Chapter 223 under the abyss

"Hey, are you okay?"Qiao Xue eagerly shouted, trying to help Mu Yu, but the pain left by the demon in her body still did not dissipate, and for a time she could not condense the spiritual power.

However, at this moment, the blue light suddenly burst out from the wood feathers, and the majestic life bursts like a volcano, and instantly shakes all the monsters.

"Mom, bite enough!"

Mu Yu screamed and his body trembled. All the demons seemed to have seen the natural enemies and fled the body of Mu Yu. The endless spiritual power rushed out of Mu Yu, thriving, exuberant and flamboyant, as if the life of the raging bloomed the most gorgeous flowers, spreading all the coldness and darkness in the cave.

The shadow sword in the hands of Mu Yu drilled out the smashed wood spirit, and the wood spirit exudes a faint blue light. The source of vitality comes from it. Its blade fluttered slightly, and it was separated from the wood feathers and went to the ghosts that fled around the air. Those demon souls saw that the wood spirit had met the disaster star and fled, and it was just like the evil spirits.

"Broken sword, get me these bastards!"Mu Yu was so gnashing his teeth, although the pain in his body was alleviated by the appearance of Mu Ling, but the painful feeling of deep bone marrow made him almost unable to himself. He really hated these demon.

Muling floated in midair, and the majestic life swayed from it, shrouded in everyone, and there was a sense of incomprehension. The hole in Muling's sword made a little bit of blue light, and all the escaping demon suddenly seemed to be pulled by a huge force, and involuntarily flew toward the hole in Muling.

The demon is struggling to make a scream of heartbreaking, but it doesn't help. The vitality of Muling is their favorite nutrients, but once the vitality exceeds the range they can withstand, they will be destroyed! These demon souls want to escape, but Muling does not give them any chance, but in the blink of an eye, all the demon souls are sucked into the holes of the Muling sword body, and one has not had time to escape.

Then, Mu Yu clearly saw that a pinhole-sized hole in Muling actually began to heal!

The woody feathers slowed down, and the pain in the body gradually disappeared under the washing of life, and some of the vitality that was sucked away in the body gradually recovered. He licked his head and recalled the moment when he was possessed by thousands of demon souls. He still had a lingering fear. It would not be good for someone who was smashed by a lot of demon souls, not to mention that these demons are more like biting wood. The soul of Yu is generally, it is really painful!

The breath of the broken sword has dissipated, as if it has changed back to a decaying piece of broken wood, and in the complaints of Xiaoshuai, he re-drilled back into the shadow sword.

"What is that magic weapon?"

Qiao Xue sat up and looked at the wood spirit that disappeared into the shadow of the wood feathers in amazement. Her eyes flashed a doubtful look, apparently quite curious about what saved them.

Mu Yu didn't answer her right away. She just touched the whole body and was bitten. There was no wound, but it felt like she was absorbed by the energy. It was extremely uncomfortable.

"Why didn't this guy come out at first, it hurts me to be killed by so many demon souls!"Mu Yu muttered.

In fact, he is able to survive under so many demon soul bites, and other people are smothered by these demon souls, and instantly will be scattered, and ordinary people have his metamorphosis vitality.

"The ugly sword seems to come from an extraordinary place."Joe Snow came out.

"When you come to the market, no matter what, what do we do now?"Mu Yu does not want to explain the origins of Mu Ling. This matter involves many complicated relationships, and it will be unclear for a while.

However, he suddenly had a question in his heart. The old treeman told Mu Yu at first. If he wanted to repair this wood spirit, he needed to fill it with the life of many comprehensions. This also caused Mu Yu to not see this broken sword. . However, after breaking the sword and absorbing the thousands of monsters, a small hole in the body healed. This shows that the old tree did not tell him all the truth about the piece of wood.

Muling can also recover from the dead, and it does not seem so evil.

Qiao Xue looked at the wood feathers meaningfully and did not ask. She adjusted her interest a little, then stood up and said: "We have no way out, only going down."

This decision is not an accident. After the cave brought them here, they blocked the road. Now there is no other way than to continue to jump into the abyss.

"Ok! Let's rest for half an hour. ”Mu Yu is reluctant.

The aura of Double Heaven is very rich, and cultivation here will achieve twice the result with half the effort, so they will soon recover. Qiao Xue's face is still a little pale, she does not have the exuberant vitality of Mu Yu, and it is not good to be attached by several demon souls. Although Mu Yu has been visited by all the demon souls, but he has a Mu Ling body, and his own resilience is very powerful, but there is nothing big.

They climbed out of the cave very carefully this time, stepping on the flying sword and slowly descending toward the abyss. The demon that Joe Snow was alarming just wandered in the abyss below the cave to prevent the invasion of outsiders. If you don't know how to crack this monster array, and there is no broken sword in the hands of Mu Yu, it will easily be swallowed by the demon.

