Chapter 208, you swindle me and also swindle

"Chu Cao! Are you watching the fun? No one helped me intercept this thunder? ”

Mu Yu screamed, and the old man and the Yundan Taoist seemed to be shocked again by their actions. For a moment, they did not expect to come. When they reacted, the thunder was not far from the wood feathers.

"I don't play grass! Who loves to play and who to play! ”

Although the old man and the Yundan Taoist have already reacted, the speed at which they reacted slowly was simply too late to intercept. Mu Yu screamed and lifted the control of the "sadness" herbs. The herbs lost the control of the wood feathers, and the mutual resistance appeared again. "噗嗤", "sadness" was re-formed into a state of semi-chengdan. The Laiton time that was about to reach Mu Yu’s body turned into nothing, and the sky returned to tranquility, and the red cloud disappeared.

The disciples around him were shocked by the sudden vision, even though the Dan Ding faction occasionally had a heavenly vision to represent the high-level medicinal herbs, but those alchemists did not like others to disturb when they were alchemy, so this The vision is only viewed from a distance.

This is the first time they have seen such a close-up view of the magnificent Cheng Dan vision. They have been watching for a while, and they are incredibly looking at the "injury" in the hands of Mu Yu. And when the sudden vision disappears and disappears instantly, everyone is puzzled. Does the disappearance mean Dan Cheng? This is a question in everyone's mind.

When the old man and the Yundan Taoist arrived, they were dumbfounded. Their excitement looked solid when they saw that the injury had changed to a semi-chengdan. The two men looked at each other unconsciously and then turned their eyes to the wooden feathers sitting on the ground.

"What happened? Why did it fail again? ”The old man of the sergeant asked in amazement.

"What is it?" Do you think that Cheng Dan is as simple as eating with you? Want to succeed and succeed? If it is so easy to succeed, those seniors will not be able to integrate? Do you know that you didn't know that you just succeeded? Why don't you quickly stop the thunder? Do you want to kill me? ”

Mu Yu stood up and pointed at the nose of the old man on the squad, and he opened it, and his heart was called a hearty! The disciples around him slowly reacted from the shock. They saw that Mu Yu was so unremarkable. He wouldn’t be so arrogant as the old man who would not dare to provoke the usual, suddenly suddenly, this kid is looking for death?

"We didn't expect that you actually would merge, we just took a slow shot…"However, what everyone did not expect was that the old man of the squad was so stunned by Mu Yu, but he had no temper at all, his voice was small, and he seemed a little wronged. It was really shocking that his chin could not fit.

"A slow shot? Didn't you be there when I was in Chengdu last time? Tell me a slow shot this time? Is mine that I can block that day? Do you know that you just took a step? As long as you help me block the thunder, I am not distracted and the final Cheng Dan failed. Whose fault is this? Damn, I know that Cheng Dan has a thunder and does not have a lightning rod! Alchemy is stupid? ”

The thing that is in the heart of Mu Yu is called a cool! He had long been dissatisfied with the old man who gave him the confession to change the rules. What he wanted was this opportunity. He wanted to keep the old man in the squad, and he still had no temper, he was willing to swear, and he pushed his responsibilities to the guard. The old man, let him go inside!

"Then, will you not come again? This time, I promise to stop you from the thunder? ”Shouge old man slammed openly, and his face was annoyed, but this is half a dan! Seeing that it is only one step away from success!

"Is Cheng Dan also need physical strength? Just being harassed by the thunder, the mentality of the herb has been reversed, and it is impossible to fuse the remedy for at least the next month. ”Mu Yu’s chest was full of pain, his heart was heartbroken, his expression was in place, and the play was performed to the extreme.

The old man and the Yundan Taoist are silent. They are all coming over. They know that if the process of refining herbs is accidentally affected by the anti-bacterial resistance of the herbs, the alchemy fails. This excuse of Mu Yu is so seamless, he has deceived the giants of these two alchemists.

"What do you want to stay? Why don't you stop the mine that morning? ”The old man of the squad turned his head and took a look at Yundan.

"Uncle Shi, this, this can't blame me…You don't have…"Yundan Taoist said.

"I have an old bone, how can you react quickly? Slow reaction is a matter of course, this time blame you! You can do it yourself! ”The old man of the Shouge couldn’t help but say that the responsibility was pushed all the way, and the rogue style was full, so that the Yundan Taoist had only dumb to eat Huanglian’s share.

"Mu Yu, how are you doing now? Is there anything? ”Yundan Taoist did not argue with the old guardian. He knew the temper of the uncle, and the argument was useless. He had to go back and ask about Mu Yu.

"Thank you for your concern! This time is different from the last time. Today, I was shocked by the thunder. I am afraid I can’t try Cheng Dan again, and let the head be disappointed. ”

Mu Yu stood up and said to the Yundan Taoist, he did not have the arrogance of the old man who had just guarded the old man. It seemed to be a good young man with a gentle and gentle personality.

Shouge old man turned a blind eye, mom! This kid really hates himself.

