Chapter 205 The Past of Dead Wood

"Dogs bark."Dead wood ramps.

It’s a relief and gratitude for the look of the dead wood, and the appearance of Mu Yu is like a lucky star, bringing him too many accidents. Although he was often blown by a wooden feather, his son was still an apprentice, but after he had an accident, Mu Yu had always protected him and even saved him.

"Actually, you should not give me the original Dan."The dead wood sighed. He had already known everything from the cold snow and ice. He also knew that Mu Yu had managed to integrate the impossible Dan, and he knew that the process was not simple.

"If you hang up, I have to give you the end. I don't want to give you filial piety and waste more youth."Mu Yu pouted.

The dead wood is so good and funny, this kid always has a good word for every word. He meditated and said: "You should give the original Dan to the smashing bastard, so you don't have to go to heaven…"

Deadwood said that he suddenly did not speak here. He knew that Mu Yu had never considered this. If he knows that returning to the original Dan can make Feng Hao dust rehabilitate, will Mu Yu still return to the original Dan to save himself? After all, Feng Haochen is his true master. He is equivalent to imprisoning him for a year. He must have more or less resentment in his heart. Thinking of this, his heart is not a taste, if Mu Yu knows this before, he will certainly not save a tempered old man with a bad temper…

"But I can't watch you die! Do you want to shed tears when you say that you are giving funeral? I don't like to cry. It's really boring when I don't want to get some peppers and splashes my eyes. ”Wood Yu smiled.

Mu Yu did not know that Guiyuan Dan could treat the wounds of Feng Hao Dust, but even if he knew, he would choose to save the dead wood. The injury of Feng Hao Dust can be treated in a fixed way, but the dead wood is dying, and he cannot see death. Mu Yu never resent the dead wood, and the dead wood taught him a lot of herbal knowledge, even if it was forced, at least Mu Yu did not suffer any harm.

As for the re-refining of the original Dan, Mu Yu knew that this was impossible. Returning to the original Dan refining system is too troublesome, the materials are difficult to find, it is impossible for Mu Yu to refine the seventh-order medicinal herbs, he can only engage in half-making Dan.

"Oh, yes, let me introduce you, this is a stunned, my friend."Mu Yu called the screaming behind him.

"Hello wood seniors! My name is 恬然, from the red door. ”I was delighted to have a bow to the dead wood.

However, I sang for a long time and I didn’t see the dead wood. The wood feather was a bit strange. When I looked up, I saw the dead wood staring at it.

"Hey! Are you looking at me? ”Xiaoshuai has been playing on the stunned chest, and he thought that the dead wood was watching it.

"You, you, how do you grow up like Miao language?"The dead wood has widened his eyes.

"Do you know my mother too?"Suddenly a sweet smile appeared.

"What is your mother called Miao language? Then your father is — Feng Hao dust that bastard. ”The dead wood clenched his fist and he knew it!

It is the daughter of the true god of the triple continent. This is basically no one knows about the three continents. Even the wind and dust are in the dark, but the dead wood actually knows?

"how do you know!"Suddenly vigilant, when she accidentally leaked her father’s whereabouts, it almost caused her father to have an accident. Now she has not dared to raise it again.

Mu Yu was amazed, how did this matter know the dead wood?

The body of the dead wood shivered slightly. He looked at it for a long time. Finally, he took a deep breath and tried to calm his feelings. He asked, "Your mother, is she okay?"

Suddenly I heard this face faintly said: "My mother is not very good, because she refused to explain to the door who I am, so the sect was imprisoned on a mountain according to the rules of the door, not allowed to go out."

"I don't want to explain who you are going to be imprisoned? Are you stricter? ”Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

"My mother is the holy lady of the Red Dust Gate.

The sacred woman of the Red Dust Gate is chosen by thousands of talents. The talent is outstanding and the cultivation is superb. This is the next head of the Red Dust Gate. It cannot be with men. But my mother broke the ring, so…"Shakelessly shook his head.

"Your mother is with the true God of the triple continent, are you not willing to do it?"Mu Yu thinks that the door rules of the Red Dust Gate are simply teasing. Pregnancy is the nature of human beings. They are going to kill. Not to mention the true god of the triple continent, the wind is tempered and the temper is good, so the man is going to find the second one!

Shaking his head, said: "They don't know that I am the true God of the Triple Continent. Even if I know that I may not be willing, the martial art has the rules of the sect. In order to cultivate the next head, it takes too much resources in the determined saint. The saint must be as good as jade."

"Then you are also a saint, don't you say that you will be -" Mu Yu frowned.

Suddenly said: "I am only because of good talent, being positioned as a candidate for the Virgin, and several other sisters! As long as it is not the last chosen saint, the martial art will not take care of this. ”

The dead wood suddenly grabbed the shoulder of Mu Yu and said seriously to Mu Yu: "Be sure to find the grass and the nine gas and the polyester flower. Only when the wind and dust are restored, he can save the Miao language!"