"It's a bit weird around."Xiaoshuai shouted.

Surrounded by black paint, the flying light of the flying sword at the foot is very low visibility. In order not to disturb the things like the demon, they deliberately push the light of the magic weapon to the darkest. The two men leaned back against each other and carefully guarded against some unidentified attackers from the darkness.

"What are those things that are flickering?"Mu Yu pointed to the distance and seemed to be the light on the cliff, flashing the dim red mans, flickering, feeling very strange.

"If I didn't guess wrong, it should be a blood bat."Qiao Xue lowered his voice.

"I think so too, blood bats like this dark place."Mu Yu heard of blood bats, their eyes are red, but no vision, living in the darkness, is a third-order monster. They can send weird sound waves to disturb people's minds. A blood bat is not afraid, but thousands of blood bats scream together to form a choir is not a joke.

They circumvented these blood bats and did not alarm them. Everything here is still unfamiliar. Who knows that there will be other demon objects after the blood bats are alarmed. If a difficult monster in the abyss below is woken up, it will be troublesome.

Fortunately, the process of this road decline, those blood bats did not intend to attack them, they both went down. This abyss is not at the bottom, has been carefully dropped for an hour, but when Mu Yu looked down, there is still no end.

"This abyss will not be going to hell?"Mu Yu could not help but mutter, the blood bats around him more and more, just smashed the demon's nest and entered the blood bat's nest, this strange journey is really helpless.


However, at this moment, a muffled sound, Mu Yu felt that his feet were hitting a hard land. A huge anti-shock force came from the foot. If they were not afraid of alarming these blood bats, the speed of the decline was slow. I am afraid, but this anti-shock force can make them vomit blood!

"What the hell!"The wood feathers are slowing down, and the magic weapon under their feet is like stepping on the ground, and they can no longer advance one point. He knelt down to check it out and found himself still in the air, the bottom is still a dark abyss, but there seems to be an invisible barrier to prevent them from falling.

"Enchantment?"Qiao Xue took up the magic weapon and removed the spiritual power. The whole person stood in the air and stood flat in the air. She walked a few steps to the left and walked back again, her face was very grim.

"This should be the enchantment of the array. We can't fly and can't go down. How do you feel trapped in a cage?"Mu Yu squatted down and tapped the enchantment on the ground with his hand, making a dull "squeaky" sound, echoing on the cliff.

"Be careful, don't alarm the blood bat."Qiao Xue looked at the red dots around the cliffs with vigilance. However, those blood bats only flashed slightly and did not have any action.

"The taste of sugar beans, here! Here! ”Xiaoshuai licks Mu Yu’s hair and squints on his shoulder and points to the right side.

Mu Yu and Qiao Xue both nodded slightly, then carefully walked slowly toward the right. There was a slight muffled sound on the enchantment, just in case they chose to fly.

The abyss spanned a hundred or two meters and they quickly touched the cliff on the right. The cliff wall is rough, the hand feels cold and cold, and there is a little dampness. The strange thing is that there is no blood bat in a large area on the cliff, they seem to be deliberately kept a distance from here.

"Nothing here."Qiao Xue groped the rock wall, except for the uneven wet rock, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com She really didn't find anything unusual.

"No, it's a bit weird here."In the hands of Mu Yu, the shadow of the sword shines slightly, slightly illuminating the rock wall in front, the fingers are crossed on the rock wall, and the brows are wrinkled, as if they found something, he stepped back and looked at it roughly. This rock wall slowly said: "This is a stone gate."

Qiao Xue's face moved slightly, and her eyes flashed a hint of surprise, but the surroundings were too dark, and the wooden feathers did not notice. She retreated to the side of Mu Yu and said, "Can you point out the outline of this stone door?"

Mu Yu nodded and made a circle on the cliff with a shadow sword. This door is square, about five meters wide and twelve meters high. When the shadow sword crossed the top of the door, they used the weak blue light to clearly see that the top was like a relief, and the look was awkward, like a fierce monster, lifelike, and shocked them.

"How does this door open?"

Mu Yu let the shadow sword stay in front of the relief, carefully looked at the fierce monster, but he did not recognize what species. If you want to give a metaphor, Mu Yu feels that it is a gorilla with a fangs reaching his chin, but it looks like a sloth, and it looks nondescript.

When Joe Snow saw the statue, he immediately opened his eyes and was incredible. She seems to know something, sinking for a long while, saying: "I know how to open this door."

"How to open?"In Mu Yu's view, this door is not a battle. He originally thought about breaking the door directly with brute force. However, considering that it is very different here, this door will not be so simple and will be broken by external forces. If you don't break the door and you are alarmed by the blood bats around you, you have to fight with thousands of blood bats.

"The original demon of the Double Heaven, likes to sacrifice."Qiao Xue said with some disgust.

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