Chapter 190 is unexpected

In the next two days, the dead wood could not be closed. Mu Yu felt that he was worried and met cold and snow. So he shut himself in the house and asked him if he had any kind of love for the cold and snow. He was resolutely refused. He also smacked Mu Yu.

Mu Yu is used to being haunted by the dead wood every day, but he knows that he wants to get the quota. He has to pass the consent of several people, one of whom is the cold and snow elder. I think that the dead wood may have done something unrequited to others. When I came back, I accidentally sneaked into the bathing of others, and I was so confused that I wanted to eat the beasts of others. She would stand on her side and blame.

He did not know where his master would stand. Yundan Taoist seemed to be quite old-fashioned. He estimated that he could promise, when Dengtian was definitely an objector, cold and snow seemed to have old complaints with dead wood, and her attitude also made people worry.

There is no sign of worry in the dead wood. He thinks about it every day. Mu Yu feels that he is not in a hurry. The rookie who does not want alchemy runs Dan Ding to ask for a precious extraterrestrial place. It is really daring.

Two days later, the master of medicine finally cleared the customs, and the five main players who were able to make the decision were all together. They rushed over to inform them to go to the Dan Din faction hall to discuss the matter.

For the first time, Mu Yu came to the main peak. The architectural style of the ancient atmosphere made him involuntarily put away the lazy mentality. The Danding School is the holy place in the eyes of all the alchemists in the realm of cultivation, and Danding Peak is the core of the Danding School. It is very sacred in the hearts of all Danding disciples.

It symbolizes the dignified solemnity of the Dan Ding faction, named Dan Dian, and the golden pattern of the road is hidden, and surrounds the entire Dan Dian. There are no disciples who dare to fly here, and there are very few disciples who come here. Whenever the Danding faction has a major event to discuss, the various veins and the elders of each vein will gather here to discuss.

Walking through the blue stone slab ladder, came to the entrance of the main hall, and stopped the pace. Nothing happened to him today, he could not enter. Mu Yu also wanted to ask for some other things, but the dead wood had already stepped into the door of the main hall of the house, and Mu Yu had to keep up.

There is nothing gorgeous about the hall of the House of Representatives. Some of them are just the vicissitudes of the years. Everything is marked with the signs of the years, explaining the precipitation of a big faction.

Opposite the temple is the Yundan Taoist who is sitting in danger, sitting in the overlooking position, sitting on the left hand side of the iceberg elders cold snow, sitting on the right side of a black robe old man who has not seen the wood feathers, presumably it is time to go to heaven. His gloomy face stared at the dead wood, and there was a hint of playfulness in his eyes. It was like a poisonous snake staring at the prey. It was very bad.

When Deng Deng stood next to Minghui, he was looking at Mu Yu with a sullen look. He had his own grandfather to do the backing, and he was more emboldened.

Sitting next to the cold ice and snow, the master of medicine wearing a white robe, the master of medicine compared to Mu Yu saw the atmosphere more calm, he is already a master of distraction, and now he is thinking calmly, seeing his dead wood His face showed a smile, and while sweeping the wood feather, he nodded again. He had already heard the story of Mu Yu.

There are also some elders, either white-haired or full of temperament. These are the pillars of each vein and the high-level alchemists of the Danding School. Every one in the realm of comprehension can be the existence of Megatron. It is very good to see one or two in peacetime. I didn’t expect that all the dead woods will be gathered here today. It can be seen that the double-day places are for them. How much attention is paid.

Deadwood walked to the next seat without any scruples, and he had already left a position for him, and he did not even say hello. Mu Yu knows that several people sitting on it are the brothers and sisters of the dead wood. The identity of the dead wood was also very high in the Danding faction. Even though he is now only a mortal, he is also the pulse of the Qingzhufeng. Naturally, there is no salute.

And Mu Yu can't be so casual, he will say hello to each of his predecessors. When asked to go to the sky, when the sky sneered, Mu Yu’s mouth sighed and said nothing.

"You are killing my grandson, that is, the wood feathers of your fellow teacher?"When Deng Tian took the lead,

For this point, the wood feather is not unexpected.

Mu Yu smiled slightly: "The death of Shishi is a pity. The predecessors can't see the facts clearly. Is it right?"

"The brothers and the masters have said to me, but no one knows the scene at the time. Just how do you stop the cloud to grab your things?"When Deng Tian said.

"Since the scene at that time, no one knows why the seniors decided that I killed the sea brothers?"Mu Yu asked.

When Deng Tian was not warm, he said: "You have already admitted this to the head of the day. Today, you have denied it. What crime should you deceive?"

Mu Yu shook his head and said without hesitation: "I didn't bully the head. I told the head clearly on the same day. I was breaking through at the time. I was shocked and enchanted. I lost my normal thinking. Then people are killing me. It has always been yours, and I can't deny it because I don't know. But if you want to get to the bottom, everyone in the room is a person who understands, and you should know that this matter cannot be found. ”

"Hugh is a strong word! The death of Shiyun can't be separated from you. This is not the case. Before you can find out this, you must be a suspect…"

"People are killing me, when you go to heaven, how can you take me?"The dead wood suddenly said that he had spoken so smoothly, there was only one possibility, and he was angry.

"Senior brother, don't you be so blamed for your apprentice?"When I went to heaven, I narrowed my eyes.

"When the cloud is a younger generation, it is a big deal to kill the uncle, isn't sin not dead?"When the dead wood looked at the sky without fear, when it was seen, it was not comfortable.

