Chapter 21

In the morning, there was still a glimmer of light on the horizon, but there were already shadows on the dusty mountains, and each of them sat in an open field of vision and breathed.

Mu Yu and Feng Haochen stood on the dusty cliff, the breeze passed, and there was a hint of coolness. This is the first day that Mu Yu began to practice. He had only a vague understanding of the world of comprehension. Destiny sent him here. He accepted it with pleasure and looked forward to it.

"Why are you comprehending?"

Feng Haochen stood under the banyan tree, looking at the morning light, the birds were still slang, the trees swayed in the breeze, the sky was in the distance, filled with misty white mist.

Why is it true?

Mu Yu never thought about this problem. The village chief asked him to go to school, because he could be a fairy, with unlimited scenery and high above, and he learned his skills to fight against the Yumeng Mozu who he had never seen before. He passively comprehensed, he never thought about why he was comprehending.

"Punish evil and promote good? Fighting the Yumeng Mozu? โ€

Mu Yu himself is not sure. The village chief said that the immortal teacher existed to destroy the Yumeng Mozu, but Mu Yu did not know what the Yumeng Mozu looked like, and he seemed to be unable to get rid of the Yumeng Mozu, so he He thinks this is a bit strange.

Feng Haochen did not judge whether Mu Yu was right or not. He said: "Everyone has different purposes for repairing each other. Everyone has a different understanding of the cultivation. The purpose of repairing thousands is for fame and fortune, for status, for strength, and this is the idea of โ€‹โ€‹most people in the realm of cultivation. However, the cultivation of the truth is really self-cultivation, returning to the truth, and there are too few people who can really do it.

The realm of comprehension is not as easy as the mortal eyes. The realm of self-cultivation is more shocking than the secular struggle. For a certain magic weapon, even a sect can be deceived, and the brothers turn their backs. Therefore, there are too few people in the realm of cultivation to cultivate self-cultivation. This step. โ€

Mu Yuโ€™s heart is fretting, and the realm of comprehension is just a group of people who are more powerful than mortals. Even if they have the means of heaven, they will not be able to avoid the ugly side of humanity. He always thought that the immortals were all in the clouds, the tea was on the road, and there was no dispute with the world. It was indeed a fairy, and they were just self-cultivators.

Feng Haochen continued: "The strength of the repairing world is respected, the cultivation is high, the status is high, and others can be stepped on the feet. Therefore, many comprehensions are arrogant, and cultivation is only a name. I don't want you to give up your original purpose in pursuit of higher strength, so I will ask you why you are comprehending. I will teach you the spirit of the dusty school. The heart and soul of the law is calm and quiet. Therefore, people who practice the dusty mind can't have a utilitarian mentality. The utilitarian will lead to sexuality. If you can't sink your heart, you won't be able to The law of falling dust is good. โ€

Mu Yu listened quietly, and asked for a long time: "So our martial art will be at the bottom of the ranking of the comprehension world?"

Feng Haochen smiled and nodded: "The martial arts rankings are all due to a comparison between disciples every October. This comparison is related to the order of selection of disciples by the school and the distribution of spiritual mines. Many disciples will shine in this contest and win glory for their own sects. However, I feel that it is not necessary to fight for this, so we have not participated in it every year. โ€

Itโ€™s not impossible, itโ€™s not an issue.

"Dust the heart of the law is meditation, not to fight with people, but does not mean that we are weak, follow your own mind, when you feel that you can shoot. Fighting with others, you must be more docile, and your heart will be more than enough to stop the water. โ€

"The most thorough understanding of the dusty approach to the south is that he has an agile mind and can think of countermeasures under any circumstances, because he is easy to achieve peace of mind. The slogan is steady, he is not shocked, and he has a deep understanding of the dusty mind. Linger's self-control is very strong, and he can calm down quickly. The three of them will not suffer at the fight with the disciples of other sects. โ€

Feng Haochen said that he stopped here to look at Mu Yu, and he said for a long time, "And you, because of the control of wood, the understanding of life has a lot of life, life is endless, you can easily stay in the woods. Come down, so you are also suitable to practice the dusty mind."

Mu Yu was surprised, because the wind and dust broke his secret, he was in the woods or on the grassland.

