Chapter 224 Sacrifice

"Sacrifice?"Mu Yu looked at Qiao Xue inexplicably. "Like the starting lineup, use the demon spirit?"

When they first started in the cave, they started the formation by the demon spirit, and then they entered the abyss below.

"No, it takes blood to open this door."Qiao Xue stared at the relief embossed by the wooden feathers above the door, and his expression was disgusting. The mouth of the statue slammed open, revealing long fangs, as if warning the outsiders not to act rashly.

"Blood? It’s a disgusting practice. ”Mu Yu snarled in disgust.

This door embedded in the stone wall is also a barrier for the demon to resist the invaders. To open the door, it costs a little price. It can weaken the intruder's strength at the expense of blood. This is also a means.

"How much blood do you want?"Mu Yu asked.

Qiao Xue shook his head and said: "Maybe just a drop, maybe a whole person's blood, who knows!" The Yao people have never easily let people enter their territory, so if you change to human blood, you may have more, and if you change to be a demon blood, you should be less. ”

If only a small amount of blood is needed, Mu Yu can accept it, but he does not want to try it easily before he is sure. Moreover, Mu Yu soon found a more serious problem. He looked around for the blood bats that looked around and suddenly understood why these blood bats were very quiet on the way they came.

Blood bats are called blood bats because they are bloodthirsty. When they came down, they didn't smell bloody, so they didn't irritate these blood bats. When any of them used the blood to open the stone door, the bloody bats on the rock wall would smell violent. At that time, the overwhelming blood bats rushed over, even if they had the repair of the Yuan Ying period, it is difficult to resist the attack of so many blood bats.

"Here are blood bats, not blood."Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

Qiao Xue also knows this, but they are in a state of dilemma. To sacrifice this stone door with blood, the amount of blood is not to be said first. If these blood bats are rioted, it is enough to deal with these thousands of blood bats.

"Let's find out if there are any other exits."Mu Yu proposed. If there are other exits, you don't have to think about this damn statue. It looks so ugly and you have to drink blood. How can it not go to heaven?

Both Mu Yu and Qiao Xue stepped on the enchantment and surveyed the other parts of the abyss. Apart from this stone gate, there were no other exits, which made them somewhat depressed. Originally, Mu Yu wanted to check out the places where the blood bats were entrenched, to see if the exits were blocked by them, but this approach was too risky. If the blood bats were angered, the result of the end and the blood opening was the same.

Another way is to break the enchantment under your feet and then continue to fall to the abyss. After the wood feathers were slightly discretionary, they gave up. This enchantment is impregnable, even if the repairers of the flood season are not necessarily broken, not to mention the two of them.

"This demon is really too big, it is a bit difficult to find a good eye."Mu Yu sat on the enchantment, helpless. The best way to break the battle is to find the eye or the base, but they have hundreds of miles down the road. It’s too unrealistic to find a base on a few hundred miles of stone or a needle in a haystack. .

"There must be other exits here."Qiao Xue did not seem to want to give up, she turned and ran around to continue to explore.

Mu Yu can't be trapped here for too long. He has to look for the nine gas and the soft grass and the grass. This is the purpose of his coming to the double heaven. There are only two ways to get out of here. One is to crush the jade, the transfer array should send him out, and the other is to open the stone door with blood.

"Little handsome, what do you think?"Mu Yu found that Xiao Shuai had been silent after seeing the statue on Shimen. He stared at it for a long time and his eyes were somewhat blurred.

Xiaoshuai scratched his head and shook his head. "I always feel familiar with this ugly stone sculpture. Have you seen it before?"

Mu Yu smiled and said: "Isn't this your relative? If you want to, then quickly recognize the kiss,

Say something good, maybe we can go without sacrifice. ”

Xiaoshuai licked his mouth and flew two laps in the air, then said: "I am so handsome, it is so ugly, how could it be my relative?"

Mu Yu turned his eyes, this guy is a narcissistic look everywhere. He stared at the stone sculpture, but saw that Joe Snow was in front of the stone sculpture, and she was holding a dagger and cutting it to her wrist –

"Hey! and many more! What are you doing? ”

Mu Yu did not expect that Qiao Xue would like to fight, directly use the blood to sacrifice to open Shimen, he wants to stop it too late, the faint bloody smell has spread, and Xue Xue drops the blood on the forehead of the stone.

The blood flowed along the forehead of the stone carving into the mouth of the stone carving. The stone carving suddenly opened his eyes, and a fairy yellow light lit up in the eye socket of the stone carving. In the horrified eyes of Mu Yu, the stone statue was alive. It shook his head, and the dust and moss on the cavities in his mouth were shaken off, revealing the gloomy cold. At the same time, a huge suction came from the mouth, and the blood on Qiao Xue's wrist was like a water column that was broken into the embankment.

"What are you doing so recklessly?"Mu Yu rushed over and wanted to help Qiao Xue stop the blood, but Qiao Xue pushed the wooden feathers and shook his head: "This is the only way."

"The only way to die?"

