Chapter 232 6 Qingshan

Scorching, it seems to the ground scorched, the sky a few white clouds feebly drift. Two heavy days of many demon beasts are hiding in the shade, even Mu Yu through their territory also lazy to roar twice.

Mu Yu sits on the shadow sword and slowly gazes at the map. Small handsome lying on the top of Mu Yu head, from time to time with big tail, it's head above a small lotus leaf, used for shading. Originally it stayed in Mu Yu's clothes, but the weather was too hot, staying in Mu Yu's arms, so I jumped to the top of Mu Yu's head, and the wood feathers flew a little faster.

"This time it should not go wrong. Six Qingshan is definitely nearby."Mu Yu snarled, even after seven or eight lost, even his tone was very uncertain.

"The mountains in front look like five claws. Is it the legendary Wuzhishan?"Xiaoshuai pointed to the five tall mountains in the distance. It stretched out its small five fingers and made a stroke with the strange Wuzhishan.

"The mountain we are looking for is not a five-finger, but a mountain with six fingers."Mu Yu frowned.

He followed the markedly very simple markers, and bumped and flew for five or six days. In the meantime, he and many beasts circulated, and the young handsome went out to give people some snacks and some demon spirits. And then to the place where the bird is not shackled.

Looking from afar, there are five mountains in front, and each mountain is very large. The peaks towering into the clouds, weird, faintly seemingly covered with lush trees, very strange.

But the map given by the dead wood father is clearly written in Liuqingshan, with six peaks, and here looks like Wuzhishan, and there is no sixth peak.

He took a closer look at the map, a plain, a canyon, a river, and then Liuqingshan. Just like the scene in front, just the Sixth Mountain became Wuzhishan.

This map is not drawn by the dead wood alone, but the people who have been to the triple sky for many years have been drawn according to the impression. The map is almost full of the entire double heaven. Everyone got a hand on hand, and Mu Yu was more detailed, and the dead wood outlined some details. Rao is so wrong when he looks for it five or six times, because there are no human markers in the double heaven, it is too difficult to find.

"Maybe the old man is wrong. You see that he is a lot older. Maybe the old eyes are mostly out of sight."Xiaoshuai snorted.

"He was as young as I was when he came to the Double Heaven, and he would be confused."Mu Yu is not very good. The dead wood used to be the second day of the Yuan Ying period. The age of the cultivation talent of the dead wood is not much different from the wood feather.

"What is the use of young people? Yesterday I asked you how many chicken legs you still have. You are impatient to say no, but you have another one in the morning. You are so young and not so forgetful. ”Xiaoshuai screamed and complained simply.

Mu Yu turned his eyes, this guy sometimes has a terrible IQ, and sometimes like a fool, can't see the situation at all. In the past few days, Mu Yu has been restricting Xiao Shuai’s diet, saving the inventory and not having to go around to catch the demon spirit or the roast monster to eat it, wasting time.

He was too lazy to pay attention to this guy, flew toward Wuzhishan, flew for more than half an hour, and finally fell to the foot of the mountain, looking up at this strange mountain.

Looking at a distance, like the five peaks separated, but when you walked in, you discovered that the five peaks are actually the same mountain. It feels like who is hard to get four cracks in the middle of the mountain, just like five Fingers, pointing to the sky, want to compare with the sky test. Being able to form this kind of spectacle, it is truly unique, and Mu Yu has to sigh the power of nature.

Mu Yu turned around Wuzhishan and turned to the other side of Wuzhishan. Then he saw an incredible scene. There was a break at the end of Wuzhishan, like a hard-boiled, another mountain fell to the ground. , fell into a few narrow and narrow mountains!

"It seems that we have not found a mistake, here is indeed Liuqingshan,

There is a mountain that has been cut off by what! ”Mu Yu exclaimed.

The six mountains are at least tens of meters high, and each mountain has a thousand meters thick. The fallen mountain seems to have been cut off for some years. It has been covered with some vegetation, if not If you look closely, you can't see that this is a collapsed mountain.

Mu Yu can't help but think about what kind of power can stop such a mountain, this must be done at least very terrible, to the current strength of Mu Yu is not dare to think. He is even curious to know that if such a big mountain peak falls down, will it cause a major earthquake, and the horror sounds that can be heard will kill a large group of monsters?

"Can pull out such a big mountain! My God, I feel that I can't do it with the shameless old man. ”Xiaoshuai was very surprised. Then he extended his short finger and said, "But I think I can do it."

"I also hope that you can do it. If you have such ability, I will save more."Mu Yu touched his forehead helplessly. Since Xiao Shuai followed him, all the big and small things were solved by Mu Yu. He always thought that Xiaoshuai should be a very powerful monster. After all, this is a guy who can't even die, but in addition to the thick narcissism and greed, he still can't see anything special about it.

"You said that in addition to me, who else can I knock down this mountain?"Xiaoshuai really took himself seriously.

Mu Yu ignored its narcissism and touched his chin: "Double Heaven was originally the home of the Yaozu, is it not a powerful role of the Yaozu?"

For example, the kind of existence like a demon king?

