Chapter 210 The Little Dzong of the Dan Ding School

Once a person has a broken arm and a broken leg, he will not come back at all. Unless you still have a residual limb, you can use the intermittent grass to connect, but most of the residual limbs can not be preserved intact. For the comprehension, if the arm is broken in the hands of the person, it will definitely be crushed, and it is basically impossible to preserve the integrity. Once the important organs in the human body are lost, they will not come back. This is the magical point of the white jade injury.

Baiyu injured Fudan can completely fill the missing parts of the human body, not only can make people become intact, but also restore the whole person to the best state, which is the most peak period of his physical fitness. This means that if a person has something difficult to get rid of, it can be completely cured after taking Baiyu injury.

"Do you want Bai Yu to hurt Fu Dan?"Mu Yu asked.

The old guardian of the squadron has been arguing for a long time. Mu Yu still didn’t quite know what he said. The old man in the squad seems to have something to hide. Finally, he said, β€œYou control me, you take it, and quickly combine it with me. . Also, be sure to record the process in detail, as long as you know how to solve the resistance of the herbs, this white jade injury complex Dan I can refine the batch. ”

"Who has a broken arm?"

Mu Yu always felt that the old man of the squad had a dim sum. To be honest, Bai Yu injured Fudan wants to refine the batch, it is impossible to complete without the help of Mu Yu. If it is a large-scale refining of wood feathers, isn't he going to squeeze his own blood?

"Well, tell you anything." No one lacks a broken arm, I think you should also know the shortcomings of the alchemy teacher? In order to refine the resistance of the herbs, the body has deposited a lot of wood residue. These wood slags will seriously affect our cultivation. For example, I also spent a lot of effort to enter the fit period, but now I can't go any further, Yundan's kid is also.

This has become our biggest problem. For the future of the martial art, we must solve the problems caused by wood slag. As long as you take the white jade and hurt the Dan, these wood slag can be automatically cleaned up, and then we will be able to step into a higher level to refine the more advanced medicinal herbs. ”Shouge old man sighed.

Hey? Wood residue!

Mu Yu blinked and he felt like he was picking up the treasure again. Wood residue plagues all alchemists, but does not include him!

Oh shit! You said that the ability to control wood is only available to everyone who hates Wood Yumeng. Mu Yu must carefully hide himself every time, but this ability always brings him a lot of convenience, what is half-cheng, what wood Slag, how much to get!

"I know that your kid is a wooden attribute, and there is no one in the world. Like the dead wood boy, you walked to the left side of the door and did not need to be affected by the wood residue. He tried to poison the dead wood, causing him to be poisonous. You better not do this. ”The old man guarding the court seriously warned.

"I can help you!"Mu Yu’s mouth reveals a smile and discharges the wood residue for the alchemy teacher. Is that his housekeeping skill? The wood attribute is a fart, and the wave of waving is much more powerful than the wood attribute!

Shouge old man shook his head and said: "You are just a small bastard in the Yuan Ying period. When you are enough to help us discharge the wood residue, it will take another few decades. At that time, many people in the Danding group are gone, I must have already entered Coffin."

"It turned out that you are afraid of death!"Wood feathers disdain.

"Hey, how do you say a little bastard? I am not afraid of death, but now there are not many seven-stage alchemists in the Danding School. Basically, there are only a few old guys and Yundan kid. They are all six-level alchemy masters. If they can't become a seventh-order alchemy teacher before we die, then after a few decades, Dandan will only have Yundan one person, who is a seventh-order alchemy teacher. What is the future of Dingpai? ”

The old man was very helpless. After a while, he said with anger: "The dead wood is the most likely to become the seventh-order alchemy teacher. His talent is the highest. Unfortunately, the bastard is walking the road, and now he is going to end this game, deserve it! ”

"Hey, old man, he is also my master, what is this end?" He knows more than you.

Mu Yu is dissatisfied with authenticity.

"Oh, dead wood is your master, then I am still your master?" No big or small, he didn't know what I taught. ”The old man of the squad gave a slap in the back of the wooden feather.

Mu Yu snorted, he can treat the dead wood as a master, does not mean that the old man in front of him is treated as a master. Many things in the dead wood are all groping by themselves, which is quite different from the old head of the Guardian. Besides, his real master is the true god of the triple continent, and he is not much better than this old man!

"In fact, you don't need to refine the white jade and hurt the Dan. So you are not bothered by the slag?" What is rare, I will not help you. ”Mu Yu screamed.

"Small bastard, and take the old man for fun, don't think that you can boast of Haikou with a half-chengdan."The old man of the squadron began to say that Yumu Yu did not know how to lift.

Mu Yu is not angry, he said: "Old man, don't you know how the drug master broke through to the distraction period?"

Shouge old man stunned a bit, he was also a little curious in his heart, the actual drug promise in the dead wood Yundan and other people's qualifications is the bottom, others have long since broke into the distraction period, only the drug promise has been stuck in the expiration period. I don't know why, the medicine has been retired since it came back last time, and finally entered the distraction period.

