Chapter 184 Extraterrestrial Days

"Let? You are eating something outside, you actually help outsiders to talk! ”The young people saw the person who spoke, and his face was even more ugly, pointing to the anger and anger.

Mu Yu blinked and didn't expect to see this guy here. For a long time, this guy has already been repaired in the Yuan Ying period. The apprentice of the Ding Ding drug master is not casual.

The singer screamed at Muyu, letting Wood Yu don't talk, he can handle it. Mu Yu’s reputation today is quite large in the realm of comprehension. However, there are not many people who have actually seen him. Some of them have been killed by dead wood, so the people around them did not take the big troubles of Fuxianyu. The teenager and the wood feathers of today are associated with each other. If you talk to Mu Yu in a violent manner, it will cause unnecessary trouble.

"Shi Minghui, you really gave us a long face! First of all, I am not helping the pro. Secondly, according to the seniority, I am your uncle, you don't respect me, this elder is no problem, but also dare to shame the face of Dan Ding, how can Dan Ding send you such a scum! ”Shaking his head, he was disappointed and hated the iron and said nothing.

Is it the uncle of Shi Minghui?

This is somewhat interesting. It looks like a strong look. It is estimated that the actual age is smaller than that of Minghui. It is not as good as Minghui. Unfortunately, he found a good master, which means he has to press Minghui. . Judging from the tone of the two of them, the relationship between Shi Minghui and Cai Li is not good. It is estimated that Shi Minghui has been plagued by the problem of this generation and has been taken advantage of, so he is very unfriendly to the attitude.

Shi Minghui's face is not good-looking. He glared at the sorrow. Although he was trained to be high, he was always crushed everywhere, which made him very uncomfortable. Mu Yu can not help but this is a slap in the face of a lot of problems that are sure to take a loss of time. Minghui can not say anything, but whoever changes it will feel very wrong.

"You give me this less, do you really think that I dare not do it for you?"Shi Minghui looked at the people around him and began to point at him. He also found that he couldn’t get down to the stage, and his voice seemed to be lacking.

"This inn is our Danding industry. If your entanglement hurts the reputation of the Danding School and affects your income, I think your grandfather will also punish you?"The singer directly put a big hat that damaged the reputation of Danding on the head of Shi Minghui, so that Shi Minghui had to gnash his teeth. Of course, it is casual to talk about it. Grandpa Shi Minghui loves this grandson most, and the short-term protection is notorious. He will not punish Minghui.

"Hey, do you think I am scared?"Shi Minghui sneered, and he did not put the words of the sorrow at all.

"I don't know if I am scared, but I remind you, I just saw the elders coming here, she shouldn't come to you?"Looking at Ming Minghui with interest in his head.

Sure enough, when I heard the elders, the face of Minghui suddenly changed. He seemed to be jealous of this cold elder. There was a panic on his face. He turned his head and said to Mu Yu: "I wrote down this account, don't Let me meet you again, otherwise I will definitely want you to die!"

After Shi Minghui finished speaking, he kicked a footed entourage and shouted a "waste" and then left in a panic.

"What are you doing in the shopkeeper? Still not happy to arrange a room for this brother? The next time you encounter such a thing, you must handle it publicly. Don’t let everyone think that our Danding party is quite unreasonable. This is not good. ”I learned the shopkeeper in the old age and then walked upstairs leisurely.

"Know it, take the son."

The shopkeeper rushed to answer, and my heart secretly spit out a bitter water. It was a good thing to listen to. In the face of Ming Hui, such a person must be handled impartially, and he could not do it. However, since this matter was solved with enthusiasm, he could not say anything. He quickly lost his smile and gave Mu Yu a good room. His heart was secretly relieved.

Fortunately, it did not cause other troubles. These two ancestors were not good at the Dan Ding faction.

I don’t want to talk about it, but both of them like to make trouble.

The whole process of dead wood does not mean anything, he seems to be thinking about something. Mu Yu thought that he was being bullied by the juniors of the Yuan Ying period. He was very wrong. He said that he used to be able to take pictures of flies and usually kill the Yuan Ying infants. Now he is degraded to be bullied by Yuan Ying. The point of this huge gap will not be good for anyone. Mu Yu comforted: "Don't be entangled, the guy I have already slapped him. As long as you speak, I can catch up and give him a third slap."

The dead wood looked helplessly at Mu Yu, and my heart was saying that you really didn't know what happened to him! However, he did not say anything, just arbitrarily "hmm", and then went to his room under the greeting of the buddy.

"I came in, I came in."

Mu Yu had just had a problem with the dead wood to check his body, and the sound of the rushing sound was heard outside the door. Then the door was pushed open and ran in a whirlwind.

"What a fuck is your kid!"I took a lot of wood feathers and it was difficult to hide my excitement. The voice was like a person who opened it.

