No. 227 Chapter Demon Wang Neidan

"Then why don't you say that early?"Mu Plume turned a peek at a glance is still looking for the Choshe, the heart unavoidably some have no language.

“Does she say that, does it mean that we will be taken by her as soon as we find the big jelly beans?”Xiaoshuai shook his tail and was dissatisfied.

Mu Yu is dumb, and the original Xiaoshuai is considering this issue. However, Xiaoshuai said that it is also true. Since Nedan has a great relationship with the Yaozu, the Red Dust Gate is one of the representative forces in the realm of comprehension. If it can be found that it must be handed over to Qiao Xue, Mu Yu does not Will go to fight with Qiao Xue demon king Nei Dan.

But Xiaoshuai is different. People are trying hard to find their noses, not to mention the hiding place of the demon king. In front of the food, whoever wants to grab the jelly beans with it is naturally unforgivable. .

"If the demon king demon is really eaten by you, I am afraid that the eight people will not let you go. When we return to the triple heaven, we have to be chased all day long. I don't want to marry this drowning."Mu Yu turned his eyes. If he really grabbed the demon, he wouldn’t know how many people would be regarded as nails in his eyes. Maybe even the demon people would come to find him desperately. Although the Yaozu have been hiding in the world, it does not mean that they are not well informed!

Xiaoshuai screamed dissatisfiedly and said: "We haven't been chased by people. Didn't it all come when Fuxianyu was in the first place?"

"Fuxianyu, is that me alone, is it good?"Mu Yu almost broke his mouth. At that time, his strength was only in the Jindan period. He was able to run out of a pile of comprehensions above the Yuan Ying period. It was luck. And at the beginning, there was still a dead wood to protect him in the dark. Now, if he accidentally pulls out a blind man, there is no such thing as a dead man who protects him.

Xiaoshuai spread his hand: "I don't care, since I can't eat such a delicious jelly bean, I let it rot there!" Is it true that it is not the same? ”

Mu Yu can't say that Xiaoshuai is doing something wrong. It is just a pure snack food that has no competition with the world. The safety of the comprehension world, the dispute between the Yaozu and the Terran has little to do with it. Then Mu Yu thought, what is the relationship between the Yaozu and him? He was originally entangled with the Yumeng Mozu, where is the leisure and elegance to go against the Yaozu, isn’t it enough to find him?

It’s okay to call the two words of the world’s big things. If you don’t even do your own thing well, and you’re going to sleep outside the house, you’re still talking about what’s going on?

"Okay, that's whatever you want. Since you know the whereabouts of the demon king Nei Dan, do you know the way out? We can't be trapped here for too long. ”Mu Yu does not go to the small handsome, he is still more concerned about going out to find the nine gas and polyester flowers.

"If I eat Nedan, I might have the strength to go out."Xiaoshuai shouted.

Mu Yu couldn't help but laugh, but at this moment, he found that Qiao Xue stopped. She stood beside the demon king's throne, and her hands couldn't stop, and her fingers were buckled together to create a strange French seal. This kind of printing is rather awkward, it is not an ordinary repair of the FA-Yin, which is quite novel to Mu Plume, do not know what she is doing. Mu Yu frowned, because he found this French seal somewhat familiar, his eyes flashed a trace of undetectable light, and Qiao Xue's gaze has changed.

In the hands of Qiao Xue, a strange wave swayed, and at the same time a white light flashed in front of her eyes. The white light exudes a sense of the majesty of the Holy Spirit, such as the imperial emperor, so dazzling. Then all the white light suddenly opened, forming a stream of streamer, such as the worms flowing in the entire underground palace.

"This – how does this smell look like the sugar beans I smell?"Xiaoshuai looked at the streamer in the air, and did not understand how Qiao Xue had such a thing.

It seems to be in order to answer the doubts of Xiaoshuai, Qiao Xuedao: "This baby is handed over to me by my master. It is said that it is from the head of the top ten demon kings, and the essence of the inner dragon deprived from the dragon dragon demon king. It can be with the white demon king. Neydan resonated, and we can use this to find the Nei Dan of the White Demon King."

"Since you have such a baby, why didn't you take it out early, you have to waste so much time.

"Woody road.

"This thing is very precious and very difficult to control. If you are not careful, it may bring great destructive power, so I did not intend to use it at the beginning."Qiao Xue replied.

During the speech, a burst of sound has been uploaded from the stone wall of the palace. A statue of a demon person is broken, and the broken limbs fall to the ground, and the body is broken and the dust is splashed. At the same time, more explosions came from the statue on the steps, and many statues were blown up. A lot of streamer is drilled again from the smoke and scattered to other places.


All the streamers suddenly and slowly gathered toward the throne of the demon king, condensed into a ball, seems to wrap something, and then a hegemonic blast exploded from the sky, the wooden feathers clenched a prominent The rock was not blown away by this breath.

"found it!"Qiao Xue’s face showed a pleasant look. With a wave of her hand, all the streamers quickly got out of the sky and flew to Qiao Xue, and she was re-accepted.

In the middle of the air, the place where the streamer is wrapped quietly floats a white lining, which is like a piece of jade, so pure, the majestic atmosphere slowly rhythm, although it is converging, it still cannot cover it as the king. Strong momentum.

"It was really found by her."Xiao Shuai stunnedly grabbed Mu Yu’s hair. “Come and grab it back!”It has long known that the demon king Nei Dan is in that place. If it is not by special means, it is impossible to let Nei Dan appear. Just now, Mu Yu flew at least three times in that place, but did not touch the inner Dan. I have to say that the demon people are quite capable.

