187th Chapter Yun Dan Taoist

"You are the Evergreen Evergreen elder?"Liu Tonglian asked hesitantly. He Ding has all the pulse masters he knows. There is only one pulse master. He has never seen it before. That is the rumor that he is not going to take the trick and leave the Danding faction. But even so, the dead wood is still the pulse of the Dingding School.

"how? Is there someone else called Deadwood Evergreen? โ€Mu Yu shouted. The name Evergreen Evergreen is not common. The old man who plays poisonous is not good at the reputation of the real world. It is estimated that no one dares to pretend to be him.

"The elders of the dead wood are no longer good, and he has some repairs. This bad old man is so embarrassed, like a beggar, not even a half-point repair, this pulse master token must be stolen by him. Did Liu Tong lead you without thinking about this? Still don't hurry to kill this imposting old man! โ€Shi Minghui shouted.

Dead wood left Danding for forty or fifty years, and Minghui was not born at that time! He has never seen dead wood at all. At that time, Minghui was humiliated by Mu Yu two days ago. At this moment, he only wanted Liu Tongling to grab Mu Yu and make up the last humiliation.

"Who do you want to kill?"Mu Yuโ€™s eyes are cold, and now he is involved in dead wood, and he will not let it go. After all, the dead wood just lost its cultivation, and the huge gap caused him to be sensitive to certain things. When Minghui dared to threaten the dead wood, he was an apprentice of dead wood, and he could bear it!

The figure of Muyu has left the place, and in the blink of an eye, he appears behind Shi Minghui, and his speed is so fast that even Liu Tongling has not responded.


Liu Tong led to Mu Yu, he did not expect that Mu Yu would have such an amazing speed, he had not touched Mu Yu, Mu Yu had already subdued when Ming Hui, retired, throwing Shi Minghui to the ground, one foot Step on the chest of Minghui.

"Let him go! If there is any mistake in the young master, Danding will never let you go! โ€Liu Tong led the color and said guiltyly, Mu Yuโ€™s skill was unexpected, but he remembered that it was a Danding party. No one dared to scatter in the Danding, so he was full of energy.

"You dare to do this to me – you – I want you to die!"

Shi Minghui was stepped on the foot of Mu Yu, and he did not mention how much he was wronged. Mu Yu not only stepped him under his feet, but also tied it to his central hole with a silver needle stained with hemp, temporarily sealing his spiritual power and making him unable to move. Mu Yu followed the dead wood for so long, "Drug Classic" is not white, he is proficient in what kind of toxins can produce what effect at what point.

This hemp float is for all kinds of treatments.

"Shut up, you are not qualified to speak."Mu Yu said simply.

Liu Tong did not dare to move on. He didn't know how Mu Yu was when he was in the Ming Dynasty, but he was not stupid. He could see that there was no spiritual power in the dead wood. He went straight to the dead wood and prepared to make dead wood. Want to let the wood feathers release.

However, when Liu Tong led to seize the dead wood, a dragon screamed from the dead wood, and a huge dragon tail swept over Liu Tongling. Liu Tong was caught off guard and was fanned out. However, he is well-trained after all. He is not the kind of alchemy that Shi Minghui can't keep up with. He leans and immediately stabilizes his figure.

The blue dragon surrounded the dead wood with his body and protected the dead wood. No one knows how this huge dragon appeared. The huge Longwei made the unexploded lumberjacks tremble. They fell to the ground and shrank into a group.

Since the dead wood was thrown to the ground by Minghui two days ago, he has persuaded Longtan to protect the dead wood at all times. Persuading Long Teng is not an easy task. After all, when the dead wood threatened Mu Yu, he always said that he had to rectify Long Teng. Long Teng was reluctant at first, and later agreed with Xiao Shuaiโ€™s radical.

Longteng now has the strength of Yuanying's four or five days, and it is more than enough to confront Liu Tongling.

"This is a dragon?"

Liu Tong received a guilty conscience. He had never seen a dragon like most people, but he also saw the description of the dragon. He felt incredible. One dragon was actually protecting an old man who had not been cultivated. Why?

"Give me a hand.


It was at this time that a majestic atmosphere passed through and overshadowed everyone, making people feel guilty. Mu Yu's brows are slightly wrinkled, and his figure retreats to the side of the dead wood, always guarding. This breath is like a vast sea that makes him crumbling. He blesses his own spiritual power on the dead wood and blocks the breath for the dead wood.

A hair was white, and a golden ribbon was used to tie the ball. The middle-aged man in a purple gold robe appeared in the air. This middle-aged man is condensed, but he can't conceal his imposing manner. The atmosphere of a high-ranking person is awe-inspiring.

The Yundan Taoist, the head of the Danding School, and the figure of the eight-door master, who is on the same level as the master of the eight-door continent, are also the presence of the wind and rain. Don't look at the appearance of only forty or fifty years old. In fact, the age is bigger than that of dead wood. Some people in the alchemy will deliberately keep their faces. Unlike dead wood, they don't care about appearance.

"Hey, you are coming! These two people actually slandered the Ding Ding faction, and also shot the disciples, you have to be the disciple! โ€The imprisonment of Shi Minghui was solved by the Yundan Taoist. He immediately cried with a snot and a tear.

Yundan Taoist brows slightly wrinkled, he did not pay attention to Minghui, his eyes fell on the huge dragon vine, and his eyes flashed a stunned look. Long Teng is the magical instrument of alchemy for the alchemy. The news that the dragon of the dragon was to be auctioned was originally transmitted from Fuxianyu to Danding. The Yundan Taoist also specially sent the disciples to make the dragon Longtan bought it. Unfortunately, there have been many changes, and no one has thought that Long Teng was actually ridden by a kid of the Golden Age. Now he ran to Dan Ding.

