Chapter 250 wins 9 arrays

  "Where to go?"

  The white ape Demon King laughs, again a fist blows toward Mu Yu and so on person to blow. The fist wind screamed, the air blew in a hurry, and the huge fist fell like a mountain. Everyone knows that it is too simple to think of the White Demon King. Such a terrible white demon king is where many of them can resist. Everyone has their own magic weapon to scatter, but even this is swept out by a strong boxing style.

  Joan’s reaction was slow, and he was almost stunned by his fist. Mu Yu frowned, he could have escaped, but he saw it on his toes, and moved over to pull back Anna. If this is not the case, Joanna may be fragrant.

  The speed of the wood feathers has been quite fast, but it has been swept up by the fists of the fists. The body shape is almost unsteady, and it has been stopped for a long time. He felt that his whole body was full of blood and blood. He immediately used the dusty heart method to calm down the blood, and then looked at the white demon king with shock.

  Such a terrible white demon king, is the ghost door really capable of winning?

  Joanna looked at the white demon king with horror, then looked at the wooden feather that grabbed her hand, and her face turned red, but surprisingly she didn’t have to be mad at this time and desperately wanted to fight with Mu Yu. The wood feathers are loose.

  "Don't avenge this time."Mu Yu quickly released the arm of Joanna, saving the girl from dying to do things for him.

  "Remember! This time is the right hand. ”Xiaoshuai explored his head and said to Juana in good faith.

  Mu Yu’s face was covered with black lines and he said: “Those things outside of the food, and then throw you over to the demon king as a snack!”

  "The demon spirit in the belly of the demon king is Nedan! He does not die if he does not have a demon spirit. It is useless to give him food. ”Xiaoshuai said innocently.

  Joanna bit her teeth and looked at Mu Yu's eyes in a weird look. She had just sent the jade in her hand, and she thought about fleeing directly. However, at the speed of the white demon king, I am afraid that she will be able to smash her before the tearing force reaches her.

  “Thank you for your friends.”Meng Xin fairy road. Just now she was far away from Joanna, and she didn't have time to help Ronaldo. If it wasn't for Mu Yu, the consequences would be unimaginable.

  "Nothing, still find a way to solve this demon king!"Mu Yu put his gaze on Qiao Xue behind the demon king. Solving the demon king is not his original intention. He only hopes to talk to Qiao Xue.

  Wherever the white demon king boxing winds go, the aura in the air seems to have become dull, and everyone has only escaped, and they dare not confront each other. Those who can smash lightning and collapse the mountain, how are they opponents?

  "The demon king, the double heaven should not stay, we should go."Qiao Xue glanced at the wooden feathers that had been swept by the fists. She stopped in front of the White Demon King and discouraged her. The white demon king snorted, and then seemed to think of something, and then once again shouted in the sky, the violent fist turned into a shadow of the sky and the shadows of Mu Yu and others.

  Countless fists burst open, everyone was tired of dodging, and the body of the White Demon King suddenly became smaller and reverted to a white-haired middle-aged man.

  "If you want to provoke the king, let me know how to do it yourself!"The white demon king is a pair of squatting gestures, even if he does not integrate Nedan, it is already so powerful, it is hard to imagine how terrible the white demon king in the heyday!

  "Everyone is coming!"

  The wind eagle has turned out to be the original shape.

His wings are as long as ten feet, as sharp as steel wings, solid and powerful. All the people of the Yaozu jumped to the back of him, and then the giant wings swung, the wind was raging, flying sand and stone, with all the Yao people turned into a virtual shadow to fly away.

  The horror of the boxing shadow has been smashed by them, and the left front swords are reunited. They are all looking at the back of the Yaozu people. The glory of the white scorpion king is still echoing in their minds. Everyone looked at each other and saw a little helplessness from the other side's eyes. I just thought about stopping the White Demon King, but with the strength of the White Demon King, how can they stop it?

  "Hey, what about Mu Yudao?"Meng Xin fairy opened the way.

  Everyone noticed that Mu Yu had disappeared, and looked at the broken wall below, and did not find the figure of Mu Yu. Under the boxing shadow, no one cares about who cares, but I did not expect that Mu Yu was missing.

  "The kid won't be beaten to death by the white demon king?"Zuo Fengjian frowned.

  "Maybe the situation is urgent, he has broken the jade and returned to the triple heaven?"Xing Gao guessed.

  "The demon people can enter the double heaven, they must also have the means to bring the white demon king out, it is not too late, we will quickly return the demon king to the teacher's door, let the elders decide to take it!"Meng Xin fairy road.


  Mu Yu did not return to the triple heaven, he integrated into the wood spirit, tracking the Yao people in the high air.

  There is one thing that he still hasn't figured out yet. The people of Ghost Gate have been preparing to take advantage of the nine battles. They even intercepted the compradors who went up the mountain in the middle of the road. But why haven't they just appeared? Where did the ghost Xuan Yue people go again? They should know more about the white demon king than the wooden feather. The strength of the white demon king is so horrible, the ghost door person should think of it!

  Was it not because of the appearance of a few people who saw the left front sword, but did not dare to act rashly?

