Chapter 2 Travel

In the words of the slogan, Mu Yu finally made a full-fledged, stretched out with a satisfied heart, and the old man said a lot of dancing, and did not know how much Mu Yu listened. He put the dishes and said, "I am going to help you with firewood."

Mu Yu has to help the village chief to chop firewood every day. He can't eat white. Although the village chief is simple and kind, he won't mind if Mu Yu eats and drinks, but Mu Yu can't get through. But today the village chief father stopped him, and the village chief said happily: "No need to use it, I will have to take you to the town. In the future, if you become a high school teacher, the old man has to bow to you, and dare to ask you to chop firewood. โ€

"Isn't it all about dying people? Grandpa, I am still fine! โ€Mu Yu said with a smile, "Do not worry! In the future, I will give my grandfather a pension. Who dares to bully Grandpa, I will raise him and raise him. I donโ€™t have to watch the ecliptic. โ€

"Go! What is dying! โ€The head of the village chief quickly waved his hand, but he was still grateful. "The little baby has these words, the old man is much more happy." You have to go back and pack up, I will take you to the town to go to school. โ€

There is nothing valuable about the solid wood feathers to be cleaned up. To say that it is expensive, I am afraid that there is only one piece of bluestone worn on his neck. At least Mu Yu thinks it is a stone, because it is green, like moss, and he thought it was a jade! As a result, the old school in the village said that it was just an ordinary stone. Stone is a stone! That was his mother's stay, although Mu Yu did not have the shadow of his mother at all, but he still habitually hung this bluestone around his neck.

His clothes were sent by the good-hearted people in the village, washed white, but still fit, so he simply returned two pieces of clothes and came back. Unexpectedly, when I returned to the village head, I found that many villagers had already waited there.

"Wood feathers! You really give us a long face, don't forget us later! โ€

"I really have a good future. If I have been in a few years, I will give you a second copy of my family."

"Mu Yu, this is the aunt who gave you the shoes that I sewed to you last night. You take care of yourself!"


In the village for ten years, there was finally a second person who was able to go to school. Many villagers came to see off for Mu Yu. Mu Yu usually had a good relationship in the village, so everyone liked him very much. When I heard that the ten-year-old scorpion was still sucking his nose, Mu Yu felt that it was still too early to get married.

"Thank you, Wang Auntie, thank you for your great uncle. Thank you all, can't take it, can't take it. โ€

Mu Yuโ€™s hand seemed to be stuffed with all kinds of things, clothes, socks, fruits, eggs, etc., and he reacted to find out when his right hand was carrying a cock that was smashing! What is the trouble? Do you really want to mention these things to school? Who sent this cock?

Mu Yu is a bit confusing. In fact, the simple villagers are like this. In the village, itโ€™s hard to have a apprentice apprentice. He distressedly held the things that were crumbling in his arms, and then stuffed them on the table of the village chief's house. Looking at the messy scene, Mu Yu was also a headache. He shouted: "Citizens, first quiet, first silence. โ€

"Don't talk, don't talk, listen to our future immortal training."Uncle Wangโ€™s slamming, itโ€™s hard to convince everyone to calm down.

Mu Yu smiled helplessly and said: "Citizens, everyone is good to me, Mu Yu will not forget. I can't take these things, you will take them back later! In the future, if I learn something, I will not forget everyone, thank you again. โ€

Under the crowd of everyone, Mu Yu finally squeezed out the crowd, and walked with the village head father to the village entrance. The village head walked happily in front of him, and picked up a little song. Mu Yu looked bitterly behind. .

Going out of the village, there is a statue. The statue is engraved with a young man. Unfortunately, the carving is not very fine. It seems that the nose is oblique and it is more difficult to see. The village chief stopped in front of the statue.

Solemnly stunned, I have a word in my mouth, I donโ€™t know what to say. Mu Yu faintly heard the words of the village chief talking about "Blessing the village" and "The immortal teacher is on".

How could this ugly statue, Mu Yu, not know that in the past ten years, another village in the village became a child of the immortal, and the villagers set up statues for him, saying that they should sing praises and praise the future generations. Mu Yu never understood the merits of this guy. He simply took his parents away and had nothing to do with the rest of the village.

"Wood feathers! This is the immortal teacher ten years ago. The villagers have a good life. Naturally, they must commemorate them. Later, I will also give you a stone statue. What do you think? I burn incense for you every day. โ€After the village chief chanted, he turned his face and said to Mu Yu and Yan.

Mu Yu immediately shook his head, how to listen to how strange: "Grandpa, don't make trouble, you! Always my grandfather, how can I have a grandfather for my grandson? โ€

"That doesn't stand on the stone, but what do the old man think of you?" Would you like me to find someone to draw an image for you, then hang up the portrait and burn the roots every day? โ€The village chief said to the beard.

Hang the portrait, then burn incense?

It seems that there is nothing wrong with it, and there is no way to tell where it is wrong.

