Chapter 186 Dan Ding

As a large school of alchemy in the realm of the realm, Danding has gathered the top alchemists in the triple continent. An alchemist can make many comprehensions go through the fire, just because they can refine the remedy that makes the comprehension crazy.

The lofty status of Dan Ding’s status is unquestionable. Think of Mu Yu, a Yuan Ying period rookie who will not be alchemy at all, to run a local site to grab a precious extraterrestrial place, so I think it’s exciting to travel. I want to cry.

The location of the Danding School is also very good, and the martial art is located between the mountains. If there is no one's guidance, this piece of mountain is not found. The entire Danding faction is located in a huge array. It looks like a plain on the outside, and it is deserted. Even if the comprehension enters the plain, it cannot be found. The trace of the Dan Ding faction.

For entering the Dan Ding faction, it is not difficult to have a hard help, and all the way is unimpeded. The disciples of the sects are not difficult to make wood and dead wood, and the fascinating facade is also large enough. In exchange for ordinary disciples, outsiders must be reported to the elders responsible for security. After detailed investigation, it is not a spy, but there is a strong It saves a lot of trouble.

The disciples are guarded in a pavilion. Behind the pavilion is a white plain. When the wooden feathers still wonder where the mountains are, the spirits have already greeted the disciples who are guarding them, and then they use their hands to transform a law and score with spiritual power. In the fog ahead.

There was a ripple in the front, as if it was hitting the water, and then in the gaze of Mu Yu, I found that the front was like a painting that was torn open, and several towering peaks were revealed.

"Let's go."The first to fly to the mountain peaks, the wood feathers followed with dead wood.

Dead wood didn't feel any big deal. He grew up here after all, and Mu Yu came to an unfathomable Dan Ding for the first time. The shock in his heart is imaginable. When I was in the Moyun Mountain Range, I was amazed when I saw the Qingsong School because of the shabby and sour of the dusty mountain. When Mu Yu came to the Dan Ding School, he realized that the Qingsong faction of the Moyun Mountain Range was nothing in front of the Dan Ding School.

It may not be too far from the paradise. The dignified and elegant pavilions can be seen everywhere. You can also see the Dan Ding disciple Yu Jian, who is dressed in alchemy costumes, flying through the air. His body is ethereal and his body is full of vitality. God is not the same as the ordinary comprehension.

The main peak is named Dingding Peak, towering into the clouds, and the sound of the cranes is a martial art. It is also the place where the head of the Yundan Taoist is located. The Dan Ding School is very majestic, like a sleeping giant lion. The sound is not as loud as it is, it is heavy and thick, and it makes people feel awe.

There are four peaks around Dingding Peak, which belong to the four veins. The four peaks are Xuanhong Peak, which is derived from the Promise of the Medicine, the Tianji Peak, which belongs to the time of the Tiantian, the cold and cold peak, which belongs to the cold ice and snow. The last vein is the Qingzhu Peak, which belongs to the dead wood that runs away from home.

The main peak and several other peaks are faintly visible. The pavilions are hidden between the treetops. These buildings have a simple atmosphere and exist for a long time, which is enough to show the long history of the Dan Ding faction. What shocked Mu Yu most was that he saw a huge Dan Ding, standing a few hundred feet high, standing in the air shortly after entering the Danding School. He slowly rotated, and Danding’s body was filled with a touch of golden streamer. It seems to be able to smelt the whole world.

Such a huge Danding Muyu was the first time he saw it. He swallowed a sip of his heart and wanted to make such a huge Danding. How much precious material would it cost? The Danding faction is a place with a lot of money. The ordinary martial art has such a huge financial power to build this mountain's generally tall Danding. It is not good to have this free money to do.

"This is the treasure of the Dan Ding faction, which suppresses the air transport of our Dan Ding faction. You may not have heard of it…"It is ready to start to introduce Mu Yu to the origin of this huge Dan Ding.

But the dead wood is not salty and does not fade back: "He heard it."

They used to show their faces, and they didn’t say anything. They flew all the way to Qingzhufeng, and the dead wood let the people go to tell the head.

Then he and Mu Yu fell to the Qingzhu Peak.

" Father, when did I hear it? Before you came, I didn’t tell me what kind of treasures of this Danding school…"Mu Yu could not help but say.

"Can you have a bit of a break? What we say is also a Danding person, don't be like a frog at the bottom of the well, words and deeds move like a township into the city. If you don't understand something, you should also know something about it. Don't weaken the reputation of our Qingzhufeng. ”Dead wood ramps.

Mu Yu was stunned and speechless. He shouted: "You are blaming my country now. Why didn't you tell me about the Dan Ding faction?"

"What is a broken door to say?"Dead wood is cold.

Mu Yu secretly screams, the old man's temper really takes him helpless, and it is also wonderful to smash his own martial art. Besides, if such a magnificent Danding party is a broken door, then Mu Yu really can't think of any martial art as a good martial art.

Compared with other peaks of the sacred gusts, Qingzhu Peak looks very depressed, like an undeveloped barren hill. The depression is even more ruin than the original dusty mountain of Muyu, and other peaks of the Danding school. It seems to be out of place. Here is the site of the dead wood, but unfortunately after the dead wood left the Dan Ding faction decades ago, the Qingzhufeng pulse has completely declined, and it has become very miserable. Everyone has run out, and the dead wood seems to be a polished commander.