  But no matter what, Qiao Xue’s business has not let Mu Yu down. The Yaozu people have always been secret in the triple sky. They don’t know the specific location. It is impossible to wait for the return to the triple sky and then to find Joe Snow. At the same time, he still has a question, repair
The real person was able to enter the double heaven through the ancient transmission line, how did the Yao people come in?

  Mu Yu decided to follow the Yao people to find out what to do, but also to find a way to make Qiao Xue have the ability to have water.

  He followed the wind eagle and flew south, crossed the wilderness, and turned over the mountain range. After flying for a day and a night, the Yao people finally stopped. Such a long-distance flight trek, Rao is a wind eagle that is good at flying, the Yao people also need to rest. They are now at the beach, but not the same as the beach where Mu Yu just came in.

  "We can see the island from here, as long as we get to the island, we can return to the triple sky."Although Joe Snow's voice is not big, it is still very clear into the ears of Mu Yu. In order not to be discovered, Mu Yu did not dare to get too close.

  "This time I lost five elite disciples in the family, it is abhorrent."The wind hawk said indignantly.

  "Is that few people doing it?"The white demon king is screaming.

  "They also suffered a lot of injuries, so they should not be, but others."The wind eagle shook his head.

  Qiao Xue looked around and seemed to be looking for something. After a while, he asked in confusion: "The wind eagle brother, the silkworm?" I obviously let him meet us here. ”

  The eagle shook his head and asked strangely: "The red tiger is gone, I thought he was with you."

  "Red Tiger, he went to trace the whereabouts of the ghost gate, should come back soon, we are here to wait for him!"Qiao Xuedao.

  The voice of the demon people was getting quieter and louder. Mu Yu had gradually disappeared. He moved forward a distance and was ready to get closer, but he suddenly frowned and did not go any further. He carefully reached out and groped for a moment on the floor, then his face!

  The breath of the pattern! This is surrounded by a strange array of methods!

  at this time! The smog of the forest slammed all the demon people, and then a cold and bitter laugh echoed in the ears of each of the demon people. This sound is so sorrowful, like the grievances under the nine secluded yellow springs.

  "White Demon King, let us wait a long time!"

  It is a ghost Xuan Yue!

  All the demon people changed their faces, and when the enemy was so close, they didn’t even notice. The misty fog of the sky has been pervading around, and there are screams of ghosts and sorrows coming from the faint. From time to time, there are sorrows and sorrows, and the claws are dancing and mourning.

  "Ghost door people? How are you here? ”Qiao Xue blue water spirit has been drawn out, watching the man in midair with vigilance.

  Ghost Xuan Yue smiled: "Nature is someone who ventilates us. I heard that you are looking for a little cat?"

  Ghost Xuanyue waved, and a red-haired tiger slid out of his sleeve, making a low-pitched squat, and then turned into a big man with a tiger-backed waist. It’s just that Dahan’s eyes are covered with a layer of hoarfrost, his expression is sluggish and his hands are standing.

  "Red Tiger Big Brother!"Qiao Xue exclaimed, just wanted to rush up, but was stopped by the White Demon King.

  "He is not your big brother, this bastard has killed the red tiger and pulled out his demon. Now he is no different from the grievances around him."The golden eyes of the white demon king seem to be flashing with anger. This tribe has killed his people, apparently provoking his dignity, but he has not slammed, because the surrounding lines are vaguely causing strong anxiety in his heart. .

  "impossible! How can the big brother of Red Tiger die?" Qiao Xue clenched his fist. She has been caring for her big brother since childhood and she was smashed into a demon by the ghost door. How can she accept this fact?

  Ghost Xuanyue said: "Do you think that this cat can track us? too naive. But thanks to this little cat, we only temporarily changed the plan and waited for you here. ”

  "Wait for us? Waiting for us to kill you? ”The white scorpion king’s fist screamed, but the feeling of uneasiness became more and more obvious.

  Ghost Xuan Yue evil smiled: "I can't do anything right with the famous white demon king, UU reading but you have entered the nine battles, I am afraid it is difficult to live alive."

  "what? Give up nine battles! ”The face of the white demon king has changed slightly. Apparently he knows what is the nine battles and understands the horror of this formation. In the moment when he said that he had said nine exits, he had already rushed to look up, but it was too late.

  Every demon person around him suddenly blushes, and the painful look appears on the face of each Yaozu, as if someone is holding their throats, so that they are completely out of breath. A red blood cell appeared above the head of each Yaozu. The blood cell continued to squirm, feeling something inside to break free. A horrible face was reflected on the blood cell, and the blood ball was pulled and deformed, but the face was quickly Blocking back, then there are countless face-faced faces alternating.


  Each of the Yao people’s blood vessels burst, and the blood gradually spread from the Seven Miles. One of the Yao people couldn’t help it anymore. The head burst directly, the white plasma was sprayed on other companions, and a vague shadow was inhaled from his body. In the blood ball.

  "No-" Qiao Xue shouted in horror, the second Yaozu’s head exploded, followed by the third…

  "you dare!"The white demon king is full of anger, but he can't make up his strength. The blood ball on his head is the biggest, and the spiritual power is pulled from him and enters the blood ball!

  After winning nine battles, even the white demon king can not resist!

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