Chapter 245 Uphill

  The peaks of the center of the lake tower into the clouds, and the top is not seen from afar. At the moment the sky is still bright, exceptionally gorgeous, the peak of the rainbow Light overflowing, quite spectacular.

  Several people stopped at the foot of the mountain. They wanted to fly directly, but there was a ban on the top of the mountain to make them unable to fly the sword. Everyone had to choose to walk the mountain. This mountain is no different from ordinary mountain peaks. As they go up, they feel a very large pressure on the body, just like a pound of stone, very difficult.

  "How is this going?"Joanna frowned. In this pedestrian, Joanna's cultivation is not the lowest, Mu Yu only Yuan Ying triple heaven, his cultivation is the bottom, but he did not reveal any unbearable look, and Joanna is a little hard.

  Meng Xin Fairy is close to Joanna, using her own spiritual power to help Anna to share some pressure. Xinggao also approached Muyu. In his opinion, Muyu was in need of help in this situation, so he also planned to help Mu Yu.

  "Thank you."Mu Yu said thank you and did not refuse. However, Zuo Fengjian snorted in front and apparently provoked Mu Yu. In his opinion, Mu Yu needs someone to help, this is already a very ridiculous thing, it is more certain that the slow sword and the fast sword died in the hands of Mu Yu is luck.

  At this moment, the ground they stood on was soaring, everyone changed their face and immediately circled the city. At this time, they could not fly, and nothing could be done. The earth pillars suddenly emerged from the ground, and several of them were brought to the sky, and then the soil column no longer rose.

  "Some weird."Xinggao walked to the edge of the soil column and looked down. Their height is about 100 meters above the ground. They can jump straight down as usual, but now they want to fly and they will have gravity to add. They can't fly at all, and if they jump, they will definitely fall badly.

  "To make a soil column, this method should be the ability of the Tuyou Mozu, why is it here?"Zuo Fengjian squatted down and touched the rock under his feet. However, he did not feel the slightest difference. The ordinary rock was really trapped.

  "Someone won't let us go up the mountain."The wood feathers look around, and the roads are hidden and sometimes very regular. He quickly understood that this was a magical array dedicated to making trouble for those who went up the mountain.

  "What do we do now? Can't fly to climb down? ”Asked Anna.

  Everyone thought of a way, can't fly now, but can use the flying sword on the body to sneak into the soil column, and then go down one level.

  "Let's go down!"The left front sword was a flash, the flying sword in the hand had already penetrated into the soil column, and then the whole person hanged in the air, then pulled out a flying sword, pierced into the soil column below, stepping down.

  When everyone was ready to go down, Xinggao found that Mu Yu did not have any action.

  "Mu Yu, are you not going to go down?"Xing Gao asked strangely that being trapped in midair was not a good sign.

  "What are you doing?" Going down will only come back here. ”

  Mu Yu walked to the edge of the soil column and reached out and knocked on the void in front of him. There was a hint of sin in the void, as if his hand was on the calm water. His mouth rose slightly and said: "We don't need to go down, just go straight ahead."

  "Are you a dummy? Going forward directly, isn’t it going to fall? ”Zuo Fengjian has already gone down halfway, and he said unceremoniously.

  Mu Yu ignored him,

Step out directly. He did not fall down, but disappeared in front of everyone's astonished eyes. It seems that the front is an illusory curtain, and Mu Yu has reached the other end of the curtain.

  "If you want to go on, go straight! You will stop in the same place if you climb down for a long time. ”The sound of Mu Yu came from the front.

  Others were a little surprised. Not everyone has learned the formation. These people are ignorant of the formation. Only Mu Yu discovered the anomaly of this soil column. Xingti shrugged and chose to believe in Mu Yu. He carefully walked forward, followed by Mu Yu disappeared in front, and Meng Xin and Joanna no longer hesitated, and quickly followed.

  Stepping out, they unexpectedly found that the place where they stood was still on the hillside, and everything was normal in the rear, and there was no soil column just seen. Zuo Fengjian found that other people had disappeared, and his heart was angry. He climbed up from below and then stepped forward to catch up with Mu Yu and others.

  “How did Mu Yudao friends discover it?”Meng Xin fairy saw a few eyes of Mu Yu.

  "You haven't studied the tactics?" This is the most basic fantasy array. What you see is not necessarily true. It will blind your eyes. ”Mu Yu simply explained two sentences and then went on.

  This kind of array method is relatively good to crack, creating an illusion that people think that the front is a deep abyss, can only be discouraged. The way people think of this situation is to climb down, but no matter how they climb, they can't climb to the end. This is the magic of the magic array.

  "Mu Yuxian's understanding of the law is so familiar, it is really admirable. To tell the truth, the comprehension of the realm of the law is familiar, and I am afraid that there are only people who are in the same way. The rest of us did not know about the law. I didn’t expect that Mu Yu’s friends would not only be alchemy, but also a battle. It’s really amazing. ”Xing Gaoxin is convinced.