Yundan Taoist took his gaze back from Longteng and looked at the dead wood. His look was slightly complicated: "You are back."

The dead wood indifferently confronted the Yundan Taoist, and the expression did not have any waves. He shot a shot on Longteng, and the dragon screamed, then his body shape shrank rapidly and coiled on the dead wood arm.

The Yundan Taoist had never seen the dragon of the dragon. He saw the change of the dragon and the heart was also secretly amazed. He was quite helpless in response to the dead wood. He knew that the dead wood did not like to talk because of the stuttering problem. He paused and continued: "This is the Mu Yuxian who is stirring up in Fuxianyu?" Sure enough, the hero out of the juvenile, with the power of the Golden Age against the Yuan Ying period is rare, you are looking for a good apprentice. โ€

"The head, they are two outsiders…"Shi Minghui found that the situation was wrong. The head was so polite to talk to the other party, that is to say, he did not intend to be in his own position?

"Here are all people, how come the outsiders? This is your grandfather's brother, the dead wood elder. And why do these ordinary people who have not been cultivated appear here? Why are you here? โ€Asked the Yundandao hostage.


When Shi Minghui was in a slogan, according to the rules of Dan Ding, it was not allowed to bring ordinary people into it. It has been ruined here, and Shi Minghui took a fancy to the land here and decided to build a spiritual beast. This kind of thing is to report to the martial art, just because of his identity, so he dared to rebuild it without impunity.

In normal times, Yundan Taoist people will only close their eyes, but the dead wood will come back at this time, and the head of this matter cannot be ignored.

"You should converge on some things, and I will punish you later." Liu Tongling, you sent these mortals out of the Dan Ding, when Minghui, you will leave here immediately. โ€How did Yundan Taoist not know what Shi Minghui was doing, only because his younger brother was too proud of his grandson, so he did not want to say anything.

Liu Tong led the life to take away those lumberjacks, and Shi Minghui also glanced at Mu Yu with angrily and left, he should go to his grandfather to complain.

After Yundan Taoist and other people left, they felt mixed and looked at the dead wood. After the sorrow, he stood behind Yundan Road and was sneaking his eyes at Muyu.

"You are still doing it after all."Yundan Taoist said slowly, "To tell the truth, compared to your green hair, the brothers still feel that your white hair is more resistant."

The dead wood did not have a guest with him, and said directly: "Heavenly days, places."

Yundan Taoist is also thinking of the return of dead wood, the brothers and sisters, even if the dead wood is now an ordinary person, he will not stop the dead wood back to the Dan Ding. However, he is a head of the family after all. He needs to think about it from the perspective of the martial art. He does not object to the ancestor's return to the ancestors. If the dead wood comes back, it will make him embarrassed.

"You have been away from Zongmen for so long. Is this the first sentence to come back?"Yundan Taoist people are somewhat unhappy.

"Rent, always, belong, me."

There is no fear in the dead wood. He used to be not weaker than the Yundan Taoist. Even if he did not repair him, he would not let go of his own shelf to show weakness. It is not his character to show weakness.

"After you left the Ding Ding faction, Zongmen has already reclaimed the number of places that you belong to you in order to maximize the benefits. Even if you have an apprentice now, this is a trivial matter. All the disciples of the martial art have been working hard for these two places. You have never paid anything for the martial art for so many years. If you come back, you will return to this place. Even if I promise, then what do you think of those disciples? How can they be convinced? โ€

Yundan Taoist is also expounding the fact that he can't be too partial to do things as a head, otherwise he will make his disciples chill. Many disciples are working hard for these two places in heaven, and he will not return the quota to the dead wood because of the words of dead wood.

Mu Yu noticed that there was something wrong with the atmosphere. He quickly stood up and said: "Predecessors, the old man actually missed the Dan Ding School after leaving the Dan Ding School. He is a member of the Dan Ding School. UU reading www.uukanshu.com Don't be angry, everyone has something to say slowly."

"You called my predecessor? Call him a father? Why, are you so divided? Or are you not a dead wood apprentice? โ€Yundan Taoist brows a pick.

"The head is laughing. Mu Yu wanted to call you a teacher, but he was too worried about being too risky and angry. As for calling Master, he is a father, because I am used to calling him so. Father does not object, I will not change my mouth. Besides, respecting the teacher is hidden in the heart, not in the mouth, Shi Bo, what do you say? โ€

Mu Yu always remembers that he does not belong to the Dan Ding faction. The purpose of his trip is not the so-called ancestor returning to the ancestors. In order to enter the heavens, he can only temporarily change his name.

The face of Yundan Dao has improved a bit: "Since you are a dead tree, calling me a teacher is not a high climb. You can talk, you can send him safely after the dead wood, and the dead wood is not wrong. โ€

Mu Yu smiled slightly, and this Yundan Taoist is still a good speaker.

However, the Yundan Taoist suddenly turned around and asked, "You know, two years ago, in the case of Fuxianyu, one of the nine people you killed was from our Danding School, named Shiyun. It is your same door! What crime should you sin? โ€

Mu Yu was shocked. He didn't know about it. He killed his fast sword by his own strength. As for others, he was killed without knowing it. Six others were killed by dead wood.

In order to prevent them from leaking out the changes in the wood feathers, the dead woods have never been ruined. The dead wood kills people regardless of their identity background. At that time, those people wanted to kill Mu Yu, but his imperative descendants would naturally not be merciful. I didn't expect the erroneous erroneous, and actually killed the Dan Ding.

Mu Yu looked at the enthusiasm, and he looked apologetic. He actually forgot to remind Mu Yu.

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