No. 216 Chapter Stone

The double heaven is the world of the beast, so even if the wood feathers are out of the swamp, you can still see the monsters of the mighty sky. Fortunately, many of the five-order six-order Demon Beast will not flock together, the domain consciousness of the higher Order Demon Beast is special, they allow the demon beast that is weaker than oneself to break into own territory, after all, they also need prey, but once encounter the Demon beast that can threaten his status to break into, they will really appear and show their true strength.

In the process of advancing, Mu Yu has already entered the territory of many high-order monsters, just because his existence can not pose a threat to others, and has not been regarded as a prey by others, so all the way is shocking. If you encounter a fourth-order monster that doesn't have long eyes, just put a small handsome to deal with it.

Mu Yu now gave Xiao Shuai a nickname, called "The Beast Terminator". He also wanted to see if he could throw the Xiaoshuai to the fifth-order monster as a snack, if he could get the demon of the fifth-order monster. That would be even better. But then I thought about the fifth-order monster beast. The last time Mu Yu himself was made a headache by a fourth-order purple diamond, and then stared at by a fifth-order monster, he was destined to finish.

"Is it wrong? Isn't there supposed to be another river? ”

Mu Yu sat on the flying sword, grasping his hair, baffled. He compared the map of the dead wood. On the map of the dead wood, the mountain was turned over. It should be a wide river with black air, but there is only a plain of stone, and even the water is not seen. .

"The old man has been advancing for a long time. There are so many monsters here. Maybe some high-order monsters like stones, and it is possible to fill the Heihe River with stones."Small handsome bosom holding a four order Demon Beast Demon Spirit is chewing with relish.

"That's really a pain in the egg."Mu Yu The direction of the sun in the sky, make sure that the directions are correct, and then continue to fly to the stone plains.

The more I flew, the more I felt that something was wrong. I looked around and all the stones were scattered. I didn’t see anything else, whether it was plants or creatures, and even the monsters that had just been smashed and gone were gone.

Why is it so weird?

It is like entering a world made of stones. All the grounds are grotesque stones. Occasionally, one or two peaks are seen, but the peaks of several kilometers are not even a single plant, only pure earth and stones. It looks extremely abrupt.

Mu Yu began to doubt in his heart, and there was an unpredictable hunch in his heart. This scene made him feel uncomfortable, as if he had come to a place that was both familiar and unfamiliar. He couldn't tell where this feeling came from, but this strange feeling lingered in his mind.

The surrounding is very quiet, only the sound of the sound of the wooden feather Yu Jian flying and the small handsome bar 唧 妖 Ken demon sound. But at this moment, "squeaky", the sudden voice suddenly sounded from below. Mu Yu’s head slammed, and a fist-sized stone was wiped from his ear. The sharp rubbing sound made his eardrum hurt. He stopped and stopped. He wants to know what is going on with this sudden stone? Is there someone around here?

"Who?"Mu Yu looked around with vigilance, but no one responded to him, and there was still a dead silence, as if the stone just accidentally flew up.

Of course, this is impossible. The stone does not move by itself. It can be so accurately directed to the head of a Yuan Ying period defender. Mu Yu can not believe that this is something unscrupulous.


It was a sharp blow of the air, and the wooden feathers were pulled hard to the side, and two stones passed by. Before Mu Yu had not had time to turn around, he saw a scene of infiltration. The stones on the ground suddenly floated in pieces and hung in the air. Just in the moment of the horror of Mu Yu, hundreds of stones were neatly arranged. Chong Muyu rushed over. Listening to the sound of their friction with the air, Mu Yu can conclude that as long as he is caught in a piece, he must be pregnant.

"What the hell?"

Mu Yu screamed and manipulated the surrounding aura. The whole person flew upwards like a string of arrows.

The stone hit each other in his original place, and some stones were even broken. However, this is not over yet. The stones that hit each other did not fall back to the ground in the imagination of Mu Yu, but paused and continued to fly toward Mu Yu.

These stones are like conscious, chasing the wood feathers in perseverance, letting the wood feathers dodge, the stone can always continue to smash toward him. Moreover, Mu Yu found that he was getting more and more difficult to dodge, and the stones on the ground were floating more and more. If they were accidentally picked up, they would be buried by these stones!


His clothes have been scratched a corner, and there is no way to take these stones at his speed. He sacrificed the sword to start to resist the attack of these stones, but it was obvious that he was only passively beaten.

Mu Yu's hands clasped the palms, rolled up the surrounding aura to form an aura barrier around him. The stones smashed on the barrier, swaying a ripple of heart, but the barrier can resist the impact of the stones, can put those stones open.

However, Mu Yu had not had time to breathe a sigh of relief. He found that the stones did not rush over, but they were lightly attached to their own barriers. The stones that followed were seemingly spiritual, and the seamlessly joined together and began to gradually surround the wood. The barrier of feathers.