The villages of the two are located in the mountains. If you want to go to the town, you will spend half a day, the mountain roads are rugged, and you should be wary of some large beasts. In the villages near the mountains, a relatively safe and convenient mountain road is opened. Therefore, as long as you do not deviate from the road, the mountain wild beast will not come to trouble.

Mu Yu also knows that he has also been to the town. Sometimes the hunters in the village go hunting and need to take the prey to the town to sell. Mu Yu has also played with the past, so he is no stranger to this road. The two walked a long way, turned the corner, and suddenly a middle-aged man with a tiger-backed bear from the side of the tree, Mu Yu knew this person, the village was hunting for a living Zhang.

"Chairman, do you want to bring Xiaomuyu to the town?"Lao Zhang pulled a bow in his hand and put an arrow on the bow. He looked a little vigilantly.

"Yes what's the matter? You didn't go out hunting early in the morning, how come you got here? โ€The head of the old cloth asked, there is no beast in general, and the hunters are hunting to go to another hill, where there are many prey.

Lao Zhang put down the bow and arrow in his hand and said, "We are chasing a grizzly bear. The grizzly bear has an arrow in it. Then I ran here. I don't know where to go now. Dalang and Erlang and the two brothers went to chase. I am guarding here and reminding everyone not to follow this path."

"That won't work, will I still bring Mu Yu to the school?" Can't delay time. โ€If you don't take this road, you can only go around the road. When the teacher of the immortality, the old village chief is serious, he will not delay the trip because of this.

"Then I escort you in the past, I don't trust you both to go this way alone."Lao Zhang said.

"No, what if there are villagers going this way?" You are staying here, let's go by ourselves. โ€Old cloth is waving.

"But you two…"The old Zhang wants to stop.

"What happened to us two? How can I say that when I was young, I was also a good player to hunt. Donโ€™t say a bear, I can deal with both ends. โ€The old village chief has not gone out hunting for many years, but the past experience is still there, so he does not accept the old.

"Nothing, Zhang Shu, I will take care of the village head."Mu Yu said with a smile, although he did not really fight the beast, but when you usually chat, Mu Yu also learned a lot of experience, so not afraid.

"That, well, you have to be careful."Lao Zhang said helplessly.

"I am taking care of you, I will tell you! This hunting you have not really experienced, this is skillful, to be optimistic about a beast to deal with, first of all to look at its eyes, the beast is also spiritual, from the eyes of the beast can read a lot of information… โ€

Along the way, the village chief father has been making lessons for the wood feathers, what kind of fire anti-theft anti-beast, and then to the usual humane reason, what can not be too true, outside the world is sinister, to learn to look at people face, The husband can enter and retreat…These wooden feathers can be backed up, and the village chief often has nothing to do in the village to give a lecture, to popularize the common sense of life for those who are not yet dry, Mu Yu also likes to go, because there is free sugar to eat, as the village head is talking about, Who knows?

The two walked a long way, and there was nothing unusual around them. The village chief of Laobu still talked about his life experience. He wanted to throw his knowledge to Mu Yu. Mu Yu licked his mouth and was used to it. The ears are long.

"So I told you, if you have a conflict with others, you must not move your hands. You must not move your mouth. This is the most important place…"The village head father is still happy to pour his life experience to Mu Yu, UU reading Mu Yu licked his ears, looks quite helpless.

"When should I start? When should I move? โ€Mu Yu asked yawning.

"There is a university to ask, and you have to learn to observe the words. If the other party is too unreasonable, then you will be ruined. Just follow them directly, anyway…"


At this moment, a huge gray bear suddenly screamed from the end of the mountain road. Every step of it stepped on the ground almost made the earth tremble slightly. This big bear is as tall as two people, and the palm is bigger than the face of Mu Yu. It feels like a piece of iron will be broken. The grizzly bear had an arrow in the chest, and the wooden feather recognized that it was the bow and arrow that they used when they were hunting. It actually made Mu Yu meet. At this moment, the Grizzlies still have blood on their bodies. When they saw Muyu, they were old and young. The Grizzlies also knew that these two people were bullied more than other hunters, so they immediately rushed toward the two.

"Grandfather, the grandfather, the other party is in a hurry and nonsense is useless, then we are going to start?"Mu Yu rubbed his head and said with his eyes bright.

"When you go, there is a little bear, I shoot it through the heart." This arrow must have been shot by Erlang. His arrow has no strength at all. Go back and get him! โ€The old cloth village chief Ma Lidi pulled out a pocket bow and arrow behind the ball. This bow and arrow is made by the old cloth. You usually carry it with you when you go out. Don't look at it small, it has a great lethality!

"Grandpa the village chief, shoot it!"Mu Yu sang with interest.

"Shooting, shooting a fart! Run and run quickly! I forgot to bring my arrow. โ€

The village chief suddenly changed his face. He touched the whole body but did not find an arrow. It may be that he was out of the box today, or because the wooden feathers were going to the school to be too happy, the result was forgotten.

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