Chapter 195 Dan Dao and the Pharmacy

When Mu Yu went back, he didn't see the old man in the gazebo, but he saw that the face of the dead wood was not so good. It seemed to be sulking. When he found out that Mu Yu was coming in, he looked at the wood feather's eyes almost with flames.

Mu Yu asked cautiously: "Master, your legs are not, are you broken?"

"You are a kid, who told you to tell the old guy that I am back? Really angry! โ€The dead wood raised his hand to give a slap to the back of the wooden feather, and Mu Yu sighed helplessly, not hiding. With the strength of the dead wood today, it is simply scratching the wood feathers, but in order to maintain the self-esteem of the dead wood, the wooden feathers think about it or let him play it out.

The dead wood is so eloquent, it must be a belly. Look at his violent appearance, just should have eaten the big loss of the old man, but he can also beat people to say that the old man did not do anything to him, or the old arm of the dead wood, has long been lying on the ground.

"You didn't tell me I can't say it!"Mu Yu shouted.

The dead wood glanced at Mu Yu, and then threw a Dan Su to the wood feather. Mu Yu looked at the cover, but he was half-dead in the Danjing Pavilion.

"Where did the predecessors give you?"Mu Yuโ€™s heart was the old guy who had been carrying it all the time. He also lied to himself and said that he had lost it, and he had been looking for himself for a long time.

"Also seniors! The ghost of a predecessor! If I am repairing, I still donโ€™t discount his legs today! โ€The dead wood is raging.

The repair of the old man of the squad is definitely terrible. Mu Yu wants to ask if you can really beat the old man, but in order to prevent hitting the dead wood, he still does not mention this question.

"Oh shit! Does the old guy force you to sign a deed? Itโ€™s too deceiving. When I have the strength, I have to sell him to the black coal kiln! โ€Mu Yu waved his fist, and in order to make the dead wood deflated, he also smashed the swear words.

"Okay, don't pretend!"Although the dead wood said so, his face was also eased. "He is your uncle's ancestors, how can you sell it to the black coal kiln?"

"Yes Yes Yes. Said the wrong thing. โ€Mu Yuxiao laughed, he just wanted to give up the dead wood to say so, and he will not know when he will reach the old man in the future!

"It should be sold to the brothel and let him go to the duck!"

The next words of dead wood almost let the wooden feathers plant a head, my God! How much hatred this is!

Mu Yu hold back to the original Dan Ding stove thing and the wood one said, Ben thought that the dead wood will scold him to overreach, but the dead wood just sneer at a sound, said: "Even if you have the way to complete this to the original Dan also do not complete integration, and so on the day to drop the vision of all the people are attracted when you stop, the first angry dead must be the old guy's." โ€

Mu Yu is ashamed, this dead wood is confident in himself, he still does not know how to start!

Mu Yu opened the "Shandong", and what he has to do now is to understand the real cultivation method of "Santa" under the guidance of dead wood. According to the old man of the Shouge, the dead wood seems to be the first method of cultivation to understand the "Shandong", but he refused to say it. As a descendant of the dead wood, he could have made a big bargain.

"Shandan" is an alchemy method, from the understanding of Danzu. This method of the heart can make the alchemy master's control over various herbs incomparably precise, and it can forcibly reverse the influence of spiritual power on the herbs, and blend the originally mutually exclusive herbs, so that the alchemists can complete the process of the medicinal herbs. Very smooth.

However, many disciples have discovered that this method of mind can only be effective for third-order herbs. The mind will change the way a person's spiritual power works, and this person can no longer practice according to his original cultivation method, and then repair it as a second. It is a very sad thing to not be able to improve a point and stay in place for the rest of your life.

Many Dan Ding disciples who have studied "Shandan" have secretly slandered the ancestors of the ancestors, and have harmed the younger generation. It is precisely because of this "Shandan" that many of the original talented Dan Ding disciples have almost become a waste.

"This "Speedy" seems to be a wicked! Didn't Danzu realize the drawbacks of this "Speedy"? He has harmed many talented disciples! โ€Mu Yu said with some regrets.

"Humph! The ancestors of Danzu are such a small role that they can peep! Like their kind of quick-skilled alchemy mentality, it is simply not a big deal! โ€The dead wood said disdainfully. He did not feel sorry for the Dan Ding disciples who had been ruined by Speedy. On the contrary, they still looked down on those people.

In the past, many Danding practitioners practiced "Speedy", a large part of them were because they wanted to fly into the sky and quickly became the legendary alchemy teacher. For those of them who are practicing the shortcuts in order to take shortcuts, they are full of enthusiasm and have no down-to-earth heart. It is a big taboo for the alchemy teacher, and it is destined to be not far on the road of alchemy.

Mu Yu observed the speed of the heart, according to the method described above, tried to pull the spiritual power of the body for a week, and found that this method is very difficult, many spiritual ways of running and normal normal practice. The opposite is true.

It is very dangerous to retreat spiritually in the body, because it will be rejected by the meridians. If you don't pay attention, it will easily cause damage to the meridians. Over time, it will make people stagnate from time to time. This is the disciple of many quick successes. The reason for the ruin of the future.

"Inducing dantian, retrograde Parkway, is such a dangerous heart really created by Danzu?"Mu Yu could not help but ask.