"Can the brother have evidence?"When asked to go to heaven.

"When the cloud died in the air and locked the throat, Dantian perforated, can a person in the Yuan Ying period do this for another person in the Yuan Ying period?"Said the dead wood.


Everyone is not a fool. This kind of murder is very subtle. It is impossible for a person to do this kind of thing in a mad state. Only those who have been many times higher than the deceased can do this. They have long thought of this, but in order to make it difficult to sneak out, it is intentionally or unintentionally skipped. I did not expect that the dead wood was simply admitted.

It seems that there is nothing to be pursued in this matter. There is no reason to kill the dead wood. The younger generation can only blame himself for finding death. In fact, Yundan Tao people have long known that this matter is caused by dead wood. The reason why the day is not directly clarified is that it gives a dead wood a face.

"This is the case." Finding you today is not about discussing this matter, but about the issue of the double-day place. Deadwood wants to return to this quota, I don’t know what you want? ”Yundan Taoist said quietly.

"Brother, you haven't contributed anything to the martial art for so many years. It's like going back to a waste person. It's like going back to such an important place. Do you think this is okay?"When Deng Tiantian bluntly pointed out the dead wood is a waste of things, his tone mixed with banter, so that Mu Yu listened quite angry.

"For so many years, my Master has given such an important quota to the sects to deal with them. I have not contaminated any interests. Is this not a contribution?"Mu Yu replied that he had already thought about how to answer this question.

"Bold! My grandfather is asking your master now, what is your mouth! ”Shi Minghui asked loudly on the top.

"shut up! Here are your masters and grandfathers. How do you juniorly yell at this place? Is your junior tutor so lacking, do you know what is polite? I am your uncle, how dare you yell at me? Don't roll me out yet! ”Mu Yuyi said sternly that he had already seen this unsightly guy appearing here, and now he is screaming at him and it is good.

"What is your qualification for an outsider to be my uncle?"Shi Minghui is unstoppable.

"outsider? Humph! Just the head and your grandfather used me as the uncle of Shiyun to deal with this matter. You don't admit that I am a member of the Danding faction. Are you rebelling against their decision? Do you think their words are wrong? If you are a junior who says this irresponsible thing, what should you sin! ”

After Mu Yu said these words, he was so refreshed! The identity of the uncle is easy to use, and when it is pressed, the face is bright red. I think that I am now like a singer, and I have followed a good master, which is a cheaper place for the seniors.

"Well, Shi Minghui, you go out. There is nothing wrong with you here. ”The Yundan Taoist said that when the time was bright and radiant, he did not dare to attack, and he could only leave in angrily.

"The martial arts have always been voted by us. I will make decisions based on the opinions of all of you. You only need to tell me your attitude."Yundan Taoist people look cold and cold, "Sister, do you agree with this?"

Although there are still many elders present, the final decision on this matter is still in the hands of the other four.

Standing cold and snow, on the eyes of the dead wood: "Give me a reason for consent."

Her words are like questioning the dead wood, the wood feathers are sweating for the dead wood, the last time I peeked at the people taking a shower, this time the dead wood has to answer to allow the cold and snow to agree.

The dead wood looked away, he was silent, deliberately dodging the cold eyes. He doesn't seem to want to say anything more than cold and snow. It seems that there is something in his heart that can't be solved.

"Humph!"Cold and snowy, some annoyed, left the hall.

"what? what is this? ”

Mu Yu is a little dumbfounded, how can the cold elders leave like this? Does this agree or disagree? He really wants to ask the dead wood, the old man, and the cold and snow have any incomprehensible grievances, this time is still not willing to show weakness to others, obviously it is asking for trouble. UU reading

Yundan Taoist sighed reluctantly, and did not stop the sudden departure of cold and snow. He naturally understood the character of cold and snow. He said: "If the cold teacher does not express his position, he will abstain from handling it. Then, what is your attitude?"

Needless to say, this old guy is definitely against it.

Mu Yu is really big now. To be honest, he doesn't like to go to the extraterrestrial day. He doesn't want to be thankful, but he has to go. This view of the relationship between cold and snow and dead wood, should be able to get the support of cold and snow, but unfortunately the old man of the dead wood is a bit ignorant, missed her vote.

When Deng Tiantian looked at the dead wood and looked at the wood, he looked at Mu Yu and saw that Mu Yu was uncomfortable. He touched his chin and said slowly: "I agree."


Mu Yu suspects that he is wrong, this guy will agree? He is not taking the wrong medicine, right? If he agrees, what is it that is difficult for him to do? Just so much nonsense to help yourself what is the use? Is he not complaining about dead wood? He won't have any conspiracy?

Mu Yu suddenly filled his head with big and small question marks. The more he saw, the more he felt that this hazy guy had problems.

Yundan Taoist had some accidents, but he did not show it. He continued to ask quietly: "Pharmaceutical brother, what is your opinion?"

"I object."The master of medicine said slowly.


This wood feather is really a big surprise, what is going on? The objection was agreed, but the agreement was opposed. Mu Yu always thought that the master of medicine must have agreed. After all, he had a relationship with the master of medicine. He did not expect that he would actually oppose it. Does he have any old complaints with the dead wood?

Everyone is very strange, even the dead wood is a bit unexpected. When Deng Tiantian said that he agreed, he didn't look at his eyes. It seems that he had already agreed to go to heaven, but when the master of medicine said that he opposed it, he was really unexpected.

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