Chapter 22: Dust Sword

"Fallout Sword is divided into nine-type, nine-type between each other to make up, split, nine moves, each recruit is extremely mysterious, each recruit has its own characteristics, can be entered can be back to attack can be kept, you need to remember now only nine swords can be, as for the sword in the sword you need to slowly grope, when you put nine sword-type practice to the point of perfection, At that time you must have realized the fallout of the sword. ”

I don’t know when there is a flying sword in the hands of Feng Haochen. It is an extremely simple flying sword. It seems to have gone through the vicissitudes of life, and I have seen the world wind and frost, but it is so extraordinary. The sword in his hand went with him, and the sword shape flickered in the floating figure. Every move seemed to be so natural, as if this sword was part of his body, it was sprinkled, and it was dusty, and it was meticulous in the frankness. Implied silence.

People move, peace of mind, sword movement, static, the heart of the law to pay attention to static braking, the law of the sword is static. In the eyes of Mu Yu, his master’s fascinating body can only hope that his back will not dare to test the edge. His swordsmanship brings up a sword, and there is peace in the chill. There is only one person left in the world. That sword.

"The first form of the dust sword method, the leaves are flying, the leaves are spinning, and the movement is quiet."

A flying sword, swaying the leaves, leaves with the sword, drifting freely. Looking for a static point in the disorderly wind, with static braking, the sword is steep, such as a stone in the dead pool, stirs up a thousand layers of ripples, the leaves move into their own swords, the leaves touch the sword The trend, the sword gas attracts the leaves, and each other is accompanied by each other.

involuntarily, Mu Yu hold the sword in front of the body, the heart is enlightened, the sword will move, Master's way in his heart constantly evolving, he chased the sword Italy, want to catch the silk mood, but it happened to catch, always feel the lack of something, simple nine sword strokes in his eyes but looks so Shen, he constantly rehearsed , to the master's sword, but always almost anything.


A whistling sound, the wind and dust of the sword tip suddenly placed on the tip of Mu Yu's sword, a free and easy sword sent from the tip of Mu Yu's sword. The sword of Mu Yu moves with the sword of the wind and dust. Whenever it is difficult, the sword of the wind and dust will always bring the sword of Mu Yu to the other direction, so that the whole set of swords is round and natural. The incomprehensibility of Mu Yu’s heart gradually began to open. The seemingly innocent sword seemed to be in front of him. He gradually integrated, which was a very wonderful feeling, which made Mu Yu drunk.

"I can do it with you, and the rest will look at your creation."Feng Haochen has recovered the sword. He nodded. Mu Yu touched the threshold of the dust sword in a short period of time. His talent is really good.

Mu Yu opened his eyes and looked at the sword in his hand, but his heart was clear. The dusty swords are mysterious and deep, and his swordsmanship has not touched even the nine cows and one hair, but it is only a set of swordsmanship that makes him feel deeply. His body also has a hint of spiritual power, although few, but It is also a good start.

Mu Yu reawakened the flying sword, and his feet were moving together.

The second method of falling dust swords, smoldering dust, gathering gas and breaking spirits, and spirits returning to dust.

Mu Yu tirelessly invested in the sword, his heart is very calm, like a quiet water, not shocked. He chased the coherence, but he could not connect at the key.

"Master, I always feel that something is missing, I can't do your random state."Mu Yu said seriously.

Feng Haochen laughed and said: "What you lack is the pace of falling dust. The three methods of our martial art are the most important. The bottom of the dust is the bottom of the law, the practice of falling dust and swords, and the practice of falling dust. The pace of falling dust is a sword-like body, feeling the sword, the body is going to the sword, the sword will fit, and the sword will be natural. ”

Feng Hao dust step forward, just a simple step, but his body shape has been undulating, such as the wind in the feathers, but also like the thousand Taishan, the flashing step, the foot of the eight doors, people Can't understand. The mysterious pace made the wood feathers dazzling, but each step was so clearly visible, Mu Yu took a step, but the figure was unstable.

He suddenly fell to the ground and looked suspicious.

