Chapter 211 Dangerous Road

The next few days, guarding the court the old man basically every day to greet Mu Yu, no matter, naturally to give Mu Yu leave a good impression, by the way every time with the dead wood noisy two sentences. The dead wood is not bothering. He can re-cultivate now, so he has been retreating, but he is always interrupted by the old man.

"It is best not to accidentally give it a leak when you control the wood. This is not a joke. The triple continent has this legend, and most of the comprehensions will not trust you. Anything about Yumeng should be careful. ”Deadwood already knows the reason why the old man is looking for Muyu. Although he does not object to Muyu to help the old man to discharge the wood residue, he still needs to be cautious.

"Yeah that's right. I heard from my sister that another city was attacked by Yumen two days ago. ”Suddenly, with her sister-in-law, she will go to the Danding School in the second day. After a few days, I will run to Muyu. She also knows the ability of Mu Yu, but her father chooses to believe in Mu Yu, and she naturally believes in Mu Yu.

Mu Yu nodded, he understood this, so every time he sent the slag to the old man, he would not do his best, only do one at a time, the green water is flowing!

Mu Yu gave the deity of the bones to the dead wood, and gave it a sigh of relief. Then he blackmailed one from the old man of the squad. He already knew that the old guy would not have all taken it out, and he would definitely stay. One hand.

“Does the double heavens be as big as the triple continent?”

More and more sects gathered in the past few days to prepare for the trip to Dunhuang. Mu Yu still doesn't understand the double heaven, even though the dead wood gives him a map of the double sky, and also marks where to go to find the grass and the nine gas, but the map is still very general. This map was drawn when the dead wood entered the double heaven that year. After so many years, the double heaven is estimated to have changed.

However, when the dead wood says that when entering the double heaven, the head will give each person a map. That is the whole picture of the double heaven. The dead wood is only a small scope and relatively detailed.

"Double Heaven and Triple Sky are like a small world. It is a big novel." To enter the double heavens, we need to rely on the transmission array. The transmission array was passed down from ancient times. There was also a transmission array on the second day, but it was destroyed for a long time.

Therefore, you must collect the jade, and if you are in danger, you will crush the jade, and the transmission will send you back in an instant. Everything can be lost, but jade can't be lost, otherwise it will never be able to return to the triple continent. ”The dead wood said seriously.

Suddenly already knowing this, she had told her before she came, but Yu Pei was kept by Dan Ding, and she did not get Yu Pei now.

"Mu Yu brother, you have to be careful, the death of the fast sword and the slow sword and you can not get rid of the relationship, the two of them are the proud son of the young generation of the Sword Valley, but do not want to break in your hands, plus A while ago, it was discovered that Yuanjian died near the city of Choking, so the Valley of the Swordsman was mad. They will definitely go to the murderer one by one. They don't know the death of the Far Sword, but the fast sword and the slow sword can't be separated from you. ”I was a little worried.

"Washing the Valley of the Sword will also enter the Double Heaven?"

Mu Yu did not know how many sects would enter the Double Heaven. The death of Yuanjian had nothing to do with him, and it was only after more than a year of death that he was discovered. It is also pitiful. As for the two so-called annihilation double arrogance, it seems to him a joke. Although he took a lot of effort to kill the two, he was only the cultivation of the Golden Age, which is enough to make him proud. .

"In addition to the Eight Gates and the Dan Ding School, there are also Shuimo Valley, Rakshasa, Qimu Zong, and the empty pole valley. A total of thirteen martial arts people will enter the Double Heaven. You must also pay attention to the people of Tianxingmen. The people who died last time in Fuxianyu also had disciples of the Star Gate. The ghost gates need not be said. They are not friendly to anyone. ”It’s awkward.

"The Star Gate especially pays attention to the fact that when you ascend to heaven, you will agree to enter the Double Heaven because he wants to get the dragon vine from you, and the door of the Star Gate is the son-in-law of the day, and the two sects will definitely join hands. Deal with you.

"The dead wood road.

"When you go to heaven, I am sure that I will bring Longtan into the double heaven?"Mu Yu asked.

"Whether you bring the dragon vine into it, he will definitely find a way to deal with you, because I have deep conflicts with him when I was young. He has two sons and one daughter. The eldest son is the father of Shi Minghui, the daughter of the head of the Star Gate. There was another little son who was playing at the age of five. When I was away, I stole my things and was poisoned by the herbs in my room, so he refused to let me go. And you are my apprentice, and he is so amazing, he will definitely kill you in the cradle to retaliate against me. ”The dead wood said profoundly.

"Wow, old man, aren't you pushing me into the fire pit?"

Mu Yu has become an innocent victim. It is no wonder that when the sky has been seen, the dead wood is not pleasing to the eye, and there is such a complicated contradiction. When Deng Tian’s son died, he had nothing to do with dead wood. However, after all, he was poisoned by dead wood herbs, so Deng Tiantian refused to let go of dead wood.

The reason why he would agree to Mu Yu to enter the second day is because only in the double genius, he has the opportunity to start with Mu Yu, so that the dead wood can also taste the pain of losing his close, when Deng Tian is not brave enough to be in the Dan Ding Revenge the dead wood.