"You saved my master for the sake of my mother?"

Mu Yu was extremely unexpected. He finally knew why the dead wood hated the wind and dust on the one hand, and on the other hand, he had to find ways to let Mu Yu find the grass to treat the wind and dust. The repair of Feng Haochen is not even his opponent. Even if he wants to go to the Red Dust Gate to save Miao language more than enough. Deadwood did not have the wind and dust, and he couldn’t save the Miao language, so he came up with such a compromise.

It turned out that this is the thing that the dead wood refused to say. The purpose of the dead wood to help the wind and dust repair is just to save a woman?

"What is your relationship with my sister?"When I heard about the wind and the dust, I suddenly came to the interest. She also hopes that someone can help her mother. One person has been imprisoned for more than ten years in the mountains. Who can understand the depression in my heart?

"Old acquaintance."Dead wood is just a simple sentence, but Mu Yu has read many hidden meanings.

"Oh! You and my master are love rivals! ”Mu Yu knows a bit.

"To shut up."The dead wood said angrily.

"what? Seniors, do you like my mother? but……"Suddenly, there is a person who likes her mother. She doesn't know what to think about it. The resentment and hatred of the previous generation was very bad for her. She should have repelled the dead wood from her jealousy, but everything that the dead wood did was equivalent to helping the rescuing grandmother reunite.

"What are you doing with me?"Asked with big eyes curiously.

Looking at the dead wood, he seems to see the shadow of the old Miao language from his face, and for a moment he could not refuse the request.

"Do you really want to know?"The dead wood sighed and looked a bit lonely. Obviously, he lost to the wind in this love.

Suddenly nodded, Mu Yu followed and nodded, then Xiao Shuai also shamelessly hit his head with his head.

"Yes, I really like your mother. No matter how you look at me, like a person is like, can't say why. ”The dead wood sits on the threshold, and the wood feathers sit on the steps and can't wait to listen. The dead wood hesitated for a long while, and the past suddenly flooded his heart.

After he left the Ding Ding faction, he met the awkward Master Miao language outside, and Miao language was born and experienced. At that time, Miaoyu was injured by a powerful monster. It was the dead wood that saved the Miao language and healed the Miao language. Miao language does not exclude dead wood that likes to play with poison, and does not laugh at him because of the stuttering of dead wood. Like Miao, Miao language is also a kind woman.

The two of them were together everywhere, and the dead wood gradually became affectionate to Miao language. However, when the dead wood wanted to express its whispers to Miao language, the sword shadow dust wind entered the world of both of them.

Wind-ho dust is a sophisticated, highly-skilled people, gentle, talk extraordinary, as if the world's best words used in this man can not be too. In front of the wind and dust, the stuttering and lonely wood is suddenly inconspicuous.

At that time, Miao language and dead wood did not know that Feng Haochen was the true god of the triple continent. They only used Feng Haochen as a young talent sent out by a certain gate.

Miao language and Feng Hao dust both fell in love at first sight, the heart of the dead wood is not a taste, he does not like the wind dust, because Feng Hao dust grabbed his beloved woman. But when he saw the Miao language and the wind and dust together, he smiled so happy, that was impossible for the dead wood. He understood that he was not worthy of Miao language, so he chose to leave alone.

Although dead wood plays with poison, it is not bad. He understands that loving someone should not be possessing her, but making her happy. He is a hurricane, but he is just a slap in the face. He never thought of smashing the wind, because he knew that, Miao language would never laugh again.

Dead wood likes the smile of Miao language.

No one had thought that Miaoyu would have a child with a good wind. At that time, Miaoyuyu had been identified as the next heir to the Red Dust Gate, and it was not allowed to have a male-female love. This time, the red dust threshold can be taken care of, and I want to find out who the man is. Miao language is not willing to say it, but at that time, Feng Haochen has disappeared.

After knowing the Miao language, the dead wood had risked sneaking into the red dust door, found the Miao language, and learned everything. He realized that the original Feng Mochen was the true God of the Triple Continent. He also understood that Feng Mochen was trying to trap Yumeng and chose to regard himself as a trapped Xianji, and sacrificed himself to exchange the peace of the triple continent.

However, Feng Haochen did not want others to know his situation, so Miao language refused to tell the truth of the red door, only told the dead wood.

Looking at the beloved woman being imprisoned, he was very upset. He couldn't lift the ban on Miao language. He knew that the whole world that could save Miao language was only able to do it.

He was originally a person who studied the formation method. He learned from the Miao language that Feng Haochen became the base of the imprisoned Xianji, and he understood what the wind and dust would be. He knows that only the grass and the nine-gas polyester flower can treat the wounds of the wind and dust, and let the wind and dust recover and repair, to save the Miao language.