This mountain is different from other peaks. The trees on the mountain are mainly bamboo. The bamboo forest is lush and the environment is very elegant. Under the guidance of the dead wood, Mu Yu fell to the bamboo forest near the top of the mountain. Far away, he saw a run-down thatched house. The roof was blown away by the wind, and he also saw several people busy there.

Mu Yu looks at the dead wood with the eyes of the inquiry, does not say that there is no one in Qingzhufeng? Who are these people? It seems that they are all ordinary loggers. Without any cultivation, how did mortals enter the Danding School?

They have cut down a large piece of bamboo, built something on a clearing, and their hands and feet are very profitable. The dead wood shook his head. He didn't know these people. He didn't understand why he would appear here. The wooden feather fell on the ground, then walked over and asked aloud: "Who are you? What are you doing here? ”

The sound of Mu Yu stopped the loggers, and one of the strong and strong men came over and said with respect: "On the fairy, we are the commander of the Ming dynasty Minghui to transform this into a spiritual beast, we Just ordinary workers."

“Shi Minghui?”

It’s really a narrow road, and when Minghui actually reached out to someone else’s territory?

"This is my place. Go back and tell you that Master Minghui, when you have your hands and feet, don't mess up."Mu Yu looked at the thatched cottage that had been removed halfway, and felt that it was also angry. If they came back a few days later, it would become a farm.

The man is bitterly bitter: "This little immortal, we also take people's money to do things for people. If we don't complete the work within the prescribed time, we will not get the money, you see –"

"I don't have to look, you leave right away. I tell you, I am more difficult to provoke than Minghui at that time, leave here, or I will throw you out. ”Mu Yu held his right fist in his left hand and his hand squeaked.

The man's face is white, and the comprehension wants to do something to them. They have no resistance. Shi Minghui and Mu Yu have grievances. These people are only part of the cannon fodder. When the man was exposed to a difficult color, he did not know what to do when it was time, and the voice of Shi Minghui and Zhang Wei was passed in time.

"What happened to you guys? Two days ago, I brought you in and let you start work. You only finished this now? Actually still lazy, do you want to die? ”Shi Minghui fell behind the wood feather and shouted loudly.

Mu Yu was able to understand it. It was originally two days ago that Minghui left the Dan Ding faction in order to find these ordinary people to come in and give him a coolie. He accidentally encountered a wooden feather in the inn and was taught by Mu Yu.

"Do you want to die?"Mu Yu turned around and stared at Minghui. He smiled slightly in his mouth. He didn't mind licking this guy again.

When Shi Minghui saw Mu Yu, his face changed: "How come you are here?" Bold! Here is the Ding Ding faction, you are actually good at the Dan Ding faction, you can't help but swear, I can spare you not to die! ”

Mu Yu is like looking at an idiot like Ming Hui, so old-fashioned words are also spoken, really no idea.

Shi Minghui is only bluffing, he has already seen the means of Mu Yu, he is not the opponent of Mu Yu. However, he remembered that it was a Danding party. He was not afraid of his grandfather. Although he does not know who Mu Yu is, Yuan Muyu does not dare to do it to him here. He suddenly arrogantly radiated a fireworks into the sky, which was a signal to call the guards.

"I remember that this is not your place. You are not qualified to do damage here?"Mu Yu went to Minghui and went to the past.

Mu Yu Don't care what he did, call people to him there is nothing to be afraid of, he this time since it is to Dan Ding pie for the quota, this thing will certainly cause Dan Ding sent everyone's objections, anyway, sooner or later the trouble is to come, rather than the momentum to make a bigger, so that everyone knows, save always some do not have the eyes of the guy here to plug a foot trouble. UU reading

"Humph! What I am doing can't be yours. When I was in Ming Ding, I wanted you to die in Dandan! Don't say it is you, it is the original owner of the dead wood here, I am not afraid. ”Shi Minghui’s arrogance was gone, but when he saw that Mu Yu had come over, his heart was flustered and he had already learned the means of Mu Yu.

His voice just fell, and there were some guards around him. The Jindan period was mainly led by a Yuan Ying period man wearing a hard suit.

"When the young master, what happened?"The man asked quietly.

"Liu Tongling, how do you guard? Didn't you find this sneak sneak in? Still not catching up with him? ”Shi Minghui scolded.

When Liu Tong received a spy, he suddenly changed his face. As a leader, he guarded the safety of Dan Ding, and let outsiders mix in. This is a serious dereliction of duty.

"What are you guys? Why does it appear here? ”Liu Tong led a loud voice to ask, his repair is a six-day life of Yuan Ying, the strength is above the wood feather, but Mu Yu is not afraid of him, his strength is not determined according to the repair.

"Get out."

The dead wood reveals a cyan token with a mysterious Danding pattern on it, which is the logo of the Dan Ding. The token is an octagonal shape, made of a special material, and has a breathtaking atmosphere that is emitted from the token, and there is a faint stream of light.

"this is–"

Liu Tong’s face changed slightly. How could he not know this token as a leader? This is the token of the five main maidens of Dan Ding. Why does this old man who has no repairs have this token?

Shi Minghui also widened his eyes. He saw this token in his grandfather. His grandfather never let him touch this thing. He did not expect this old man to have it.

"You are –" Shi Minghui's face suddenly changed.

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