But when I think about it, it’s not right. When the dead wood was young, I entered the Double Heaven and came here. At that time, it was still a Six-Mount Mountain, and that was only a matter of decades ago. According to Qiao Xue, the Yaozu disappeared for at least two thousand days in the second day, and the time is not right, so it is not possible for the Yao people to do it.

"Which mountain is the nine gas and polyester souls on?"Xiaoshuai asked.

"The old man said that the nine gas and the polyester are spent on the highest mountain. We have to look at it to know."When Mu Yu looked up and looked down, it was difficult to see which mountain peak was the highest. He vacated and flew up. These mountains are really terrible, and the wooden feathers have been flying up, and then along the highest peak, it took a long time to fall on the top of the mountain.

The top of the mountain is covered with a thick layer of snow that reflects the brilliance under the illumination of the sun. The sun did not melt the snow here, but many places still exposed the stones. The cold wind on the top of the mountain came in and it was blowing cold on the body. Fortunately, the person who cultivated the truth can use the spiritual strength to protect the body, but the young handsome is so astonished into the arms of Mu Yu, taking advantage of the body temperature of Mu Yu.

"What do you mean? Are you so thick and afraid of cold? ”Mu Yu shouted.

"Is it cold to know?" The cold wind here is so cold that it looks cold. ”Xiaoshuai Lai replied back.

"It was lost to you."

Mu Yu began to look around for the whereabouts of the nine gas and polyester souls. He was seen in the Toadstool. There are nine leaves around a flower. The shape of each leaf is not unusual, but floating. The air is sprinkled like a stream of air, moving with the wind, and not entangled. It is not imaged when the dead wood is painted. These are all described by him, but these descriptions are enough.

However, Mu Yu searched the entire mountain top, not to mention the flowers, even the grass did not see. The top of the mountain is dead, not like a place where flowers and plants can grow. Mu Yu began to look down the top of the mountain and found traces of plants that were still missing for a few hours.

"Hell, is the father wrong? Where will there be nine gas and polyester flowers? ”Mu Yu shouted. The temperature at the top of the mountain is already below zero. The plants that can grow in the cold zone are quite rare. It is impossible for ordinary plants to survive. The monsters will not get involved here for no reason, so it will not be the monster who climbed up and stole the nine gas. Soul flower.

"Is this flower growing underground? Would you like to try three feet? ”Xiaoshuai suggested.

"That must be brought to the South Brothers."To the south is the ability to control the earth and stone. Although Mu Yu has never seen his ability to display soil control, the search for things in the soil should be a matter of hand to the south.

Xiaoshuai explored his head and looked around, and then as if he had discovered the New World, he shouted: "There seems to be something there!"

Mu Yu looked in the direction indicated by Xiao Shuai. There was a huge stone in the place two hundred meters away from them. The rough estimate is five or sixty square meters wide. The stone shimmers in the golden light. The light is very strange.

"Not going to be gold?"Mu Yu joked that anything can be done in the Double Heaven, even if it is such a big gold, he can accept it. Besides, gold is not very useful for the comprehension, and it is not as useful as a spiritual stone.

When he walked in, he discovered that it was not gold, but ordinary granite. The granite was covered with a layer of crystal clear amber, no wonder it would shine. Mu Yu stepped on the amber, rubbed down and touched the amber with his hand. I was very surprised. Amber is rosin, and turpentine comes from pine. UU reads There are no plants here. Where are the pines and amber? ?

Even if it is tens of millions of years to go to the mountains, it is rare to form such a large piece of amber.

The tip of the wooden feather is drawn over the amber stone. The amber stone is very hard and very clear, and the texture of the granite can be seen. This amber stone even exudes a strange wave of fluctuations, as if something is faintly flowing inside.

But at this moment, he suddenly felt a little familiar, and the way the aura flow around it was obviously not quite right. He learned a little bit of the way with the dead wood, and he quickly deduced it, and immediately found out that it was a wave of formation. He slammed his head and exclaimed: "There is a battle here!"

The voice just fell, and the surrounding changes were prominent. The golden ripples of the road flashed from the amber stone and interweaved over the amber stone. The mysterious literary flashes in the meantime, a series of methods with amber stone as the boundary, the wooden feathers are firmly stuck in the battle!

"How can there be a battle here?"Xiaoshuai asked strangely.

"I have finally waited for you!"Mu Yu hasn’t recovered from the shock, and a sneer of laughter came from the side. “My grandfather said that you will definitely come to this place, let us come here to catch the shackles, and his old man really knows what God is!”

The familiar sound is passed into the wood feathers, so that the wood feathers are like a shit, and the face is disgusted. This voice is too familiar, how can he not know? Mu Yu turned around and looked angrily at the time when he was arrogant.

How will Shi Minghui be here?

However, Mu Yu soon found a familiar and boring face, not only Shi Minghui, but even the small door of the Star Gate, Tianyun also appeared in the time of Minghui, looking at the face with ridicule Wood feather.

These two guys who are most annoying to Mu Yu come together. They really go out without looking at the Huang Li, and they step on two shit.

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