Mu Yu talks like jokes every day, no big or small, if the dead wood cares too much about Mu Yu, then every day has to be half-dead, not worth the candle.

Leaving the valley and breathing fresh air is a luxury for Mu Yu. He couldn't help but look at the green mountains and green waters in the distance, and occasionally swept through the ordinary huts. From time to time, he saw the self-cultivator flying through the air. This free and comfortable day is what he wants.

Long Teng did not come out, only Xiao Shuai followed Mu Yu out to eat. Every time the dead wood comes back, they will bring some food to them. Unfortunately, those who eat basically go into the belly of Xiaoshuai, and the little stomach king of Xiaoshuai simply fills up.

"I want to eat chicken legs. I have to buy a lot this time."Xiaoshuai is broken. In the past six months, it has not really let go of the belly, although it does not eat enough to let go of the belly.

Dead wood with wooden feathers stopped in a remote village. This small village was filled with grievances over the dead village, and there was always something wrong.

"plague."Said the dead wood.

The plague is a deadly infectious disease for ordinary people and the biggest disease killer for ordinary people.

"Are we here to save them?"Mu Yu walked into the village and found that many people were black and black, unable to cough, and some people had been lifted out of the straw cover, and those who carried it were pale.

"You, you, your mission, your duty, your duty is to save and save…"

"Save them. I know. ”

Mu Yu finished the words for the dead wood, his face was a little dignified, he knew the cause of the plague, how they destroyed the body tissue, how to cause complications. Mu Yu saw that there was a poison in the "Virus" that was made from the blood of patients suffering from plague.

However, Mu Yu felt a little surprised, why did the dead wood let him save people? In his impressions, the use of dead wood like poison should be harmful.

"Don't you, this plague will not be caused by you?"

The dead wood glanced at the wood feather. He knew what Mu Yu was thinking: "People who play, play poison, people, not necessarily, fixed, will be harmful, harmful, harmful."

"Do you still use poison to save people?"Mu Yu felt that he had not known this person for half a year with dead wood.

"I, I, my poison, only, only save ordinary people."The dead wood went up and touched the little boy's forehead. The little girl curled up in the chair and shivered. The breathing was quite slow, and the vitality was slowly flowing away from her body.

"You are still a good person!"Mu Yu’s heart was loose, and he remembered that the dead wood often went out. β€œWhen you go out and leave the valley, is it to save ordinary people?”

Deadwood didn't answer him, just beckoning to let Mu Yu pass.

"Save her."Said the dead wood.

Every time the dead wood leaves the valley, it is really to save people. In fact, he is not bad at all. He studies poison, but his purpose is to use poison to save people. He advocates the way of poisoning, but the world does not like poison. So people who play poison are thinking badly.

Mu Yu felt that his views on dead wood had changed. He carefully recalled the introduction of the plague in the dead wood "The Sutra". The plague of the little girl belongs to the plague and is caused by mice. The dead wood is mentioned to destroy a poison,

A more toxic herb can be used. Toxic herbs are also fatal to ordinary people. There are plague treatments in detoxification methods.

"The spirit of the grass is a dollar, the five roots are buried, and the money is spent on the canal…"In the past six months, Mu Yu really put the "Poisonous" on his back. He immediately said these herbs.

The dead wood nodded with satisfaction and threw a Qiankun bag to the wood feather, which contained a variety of herbs, like a herbbag. These herbs can be formulated as deadly poisons, or they can be formulated as detoxification prescriptions.

The plague that was just assigned to Mu Yu was an experiment with wood feathers. Mu Yu knew why dead wood had to do this.

Xiaoshuai is silent, knowing how to clear these diseases, and it has its own unique talent in this respect. For detoxification methods of dead wood, it is more admirable, and the way to attack poison is often easier to cure. However, this method requires careful handling of the ingredients of each poison, and if there is an error, it will kill people.

The method of making poison is the same as the method of alchemy. Alchemy is more for the cultivation of the self-cultivator, and the method of making poison is to save people according to the dead wood.

Although the description of various poisons is recorded in "Dynalysis", each poison has recorded a detailed detoxification method. In fact, this is a detoxification, but the outsiders do not know.

Mu Yu is very hard to formulate antidote. He doesn't want to watch so many innocent lives and die. The ordinary people have no spiritual power in their bodies, so Mu Yu can't use their own spiritual power to cure them. Xiaoshuai does not.

"Son, I am sorry. Think of you too badly. ”Mu Yu instantly felt that the image of dead wood was tall.

"Call, Master" snorted.

Mu Yu laughed and said twice; "No. This is two different things. ”

"Smelly, kid."Deadwood himself began to set up the antidote for these mortals. He sometimes stared at Muyu and meditated. He didn't know what he was thinking.

However, at this time, a smoldering sensation suddenly rose from the outside of the village. Mu Yu looked at the dead wood inexplicably, and the dead wood raised his head, frowned, and disappeared in the same place with the wood feathers.