"how? Is it not related to you? ”Shouge old man still does not believe that Mu Yu has such a big ability.

"I used to encounter a drug master in the suffocating city and helped him a little. Forget it, you can ask him about the specific process. I can prove it to you first. ”

Mu Yu grabbed the old man's hand, and the old man's head frowned. He wanted to refuse it, but he remembered that the strength of the small Yuan Ying period of Mu Yu could cause harm to himself, and he did not resist.

Mu Yu smashed the rough fingers of the old man, and when the old man did not cooperate, he said: "Don't move!"

"Kid, don't do anything, stop now. If you enter your own spiritual power into my body, I can't guarantee that I won't hurt you. You hurry…"The old man who kept the slogan had not finished talking, and then he widened his eyes.

Under the traction of Mu Yu, the slag of the old man's thumb turned out to be like a summoning call to the spiritual gathering point of Mu Yu, his fingers instantly turned green. These are the wood slags that have plagued him for many years. Although there is only a small point, it is impossible for him to obey the wood residue in his body, but Mu Yu can do it!

"You, you, how are you–" The old man's face is incredible, and his eyes are coming out.

"How do you stutter like the dead wood?"Mu Yu snickered in the heart, and then said: "You cut your own fingers, hurry, your skin is too thick, I can't cut it."

The other hand of the old guardhead was on the thumb, and suddenly his fingers broke a skin. A blue-green streamer was pulled out by the wood feathers, slowly gathered into a pile in the air, and was randomly smashed by the wood feathers to become a dark green. Meatballs. There is more wood residue in the old man than the master of medicine. It is already a long time, and it will not be easy to live until now.

"How can this be!"

Guarding the court the old man was shocked, he stared at the front of the dark green wood residue, than the drug master's reaction is larger. He licked his beard and almost unplugged his beard, then moved his stunned look to Mu Yu.

"You-you-you-" guarding the court old man activity of his thumb, to determine that numb feeling disappeared, like crazy grabbed the wooden feather grabbed up, shaking way: "God, my little ancestors, how do you do?" ”

At first, I was called from Xiaomu Yu to a small bastard. Now I am also called Xiaozuzong. It can be seen how much the ability of Mu Yu’s anti-sky is to the old man!

Can solve the shortcomings of the high-level alchemy teacher body, this person is born to be the little ancestor of the alchemy teacher! If Mu Yu can help Dan Ding to remove all the wood slag from the seven-stage alchemy division, then the Dan Ding faction may have an eighth-order alchemy teacher, but it has not appeared for hundreds of years.

"Let's put it down, let go, die."Mu Yu was shaken for a while, and the old bastard reacted too hard!

"No, no, my little ancestor, you have to have this ability to help us!" If you help us, you will be the benefactor of our Danding school in the future! ”The old man of the squad jumped up ecstatically.

"Oh, it's not impossible to help you, but unfortunately I don't feel good about Danding!" You see that the dead wood is not being bullied by you, I have been set by you all the way, how can I want to help you! I used to look at the face of the savage to help the master of the drug, who wants the drug master to enter the distraction period at once! ”

Mu Yu spread the stalls, typically got cheap and sold.

"Little ancestors, you misunderstood. You see that our Danding Mountain beauty water beauty is more beautiful, all the hearts are very beautiful, how can you make you feel bad? We are doing so much just to make you get the name of the Double Heaven more justified, UU reading You see that we are not embarrassed, are you not? ”

The old man guarding the pavilion looked at Mu Yu, as if it was a rare baby in the world, and looked at Mu Yu as uncomfortable. He thought of the medicine promise, the kid knows the fact that Mu Yu, he did not say? This bastard must have interrupted his leg!

Shanmei Shuimei is still right, people and beauty are counted.

Mu Yudao: "The old man, I am also doing this to be mentally motivated. I can help you get this slag out. I can't help you for at least three days. I see the mess of wood residue on your body. It is estimated to be half a year. Can you clean it up?"

Mu Yu can actually be cleaned up directly, but it is not good to behave too abnormally. Besides, the more chips you have, the more you can extort from the old man. How can you give up the chips at once?

Shouge old man nodded quickly and said: "Nothing is ok, there is your ability, it is much faster than I am doing white jade injury to Fudan, Baiyu injured Fudan also need a lot of materials, basically hard to find. You are simply the dawn of our Danding party. What are your requirements? Despite saying that Dan Ding sent me everything to satisfy you, if you still want any medicine, I will give it to you. ”

The old man of the squad was actually generously stuffed with a few bottles of medicinal herbs. Mu Yu knew that this old guy must have hidden a lot of treasures. Just now he was hiding and not giving a sweet spot.

"Okay, I can still guide the slag of your two hands today, but after three days, what do you think?"Mu Yu felt that the purpose had been reached, and he accidentally slammed the old man of the squad, and no one would dare to think about the dead wood in the future.

Shouge old man nodded in a hurry and nodded to this little ancestor who could make the high-level alchemy teacher get rid of the scum and can also integrate the semi-chengdan.

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