Chapter 231 Flying Fish (below)

The flying fish fell on the shoulders of young people, and its quiet voices are getting louder and louder, seemingly calling for something. After a while, a flying fish flew in the distance. This flying fish looked smaller, and it also made a pleasant sound echoing the previous one.

The two monsters screamed happily in the thunder and lightning of the heavens. At this time, the essence of the blood color was drilled from the young man's seven scorpions, and gathered into two bodies that respectively wrapped the two monsters. The two monsters shake their wings arbitrarily, and the whole body shines brighter. The colorful brilliance looks so bright in the thunderstorm, as if they are two pure creatures, people can't help but give birth to a trace of compassion and love.

If it weren't for the next moment, Mu Yu might really think that this is the most pure and holy sacred creature in the world.

Only for a moment, the young people dried up, leaving only the skinny body, turned into a dry corpse, the blood essence of the whole body has long dissipated, and the aura has become the essence of the two monsters, like the dead body for many years. In general, it has not weathered.

"My God, vampire?"

Mu Yu took a breath of cold air, and did not expect that this weird monster would kill people with this weird means. He thought that the young people would definitely be sent off the squadron, so he did not intend to drown, but never expected that the killing method of the flying fish exceeded his imagination, and the speed was too late for the young people. react.

Most people who come to the Double Heaven are holding the purpose of cultivation. I don't know why this unlucky guy will get rid of this kind of murderous monster, and it is really miserable to be sucked into a corpse.

Mu Yu scared a cold sweat, although he also encountered a lot of monsters dozens of times more powerful than him, but no monster has such a terrible killing ability. If he changed to Mu Yu, he did not know how to face these two flying fish. These two flying fish are too small to swallow the little handsome in the belly! Xiaoshuai, the monster beast that gives people a meal, has no advantage in front of these two flying fish.

"what? I know these two flying fish! ”Xiaoshuai squinted his head and squinted.

"you know? What is your distant relative? ”Mu Yu asked. If you can recognize two such powerful monsters, it is also a good thing, at least if you are eyeing, you can let Xiaoshuai go to the department to negotiate something.

"Of course not. You remember when we were in the tunnel of the underground palace, did there a barrier to stop the way?" The two fast-moving fish we saw across the barrier at the time were them! ”Xiaoshuai stared at the two flying beasts and continued to say: "They were actually in the underground palace at the time, but I heard them say that it was raining outside, so they flew away excitedly. They like rainy days. ”

Mu Yu’s eyes widened. These two beautiful creatures are the creatures that guard the Yaozu Palace. Doesn't that mean that they didn't meet them in the underground palace at the time, but they were lucky enough to run into rainy days? If it doesn't rain today, and fight with them, is it the same as this young man?

"I like this kind of ground palace monster guards who are negligent for their own hobbies and give them a compliment."Mu Yu appreciated the nod.

If it was just face to face with the two flying fish in the underground palace, and the young handsome also set out the big jelly beans to grab people, I am afraid that the end is better than this unknown unlucky young man.

One of the flying fish looked at the jade in the hands of the young people. Suddenly, the head slammed, and another flash of lightning struck, squatting on the jade, and the jade was broken. And a strong whirlpool appeared in the heavens and the earth, a faint golden light shrouded the young people, and then a crack appeared in the air, sucking the young people in, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Mu Yu felt a little regret for the young people. The life-saving jade did not save him, but in the end he returned to the triple heaven, at least the body would not stay here and be swallowed by other monsters.

"We still don't want to mess with them."Mu Yu snarls and prays that they will quickly leave here and go to other places to play.

But at this moment, another flying fish suddenly turned his head to Mu Yu.

It seems that it was unintentionally discovered that Mu Yu was peeking at them. Wood feathers and flying fish are so confronted, and no one has ever moved.

Broken, found by these two monsters! He has some guilty conscience. After all, he has visited the things they are waiting for. Who knows if they will rise up and start with him.

There are now two roads in front of him, either running or killing the two beasts. It is obviously impossible to kill these two monsters. The repair of the unlucky young man was not weaker than him, but he fled in front of a flying fish. The attack methods of the two flying fish are too strange. Basically, I didn’t see how it was shot. It’s just that the sky lightning has passed, and the young people are finished. This is the attack method of which door! Nothing gives people a chance to fight back.

If the cultivation of this kind of monster is not a period of embarrassment, it is a natural being able to use the power of nature. No matter which kind of wood feather is not its opponent, he does not even kill the other side.

At the moment when Mu Yu’s thoughts turned sharply, the two monsters had already flown in front of Mu Yu. Mu Yu had to admit that this is a beautiful creature, the whole body exudes a sacred radiance, the wings are weak and thin, as if they are broken, the eyes are full of spirituality, the water is pure, and there is no trace of killing.

