Chapter 202 2 Heavy Heaven and Yumeng

"conspiracy? Where and where! ”The old man's face was red, and his move suddenly made Mu Yu feel that he must have set a trap for himself.

"Definitely! Look, my face is red. ”Xiaoshuai held a small paw.

"I will use a conspiracy to deal with you? Humph! Don't be stupid, I am looking at the face of dead wood…"When the old man of the Shouge said this, his face was red again. Obviously his explanation was not convincing at all.

"Mom, let's not talk about conspiracy. Can you take a moment if you can't write a mixed kid?" You have to dare to hand in the white roll and you are dead! ”

The old man in the squad grabbed the answer sheet in the hand of Mu Yu, and began to scream in excitement. He saw that Mu Yu was full of words, and suddenly he was dumbfounded. He grabbed the medicinal volley on the wooden feather table, and the medicinal agent flew to his hand. He rubbed it with his hand, and then compared with the answer of Mu Yu, he was surprised that the eyeball almost fell out and he repaired it. It is only a matter of moments to see through the ingredients of this remedy.

"you you you……"

The old man's face was full of shock, and Mu Yu wrote that it was not superfluous, nor did he write anything less. This skill of smelling Dan has no 20 years of experience in alchemy, and at least it is impossible for the old man to be at the age of Mu Yu.

How old is this kid? How could it be so bad? Time is still used so little! He won't cheat?

If it is not the old man who knows that the possibility of cheating is zero, maybe he will treat the wood feather as cheating. The Dan Ding faction is absolutely fair and equitable, and there is no chance of cheating. Besides, Mu Yu did not have the opportunity to cheat. He has been staying at Qingzhufeng for a few days, or he has taken it to participate in the test.

"What are you stuttering? Was it infected by the dead wood father? ”Mu Yu asked strangely.

"How can you write so much!"Shouge old man could not help but ask.

"The dead wood father taught me!"In order to avoid suspicion, Mu Yu directly plugged this matter to the dead wood.

"He will teach you this? How can it be! ”

"He is much better than all of you, but you don't know." I am a disciple of the dead wood, but I got all his true biography! ”Mu Yu disdainfully used the light to scan around, his tone was very conceited, and he intentionally or unconsciously raised the position of the dead wood, giving the dead wood a long face.

"Does he still know a few pounds?"The old man of the Shouge still does not believe.

"If you don't believe it, you can get another remedy, let me try again, and I will lose the smell of herbs! However, the ingredients of the medicinal herbs are as little as possible, and many words are very acidic. ”Mu Yu didn't like writing very much. The words he wrote were hard to read. When the village chief taught him literacy, he said that he was writing like a crawler. However, he always thought that this is the font of the dragon and phoenix dance, elegant and free.

Shouge old man looked suspiciously at Mu Yu, and soon he smiled and said: "No need to test anymore, anyway, it will be fine." Just say that your kid is not simple, so you can enter the third round, not bad! ”

"What the hell are you doing? Hey! Don't go! ”Mu Yu hasn't finished yet, and the old man of the squad has sprinted and ran again. I also rushed to and hurriedly, just not to explain the words, poor Mu Yu simply did not know what to do next.

"Oh shit! I must lick this old bastard in the future. ”Mu Yu feels that this old man is really owed.

Mu Yu sat in a shade in the eyes of everyone ridiculed. Most of these ridiculous people thought that Mu Yu had not written anything so early, and Mu Yu was too lazy to pay attention to them.

"How come you come out so soon?"Just then, the ran over.

"Yeah! You lifted the ban? ”Mu Yu knows that the election has been banned for a few days.

"It’s useless to hold the Buddha’s foot temporarily. Who knows what Master thinks about him!”The stalls were spread out and the ban on these days could suffocate him.

"Right, it takes three hours for the first round of testing! You came out less than a quarter of an hour? Are you writing so fast? ”Asked sharply.

"What? Three hours? so long? ”Wood feather rolled his eyes,

How long does it take to resolve this remedy?

"Forget it, the time is still early, I will take you to see someone."Said with a mysterious sigh.

"Who?"Mu Yu is puzzled.

"I will know when I come."After the singer said that he had already flew away, Mu Yu had to follow up.

Taking the wood feathers to the place where he lived, Mu Yu thought that he would also let him experience the taste of a forbidden foot. He did not expect that he had just landed a figure and directly plunged into his arms.

"Mu Yu brother!"

Mu Yu’s heart is warm, how can he not know this familiar voice? Suddenly wearing a light green dress today, it still looks like a cute elf. Although I haven't seen a lot of heads for a long time, Mu Yu still recognizes this simple voice.

"Stunned."Mu Yu cracked his mouth and smiled at it. When he saw the moment, his heart was happy, and his heart was swollen.

"Mu Yu brother, you are really here!"Suddenly looked up, happy face, "Secretly told me that you are here, I thought he was lying to me, you are really here."

Mu Yu looked at her own half-headed, and couldn’t help but sigh, and now she is just like herself. It’s also the strength of Yuan Ying’s five-day talent. This Shantou talent simply doesn’t lose herself. It’s really not weak. The identity of the dusty daughter.

"I am not only here, but I have to go to heaven this time."Mu Yu said.

"really? Great! ”It is a simple child, and I don’t ask why.

Xiaoshuai got out of Mu Yu’s arms and threw himself into the stunned body: “Oh my sister, I want to die.”