Under the rhythm of the plant, he was able to calm down and feel the joy of life. He never told others, but he was seen by his master. His master is a strange person!

"You are sitting on the banyan tree now, looking at the distance, emptying your heart and feeling the fluctuations around you. Our world is full of wonderful aura, able to touch the aura, and transform it into its own spiritual power. Falling into the dust is due to the ethereal way, the law is born by the heart, and you remember well. โ€

Wood feathers sit on the banyan tree, the morning is the quietest moment, it is easy to be attentive, which is why they will get up early, the dusty method is the most suitable for cultivation before dawn.

When everything is sleeping, and the morning aura begins to sway, the practice of falling dust can enter the state of selflessness. When the first sun shines out and you wash away the lead, you will not be confused and make the day more peaceful.

"Try to close the hearing, use your heart to understand the sounds around you, and use your heart to simulate the bird's clearing and squeaking. When you can paint their movements and sounds with your heart, you can figure out the next moments of their movements. Starting from the worms, gradually moving to other people, this can predict the movement of the opponent in the fight, and thus grasp the initiative, and the dust will be introduced from here…"

Mu Yu relies on the vicissitudes of the banyan tree. His facial features sink into the banyan tree. The eucalyptus coiled by the stalks spreads the roots to the entire cracked stone cliff, even deeper. The wooden feathers follow the roots of the banyan tree. Consciousness spread throughout the cliffs.

He saw the dewdrops on the grass in the early morning stone, and lifted the leaves happily. He saw a dog's tail grass shaking with the wind, trying to shake the little bugs on his body. He saw that the flowers containing the cockroaches were slightly mixed and ready to meet the rising sun.

The vegetation is ready for a new day, the breeze is moving, like what is aroused, slowly, Mu Yu actually feels the emptiness but the aura at your fingertips, swaying among the flowers, in the stone In the middle, itโ€™s pure and cheerful…

Feng Haochen quietly looked at Mu Yu. He was not surprised by Mu Yuโ€™s ability to feel the aura so quickly. He believed his vision and believed in Mu Yuโ€™s talent. Many people want to feel the existence of Reiki takes days or even months, but the wood feathers are different. He has the talent of controlling wood. He has a strong affinity for trees. With the help of trees, he only needs to mention him a little. Can enter the state quickly.

Feng Haochen said that Mu Yu is suitable for repairing the road, and it is true.

The first ray of sunlight through the clouds, UU reading began to greet a new day, all things began to revive, the birds gradually singing, all kinds of sound began to noise up, but these do not affect the mood of wood plume, Mu Yu still immersed in that wonderful novelty of the world, He led the air into the body under the guidance of his master, and the meridians of the whole body were washed and relaxed.

When Mu Yu opened his eyes, he had already passed most of the morning. He stood up and felt refreshed. It seemed like something was in his body, but he couldnโ€™t tell what it was. He looked excitedly at Master, but he Found that Master is also watching him.

"In the future, I will practice the dusty heart every morning, and you will stick to it on the road of cultivation."Feng Haochen did not ask Mu Yu what he had realized, and everything was in his expectation.

Mu Yu scratched his head and made a few buzzing sounds. Then he asked, "Is it raining?"

Feng Haochen nodded: "The wind and rain are unimpeded. Rainy days can test your mood, and if you can calm your heart in the rain, it is excellent. โ€

Mu Yu secretly made a face, Master's words still make sense, but he intends to find an umbrella to cover the rain if it encounters rainy days.

โ€œItโ€™s raining to understand the silence more deeply, because the rain falls on the body is equivalent to giving you outside interference, you have to learn to calm down in the interference.โ€Like knowing what the wooden feathers are playing, Feng Haochen immediately cut off the idea of โ€‹โ€‹Mu Yu.

Mu Yu rolled his eyes, and he didn't have to run.

"After you master it, then go to the waterfall under the mountain to practice. At present, only the words can be heard under the waterfall. Now I will teach you how to break the sword, and you can remember the move. โ€Feng Haoโ€™s hand waved, and a blue-green flying sword quietly stopped in front of the wood. โ€œThis is called a shadow sword, and it will belong to you in the future.โ€

Mu Yuโ€™s heart is happy, and he also has a flying sword!

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