Chapter 192 Dan Jing Court

The Dan Ding faction has a total of six places to enter the extraterrestrial days. Except for the four places, the allocation of the remaining two places is to select the best disciples through three trials. The Danding School is mainly based on the alchemy, and it goes without saying that these three games are definitely inseparable from the alchemy technology.

This is a huge problem for Mu Yu. A person who does not have the conditions for alchemy has to face the technical work of the 搓 子 , , , , , , 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹 丹How ridiculous this is.

Deadwood is not good at formal alchemy techniques, and instead develops a way to use poison. Wood feathers will naturally not be alchemy.

The efficacy of the drug formulated in dead wood can be comparable to that of medicinal herbs. However, if Mu Yu compares with the disciples of Dan Ding in the way of refining the poison, he will certainly not be recognized by the Ding Ding faction. He wants to win the name justifiably. A quota must be based on the rules of Dan Ding.

Fortunately, how to say that the dead wood is the pulse of the Ding Ding's Qingzhufeng, Mu Yu as the true disciple of the pulse, there are still some privilege, such as Dan Ding sent not to open the Dan Jingge Mu Yu can enter.

Dan Jinge is the essence of Dan Ding's centuries-old sedimentation. It records the alchemy experience of the famous alchemists and the Danfang of all kinds of precious medicinal herbs. It is a great wealth for the alchemy masters of the world. The foundation of the Dan Ding faction is not standing.

Dan Jinge is located on the Dingding Peak. Danding Peak is not like the Qingzhu Peak of the dead wood. There are no decent houses. Dan Dingfeng is the heavy place of the whole martial art. As the main peak, many important buildings of Dan Ding are on the top, and various pavilions are row upon row.

Mu Yu was looking for a place in Danding Peak. He did not tell him the specific location. He could only explore it for himself. Unfortunately, he was half a road idiot. He had not found it for a long time. He met many Dan Ding disciples along the way. When Mu Yu asked for directions, they just looked at Mu Yu like an idiot, thinking that Mu Yu looked for them to brush, not to care about Mu Yu.

Mu Yu feels inexplicable, he does not seem to offend these people? It is no wonder that he does not know that Dan Jinge is the holy place in the eyes of every Ding Ding disciple, and it is the place that everyone is yearning for. As a disciple of Dan Ding, no one knows where it is, because everyone has a chance to visit Danjing Pavilion when they get started.

However, Dan Jingge is not the one who wants to go. Only talents with outstanding talents are eligible to enter, and who is superior in talent is not well-known and well-known? He has never seen the face of this deputy, and it is estimated that it is the new bandit who can get the chance to enter the Danjing Pavilion.

"Who do you want to go to the Danjing Pavilion? Even if you tell you that you can't go, still go back to practice! ”Just when Mu Yu asked for the third time, the high-definition Ding Ding disciple glanced at Mu Yu and left.

Mu Yu rolled his eyes: "How do you know that I can't go in?"

It is a pity that the person has gone far, and there is no opportunity for Mu Yu to explain. Mu Yu sighed, and when he first arrived, his life was unfamiliar, and it was inevitable that he would hit the wall everywhere. He wondered if he would go back and take the dead wood out of the way, or go to find a map of the Dan Ding party, save yourself from always blinking.

But the dead wood does not like to be run around with Mu Yu, because he feels that he relies on his apprentice every day, he has no face. He used to be very proud. He looked down on other people in the Danding group, but now he has nothing to do, this is in Danding. It is very embarrassing, so you can't go out without going out.

As for the singer's sake, because of the need to go to the double heaven, the powerful monsters of the double heavens, even if the repairers in the squatting period are slightly careless, they may be fart, let alone their disciples of the Yuan Ying period. Therefore, these days, he was banned by his master, forcibly filling up a lot of knowledge of survival in the wild.

"This younger brother, do you want to go to the Danjing Pavilion?"Just when Mu Yu decided to go back and pull the dead wood out of the way, a mellow sound rang behind the wood feather.

Mu Yu looked back and saw that this is a gentle young man.

Twenty-five years old than Mu Yu, wearing the exclusive robes of Dan Ding's disciples, a pair of courteous books, the refined temperament and the promise are very similar.

"I have seen my brother, I want to go to the Danjing Pavilion, but I am lost. I wonder if the brothers can tell the specific location of the Xidan Jingge Pavilion?"Mu Yu asked very politely.

"The younger brother is new here? But why do I look at you a bit familiar? I know all the brothers who can enter the Danjing Pavilion. Why have I never seen you? ”The other party was a little surprised.

Mu Yu is not clear what is the brother who can enter the Danjing Pavilion. He always thought that the Danjing Pavilion was a Dan Ding disciple who could enter. As for the familiarity of the wood feather, he did not know. He just came to Dante to send the spirit. In addition to Shi Minghui, I have not known other disciples of the Dan Ding faction.

"My name is Mu Yu, the first person of the Elder Wood, I don't know if you heard about it?"Mu Yu said.

"It turned out to be Mu Yu's younger brother. My name is Bi Wenxuan. It is the head of the door. No wonder I will be familiar with it. A few years ago, the young master of Fuxianyu made a lot of noise! At the beginning, I had the privilege of seeing my younger brother in the distance. The younger brother is really a genius. With the strength of the Golden Age, all the disciples of the Yuan Dynasty have no help for you. It is really a model for my generation. ”Bie Wenxuan praised.