Qiao Xue has already flown up, but she did not directly reach out to win the demon king Nei Dan, fingertips flick, a spiritual force hit the demon, but there is ripples around the demon, the spiritual power Absorbed.

"What are you going to do next to the demon king Nei Dan?"Mu Yu came to Qiao Xue and asked.

In the hands of Qiao Xue, he once again swayed the law, and she raised a red awn in her hand, such as the flowing starlight close to the demon king Nei Dan. The pattern of the protection of the demon king Nei Dan gradually showed its prototype under the embellishment of the starlight, which is actually a virtual shadow of a monkey. Starlight outlines the virtual shadow of the apes. The monkeys are lifelike, their eyes are roaring, and they are glaring at them, as if they are going to break free. Nedan is in the heart of the apes.

"Saye Jesus!"

Qiao Xue pointed to the face of the ape monkey, and grasped the demon king Nei Dan in one hand, and wrote a weird spell in his mouth. The white shadow of the shadow heard Joe Snow's curse, and the sky was shouting, and the grand power was like the king of the world, making people feel powerless. It seems that everything must be subordinated to the white demon king.

The demon king Nei Dan trembled abruptly, and the entire underground palace suddenly vibrated. The large rocks could not fall down. The stone walls of the underground palace also cracked and collapsed, revealing the dark wall gap. In the cracks in the wall, the turbulent gray air flow, somehow, these gray airflow spread in the underground palace, gradually blurring their sight.

Mu Yu could not see the next Qiao Xue, his heart lifted up, because he found that the white inner Dan in the white demon king’s body, along the shadow of the white scorpion, drilled out of the mouth and broke into the surrounding Among the gray gas, it disappeared at once.

"Where is the big jelly bean!"The young handsome figure has already flashed out from the shoulder of Mu Yu, and the tail chasing the demon king Nei Dan, and Mu Yu moved to the side of Qiao Xue, but found that Qiao Xue had already left the place.


A shattered air swept through, and Mu Yu took the split sword in the back and dangerously. He turned his head and looked at it, but the shadow of his attack broke into the gray air. He just turned back, a slender pointed tail went to his heart, and the shadow sword was already in front of him. Mu Yu pulled forward and this time he saw what was attacking him. It turned out to be a lizard. !

"Where did the Yaozu come from?"Mu Yu was very surprised. He bullied him, and the shadow sword in his hand crossed a green mang, and suddenly the slender tail of the lizard demon was cut down. The pointed tail was smashed under the sword of Mu Yu. However, the scene of the blood splash in the imagination did not appear. The lizard demon even didn't wrinkle his brow and continued to rush toward Muyu.

Mu Yu easily penetrated the chest of the lizard demon, this time he saw clearly, this guy is not a living Yaozu, but the statues that he only saw!

"How did these statues come alive?"Mu Yu Jianfeng whirls, the lizard demon has been crushed and dropped, but more statues of the Yaozu attacked him from the dark. These statues are not really cultivated, but they have the skills of their own monsters, especially if they seem to be immune to these gray fogs, and they will come out in a cold, their claws and thorns will produce the spiritual power of the wood feathers. Immunity, he can only rely on the shadow sword to smash these statues.

"Where are you, Xiaoshuai?"Shouted Mu Yu. The gray airflow gave these statues the ability to act. He should have thought that how could the Yaozu pose so many statues in the underground palace for no reason?

"Wu Yu, big jelly beans are here, come help me, I can't catch it!"Xiao Shuai’s voice came from behind.

Mu Yu didn't have much time to think about it. UU read the book He followed the sound and flashed to Xiaoshuai's side. Xiaoshuai's tail couldn't stop shaking, and the surrounding aura wrapped up in the demon king Nei Dan, but the demon king Nei Dan ran rampage. I don’t want to give Xiaoshuai a chance.

A blue shadow crossed, and Qiao Xue flashed out of the gray mist and immediately rushed toward the demon king Nei Dan. However, the demon king Nei Dan suddenly violently sucked away the gray fog around him, all the gray fog quickly rushed toward Nei Dan, and the face of the underground palace appeared clearly in front of them again.

At the same time, a huge hand raised from the demon king Nei Dan, followed by the head, body, feet, and a short time, a white fur covered with white hair smashed from Inner Dan Out, knocking on his chest, big fists dancing, airy, and suddenly knocked back Qiao Xue.

"Can this white demon king Nei Dan still survive?"Mu Yu frowned.

"That is just the means of self-protection that the Yao people set up on Neydan. It will dissipate in the near future. We must intercept it and prevent it from fleeing from this place!"In the hands of Qiao Xue, the blue silk ribbon was good for the wind. In a flash, the blue shadows flew, and the Taoist brilliance rushed to the white demon king.

The countless statues were killed in all directions. Although these statues were not enough to cause damage to the wood feathers, the wood feathers could not be solved all at once, causing great trouble for him.


The white demon king rushed out from the blockage of Qiao Xue. It violently punched a punch at Qiao Xue. The punch was so overbearing. It seemed to smash the surrounding aura, and there was a sizzling sound in the air. . Qiao Xue was shocked, and his body quickly retreated and avoided the punch, but it was still affected by the boxing, and the whole person flew out. The strength of this illusionary white demon king has already reached the peak period!

The faces of Qiao Xue and Mu Yu have changed. The illusion of the white demon king in the outing period is not what they can resist!

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