Chapter 207 is a sad death

Suddenly, the name is so successful, its efficacy makes people love and hate, and no one wants to take this medicine.

If a person is dying because of serious injury, after taking this pill, he can immediately recover as before, and the repair will go straight to the distraction period, but the huge price in exchange is that he will die after seven days.

Taking this medicinal medicine is a good preparation for death, letting go, and still someone will choose this remedy under certain circumstances. If you are in a decisive battle with your opponent, you will lose both sides, and the opponent’s odds are above himself. It’s already a dead end. If you don’t want to drink and hate, you can take “sadness” and kill the opponent with a powerful repair that bursts out in an instant. .

Instantly let your cultivation to achieve distraction, this is the realm of how many people dream of! How many people can't achieve the repairs that can't be achieved in a lifetime! Only one such medicine called "Sadness" can be realized!

Who does not want? But who wants it?

"Sadness" has given you a strong cultivation, letting you call for the rain in seven days, and get a position that you can't get in your life, then? After seven days, you can only pass away and turn into a loess. The glory within seven days is like the past clouds.

This semi-Chengdan is the alchemy predecessor named Wu Xin, who refines from the prescriptions passed down from ancient times to this point. In ancient times, there was no such thing as medicinal herbs. The ancient pharmacists relied on their own comprehension to create anti-day prescriptions. Each medicine has powerful effects. However, in the ages, the anti-drug technology of the ancient times was abandoned by people, resulting in the loss of many prescriptions. In addition, the conflict between alchemy and refining methods made it impossible for the current people to refine this “sadness”.

The seniors of Wuxin relied on their exquisite alchemy technology, and through thousands of experiments, they finally refining the "sadness" in the form of medicinal herbs to the level of imminent Chengdan. However, the mutual exclusion of the last ten herbs made him have to stop here. .

Mu Yu carefully tried to understand the Danfang, which combines 1,200 kinds of herbs, and his heart is quite shocking. Deadwood told him a lot of herbal knowledge. He also knows that many herbs can't be blended together. It is difficult to eliminate each other's natural resistance, but this enlightened senior has refining nearly one hundred herbs. The resistance between the two can not help but admire.

For Mu Yu, it is not difficult to eliminate the resistance of these ten kinds of herbs. He now knows that his blood seems to have an irresistible appeal to plants, so let him merge into a half, just give him time. Mu Yu feels that he can get all the half Cheng Dan.

But it's not that simple. Even if he can eliminate the resistance, he still needs to integrate one by one according to the strict alchemy procedure. The proportion and the heat of each herb can not be lacking, otherwise it can't be eliminated even if the resistance is eliminated. Cheng Dan.

Mu Yu wants to integrate a kind of medicinal medicine to spend a lot of energy, he will not be so stupid to spend so much effort to make a wedding dress for others!

The current situation is actually very bad. Mu Yu knows that he has successfully integrated a half-male Dan. At this moment, there must be a lot of eyes staring at himself. It is difficult to add a drop of blood if you don’t want to be noticed. And if you let others know that your blood has this special effect, you don't need to warn that Mu Yu knows that this is not a good thing. Maybe he will raise him and use his blood to make some articles.

In other words, he can't integrate this half into Dan today!

It doesn't work either, it doesn't work, and Mu Yu is in a very awkward position at the moment.

However, Mu Yu was not in a hurry, but he also showed a smirk.


"Uncle Shi, do you calculate Mu Yu like this, can Mu Yu really merge into a half?" And it feels unfair to other disciples. ”

The Yundan Taoist people are paying attention to Mu Yu’s actions. He can’t help but quietly ask the old man.

The idea was put forward by the old man of the squad. The Yundan Taoist did not know which gluten was wrong at the time. He actually promised to change the test rules. Now think about it, Yundan Dao feels that he is smashed, and he is the head of the Danding School.

Because Mu Yu has modified the rules of the whole Dan test, it is equivalent to giving other people more difficulty, which is too sloppy.

"Where is it unfair to others? If Mu Yu really blends half of Cheng Dan, even if this quota is given to him? Moreover! Being able to integrate half of Cheng Dan in front of so many Ding Ding disciples, let other people learn to watch it. Is there anything wrong with it? ”Shouge old man does not care, he does not pay much attention to this quota, no matter who does not have much relationship, as long as someone merges half Chengdan.

"It is true that the words are correct, but what if the wood feathers are not integrated?"Yundan Taoist asked.

In fact, it is no wonder that Yundan Taoist people will promise to keep the old man's proposal. For so many years, the Danding School has never seen an alchemy teacher who can integrate half of Cheng Dan. The formation of each of these semi-chengdans is a valuable experience for the Danding School. In the end, there are any skills and points of attention that must be recorded by the people who integrate it, and given to others as a reference.

"He can't get to the double heaven if he can't integrate it. Isn't the dead wood boy coming back to want to send Mu Yu into the double heaven?"Shouge old man said.

After Mu Yu successfully merged with Guiyuan Dan, both the old man and the Yundan Taoist were extremely shocked. They originally planned to let Mu Yu write down the original experience of the original Dan after the test. At this time, the old man of the squad actually proposed such an incredible idea. At that time, he felt that Mu Yu could merge one and a half into Dan, and he could fuse the second half into Dan, so the ghost made a promise.

