Chapter 241 True and False

  Mu Yu is lost in the infinite power. He is on the verge of life and death. Everything is controlled by him. Everything is dying between him. Between the absolute power of life and death, he is the god of all things in the world, he does not have to be responsible for anything.

  Luo Wei and others suddenly flew by him, and Feng Haochen seemed to become insignificant in front of him. Why should he protect this person? What is the qualification of this humble comprehension as his master?

  Feng Hao dust brows slightly wrinkled, he obviously did not expect this to happen, but his body full of breath has been locked by the wood feather, as long as the wood feather a thought, he will be awkward, life is not wooden feathers Take away mercilessly. He must stop this situation, he can't sit still.

  Feng Haochen's hands made a complicated French seal, and a group of white light shot into Mu Yu's mind with lightning speed, as if the knife was engraved on the nerve of Mu Yu, and all kinds of memories were like tides. Into the wood feathers mind.

  The tearing pain caused the wooden feather to make a long scream, and the ten miles were turned into a ridiculous, all life disappeared, only Qiao Xue and others were left. Although they would not be killed, they were also suppressed. No.

  The memory fragment pours like a stream of water, flashing in the mind of Mu Yu. Mu Yu feels that he is passing through a long and narrow memory corridor, where there is a cloud of clouds, and there seems to be a shadow in the clouds. He looked at the clouds with shock, because the focus of those figures was himself, as if someone had carved his life fragments in these clouds, and there were even many strange scenes in the clouds.

  The clouds suddenly came to Muyu, and he looked like an outsider and looked at the fragments of life in the clouds. He could even hear what the people in the cloud were talking about. It was a very strange feeling. These fragments seemed to him to be so familiar.


  A fire burned the entire village, and a baby cried in the sea of ​​fire. The flames are raging, dancing wildly and devour anything. The baby's parents had fallen into the sea of ​​fire, and the baby's voice was weak. However, a floating figure fell into the fire, and the majestic spirit waved and rolled the baby out of the fire.

  "You are a big child."When Deng Tian’s face appeared in front of the baby’s eyes, he shook his head slightly. At this moment, when Deng Tiantian did not have the kind of gloomy breath, on the contrary, there was a trace of harmony, which made Mu Yu feel extremely strange.

  "The breath of life and death makes up you, and you will be my apprentice in the future!"When Deng Tiantian looked at the baby still in the middle of the shack, he sighed for a long while and said, "You will call Mu Yu in the future!"


  The clouds once again haunted the chaos, and a new scene was re-imaged in front of Muyu.

  The little baby has grown into a teenager of ten years old. He is holding a sword in his hand at the moment, practicing in the Danding party, and he has a look and feel.

  "Mu Yu, your understanding of the sword method is in place, good!"When Deng Tian was watching the teenager, he nodded from time to time.

  "Brother, you are amazing."It turned out that Shi Minghui, Shi Minghui is his fellow teacher.

  On the side of Mu Yu’s heart gave birth to an anger. Why did Minghui and Shi Dengtian become close to themselves?


  The clouds in front of him were once again disrupted and he re-entered into another scene. But this time he found that he had become the protagonist of this scene.

It is no longer an outsider, but an insider. The clouds seemed to invade his mind, giving him an illusion.

  "Mu Yu brother."The cheerful voice was introduced into Mu Yu’s mind, and that was the first time he met with him. Mu Yu liked it at first sight, but he didn't dare to say that it was such a simple girl, Mu Yu wanted to take care of her for a lifetime.

  He and the family traveled around the triple continent, and the relationship between them began to change subtly.

  "I like Mu Yu brother."After a few life and death adventures, I squat in the arms of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu’s heart beat so fast that he waited so long for this sentence. He smiled happily, clenched his arms and bowed his head.

  The moment of affection, the two hearts touched together gently, so happy, there seems to be nothing more to separate them.


  Another piece of memory came to my heart. In this memory, he saw Qiao Xue. A gentle girl like water, and Mu Yu accidentally bumped together.

  "My name is Joe Snow."Joe Snow looked at Mu Yu, her blushing, very cute.

  "My name is Mu Yu."Mu Yu scratched his head and was overwhelmed.

  Qiao Xue is a bitter child. Her family is killed by the enemy. She is also avoiding the enemy's pursuit. Mu Yu repeatedly helped Joe Xue to get out of trouble. Gradually, Qiao Xue’s heart favored Mu Yu. Until one day, Qiao Xue looked at Mu Yu insanely, she wanted an answer.

  "Joe Xue, I am sorry, I like it."Mu Yu angrily looked at Qiao Xue.

  "You never gave me a chance, even in a dream?"Qiao Xue’s eyes are red, and it seems that she has already known this ending.

  "Joe Xue, I am sorry."Mu Yu turned his gaze elsewhere. He helped Qiao Xue just because of his ability to have the five elements of the Yumeng Mozu.

