Chapter 185 2 Heavy Heaven

Mu Yu still underestimated his knowledge of the world. Some things have not been told to him. Of course, it may be said before the introduction of Mu Yu.

The world is not as simple as he imagined, and it is said that there are other worlds outside of this world, known as the outer sky. The triple continent belongs to the triple heaven, and it is inhabited by human beings. Then there must be a heaven, a double heaven, and so on. For other heavy days it is not clear that the other day the three-day fix really knows is called the second day.

The Double Heaven belongs to the wild and primitive area, in which all kinds of powerful monsters are inhabited. These monsters are all over the entire double heaven. Whether it is strength or cultivation, it is quite terrible. It is far from being the monster of the triple heaven. of. Because of various factors, human beings are not suitable to live in this world. Otherwise, the self-cultivators have already immigrated to the past, and the scourge has gone on two days.

The only connection point between Double Heaven and Triple Sky is in the Dan Ding School. It is guarded by the Dan Ding faction. If you want to enter the Double Heaven, you must pass the Dan Ding School. This is the only way.

The connection point is a transmission array that was preserved in ancient times. This transmission array is quite old, capable of communicating two worlds, and transmitting the three-day comprehension to the double heaven. The transmission array will be turned on once every ten years. The opening time is limited, and only when it is opened, the three-day comprehension can enter the double heaven.

Many comprehensions are drooling about the situation of Double Heaven and want to go in and find out. Because of the absence of human habitation, Double Sky is equivalent to a natural treasure house that has not yet been mined. All the cultivation resources are considerable. In the double heavens, precious herbs, rare monsters, and magical materials for the sky are all available. As long as you are lucky, you can get a lot of good goods.

Unfortunately, the transmission array came from the ancient times. The transmission arrays of the ancient times are different from the current arrays. They are ancient and mysterious, and many aspects of the array technology have not been handed down. Now the comprehensions want to copy this transmission array to do it. Not enough.

Because of the age of the reason, this transmission is very fragile, the yuan-baby over the time to pass through the transmission array because of their own psychic force is too large, and transmission array rejection, transmission array in order to protect the yuan to wipe out the more than the fixed real, and therefore the maximum transmission matrix only allow the yuan infant period and the yuan in the following to fix the person in.

Human beings are a race that knows how to use cultivation resources to improve their cultivation. In addition, the comprehensible does not know how to use resources rationally, resulting in the exhaustion of many precious resources of Triple Sky. Some things have long since disappeared in the triple sky. If you want to find it, you can only go to the Double Heaven. This is why many comprehensions are so keen on going to Double Heaven.

The most important point is that there are many herbs and powerful monsters that do not exist in the triple sky because of the aura of the double heaven. Ample aura can make earth-shaking changes in herbs and monsters. Think about the gap between the relatively aura of the triple continent and the apocalyptic desert mountains. The intensity of the aura is closely related to the cultivation speed of the comprehens, and of course the talent is also essential.

If you can go to the double heaven, even if you don’t go to the monsters and herbs, you can practice it for a while, and it’s much faster than practicing in the triple heaven. The double heaven is a piece of Feng Shui that is quickly improved by the comprehension. Who is not jealous in such a place?

Because the carrying capacity of the transmission array itself is limited, the number of people entering the Double Heaven is strictly limited by the people of the Mie Palace, and only five people are allowed to enter each martial art. The Danding School allowed six people to enter because of the relationship between generations of guardian transmissions.

Of course, entering the Double Heaven is not a martial art who wants to go. Every time there are several sects that can go in, these are the decisions of the Mie Palace. The Mie Palace is a mysterious old and powerful decision, no one dares to question their decision.

No matter which sects are sent in, Bamen and Danding are definitely among them. This is beyond doubt.

Let’s talk about how the Dan Ding faction allocated these six places.

The Danding School is divided into five veins. According to the regulations, each pulse will be assigned to a place to enter the second day. Among them, the main pulse is headed by Yundan Taoist, the head of Danding School. The pulse of the place where the spirit is located is not the first. When Minghui is the mainstay of his grandfather, the cold and snow elders are self-contained. There is also a vein that is actually very ridiculous, that is, a dead wood.

Mu Yu also just knew that the dead wood was quite high in the Dan Ding faction, and it was the same level as the head. It is a pity that the pulse of dead wood is dying, and it exists in name only. When the dead wood was in the first place, there were few disciples, and when he left, the people of this vein turned to other people, and the pulse of dead wood was uninhabited.

There are six places in the Danding School, five of which are divided into five veins. The other is a reward for the concentration of each disciple. Because of the dead roots of dead wood and the dead wood is not in the martial arts all the year round, so the title is also used for rewards, that is, after each pulse of the designated person, other disciples have the opportunity to seize these two places.

The return of dead wood is naturally to get this quota back and let Mu Yu enter. This seems to be a matter of course, after all, this quota is originally a dead wood. However, in fact, dead wood has left the Ding Ding for decades, and many people have long forgotten him. The number of his veins has become a matter of contention and is taken for granted by everyone. The fact that he came back this time is like trying to get back the quota, which is equivalent to damaging the interests of many Danding disciples. No one is against it.

Dead wood wants to let the wood feathers enter the double heaven, but Mu Yu is not very enthusiastic about this.