What makes Mu Yu most concerned is that the vitality of the two monsters exudes in the whole body is unprecedented. This kind of vitality Mu Yu has only seen in two kinds of creatures, one is the thick and handsome. The other is himself.

Mu Yu is ready to shoot at any time, but he is really curious as to why this creature has such a huge vitality. He didn't think about killing the monster. He only hoped that everyone would go to each other and hurry back to the underground palace. Everything you have been waiting for is lost, and there is a mood to come out to swim in the mountains, really!

Two flying fish came to Mu Yu, but did not make any action, the air still thundered, but Mu Yu did not suffer any harm. The other side only looked at Mu Yu curiously and seemed to be watching.

The two sides squatted for a while, and the two flying fish suddenly screamed again, and they were shocked by the wooden feathers, thinking they were going to do it, but there was no extra difference around them. This scream is particularly clear in the thunderstorm sound, just like the world is only the purest and most fascinating. Mu Yu’s heart gave birth to a strange feeling. These two monsters did not seem to have any hostility towards him, but seemed to be trying to communicate with him.

Unfortunately, Mu Yu couldn't understand the beautiful language. He spread his hand and said with a gesture: "How are you?"

Mu Yu himself felt that he was stupid, and the two monsters said "Hello" is what a ghost! He is still hesitant to say that he is also learning the voice of the other party's tweet. Maybe he can pretend to be his own.

The two flying fish glanced at each other. They didn't seem to understand the words of Mu Yu, but they still sang very happy.

"Do you both call you? Did the guy just provoke you? Why did you kill? ”Xiaoshuai jumped on the top of Mu Yu’s head and asked with his waist.

Mu Yu squeezed a sweat for himself, hoping that Xiao Shuai would not bother these two flying fish.

What Wu Yu did not expect was that these two flying fish saw Xiaoshuai actually changed a tone and began to sing, as if he was greeting with Xiaoshuai. Xiao Shuai thought about his head for a while, and then it sounded like a flying fish.

Mu Yu looked at Xiao Shuai and the flying fish and they screamed at each other. He couldn't insert his mouth completely, because he couldn't understand the bird language. Looking at the conversations between the two sides seems to be quite harmonious.

"It’s awkward."

"What did they say?"Mu Yu asked at the side.

"They say that young people want to catch them back as pets, but they just kill them. They don't like to kill enemies." They don't kill themselves, but whoever wants to kill them will not be polite…"

"It’s awkward."

"What are they talking about?"

"They are called fish, they like to come out on rainy days. They know that we were in the underground palace, but they warned us not to go there again…"

"It’s awkward."

"What did you say then?"

"They said that I am very special. Few monsters can understand their language. I told them that I was proficient in various languages ​​because of my handsomeness, but they didn't seem to understand what a handsome, really dull guy."

Carrying a narcissistic translation with you looks good. Winning the fish didn't mean to be unfavorable to the wood feathers, but let the wood feathers sigh. I don't know if these two fishes returned to the underground palace and found that the demon king Nei Dan disappeared and would not go away. UU read and then came to find Mu Yu, and recruited lightning to make a mess. But this matter has nothing to do with Mu Yu! He just went to the palace to fight soy sauce.

Gradually, Mu Yu found that the sky was slightly bright, the raindrops were getting smaller, and the thunder disappeared, and the rain of a few hours seemed to stop soon. At this time, the sound of the flying fish suddenly became rushed, and then in the sound of Xiaoshuai, two flying fish flapped their wings and disappeared in the distance.

"They only fly with rain, it's a strange guy."Xiaoshuai muttered.

Mu Yu felt that he should win the fish and found that the demon king Nei Dan was quickly evacuated before the disappearance of the demon king, so he saved the extra-section, so he ran non-stop with Xiaoshuai.

However, Mu Yu would not have imagined that when two fishes crossed the river and returned to the waterfall at the entrance to the underground palace, Qiao Xue stood on the waterfall, her feet on the thick water column, for the arrival of the fish. She did not have a slight accident, but whispered: "Wait for a long time."

Qiao Xue did not leave, she actually re-entered the waterfall, and has been watching Mu Yu on the stone bridge behind the waterfall. Where does Mu Yu think that Qiao Xue will actually turn back! But looking at Qiao Xue like this, it seems to be waiting for these two beautiful creatures!

The two winning fish suddenly screamed, because they had noticed the smell of the demon king Nei Dan from Qiao Xue, that is the thing they guarded for a long time, but they were stolen at the moment, how can this be tolerated!

The water curtain of the waterfall suddenly collapsed, and all the water was shattered into water mist. The water in the sky was atomized as a thin ice ridge, and went to Qiao Xue.

"The water god demon wins the fish, and the instructions given to me by Grandpa Dragon are really correct! But using water to deal with me is not a wise choice. ”There was a faint smile on the corner of Qiao Xue’s mouth, and the blue ribbon around him was swaying.

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