Now think about how difficult it is to integrate half-chengdan. He doesn't understand Mu Yu at all. He also knows that dead wood does not have deep knowledge in alchemy. How can he teach Mu Yu alchemy? Mu Yu may have happened, the same thing can make him meet twice?

That is a fusion of half a Dan! For so many years, there is no one who can successfully integrate into the semi-chengdan!

"I was afraid that he had never practiced medicinal herbs before? What is his integration? ”Yundan Taoist shook his head helplessly.

"Speed ​​Dan heart. The dead wood boy succeeded in cultivating the speed of the heart, but there was no other person's situation. The repair was more refined. Although he made the wrong way behind the road, I bet that Mu Yu is also a combination of speed and heart! ”There was a flash of light in the eyes of the old guard.

"Speedy heart and you and I know the harm of it, is it not enough for Mu Yu to rely solely on the speed of the heart?"Yundan Taoist still does not believe.

"Let's see if he will merge again and again, and we can just know how he did it. If he succeeds, he can also sound alarms for the disciples of the Danding school. The apprentices taught by those who do not take the right path can get the half-chengdan to do it. Then those who walk the right way still have faces to play. ? ”The old man guarded the beard.

The Yundan Taoist secretly shook his head. How do you hear that the old man is always ignoring that he and others are useless, and that the disciple who teaches is less than the disciple of the dead wood?

Mu Yu did not know that there were two elders who were sneaking on their own secrets. He now only thought about how to solve the half-male in front of him. Incorporating half-chengdan is not like alchemy. It is necessary to cook all kinds of complicated Danfang from scratch. Half-chengdan is already the final step. It only needs to take care of the contradiction between a few herbs.

Everyone in the alchemy predecessor is very responsible. They recorded all the refining experiences about the medicinal herbs in detail. They need to be noted and recorded together, in order to hope that the outstanding young people will take a little detour and directly integrate.

To be honest, Mu Yu has no achievements in alchemy, and he just took advantage of his unique talent. Let him refine a medicinal medicine from head to toe, and he estimates that there is no such thing as refining the pages.

Mu Yu took a look at Dan Fang’s experience of the whole alchemy process. Only in this way can he know the timing of the fusion of the remaining herbs. This process took him an hour and waited for him to prepare for refining. The subpage is already trying to merge. Seeing his sweaty look, Mu Yu knows that this guy is estimated to be innocent. He took another look at Biewenxuan and found that Biewen’s brow was locked and did not start. As for Yuhua, I didn’t do it. I just looked at my own half-chengdan and didn’t know where to start.

Mu Yu shook his head slightly, and if this half of Cheng Dan was so easy to integrate, Yundan Taoist and medicine masters had already merged, and they could not start with their skills, let alone these are only the disciples of the fourth-order alchemist. .

Today's focus is actually on Mu Yu.

Mu Yu also knows that most people's eyes are on their own. He has no chance to do anything. He can only use his lazy alchemy skills to integrate.

There are ten flavors of herbs that need to be fused. These ten herbs are mutually exclusive in alchemy. It is almost impossible to refine the resistance between them in the normal way. In the case of controlling the herbs, the wood feathers can temporarily eliminate the resistance between them. As long as the resistance is controlled, the next step will be perfect.

The method of understanding the predecessors has been recorded, he has long thought about how to eliminate the resistance, the next step of the fusion process, so for Mu Yu, he only needs to step by step. UU reading

"Look, he finally got it!"

"I don't know if he can integrate half of Cheng Dan this time. If it is possible, it is really a wonderful and brilliant genius."

"The last time Dan Cheng was in the sky, I didn't know if you saw it?"

"Of course, but there have been two visions at the last time. Will there be two visions in the fusion of half-chengdan?"

"do not know."

Many onlookers have begun to whisper, they waited for an hour, and watched the four people on the field looking at the half-cheng, many people are waiting impatient.

Mu Yu touched the next fusion sequence. This ten-flavored herb has three herbs that are in the form of juice. The remaining seven herbs are ground into powder. The amount needed is only a little bit, no more, no less. No. This is hard to beat Mu Yu, Mu Yu can accurately grasp the dose marked by the predecessors.

"Then the next step is integration."Mu Yu carefully removed all the herbs' resistance and then refining them all with spiritual power.

Dan Cheng!


A huge impact sweeped around the wood feathers. This spiritual fluctuation was so fierce that it was so sudden that many disciples had no time to react and they took a step back.

Then the heavens and the earth changed color. A huge red cloud did not know when it was gathered in the sky. The violent cyclone extended from the red cloud and slowly rolled into the "scarred death" in the hands of Mu Yu. The surrounding spiritual power suddenly became very disordered. Everyone even smelled a strange medicine.


A red lightning suddenly went straight down from the red clouds, and along the cyclone, it was mixed with the momentum of the millennium.

"成成,成?"Yundan Taoist grasped the armrest of the chair with his left hand, and the handrail was already cracked by him.

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