The wood feather 趁 has not been given the space of the dumplings by the stone, and the encirclement of the stone is rushed from the top. The shadow sword is rotated on the chest, and a glaucoma is centered on the shadow sword, and the sword is bursting out. The trailing stones are minced. However, more and more stones are jumping from the ground, and there is no such thing as a shield at all. This will sooner or later be piled up by stones.


At this time, Mu Yu suddenly heard a squeaky voice, and he followed the sound, and the woman with a blue dress not far from him also circulated with a lot of stones.

"It’s not easy to find someone finally!"

The people who can be seen here are generally disciples of a certain martial art from the Three Heavens. Although Mu Yu does not know this woman, he is very happy to have a living person in this silent stone world.

The woman looks like the age of Mu Yu. I don't know which martial art I came from. She has a blue aperture around her body. It seems to be a powerful instrument. The stones in the aperture are crushed.

Mu Yu repelled the stone while approaching the woman, the woman also found the wood feather, hesitated and flew over.

"Hi! The girl knows what is going on with these stones? ”Mu Yu split the sword and crossed it, chopped a row of stones, and asked for it.

"You do not know?"The girl in blue frowned, and Mu Yu saw what the blue aperture around her body was. It was a delicate and smooth ribbon made of any material.

"Should I know?"Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

The blue girl sneaked a sneak peek at the wood feather, and said: "You are from the three heavens?"

"Yes! My name is Mu Yu and I am from Dan Ding. I don't know the girl's name? Which martial art does the teacher from? ”Mu Yu is very happy to introduce himself, and at the same time, he is also guilty. If he is not from Sanzhong, is it still a native of the second generation?

"Resolve these Yumen first!"The words of the blue girl let the wood feathers glimpse, how are these stones?

Mu Yu had not had time to ask more, suddenly changed, the stone in the air seemed to be called by some sort of sum, and began to fly quickly in all directions, gradually gathering on the ground, and soon the stone blocks actually put together the adult shape, became Living stone man. These stone people have vague facial features, especially the eyes are formed by two gemstones with purple light, which makes people feel flustered.

"What is this stuff? Stone demon? Is there a demon spirit? ”Xiaoshuai shouted excitedly. It put all the remaining demon spirits in his arms into his mouth, and then he went to Muyu’s head and prepared to do another job!

"This is Yumen! Tuyoumeng Mozu! Not a stone, you don't know? ”The blue girl frowned, the stone around her no longer attacked them, but she did not dare to care. The blue ribbon was still around her.

"what? Yumeng? Is there no demon spirit in Yumeng? ”Xiaoshuai shook his tail and quickly re-drilled back into Mu Yu’s arms.

Mu Yu certainly knows Yu Meng, not to mention his relationship with Mu Youmen. He once saw Diyou in the suffocating city. Strictly speaking, he has not seen the true face of Yumeng, but at that time there was a soil in the suffocating city that attacked him but it was true. These Eugenes are all made of stone and seem to be different from the khaki that the village chief said.

"This is the territory of Tuyoumeng. There are too many stones. We should not stay for a long time! Get out of here! ”The blue girl said.

Her voice just fell, and those who were suddenly on the ground with a sigh of relief, UU reading heavy body like a huge sandbags collided with two people, Mu Yu can clearly hear them stick out huge fists With a whistling sound, as long as you punch a fist, it is estimated that you have to vomit blood directly.

Mu Yu didn't dare to pick it up. He was dexterous and flashed. He escaped the fist of the wind and his feet were on a Umen's arm. He was away from the other side, but another Umon was deceived and sent out. A dull roar, squatting down at Mu Yu.

"Be careful!"The blue silk band of the blue girl suddenly rolled on the waist of Yumun, who attacked the wooden feathers. The slender arm slammed, and the heavy body of Tuyoumen was actually picked up by her and thrown out, kneeling in another Yumeng. On the body, two Yumeng fell heavily on the ground, causing a burst of smoke.

Mu Yu not have time to say thank you, his Shadow sword has been sold out, from the blue girl hair across, just stabbed in another Youmont right eye, that Youmont would have to play in the waist of the Blue Girl's fist immediately stop, it is a dull and painful cry, hands to grasp the Shadow sword, the Shadow sword has been pulled out by the wood plume, the violet stone has been shattered, Blue Dress Girl took the opportunity to kick in the Youmont chest, the Youmont kicked fly out.

"you are welcome."

"you are welcome."

The two said in unison, and then glanced at each other, only Wood Yu smiled a bit, the girl snorted disdainfully, looking very proud.

Mu Yu licked his tongue and asked his nose to touch his nose. He thought that this girl was really arrogant. He just said hello, why? However, the strength of this girl is not small, so the thick body of Yumeng is actually flying by her, and she is a woman who is alive!

"Hurry and leave here, so many of us can't cope."The girl in blue said that she rushed in one direction. Mu Yu hesitated and followed the past.

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