Dead wood does not speak, he seems to be thinking about something, and he only said for a long while: "This "Shandan" is indeed from Danzu is correct, this is beyond doubt. But do you know what the true secret of this mind is? โ€

Real secret?

When Mu Yu learned that the dead wood came from the Dan Ding faction, he was very curious as to why the dead wood would embark on such a different way. Just because he likes to study poison? This excuse is never enough. A person born in the Dan Ding faction has been immersed in the medicinal herbs since childhood. How can he take another path to practice? Is it really affected by the speed of the heart?

"Why is Danzu called Danzu, do you know why?"When the dead wood said these words, his tone was indignant, and he seemed to be wronged about why. For so many years, no one has ever heard of his explanation. Only what he knows about "Sane" is what he knows.

"Because he started the Cheng Dan system in his later years?"Mu Yu listened to the story of some of the ancestors of Danzu. As a predecessor of the Dan Ding faction and even the entire triple continent, Danzuโ€™s status in the alchemy world is like the status of the triple continent, and is respected by thousands of people.

"Yes! He pioneered the Cheng Dan system. It can be said that the reason why the medicinal herbs are generally round today is because of the standards he set. In the years before Danzu, the final form of Dan Medicine was not round, but the most natural powder and liquid form, powder and liquid medicine is especially difficult to carry, so he found a way to fuse Dan drug into a round solid, later discovered that this kind of Dan medicine is more convenient to carry, and save more stable, the drug is not easily lost, So he continued his Chengdan system and called him Danzu. โ€

There are not many people who know this past event. A long time ago, medicine was medicine, or it was ground into powder, or it was directly used to make medicine into soup. It is no different from the current ordinary Lang. However, it is not easy to carry powders and soups, and it is a great revolution for Danzu to refine them into medicinal herbs.

"But is the speedy mind created before he created the Dandan system?"Mu Yu immediately grasped this point, only in this way can explain why the speed of the heart can not be used in the later alchemy.

The dead wood appreciated the nod, and Mu Yuโ€™s brain kept turning fast, which is his comfort. He continued: "No, no, yes, speed, speed, speed, heart, law, law -"

"Father, the old man forced you to sign a deed!"Mu Yu saw that the dead wood seemed to be out of breath, and the speech began to stutter again. He quickly stimulated the road. If he let him stutter, he might talk about tomorrow.

"Oh shit! Don't mention it! โ€Sure enough, when he thought of the things that had just been coerced by the old man of the squad, he would not be angry with him. He said with indignation, "You should write down this account and ask for help in the future!" I was mad at me, and the tiger fell to Pingyang and was bullied by the dog. He was even more daring than the day. โ€

Mu Yu opened his mouth. He didn't know what the old man had done to him. He would make the dead wood hate his teeth. However, he suddenly felt responsible, because he was going to teach a man who was even stronger than the Yundan Taoist. This was a simple death-seeking event.

"Speed โ€‹โ€‹Dan heart method is for powder and liquid medicine, you can usually practice this method of mind, but it must not be used in the process of Cheng Dan, otherwise it will cause permanent damage to your meridians. Although this method is anaerobic retrograde, it does not conflict with your usual cultivation methods, and even makes your cultivation faster, and there are no side effects. The reason why the disciples of the martial art were listed as the ribs of the heart was because they practiced this method of mind without exception and used it in the process of Cheng Dan. โ€The dead wood sneered.

"Then why don't you tell them about it?"Mu Yu asked. UU reading

"Humph! I have cultivated this method of mind, and since then I have never produced the formed medicinal herbs, only the most precious powders and liquids, but they do not agree with this remedy, so I do not believe what I said. โ€The dead wood licked his lips.

It is no wonder that the dead wood medicines are bottles and cans. When the last time they were robbed by Mu Yu, Mu Yu complained that these bottles and jars were really troublesome to use. Deadwood cultivated this method of mind and embarked on a different path. It was a deserted Dandao, a Dandao that was not recognized by the current comprehension community. Mu Yu could feel the dead wood alone on this road. Walking is not understood by people.

"In fact, in ancient times, Dan Dao was not called Dan Dao, but called the medicine."Speedy was originally not called "Speedy", but called "speed medicine". The medicinal tract is actually more than the current Dandao, just like Langzhong, who is now being looked down upon. The current Dandao is more used in cultivation, while the medicine is in the rescue and treatment of diseases, but the study of the drug path is often based on the test, so it will inevitably be poisoned. โ€

The dead wood unraveled many doubts about Mu Yu, just why the dead wood would save people, why would it be poisoned like that? His "Poisonous" should be a by-product of the research of the drug path. Why is it called "The Toxic Classic"? Instead of the "medicine classics", this is purely a dead wood personal preference. The outside world gave the title of the poisoned division to the dead wood, and he took the name of it.

"What do you want me to look for in Speedy?" Speedy heart can not be used in alchemy, and I have to win the quota in alchemy! โ€Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

"Do you think that I have studied the medicine for so many years, can't I find a way to convert between the medicine and the medicine?"The dead wood has a white feather.

"Can you let the speedy heart method be applied to Cheng Dan without being affected?"Mu Yu was amazed.

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