"After entering the double-days, you must find the grass and the nine-gas polyester flower as soon as possible, and then crush the jade to return here, without giving them any chance to start."Deadwood said cautiously.

What can Mu Yu say? He must go to the double heaven, and he is not afraid of what kind of tricks those people play in the double heaven. The highest level of cultivation in the second day is the Yuan Ying period. He used to live in the same place as the floating fairy island. He was also afraid of the three-legged cats that Ming Hui and others did not enter?

"Reassured, I will go to you when I am, and it is safer for two people to be together."It’s awkward.

"how? Can't we be together after we go in? ”Mu Yu asked strangely.

Shaking his head, he said: "Because the transmission array established by Double Heaven has already been destroyed, the position that we transmitted when we entered from here is random. If you are lucky, you will be sent to a safe place. If you are not lucky, you may be sent to a wolf's nest. It is not good. ”

Mu Yu spit out his tongue in horror. If it was sent to the nest of a seven-eighth-order monster, would it still be too late?

"I hope that I will be sent directly to the grass or the nine gas and the soul of the soul!"

Mu Yu looked at the map and looked at the position of the grass and the nine-scented polyester flower. He couldn’t help but wonder. This possibility is too small to be basically impossible.

"I also wrote this map. I will go there to find you."After obtaining the consent of the dead wood, he took out a piece of rice paper and began to scan the map.

The dead wood has been looking at the stunned. When he came here, he always stared at the stunned look. He and the Miao language were too similar. The Miao language was a dead wood, and he always couldn’t give up that love. .

"Old ghost, she is still a child."Mu Yu shook hands in front of the dead wood.

The dead wood rose to the face, and a slap in the head of Mu Yu’s head, said: "Shut up! I have any idea, I just watch her look like her mother…"

Mu Yu smiled and touched his head. Of course, he knew the temperament of dead wood. However, Mu Yu had been curious about the love and hate between the three people, the dead wood, the Miao language and the wind and the dust. The dead wood was not willing to elaborate. As soon as the wind is dusty, the dead wood is like a chicken blood, biting his teeth.

In fact, dead wood is also a poor person. People who like it don't like him. For those who like it, he has to save the enemy. I have been alone for a lifetime, and I am afraid of delaying cold and snow. I am not willing to show my own friends with my childhood sweetheart. It is indeed a person with low emotional intelligence. Now it has fallen to the end of cultivation, and it is not to be seen in the Danding or the realm of cultivation. Only Mu Yu and Su will not reject this poor old man.

"Don't you really accept the cold elders?"Mu Yu out of the channel.

The dead wood smiled a bit, and looked down: "She won't forgive me. I have done so much to disappoint her. Now it is a waste person, and she can't give her anything."

"The cold ice elders have been single for so many years, and definitely waiting for you! How could she not forgive you? If she is willing, would you also consider being with the elders? ”

Mu Yu is very keen to resolve the contradiction between dead wood and cold ice and snow. Cold ice and snow is also the main source of Dan Ding, she is extremely extraordinary, and it is more than enough to protect dead wood.

The dead wood sighed and did not answer. A few years ago, when he learned that Miao language was pregnant, he already knew that he and Miao language were impossible. He chose to quit, and the whole Miao language and the wind were dusty. However, he was told that Miao Yuzhen was imprisoned in the Red Dust Gate for a lifetime, and he could not sit and watch.

For the person who loves, he chooses to save the wind and dust that he hates. Only when the wind and dust are restored, can you break into the red dust door and save the Miao language, and you can't do it with the dead wood. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

"This thing will be discussed later!"The dead wood slowly shook his head.

The dead wood did not know whether it was worthwhile to do so. He helped the wind and dust to restore the cultivation and rescued the Miao language, but he was still a third party, and he could not get anything. But when I watched Miao language suffer, he could not do it.

Sometimes I love someone, not to get her, but to make her happy.

Suddenly stood up, walked over, hugged the dead wood, said: "Predecessors, anyway, I will thank you for what you have done for us, thank you."

The dead wood smashed and the body was a little stiff. He is a lonely person and no one has ever embraced him. The moment he suddenly held him, he suddenly felt that everything he did was not in vain.

"Would you like to do me?" I think my mother will definitely agree. ”Said seriously.


The dead heart of dead wood is like a fire that has been ignited, and there is a warm current. His reputation in the realm of cultivation has always been very bad. No one really cares about his feelings until the appearance of Mu Yu.

Although Mu Yu is always angry with him, but when he was lonely, Mu Yu did not leave him, but to help him in his head, even to save him, he also returned the precious seventh-order original Dan from Dan Ding to those people. Take it over.

One is the apprentice of the enemy, the other is the daughter of the enemy, they are really caring about themselves.

Why does the wind and the dusty bastard have this kind of luck?

The dead wood is very embarrassing, but he likes this feeling of being cared for.

The dead wood smashed for a long while, turning his head and yelling at Mu Yu: "I don't see it, people ask me to do it." Your kid is not big or small all day, so you can't learn. ”

Mu Yu rolled his eyes and said: "I can't let you ask me to do it?"

The dead wood slaps and screams toward Mu Yu.

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