This thing has no advantage for dead wood. He could have chosen to refuse, but he couldn't bear to watch Miaoyu sigh at the Red Dust Gate. He wanted to do something for Miaoyu. He couldn't resist the entire red dust door by himself, only relying on the wind and dust. The dead wood knows that after recovering the wind and dust repairing to save the Miao language, Miao language will still choose to be with the wind and dust, he can't get anything.

However, he likes Miao language's smile and likes her to laugh all the time. As long as she is good, the dead wood will be safe.

It’s really strange to love someone, and it’s going to protect each other without asking for it.

Nine gas and polyester flowers and grass can only be found in the second day, and the transmission array into the double sky can only be passed by the Yuan Ying period. The dead wood must find a clever person to do this for him on the second day, so he came up with a way to find a repairer who was repaired in the Yuan Ying period by changing the valley and cultivate him as his descendant.

So many people entered the dead wood valley, he did not look at it, until the emergence of Mu Yu, not only successfully stole the demon fruit, but also robbed the dead wood's residence. He knows the kind of weird wood control ability of Mu Yu. When Fu Xianyu Mu Yu made the sword, he recognized the master of Mu Yu at a glance.

The apprentice's apprentice appeared in front of him, which made him very unhappy. He didn't want Mu Yu as his own descendant, but he found that because he played poison all the year round, the time left for him was not much, and Mu Yu was a very The right person can only choose to compromise.

Sometimes dead wood even feels that he is sure that he has owed the wind to the dust of his life. Why do people around him always have a ambiguous relationship with Feng Haochen? Miao language 嫣 likes the wind and dust, Mu Yu is the apprentice of the wind and dust, as if everything is in the opposite direction with the dead wood.

Mu Yu and Su Yan were shocked by the words of dead wood, they only know that the dead wood is a person who chooses to bear loneliness in order to fulfill the love of others. How much courage is there to make concessions like dead wood, to save the enemy, and to pass on the life of the apprentice to the disciples…

I am afraid that I will never find a second man who is as infatuated as a dead wood.

"Master, I am sorry, I am blaming you."Mu Yu scratched his head, he felt like he was re-recognized with dead wood, and the respect for dead wood came to life.

"What is wrong? How did you misunderstand me before? ”The dead wood gave a look at Mu Yu.

"Mu Yu always thought that you were solitary, stuttering, tempered, eccentric, hard, stubborn…"Xiaoshuai is in the air.

“I also like to threaten others, like to beat people, very violent.”Longteng added one sentence.

Mu Yu suddenly turned green, picked up the handsome man's tail and threw it out, and then quickly lost his smile: "Don't listen to them, I always think that the old man is wise and kind, good heart!"

"shameless."Long Teng Road.

The dead wood snorted and there was no fire. In any case, Mu Yu has never been a ungrateful person. Although he owes a little, the dead wood has become accustomed to it.

"You are going to go to the second day this time?"The dead wood asks for it.

Suddenly nodded.

"Protect her, she and her voice look so like, I don't want her to have an accident."This is the dead wood is said to Mu Yu.

"En grace!"The wooden feather head is like a sieve. UU reading

Just then, there was a soft bang in the room. Everyone followed the sound, but did not see anyone. A bowl of steaming soup appeared on the table. Mu Yu did not see the bowl in the room. soup.

"The elders of the cold ice were just in the house. This bowl of soup was sent by her. Didn't you see it?"

Xiaoshuai's sharp eyes, Mu Yu and stunned attention are placed on the dead wood. Only Xiaoshuai is not interested in this story. For it, only eating is the most important. When this bowl of soup appears, it immediately I noticed that cold snow appeared in the house.

"When did she come?"The dead wood face is slightly pumped.

"It’s not long after you start telling the story."Xiaoshuai said honestly.

Mu Yu’s eyes widened, and the elders of cold ice had just heard the past of dead wood. This is a person who loves the dead wood! What did she think when she heard it? She has been taking care of the dead wood for a few days, even after the dead wood woke up, I personally went to pick up a bowl of soup and sent it to the dead wood, but I know that the dead wood still has not put down the Miao language, can she not be sad?

The dead wood looks at the bowl of soup, the mood is getting heavier and heavier. He likes Miao language, but the cold and snow is his childhood childhood. He also likes cold and snow. These two tangled emotions have always existed in his heart. He has never wanted to accept cold and snow. In addition to Miao language, he also believes that he is not a responsible man. Cold and snow should have a better man to love him.

"Don't you explain it to her?"

Mu Yu did not know how to comment on this matter. Maybe dead wood is a negative heart, but dead wood has the right to choose to love one person. He did not make any promises to the cold and snow, and he could not say that he was wrong.

The dead wood silently sat down on the bed.

"That one……That bowl of chicken soup is so delicious! Can I drink? ”Xiao Shuai came to such an inappropriate time.

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