Mu Yu was a little angry, and Qiao Xue was too stunned. He didn't even want to talk to Mu Yu to act on his own. He looked up and looked at the blood bat on the rock wall. The blood bats on the rock wall that were just flickering suddenly turned red bloody eyes, and the sound of OO@@ came from the air. Many blood bats already smelled bloody. It’s starting to move.


A blood bud swiftly rushed over, facing the wound on Qiao Xue's wrist. This blood bat is only a third-order monster, and it is not enough to hang his teeth. Qiao Xue subconsciously waved the blood bat into two halves. Soon she knew that she was doing something wrong. After the blood bat was killed, a pungent smell spread out from the body. The nearby blood bats seemed to be stimulated by this smell. They all screamed and flapped their wings. Overwhelmingly came over.

"Get your ears up!"Mu Yu’s face changed and suddenly shouted.

The screams of blood bats are extremely lethal, can make people's minds interfere with them, and even fall into serious coma. The sound waves of one or two blood bats will not cause harm to them, but there are thousands of blood bats here, and the impact is quite terrible. With the call of the first blood bat, all the blood bats responded one after another, and the sharp and harsh sound waves could not reverberate in the abyss.

Both Qiao Xue and Mu Yu immediately took up the spirit to seal their hearing, and they suddenly fell into silence. However, the drawbacks of blocking hearing are obvious. They can't avoid the attack of blood bats according to the surrounding sound. Thousands of blood bats bite all of them toward Qiao Xue. The bloody smell on her hands is captured by blood bats, which arouses the fierce nature of the blood bats. Once they are touched, they will be sucked up by the whole body!

Qiao Xue found that Shimen still had no signs of opening. The blood she contributed was not enough to satisfy the amount of sacrifice, but the tide-like blood bats had swarmed. She could only raise her blue ribbon and wrap herself in among them. The blood bat hit the blue ribbon and was bounced off, but the blood bat that went on and on was rushing up, trying to break through the obstacles of the blue ribbon.

"It’s the demon and the blood bat, mom, are the demon people all hurting?"

Mu Yu’s hands are divided into swords and swords. Many blood bats are killed by him in the intertwined swords. After the blood bats are opened by the shadow sword, the dark purple blood is scattered. Other blood bats will blink their companions. Devouring, they are even letting their own kind! However, there are too many blood bats in this abyss. Mu Yu resists for a while and knows that this will sooner or later be used by these blood bats to become a prey for blood bats. He must find a way to solve these blood bats once. Row.

"Little handsome, what is the most feared blood bat?"Mu Yu's shadow sword evolved into a dusty nine style, and the body shape flashed to make the blood bat unable to get close. At the same time, he also helped the Qiao Xuehua blood bat's siege. After all, most blood bats were targeted at Qiao Xue.

"Flame, are we going to make a fire?"Xiaoshuai replied on the shoulder of Mu Yu. From time to time, he sweeped it with his tail and stirred the surrounding spiritual power to swing the blood bat out.

"If Luo Xiao is the guy, then."

Mu Yu thinks that these blood bats are just a wave of things for Luo Wei. Unfortunately, these blood bats are not afraid of their own trees. It is a pity. He took out Dan Flint, but fortunately this thing is a mass goods. He came up a lot before he came. UU reading came in handy at the moment. The bright flame quickly rose to the sky and illuminated all around. The blood bats screamed to avoid the flame from the Dan Flint. They avoided the wood feathers and turned to Qiao Xue. Mu Yu quickly jumped to the side of Qiao Xue, madly input the spiritual power into the Dan Flint, the flame is based on the spiritual power of the wood feather, giving a glowing light.

Mu Yu does not like the flame. In some respects, the flame is the nemesis of the plant, but at the moment it has become his life-saving means. It is a pity that he can't control these flames, otherwise he can take the initiative to attack and control the flame to destroy the blood bats like Luo Wei. Those blood bats evade the flames, dare not approach, and linger in the distance, waiting for an opportunity to move.

The blue ribbon on Qiao Xue has been scattered. Her face is pale and the blood on her wrist is constantly being sucked away by stone carving. Mu Yu saw the situation is not right, immediately pulled Qiao Xue's hand back from the stone carving, and then helped her stop the blood. The blood bats are no longer calling, and they have regained their hearing.

"You are so rash at this reckless approach! Stone carving is likely to suck you up for adults! ”Mu Yu frowned. He is thinking fast about the countermeasures. These Dan Flint can only drag a little time. The Dan Flint burns the spiritual power of the self-cultivator. Once the spiritual power is exhausted, it is a good opportunity for these blood bats to fight back.

"What can I do?" Are we waiting here? ”

Qiao Xue is not convinced, but she also knows that she is at a loss. The blood needed for the stone carving exceeded her expectations. I am afraid that it would not be enough to open the stone door to drain the blood from her body.

"This way it sucks most of the blood, can you still cope with the next danger? We must think of some other ways. ”Mu Yu’s eyes inadvertently picked up the stone carvings and saw the blood around the stone carvings. Suddenly his eyes lit up.

"I have a solution!"Mu Yu’s brain quickly circulated a bold idea.

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