"I heard about everything about you. Did you really come out of the Deadwood Valley?" Do you dare to rob the dead wood? so amazing! Did you really kill the young boys in Fuxianyu? It is not easy for those people to kill them even at the same level! how did you do it? Where did you go later? I heard that you were caught by the dead wood, and now escaped for the second time? You guy is really good! Riding the dragon vines and escaping from the eyes of a group of distracted masters, how did you do it? Damn! If I followed them to Fuxianyu, I would ride a dragon! Duoweifeng! I also want to ride a ride, how can you be here now? you……"

The slaps of the mouth screamed and thrown a lot of questions, so that Mu Yu heard it one by one. He didn't know where to answer these questions. He was the first friend he met after he came to the Triple Continent. He was able to see it again here, and Mu Yu was very happy.

"Pick the key, too many questions, I can't remember!"Mu Yu patted his head and said helplessly.

However, the sorrow suddenly turned his gaze to the dead wood, and saw that the dead wood was just an ordinary person who did not have a little repair, and he asked strangely: "Who is this?" Your old servant? ”

"Who are you talking about as a servant?"The dead wood feels insulted, and when it slams, it comes up, and the words become thieves.

"He is a dead wood, my master, don't talk."Mu Yu quickly comforted the dead wood and let him eliminate the fire.

"Oh, it’s your master’s dead wood! Oh no matter, you haven't answered my question yet! How long have you been…and many more! Dead wood is evergreen? You mean that he is dead wood! ”The violently awakened, the eyes widened, the whole person jumped back, his hands crossed over his chest, made a defensive posture, and watched the dead wood with great urgency.

"Is the reaction so exaggerated?"Mu Yu shrugged.

"A dead wood is not heard to be a green old man?" Not quite like it! And the old man seems to have not repaired it! Besides, the dead wood is a stutter, this old man is so eloquent, where is the dead wood for a long time, you will not be fooled by which old liar? ”He looked at the dead wood with a puzzled look. He spoke straight and didn't know anything about it.

"Who do you say old liar?"Dead wood frowned.

"This is a long story, and I will talk about it later, but he is indeed a long-lasting, very powerful old man. He is highly respected and deeply defined. It is a model of the realm of cultivation!"Mu Yu quickly stroked the back of the dead wood, smashed the slap of the dead wood, and smashed his anger.

"Master, who, yours."The face of dead wood finally eased.

"What?"He did not understand the words that were not organized in this way. He did not have the kind of words that Mu Yu could help with the words of the dead wood.

"He asked who your master is. I know this, it is a master of medicine medicine! Right, it’s hard, the dead wood is from your martial art. You don’t know? ”Mu Yu asked strangely.

I shrugged and shrugged: "I know this, but they all say that dead wood is a sinister way. It does not belong to Dan Dao. He left the Dan Ding party very early. We almost never talk about him."

"evil ways?"Dead wood frowned.

"They said, it is not what I said."He hurriedly waved his hand. He knew that the dead wood was a poisonous road. The poisonous person would invisiblely kill him. He didn't want to die unconsciously.

"Cold and snow, she will come?"The dead wood asked again.

Hearing this time, he smiled. "That is what I am licking." The elders of the cold and snow were very majestic in the martial art, even if the grandfather of Minghui gave her three points, and Shi Minghui was once taught by the elders of cold ice, and his shadow was big in his heart! ”

"So why is it that she is cold?"Mu Yu asked.

"Because she is cold! Whether it's talking or doing things, it's a cold look, so we call her privately. ”Snickering.

Mu Yu began to tell the story of his departure from the Deadwood Valley. How UU read mixed into Fuxianyu, and he only said that he was accidentally swallowed by Longtan, but he himself Life is big and runs out of the dragon's belly. Anyway, no matter how much I talk about it, no one will confirm it. Finally, I said that my own practice just restrained the fast sword, which killed the fast sword.

In the middle of the dead wood, another eight people were killed by him. It was also this time that Mu Yu knew how much he was passing outside. Then when he talked about the dead wood, he asked for a look at the dead wood. When he saw no dead, he told the truth.

I heard the glimpse of it, and I still don’t forget to sigh with one or two sentences of “lying grass”, “this is OK”, “You are really powerful”, how to hear how Mu Yu relied on Jin Dan’s cultivation and Yuan Ying During the period of playing, he even secretly squeezed the sweat for Mu Yu.

"I want, see, you, Master."Said the dead wood.

He shook his head and shook his head: "My master broke through to the distraction period for a while, and now I am still in the process of retreating. I can't see it, but what are you doing here?"

After the dead wood muttered a few words of unclear words, Mu Yu heard that it was dead wood in the saying that the drug inferior qualifications are so bad now that they entered the distraction period, Mu Yu decided not to give the hard translation of the dead wood, so as not to be embarrassed.

"Heaven, outer heaven, places."The dead wood spits out these inexplicable words. Mu Yu felt strange that he had never heard the word Tian Tiantian.

The singer was shocked. He obviously knew what this extraterrestrial place meant. He didn’t expect that the dead wood would be a few years away. He couldn't do the Lord in this matter. Only the head of the Danding School was qualified to decide. He quickly explained this to Deadwood.

"What is the ghost in the sky? Father, did you originally come to visit relatives? ”Mu Yu feels inexplicable.

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