Mu Yu was embarrassed to be praised by Biewen Xuan. At the time of Fuxianyu, he remembered the genius of Yuan Ying who had besieged him, but he had never seen Biewenxuan. He must have been among the people who were not besieging. . Mu Yu smiled modestly: "The brothers praised."

But he suddenly remembered that he had heard the name of Biewenxuan. At the beginning, he listed a lot of alchemy geniuses that needed attention, and the name of Biewenxuan was impressive.

"Please ask the younger brother here!"Biewenxuan is not as pretentious as the several Dan Ding disciples just now, which gives Mu Yu a good impression. He led the way in front and said as he walked. "Listen to the master, the younger brother is also coming to go to the two places in heaven, which makes the brothers feel pressure."

Mu Yu asked in confusion: "Don't the brothers also participate in the competition, not in the established candidates?"

Biewenxuan shook his head: "The brothers are not talented. The person who has already been determined is even Tianyou, not me."

Even Tian Yu is who Mu Yu doesn't know, but it must be similar to the kind of genius that is being seen by the sects, otherwise it will be fixed. Do not say so, however, he gave Mu Yu feeling seems to this place very confident, is the Master apprentice, the quota did not give him but gave the Liantian, normally who will have a trace of jealousy, but Mu Yu did not hear from his tone any dissatisfaction of the meaning.

However, he remembered that the master of medicine gave the quota to the singer rather than the singer, and that 逍 比 比 采 烈 早 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 早 早More chances to get a second place than to let the match. In this way, Biewenxuan should be as good as Yuhua, and better than the so-called Liantian.

"That's a shame."Mu Yu Road. He didn't want to know how much even Tianyou had, and he was also a qualified person. He wanted to focus on the people he was competing with. He could enter the Danjing Pavilion to show that he is not an ordinary person.

Biewenxuan told Mu Muyu some rules while walking. For example, this Danjing Pavilion is not always ready to come, and it will take another month to enter again. The scriptures inside can't be borrowed, and they are not allowed to be transcribed. They can only be read directly, and how much can be remembered. This is to prevent the precious alchemy from leaking to other sects, and the time of entry is only one hour.

Biewenxuan took a wooden feather to turn over an alchemy room and came to a fresh and quaint loft. The attic has four floors, the architectural style is dignified and elegant, full of historical vicissitudes of life, as if experienced by thousands of frosts and rains, but solemn and solemn, people can not give birth to a glimpse of thoughts.

This is the Danjing Pavilion, the important place of the Dan Ding School, and the holy place in the eyes of every Dan Ding disciple.

Mu Yu took a step forward and immediately felt a shudder from the depths of the soul, deliberately taking photos of them. Mu Yu knows that it is the oppression given by the sect of the Dan Jinge, warning the first-timers not to have any guilty conscience. Mu Yu learned a little knowledge of the law, but he asked himself could not see such a mysterious array.

The sense of oppression is just a flash, not lasting for too long. This method is only a warning to the first-timers, and does not exclude them. The disciples who come in can not do anything.

"Don't be loud in this place, the elders are quiet and quiet."Bie Wenxuan kindly reminded.

Mu Yu nodded, and the elder who was able to serve as the guardian attic was certainly not a leisurely generation. Mu Yu could not make it. Besides, Dan Ding sent this place to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Mu Yu can not be silly to think that the real master is only the five people headed by Yundan Taoist.

Mu Yu and Bie Wenxuan went into the attic, the open-air door was open, and the inside was very bright. The rows of neatly arranged bookshelves filled with quaint books were filled with many disciples. I want to take a look at the Dan.

"Predecessors, this is my token."

Biewenxuan handed over a red token. Mu Yu noticed that there was a white-haired old man on the left in a pile of messy books. UU reading seems to be studying something. If it is not a reminder of Bu Wenxuan, Mu Yu must have ignored this. Old man.

"Don't be noisy, come out after an hour. go in! ”The old man said no to his head, and he didn’t even have a look at the token. Mu Yu just gave the dead wood a license for himself and found that it seemed redundant and stuffed back.

"Then we will not be here."

Biewenxuan is heading for Muyu. He obviously comes here often, knowing where the books he wants to find, going straight to the left and disappearing into a row of bookshelves.

Mu Yu had wanted to say hello to the old man, but he didn't seem to want to take care of himself, and he casually turned into the bookshelf on the right. The dead wood only told Mu Yu to go to find a book called "Shandan", but did not tell Mu Yu which books to go to find, Mu Yu will feel free to touch, first look and say, that the old guards only limit one At the time of the hour, he has to hurry up.

The Dan Jinge is very large, and there are a lot of books in it. The wooden feathers look at the rough numbers and count them in thousands of volumes. So many Dan Su, it is estimated that all the alchemy essences of the entire triple continent are here. Mu Yu feels that he can come here with good luck.

There are only a few simple numbers on the side of the bookshelf. Mu Yu doesn't know what it stands for. He walks straight to a row of bookshelves marked with "five" and hesitates to reach out and wants to take a roll of blue book, but in his hand. In the moment of reaching the Blue Book, an inexplicable force swayed his hand.

"what happened?"Mu Yu tried again a few times and found that his hand could not touch the book at all. It seemed that there was a strange array of methods to isolate the breath of the book.

"The fifth-order Danjing is not something you can touch with a baby boy."The voice of the old guardian was heard from the door.

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