  "I understand."Qiao Xue clenched his lips and turned away. The lonely figure made Mu Yu feel a pain in his heart. He found that he also had unclear feelings about Qiao Xue.


 Countless clouds came again, and the memory brought the wood feather into a room. The room was very dark and only five people sat around the table.

  "We must join hands to kill the illusionist and beat the illusionist with the ability of our five people."The statement said seriously. Luo Wei and nodded to the south, Mu Yu looked at Qiao Xue, and Qiao Xue did not look at him.

  Mu Yu had a deep feeling of guilt about Qiao Xue, and he wanted to make up for what Qiao Xue did.


  The memory brought Mu Yu into a tree-lined path, and Mu Yu was still thinking about Qiao Xue, but a figure stopped his way.

  "who are you?"Mu Yu asked in confusion.

  "My name is Feng Haochen."Feng Haochen’s image of the fairy wind bone appeared in the eyes of Mu Yu. “I am a dreamer.”

  "You are the dreamer that the brothers said?"Mu Yu’s face changed slightly. He raised his sword in his hand. “My task is to kill you!”

  "You have a flaw in your heart. Two girls like you at the same time, but you hurt one of them. You have been asking yourself to do this right, I can give you a chance. ”Feng Haochen said calmly, did not care about the rudeness of Mu Yu.

  "what chance?"

  "I will temporarily take your current memory out and let you go through a life again. When you wake up, if you still like it, then your choice is correct. ”Feng Hao dust hands behind his back.

  "Why should I try?"

  "You don't want to give Joe a chance in another life?"

  Mu Yu thinks of Joe Snow's lonely look, she is stubborn and resolute, and has always liked Mu Yu silently. Mu Yu did not know when he liked Joe Snow, but he also liked it. He didn't want to live up to these two girls. He was not willing to hurt anyone.

  "Okay, I agree."Mu Yu looked at the wind and dust, "But in the dream, I have to see Joe Snow first."

  "can."Feng Hao's eyes sparkled with strange light. I don't know what I was thinking. "Let yourself empty, your dream will start from the dusty mountain."


  His life began from the dusty mountain. He worshipped the wind as a teacher. He respected the wind and dust, but he still saw the sorrow. Feng Haochen did not fulfill his promise. He even described Tian Dengtian as a villain and conceived Mu Yu in a brainwashing manner. After going through everything on the triple continent, he came to Dunhuang from Danding and came to the valley where the grass was growing.

  When Mu Yu was waking up in his head and waking up, he couldn’t tell what was real and what was a dream.

  He stubbornly believes that Feng Haochen is the person he wants to guard, and when he goes to heaven, he is the one who deliberately wants to put him to death.

  "What exactly is going on?"

  Two kinds of memories are filled with the head of Mu Yu. One kind of memory is that he started from the dusty mountain and supported the wind and dust. He was the second most dangerous day for the wind and dust. In another memory, his master was a time to teach him to be a man, but he eventually died in his hands.

  The two memories are mixed together, and the worldview of Mu Yu collapses.

  Mu Yu had a splitting headache, and he recovered himself. The strength of the Yumeng in the body began to dissipate, and the dead body was suppressed. Two different world views in his mind made him feel confused. What is true? What is fake? Is the memory from the Dust Mountain just a real dream?

  His reality belongs here and belongs to a completely different world.

  So many years of memory, from the dusty mountain to the dead wood valley to the floating fairy island to the Dan Ding faction finally into the double heaven, all this is just a dream!

  A dream created by the dream of the wind!

  He stunned. He couldn't accept this reality for a while. The collision of reality and dream made him become confused again. Feng Haochen lied to him, UU reading www. He died in sorrow, and when he died, he went to heaven. Now, even if he avenged himself, he is not happy. He feels that he has been fooled. His whole world view has become abnormal.

  He didn't meet Joe Snow first in his new life. He still encountered the sorrow and liked it. Perhaps Feng Haochen never cares who he likes. Feng Haochen wants to brainwash Mu Yu and let Mu Yu become his own person, but Feng Haochen did not expect that the last thing will go beyond controlling his own control. The power that Mu Yu himself possessed was something he did not expect.

  Mu Yu looked at the other four people. These people were even his good friends. At this time, they were seriously injured. His eyes stayed on Qiao Xue’s face. He chose her second life for her, but did not give her the corresponding Treated, really, in the dream, he also likes to be awkward?

  The sky is discolored, and the thunder is surging.

  The rain fell and poured on the wooden feathers, soaking his clothes. The cold rain not only cooled his body, but also cooled his heart. He fell into deep confusion. He didn’t know what he was next. How should the road go…

  "Wood feathers, it’s raining, are you sitting here stupidly doing dry?"Xiaoshuai drilled out from Mu Yu’s arms, covered his head with his big tail, and stretched his claws to pat the cheek of Mu Yu.

  A bright light crossed the head of Mu Yu.


  His eyes lit up, and the two memories of the chaotic cross in his mind began to become clear. He suddenly made clear which part of the memory was true and which part of the memory was false.

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