"Little handsome, are you okay? Have you changed your mind recently? ”Suddenly holding the young man on his chest, Xiaoshuai shamelessly turned his head to a soft place.

Suddenly, I couldn’t wait to ask if Mu Yu was the one who was so angry that he had a restless dog in Fuxianyu. After getting a positive answer, she looked at Mu Yu again.

"Sorry, may I be air?"Jing Li asked hard on the side, and when they met with Mu Yu, they completely ignored the enthusiasm.

"You are also brothers, I miss you too."Xiaoshuai twisted his body in front of his chest and slammed into a soft place.

"go away."He said without hesitation.

Suddenly followed by her sister-in-law, in fact, the days of entering the double heaven have not arrived, they came in advance. The relationship between the Red Dust Gate and the Dan Ding School is very good, and she often comes here to play, so she simply does not recognize her life. She and she have known her very early.

Although the current strength is higher than that of Mu Yu, Mu Yu thinks that his cultivation is a wind-driven type. He did not expect it to be slower than his speed.

"Right, our purpose of going to heaven outside this time is no longer as simple as cultivation."Suddenly said. Jing Li and Mu Yu looked at her inexplicably, especially the singer, and he didn't even know about it.

"What else do you want to do? Vacation? ”Mu Yu actually does not care about this issue. Anyway, no matter what other people have any purpose, it doesn't matter to him. He just goes to find something.

"Have you ever heard of it? Yumun has been in trouble in various cities since the appearance of the suffocating city last year. My master said that they should be looking for something. ”Said mysteriously.

Mu Yu frowned, and the last turmoil in the suffocating city was vivid, and the damage that Yumen could create was very powerful. Not everyone has the ability to deal with them. They won't be singled out with you, just guerrilla, you can't do it at all.

"I also heard this, Yumen attacked a city half a month ago, and the city suffered heavy casualties."The singer nodded thoughtfully. "But what does this have to do with going to heaven?"

“The elders in the door said that there is reliable evidence that Eugene has penetrated into the Double Heaven.”

"Do you want to give them to the two heavens!" In addition to the aura of the aura, it is a land of wasteland, not suitable for human habitation, too many powerful monsters. ”It seems that he is not willing to go in even the second day, and he is completely forced to go in.

"The task we went in this time was to find the base of Yumeng in the Double Heaven. It is best to destroy them."Said awkwardly.

“Does the double heavens matter?”Mu Yu is not known.

"Not important, but no matter what creature, aura is very important. If Yumeng is easy to recover in the second day, once they make a comeback, we humans will suffer another disaster. ”I explained it earnestly.

"So just rely on us a few yuan infants? Really can afford us. ”

Mu Yu felt that the old nest of the Yumeng Mozu was really dying in the past few years. Judun had a strong presence, especially the Five Elements. Think of Mu Yu himself. If he can use trees in a bright and honest way, he feels that he will not lose to the arrogant sons of the so-called comprehension.

"There is no way, the transmission array can not withstand the transmission fluctuations above the Yuan Ying period. The elders in the division said that this time we are going to explore the road, and also cultivate our sense of crisis. Then they will find ways to improve the transmission array and put out The mentor of the flood season will be sent to the second day."Said awkwardly.

Cultivate crisis awareness? Why does this sentence sound so familiar? Mu Yu remembers that when he was in the Mouyun Mountain Range, all the sects were gathered together to explore the whereabouts of Yumeng, resulting in heavy casualties.

"Exploring the road? It would be a huge loss if something went wrong. ”Grinning, "I don't want to die young."

"Chen brother, don't make trouble, you know that we will not have an accident."It’s awkward. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

Mu Yu listened to the singer. After they entered the double heaven, everyone had a jade. The breath of this jade was connected with the transmission array. As long as the jade was broken, the transmission array would force them back. Therefore, after entering, Yupei must not be lost. If you are in danger, you can rely on Yupei to escape. They want to return to Santian and rely on this jade.

"I still have to find my own herbs. I have no experience in Yumeng."

Wood Yu said so, in fact, he has dealt with Yumen more than once. The old tree chief told him that Yumeng had found a way to leave the Mouyun Mountain Range. He always thought that the old tree was joking. As a result, he was brought to the triple continent by the transmission line and took a shortcut.

Mu Yu thinks again that sometimes he will have inexplicable dark side in his body. Sometimes he will think that the comprehension should not exist in this world. This negative thought is very similar to that of Yumeng. Although Mu Yu does not want to admit it, he understands himself. The relationship with Yumeng is impossible to get rid of.

Next, I have been asking Mu Yu about Fuxianyu. Mu Yu patiently answered, I don’t know how long it took, and the spirit reminded Mu Yu that the test is over. It’s time to look at the results. In the first round of Wen Dan's knowledge, he won the first place without any accidents. After all, he did not drop the same herbs.

"Correct! There is also a gamble about that! ”

Mu Yu did not forget this. At the time, he and the Minghui and Xu Zi page both gambled. If Mu Yu can successfully integrate the semi-chengdan, they will yell their names in the Danding party and say that they are a big fool, let the Danding party hear it, and then fan themselves ten big in front of everyone. Slap, and finally climbed to Qingzhufeng to give a mistake to the dead wood father.

In the past few days, he almost forgot about it because of the dead wood.

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