Two ghostly people walked into the village. The two men were filled with yin. The huge atmosphere shrouded the whole village. Mu Yu was shocked in the dark. This is the ghost door!

"This is the fifth plague village, and the soul is still not enough."One of the ghost gates scanned the entire village and shook his head.

"Ghosts and ancestors ordered us to find another thousand mortal souls, plus the village is still more than a hundred."Another ghostly humanity.

"Unfortunately, these mortals cannot be killed directly. The mortal soul that naturally dies is pure, really troublesome! It is only a waste of time to create a plague in secret to collect the soul! ”

Mu Yu is extremely angry. Is this plague actually distributed by ghosts?

Mu Yu turned to look at the dead wood, but the dead wood has disappeared, and then turned to the ghost door, the two ghost gates have been lying on the ground, the two of them are green, and the dead wood is looking at them with a sullen look.

Mu Yu did not expect the dead wood to be so decisive. The death of these two ghost gates was very tragic. The whole body turned green, but it was poisoned and died.

"It's no wonder that this time there are so many plagues, it really is a ghost!"Dead wood sinks.

"What about us?"Mu Yu also felt very angry, and the people of the ghost door actually made such a terrible thing. I remembered that at the beginning, Ghost Xuanyue wanted to get the soul of millions of people in the Mouyun Mountain Range. This ghost door is really damn!

The dead wood hand spread out, and a pale and illusory soul was detained in his hands.

"who are you?"It was just one of the ghost disciples who had left him alone, and another ghost disciple and their twins were directly killed by dead wood.

"You are so bold and courageous, dare to carry the Triple Palace to kill mortals!"Mu Yu angered.

The ghost disciple showed a cruel smile: "Whatever the mortal life counts, the Triple Palace only prohibits us from killing the self-cultivator, and there are not so many restrictions on mortals."

"What do you want so many mortal souls to do?"Mu Yu Shen Shen, he did not want to argue with the ghost door people, there is no concept of life in the eyes of the ghost, only the soul is supreme.

The ghost disciple shook his head and said: "Do you think I will tell you? Quickly let me know, and offend the door of our ghost door, you should be clear! ”

The dead wood did not speak, just took out a white potion and measured it in his hand.

"I don't, like, interrogate."The dead wood directly poured the white pharmacy on the soul of the ghost disciple, and the ghost disciple screamed, and then his eyes became dull, and his cold face faded.

"Spiritual medicine?"Mu Yu blinked. "Does this thing work for the soul?"

"The Toxic Classic" records that there is a spirit grass in the mountains of Beishan. This kind of herbal medicine is quite toxic. If you smell it, your brain will not listen. When someone asks what will answer, you can't tell lies. Lingling grass is the best means of interrogating prisoners. Unfortunately, this kind of grass is difficult to pick, because no one who is comprehending can resist its fragrance.

Dead wood, a poisonous expert who wants to pick this kind of grass, can be described as a piece of cake, but Mu Yu does not know that this kind of poison can be used by the soul.

"I do, specialize, deal with, ghost gates."The dead wood put the bottle away, "You ask."

Mu Yu shrugged, letting the dead wood to interrogate the prisoner is probably a torment for the prisoner. UU reading is naturally handed over to Mu Yu for processing.

"What do you do with the soul of a mortal?"Mu Yu asked.

"Ghosts and ancestors want to use the mortal soul and the demon's demon to refine and win nine."The ghost disciple replied in a dull manner.

"What is the nine battles?"Mu Yu continued to ask.

"Ghosts and nine ancestors want to win one of the ten demon kings of the demon, the body of the white demon king."The ghost disciple replied honestly. It is said that the body of the demon king is an immortal existence. They have turned from a demon to a human body, and their bodies have undergone tempering. They have been hard as iron, and they are not invaded. If a person like a ghost door can win the body of the demon king, and control their soul, the purpose of achieving eternal life is not a dream.

Mu Yu was surprised: "Is the Ten Great Monsters disappeared thousands of years ago?"

"The ten demon kings are killing, they are only sealed by the human race. The ghost ancestors explored the white demon king from the Yaozu…"The ghost disciple suddenly did not speak, and he widened his eyes, and then the soul slowly became illusory, and the fragments disappeared.

"Don't he, why is he gone?"Wood Yu looked puzzled at the dead wood, he has not yet obtained useful information!

Dead wood slowly explained that this kind of poison can not last long for the soul, and it can be said that it is not bad.

"Yumen came back, human beings have already had enough brains, how can the Yaozu have signs of activity?"Mu Yu remembered that in the Fulong Mountain in the Moyun Mountain Range, Yumenu created a large number of Yaozu, and they also controlled them. The Yaozu have a strong fighting power. If they stand on the side of Yumen and become a tool for Yumen to deal with human beings, the consequences will be very serious.

" Father, can we do something?"Mu Yu asked.

The dead wood gave a look at Mu Yu and said: "Do not do."

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