"The pace of falling dust can be learned without the power of the spirit. In the eyes of the mortal, it is a supreme light. Although it is less than one thousandth of the practice of the comprehension, then it is not a problem. You can't chase the number of steps as a teacher. You can't master the changes. You need to learn from scratch. ”

Mu Yu nodded, and he feared the three laws in his heart. Comprehension is not a one-off event, and it needs to be sustained.

The sun has already taken the lead, and Mu Yu has been practicing the dust-swording method. At the same time, he brought the dust-falling steps into the sword. He only practiced the first day, but it was already very rewarding.

"Hey."Mu Yu’s stomach sang, and he was embarrassed to ask: “Master, can you have a meal?”

Feng Haochen thinks of something, and some helplessly said: "I teach you to practice in the early morning, did not cook breakfast, and the hungry insects are estimated to be broken."

The hungry insects didn't wait for the bad, they wanted to cry without tears, because An Shu saw the head and didn't have time to cook, so he cooked the food again and cooked a meal that made the hungry insects look good. Now everyone They are all eyes on each other, whoever has the courage to go down the chopsticks.

"Not hungry? Wait until you go to the waterfall to practice. If you don't eat, you can go drinking. ”An uncle said with a blank expression, the food he made himself never disregarded, and he still had a good meal.

Made a face to the south, picked up a burnt sweet potato, his hand lightly touch, outside that layer of Coke broke, then the Coke has been stripped, only the size of the thumb is not burnt meat, sweet potatoes baked it does not matter, because this thing as long as there is meat will not be bad, they only dare to eat this, several people are staring at the few Coke Yams, This time to eat sweet potatoes than uncle to eat the Chinese cabbage fried vegetables is really much.

"Is Master and Mu Yu still not coming back?"

In fact, I don’t want to eat it. It’s just because of An Shu’s face. He can only do a little bit of a master’s example. He boldly tasted a cabbage and stir-fried vegetables. Then he chewed it without chewing. If you let the vegetables The taste of the earth and the burnt smell of the cabbage stayed in the mouth for too long, and it would not be good for an hour.

An Shulian can make a disaster dish with cabbage and green vegetables. His cooking skills can be imagined.

"We are here, we are hungry and starved."Mu Yu rushed in and saw that the tableware had been prepared for him. He was overjoyed and directly sent the vegetables to his mouth.

Then I sprayed the rice.

“Is it hard to eat?”An uncle looked at Mu Yu with a deep sense, and made Mu Yu shudder.

“No, it’s delicious, it’s delicious.”Mu Yu feels that this time does not seem to be a good time to tell the truth. An Shu’s face is always making Mu Yu uncomfortable. He laughs and puts the green vegetables that are sprayed out back into the mouth. UU reads Chewing and chewing, said: "It was too hot, too hot…"

Everyone else despised Mu Yu, and then quickly nodded and praised it. An uncle's majesty in the martial art is only the head and the head, the head is usually approachable, and An Shu is a very old-fashioned person, so no one dares to provoke his anger.

It took a while for Feng Hao to come in, but he came in with a plate of seductive flesh, which made other people's eyes shine, and suddenly felt that his master was the best person in the world. Living gods are alive, saving the Buddha.

"Eat!"Feng Haochen looked at the poor group of children and smiled.

"To the south, we are united against the master."Lan Linger said.

"it is good!"Nodded to the south.

Mu Yu didn't understand what it meant. Then Lan Linger and the chopsticks that had three people in the south had already fought over the plate. The pair never had a full meal. The chopsticks were intertwined on the plate. One person has to deal with both the South and Lan Linger, and he has a lot of meat in his own bowl. Mu Yu also wanted to join, but his chopsticks flew out as soon as they reached. The other three are all cultivated, and the strength is different. Mu Yu understands that there is no point in this martial art. Even the rice can't be eaten, empty and wonderful, because they can't participate in this table. fighting.

Feng Haochen is calmly extending the chopsticks. In the battle of the three people, he calmly gave the air and the wonderful two people a point. Then he also explained the wood feathers and pinched it. Finally, he put it in his bowl. Point, the rest is the daily battle for the three. And An Shu is very calmly eating his own dishes, let them fight.

Mu Yu feels that he should also be a little bit eager. In this poor martial art, it is really impossible to work hard.

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