"That place is so dangerous, I won't go!"Mu Yu is not interested in hunting monsters. He is not interested in herbal medicine. He now has all the dead wood in his bag. What herbs do he have? Going in is nothing more than cultivation, and listening to the fierce explanation, the second day is always ready to fight with the powerful monsters, this unwillingness to do things he is not willing to do it!

"The grass, nine gas, polyester soul, flowers. Double heaven. ”The dead wood glanced at Mu Yu and said faintly.

"Can these two things be found in the second day?"

Mu Yu opened his mouth and made a big head. It is no wonder that the dead wood wants him to come to the Danding School. It was originally to let him go to the Double Heaven to find these two things. But at the same time, the problem has come. Mu Yu wants to go back to the quota in the second day. The number of places that belong to the dead wood in these decades has been used by the outstanding disciples of other veins. He wants to come back. ?

"Hello, what is your chance of getting back to the double-day quota?"Mu Yu asked.

"I don't think it's less than one percent. Everyone in the martial art looks very heavy on these two places. Many people even made a lot of preparations and sacrifices to compete for this quota. When you come back, you will take one of them. There must be many people. Will be opposed."Touching the chin and shaking his head, this possibility does not have to know how low.

Mu Yu looked at the dead wood, and he found that the dead wood was also watching him. He understands that if the dead wood is still in the still, it is more likely to take back the double-day places by the means of dead wood. But now dead wood is just a mortal, even if it has not been in a low position, but in a comprehension of the strength of the realm, especially the high-profile Ding Ding alchemy teacher, where are these arrogant people so easy to return this quota to him?

"Dad, do you really think that I can persuade those proud alchemists?"

The Danding School's alchemy division has a head and face presence on the triple continent. Whenever it goes, it will be complimented, but Mu Yu will not be alchemy at all. Why does he bargain in front of a group of alchemists?

"You, think, I teach, you, those, things, do, what?"Dead wood did not say good.

"But the poisonous road is not the same as Dan Dao!"

"Who is going to tell you, is it different?"The dead wood is very dissatisfied with the fact that Mu Yu looks down on the poisonous road. The way he walks is different from Dan Dao. It is equivalent to another way. Others don’t understand him, even if he chooses the descendant to question him, this makes him angry. .

"Okay, the same. What else can I say? ”Mu Yu spread his hands and felt the pressure from him hit him like never before.

Every disciple of Dan Dingpai is a talented person. They practiced how to make alchemy from an early age. This kind of thing has been closely related to their lives. The way to compete for these two places must be based on the technical level of alchemy to decide who has Eligibility to go to the double heaven.

If Mu Yu wants to return to this quota, it is estimated that he can only learn about alchemy techniques with them. But Mu Yu is completely ignorant of alchemy! When he met the master of medicine in the suffocating city, he thought that he had no chance to go with the medicinal medicine in his life. Who knows that he is going to compete with the alchemy teacher now. Is this not to catch the ducks?

"So you become my fellow brother?"He slammed his hand around the neck of Mu Yu, and said with a smile, he was very hot about this.

The wooden feather slanted head asked: "Do you have to get this quota without having to take the test?"

She was embarrassed to scratch her head and said: "Master gave me the quota, and let the brothers and sisters compete for this quota."

"Why is Comrade Xiao Hua going to have trouble with me again?" ”

Wooden feather rather helpless, Xiao Hua always don't see him, last time in the haze of the city when the occasional cynical Mu Yu, warn't still small. Yan Hua is the first master of the master of medicine. His alchemy talent is naturally second to none. This is a big enemy for Mu Yu. The disciples of other veins are even more unfathomable. It is a joke that the Mu Yu does not know how to integrate the two scorpion alchemy techniques, so that he can compete with other Dan Ding disciples for many days. UU reading

"Brother, I will give you a vaccination first. There are too many people who have alchemy talents in our sect. You must not only consider my brother, but also Wenxuan, Xu Zi, these people are not simple. Biewenxuan is the most powerful, he will definitely occupy a quota, Xu Zi page is also very strong, and my brother is only in the middle of the room. Although they are only in the infancy, they have been able to refine the basic fifth-order remedy. ”

It is also a gift of talent, but he is younger than those few people. The entry is later than them. It is not as good as them, so it is not a grade with those people.

"Thank you, let me increase my confidence."

If you are convinced, then Mu Yu feels even more painful. I don’t want to talk about other people. He is not a comrade. Although Xiaohua’s comrades are arrogant, the apprentice who is a master of medicine is definitely not a simple item. Mu Yu’s cognition of medicinal herbs is completely a layman. In the face of Comrade Xiaohua’s talk about alchemy, it’s really a shame. .

So what is the understanding of Mu Yu’s understanding of alchemy? He remembered that the flour and water could be broken into a small round pill. It is estimated that the refining of the medicinal herbs and this step are half a catty! This is a very naive idea. Every time he thinks about it, he can't help but laugh.

The real story, the protagonist should have an unrivaled alchemy talent, in a group of geniuses, and stand out from the crowd, and uncontested to win the extraterrestrial place. Unfortunately, Mu Yu is not the protagonist of the story. For alchemy, he is a blind eye.

"Nothing, there is still a month, what are you panic?"The dead wood seems to be very calm, and the words are very smooth.

Mu Yu laughed twice and trained him to become a fifth-order alchemy teacher in a month? If the alchemy teacher is so good, isn’t it all the streets?

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