Chapter 239 Dreams are not dreams

The glare of white light shone on the eyelids of Mu Yu, and Mu Yu woke up with his eyes open. His head was dizzy and heavy, like being beaten by a man. Afterwards, he remembered that he was indeed attacked by something.

"Mu Yu brother, are you awake? Are you OK? ”A familiar voice came, someone was shaking him gently, and the sound seemed to be very anxious.

"Awkward? How are you here? ”Mu Yu opened his eyes and saw the person in front of him. He was happy in his heart. "Where is this?"

Mu Yu sat up, his hands on the ground, touching the grass, and the plants on the grass were slightly rhythmic under his control.

Looking at Mu Yu with concern: "You, do you still know me?"

What do you mean?

Mu Yu feels a little eccentric, and his eyes are like a fool.

Mu Yu asked strangely: "I certainly know you, are you not at a loss?"

"Oh, be careful, he is not the original wood feather."Another voice came from the side. Mu Yu’s eyes crossed the shoulders and saw Joe’s face. He said with surprise: “Hey? Qiao Xue, are you here too? awesome! I have been looking for you for a long time! ”

Soon Mu Yu found out that something was wrong, because there is not only Joe Xue and Hao Ran, there are still a few people standing beside Qiao Xue, and these people actually know all of them! Cheng Yan, Luo Wei and Xiangnan!

"How is this going? Are you dreaming? ”

The first thought that Mu Yu’s mind came out, his own brothers could not know if they had entered the second heaven. Although Mu Yu, who met in the Danding School, did not know, but if his three brothers are inside, he will definitely recognize it at a glance.

Mu Yu grabbed his arm and grabbed his hand and thought that Mu Yu would do something. Mu Yu feels the temperature of the palm of his hand, the smooth skin is so real, this texture will not be faked? He squeezed himself again, and there was pain. In fact, he was more than a move, because his head was still hurting at the moment!

It will hurt, it is not a dream, but if it is not a dream, then how can your own brother and singly Qiao Xue get together for no reason?

"How much do you remember now?"Asked carefully and cautiously.

"What do you remember? I have not lost my memory! You are in vain, are we all in the second heaven? I remember that I went to a valley, the valley was too sinister, and I was taken aback. Speaking of this, I know you didn’t send Yu Pei to leave the Double Heaven? My transmission jade was sent to the sky and the bastard gave up the package. ”Mu Yu fired when he thought about it.

Suddenly stunned, she turned her head and looked at Qiao Xue. Qiao Xue also changed his face. The two looked at each other and saw a "big thing" look from the other side's eyes.

"You don't make a joke, Mu Yu, we, we didn't go anywhere, we have been here, aren't we?" Don't scare me, when you are a master, why do you want to marry your master is a bastard? ”Suddenly stood up, loosened Mu Yu, and stepped back, as if looking at a stranger.

Master? When is it to heaven? What a joke!

"It seems that I am really dreaming."Mu Yu sighed, and the person he hated most now was a member of the world. If it wasn’t for the day, he would have been happy to find the nine-dimensional polyester flower and the grass and leave the double heaven, but However, this bastard has made the hand of the wood feathers.

But this dream is too real, there is pain, and there are also control over the trees, so how do you wake up?

"Mu Yu brother, you listen to me, this is not a dream, no matter what you think in your mind, what do you think of the world view, it is not true, we are real, here is true! You are brainwashed by the old man of Feng Haochen. ”Suddenly said with an eager face.

Mu Yu frowned, how is this dream so weird? Feng Haochen is an awkward father. How can he say such disrespectful words to Feng Haochen?

"Wood feather, come over."at this time,

The voice of the person that Mu Yu wanted to see was actually not far behind him. He turned his head and looked at it, happy to see the gentle face of Feng Haochen.

"Master, you are also in my dreams!"Mu Yu climbed up and ran to the wind and dust without hesitation. It has been nearly two years since he left the Dust Mountain. His most concerned person is his own master, let alone he is caught in this weird dream or looking for a grass to heal the Master.

"Mu Yu does not go, he is a dreamer! He is not your master! ”Suddenly cried in the back with a cry.

Dreamer? What it is?

Mu Yu did not listen, anyway, this is a dream, seeing Master is not bad. Mu Yu came to Feng Haochen and carefully looked at Master's face. Master is always a slap in the face, not in a hurry, and the celestial wind is so extraordinary that it seems that all the common things in the world will not affect him. Mood.

"Master, are you okay?"Although I know that this is not true, Mu Yu could not help but ask.

"You're fine, now things are complicated, these people want to kill me!"Feng Hao slammed his beard and said with a smile.