  The sect is a martial art that specializes in playing the tactics. The disciples under the door are very good at various formations. They entered the Tao with the law, and their strength is very strong. Mu Yu used to listen to the ancestors only occasionally, but he didn't know exactly how.

  Zuo Fengjian snorted and said: "It’s just luck.
Only. ”

  Mu Yu licked his mouth and didn't want to talk nonsense with such people. He couldn't eat grapes and said that people with sour grapes were mostly lacking in love. Mu Yu had some sympathy for this left-front sword. After they climbed up the hill for a while, they suddenly stopped their steps and made a different direction. Then they said, "We are still in the illusion, and then we have to go to the right to go up the mountain."

  Zuo Fengjian glanced at the mountain and looked suspiciously: "Who are you in?" There are no obstacles in front, why do you want to turn? ”

  "Please."Mu Yu didn't turn back to the right, and he was too lazy to explain this kind of person. He and these people are just like each other. When they believe him, they will go with him. If they don't believe him, they will go by themselves. He didn't think there was any big deal.

  Hesitantly hesitated. In his opinion, going up the mountain should be straight. It’s not like there is any formation, but it has been confirmed that Mu Yu is right. He doesn’t understand the law, only Can choose to believe in wood feathers, so he followed Mu Yu to the right.

  Meng Xinxian patted Juan Anna's shoulder and followed the pace of Mu Yu. Ronald did not say anything, but she looked at Mu Yu's eyes and had some aversion, but more curious.

  Zuo Fengjian does not believe in evil, he chooses a person to climb up. However, after he climbed for a while, he found a strange problem. When people went up the mountain, the body's center of gravity moved forward, but when he went "on", he found that the body's center of gravity was obviously not right. Another point is that when they go up, the pressure should be getting bigger and bigger, but when he goes "up", he does not feel any pressure.

  After a while, he found himself walking back to the place where they were separated from Mu Yu. He understood that he should have returned to the "up" circle, and it was in a puzzle. He was very angry in his heart and eventually had to choose the direction of Mu Yu just now, and rushed to the right. After about a quarter of an hour, he caught up with them again.

  "So smart, you are here too! I thought you didn't take our way! ”Xiaoshuai squatted on the shoulder of Mu Yu, lazily swaying the big tail, and sneered in the tone.

  Mu Yu held back his smile, thinking that Xiao Shuai would give himself a long face, and finally did not hurt him. He faintly stunned the left front sword, the left front sword is not mad, and it was considered to be scorned by Mu Yu. Even a small beast dared to sneer at him. If he changed his usual routine, he would have passed the sword. But now he has no choice but to resist the anger of his heart. His face is a little hot, but there is no room for it.

  "I shouldn’t have a boring question when I go down this time?"Mu Yu once again turned, actually went in the direction of the mountain. Everyone looked helplessly, and despite the doubts, they followed the past.

  In the heart of Zuo Fengjian, he secretly hated it. How could he not know that Mu Yu was sarcasm? This is equivalent to playing a slap in the face and making him a little red-faced.

  Mu Yu stopped and went, the road up the mountain is like a labyrinth. It is definitely not feasible to go up the mountain according to the reference material around him. If it weren't for those who were proficient in the form of Mu Yu, I would probably be able to go back to the mountains.

  The pressure on the mountain has grown, and they still don't know how far it is from the top of the mountain. Just when everyone was still thinking about what the seal was, the whole mountain suddenly trembled fiercely, and then the huge stone rolled over from the front, and the rock under the foot of UU reading could not help but crack. open.

  "Everyone is careful!"Everyone hastened to sacrifice their own magic weapon, and suddenly the swordsmanship sounds are intertwined in the air, and the fierce magic weapon is exhausted, and the rock in front is broken into powder.


  There was another loud noise on the top of the mountain, like the roar of Thor, deafening. The huge spiritual power is swaying, and it seems that it is necessary to tear up the entire sky. This power is too large and makes people feel guilty. Everyone was shocked and watched the changes in the sky, and did not understand what happened at the top of the mountain.


  But at this moment, countless broken air suddenly came. Compared with the loud noise on the top of the mountain, these broken sounds are even more alarming. Everyone is alert and looking forward. I want to know what it is. Make this sharp sound.

  "This is – the beast?"Joanna suddenly cried.

  Countless animal shadows have come from all directions, and they are very fierce high-order monsters. The strength is not much more than the Yuan Ying period.

  Everyone encountered a lot of monsters in the second day, so I didn’t feel surprised at seeing the monsters here. Everyone showed a dignified look, and the magic weapon in his hand came out, ready to kill with these monsters.

  But what surprised them even more is still behind, because the monsters have turned into humanoid forms when they jumped in midair!

  Where is this monster, clearly is the Yaozu!

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