Yundan Taoist nodded, and Mu Yu did not marry him like the old man, but he was very courteous, which made him extremely satisfied. How to say that he is also the head of the Dan Ding faction, if you can be tolerated by a disciple pointing at his nose, that is too much to say.

"Ok! Then go back to rest first! Today's comparison test ends here. I don't think there are any opinions from the other of you. ”Yundan Taoist asked about three other people. Biewenxuan smiled bitterly. He would have any opinions on him. He couldn’t do the realm of Mu Yu. As for the Xuzi page, let alone.

"What about the quota? If you don't give me a quota, I won't be able to refine the alchemy after I fight it. I have to try again. ”Mu Yu really said it, now is the time for acting.

Yundan Taoist dumbfounded, this guy got cheap and sold, and the character of the dead wood is completely different, it feels like it is a bit like the old man, it is also interesting.

Yundan Tao people will naturally not let Mu Yu continue to become Dan today, otherwise the body's anti-phasing force will really abolish an alchemy division. He paused and cleared his throat: "This time the first place is given to Mu Yu. As for the second place, there will naturally be people who will evaluate the results of the first two rounds."

Mu Yu’s screaming screams have been heard by everyone. The reason why he became a success in this time is because the old man did not promptly intercept the thunder, which means he was able to succeed. The sake of the old man.

The vision was just strange to everyone. Everyone was an alchemy teacher. Naturally, it was a sign of Cheng Dan. So strictly speaking, Mu Yu is actually a success, but his strength is not enough to stop the thunder, this is inevitable. Tianlei is not a disciple of Yuan Ying who can resist. This is the negligence of the elders. No wonder he is. No one disagrees at the moment, but it is even more awesome for Mu Yu’s talent.

A disciple who will merge with a half of Cheng Dan, this is the existence of monsters!

At the beginning, everyone couldn’t look down on Qingzhufeng’s disciples, let alone the dead woods, when there was no repair, how could the Dan Ding’s disciples be convinced? However, Mu Yu successively made half of Cheng Dan, and even succeeded once. This talent can not find the second Dan Ding faction.

Mu Yu snickered in the heart, and then put on a look of physical strength. Lie rushed to help him and watched him look excited. Mu Yu knew that this guy also admired himself.

"Wu Yu, I really don't know if your kid actually has such a high alchemy talent! I have never taught the mountain, I have to teach me! ”He lifted up the wooden feathers and flew with him to the peaks of the dead wood. He screamed from time to time.

Mu Yu shrugged: "I just have a natural experience of resistance to refining herbs, plus the guidance of the dead wood, or I can't be Dan." On the alchemy knowledge, I am far less than you. ”

"Don't be humble, I am seeing the vision of a half-chengdan Chengdan today, but it is half a Dan! Even the half-cheng Dan who can't be integrated with the head of the division, you actually did it! Really amazing! ”Said with great enthusiasm.

Mu Yu smiled and said that there was a herbal knowledge that he had taught him and his inexplicable blood. He actually had no problem with the integration of these half-chengdans, but he did not want to be too enchanting, Mu Xiu Yulin The wind will destroy it, or it will be low-key.

After he returned to the bamboo house in the dead wood, the dead wood was meditating on the bed. He did not even go to see the wooden feathers today. UU read the book and heard the wooden feathers come back. He opened his eyes and asked to see the wood feathers. .

"How's it going?"The dead wood is now able to cultivate, he prefers quiet, today also did not go to the fun, so he did not know Mu Yu today's competition is fused 50% dan.

Mining fierce immediately Jiliguala for Mu Yu said up, said Mu feather fusion 50% Dan's vision, he also word emphatically described again, the musical, Cadence, Rao is not go to the scene of people like immersive.

"They actually let you merge into a half?"

The dead wood frowned, and then there was an inexplicable anger in the heart, which is clearly in the woods, and they also want to find this way. But when he heard Mu Yu unexpectedly caused the vision, almost became Dan, he was also unexpected.

"Are you OK? The anti-bacterial resistance of herbal medicine is not a child's play. The resistance of these herbs is especially strong, and the damage to the body is huge. How are you doing now? ”After hearing the wood feathers being countered by the herbs, the dead wood stood up.

Mu Yu shook his head and blinked at the dead wood, saying: "I'm fine."

The dead wood nodded intently, knowing that Mu Yu must be pretending, this is to let go of his heart, and then face up: "Hey! It must be the idea of ​​the old bastard, only he will come up with such a bad idea. ”

Mu Yu knows that this old bastard refers to the old man who guards the pavilion. He does not care about it. He can't control the contradiction between the dead wood and the old man. However, in fact, in the case of Mu Yu, the old man is still at least sensible. Although the other party is deceiving, it has been put together by Mu Yu in the end.

Besides, it was also the time when he decided to take the return of the original Dan to save the dead wood. Mu Yu did not have a bad impression on the old man.

The dead wood said with a sullen look: "I will interrupt his leg next time he comes."

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