"Why are they killing you in my dreams?"Mu Yu asked inexplicably. This dream is too real, and both the wind and the dust are really there. Mu Yu can clearly feel the vitality of the flow of everyone on the scene, and his perception of vitality will not admit mistakes.

"Mu Yu, do you really know you as a teacher?"A sound that makes the wood feathers hate to the wood feathers, and the wood feathers pay attention to the sky and sit on the ground. His hand was on his chest, and there was residual blood on his lips. His face was wilting and he looked very badly injured. When Deng Tian’s voice was mournful and old, it made Mu Yu feel a pain in a moment.

Hair! He is a man who can't live without him. How can he feel heartache for his injury?

When Deng Tian was still lying next to him, Mu Yu fixed his eyes and looked at it. It was Shi Minghui. His left hand was bloody and his chest had a blood hole. He had been dead for a long time. Mu Yu remembers the wound of Minghui, which was the life of Minghui when his sword ended.

"For your sister's teacher! I still have to be disgusting in my dreams. Do you really want to avenge your grandson? Anyway, in the dream, just kill you once! ”Mu Yu smashed, and then took out the flying sword and went to the sky.

"Do not want wood feathers -"

When he was in the sky, he suddenly yelled, and the body quickly stopped in front of the sky. Mu Yu was caught off guard, and his shadow sword penetrated the chest without any hindrance. .

"Oh, what are you doing?"Mu Yu was shocked and looked at the sullen face, and his heart hurt again.

Even in a dream, Mu Yu does not want to see a sudden injury. Because he is like his sister, he always wants to protect himself from harm. In the moment when he fell down, Mu Yu’s head smashed, and he subconsciously held up his stunnedness and held it in his arms.

"Why are you doing this?"Mu Yu is puzzled. Why in the dream, I am willing to use life to protect the people he hates? When Deng Tiantian designed to frame him, Shi Minghui wanted to kill Mu Yu. Mu Yu just wanted to try again to see if he could kill the gas when he tried to kill it. But why should he stop himself?

The hand of the hand licked the face of Mu Yu, the warmth and softness of the silk, it seemed so real, and the vigorous vitality quickly passed away in the body. With the perception of vitality by Mu Yu, he could not see the illusion of this vitality.

Is this really a dream?

"You killed him. If one day you know the truth, you will regret it for a lifetime. I don't want to see you live for the rest of your life."Suddenly a slight trace of blood flowed out of her mouth, she wiped it hard, her eyes looked at the wood feathers with ecstasy, and there was a sorrow, and the heartstrings of Mu Yu trembled.

"In that dream, you, do you still like me?"

Suddenly grabbed Mu Yu’s hand, his eyes are still so simple. She seems to be using the last glimmer of life to ask Mu Yu, want to get the answer of Mu Yu, as if the answer is that she always wanted to ask for an exit, and only this answer can make her feel at ease.

In that dream? What is his reality?

Mu Yu’s heart seemed to be hit by a person. The person in the dream said that his reality is a dream. In her dream, she asked him if he liked her in his dream.

Flowers bloom, dreams are dreams, just a simple question.

He had never thought about this problem before. He regarded it as a simple sister. He was willing to protect her with his own life. When he is happy, he will be happy. When he is being bullied, he will be angry. When he suddenly calls his brother Mu Yu, UU reads He even thinks that the sky is blue, never blue. When he plunged into his arms, he even reluctant to let go.

Does he really just treat it as a sister?

The silk barrier at the bottom of my heart was withdrawn, and an unspeakable emotion went straight to his mind. Do you like it? Why not? The happy Mu Yu brother made his heart soft, he liked it, simply like it, and wanted to use life to protect her lifelong love.

"I like you."Mu Yu nodded subconsciously and said this sentence.

"That, that's good."A blush appeared on the pale face, and the breath gradually weakened until it disappeared. He looked at him with satisfaction and closed his eyes, leaving without any regrets, but a little more in his heart.

He can't help but comfort himself. It's just a dream. When he gets rid of this dream, he will go looking for it. In turn, he asks the real sorrow: "Do you like me?"

But why is my heart so painful?

Qiao Xue looked at Mu Yu. At the moment when Mu Yu nodded, her eyes dimmed. She came to the side of the sorrow, took the body from the wood feathers and had a warm body, and looked at Mu Yu in a complicated way, biting the teeth and retreating to the sky.

"You really don't remember anything, even if you use your life, you can't wake up your memory?"Qiao Xue looked at Mu Yu quietly, but her body was shaking slightly. Can this man in front of me not come back again?

"This is just a dream, isn't it?"

Mu Yu tried hard to find out the flaws of this dream. For example, it would not be called the wind dust, and it would not be his master when it was going to heaven. This is certainly impossible! How could it be so ridiculous? But why, in front of Qiao Xue and suddenly look so real?

Where is the problem?

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