Chapter 257 sensational comprehension

  Mu Yu was trapped in the double heaven, but there was an earth-shattering event in the triple heaven, and the entire comprehension community was sensational.

  One of the demon's top ten demon kings, the white demon king broke free from the seal on the second day, and then escaped to the triple heaven with the help of the human race. The position of the transmission array was in the Danding School. When the Bailu Demon King entered the Dan Ding School, everyone was furious, and all the masters were ready to win the White Demon King.

  However, the White Demon King merged with Nei Dan in the eyes of the public, and the arrogant and arrogant atmosphere of the savage like a demon king will sculpt everyone. When he shot his hand, he was faint and dark, and everyone was caught off guard. Rao was a richly-fledged Dan Ding faction, and he could not block the demon king. The demon king destroyed the numerous protective measures of the Dan Ding faction, and disturbed the older generation of masters of the Dan Ding faction who could not escape the world for many years.

  It is a pity that the demon king repair is too horrible, seriously injured a number of Danding predecessors, but also killed a few younger generation of younger generations, and finally with a little girl swayed away, I do not know.

  The demon king's birth is like a volcanic eruption, bringing unprecedented threats to the repairing world. In recent years, the Yumeng Mozu has invaded the Terran City from time to time, which has caused a huge panic. The birth of the demon king means worse. The demon people who are not in the millennium are likely to make a comeback, and compete with the Terran for the Triple Continent. At that time, the war will be raging, and the souls will be smeared!

  The peace of the triple-continental Terran world was broken, and the Terran had to deal with the invasion of the Yumeng Mozu and the rise of the Yaozu. If this matter is not handled well, once the war is ignited in the future, the enemy will be trapped in the back of the enemy!

  The major sects began to fully investigate the cause of the return of the demon king. In the confirmation of some disciples who entered the second heaven, they eventually pointed their finger at one person. No one had thought that the demon king was born to be a genius disciple who had been sizzling in the past few months. He once clashed with Fuxianyu and killed the Yuanying disciple with the power of the Golden Dan, and was brought back to the Dan by the dead wood. Dingpai, a fusion of half into Dan, shocked the entire Dan Ding faction!

  Mu Yu’s name once again sensationalized the entire realm of cultivation, and there was news that Mu Yu had repeatedly murdered the same door. This time, one of the five maidens of the Dan Ding School, the grandson of Deng Tiantian was robbed! The entire realm of comprehension began to denounce Mu Yu, and he had to hand it over to Dan Ding, and he was executed. However, Dan Ding sent a message. After Mu Yu gave his transmission jade to the white demon king, he could no longer afford the double heaven. At this moment, he was trapped in the double heaven. If he wanted to come out, it would be ten. After the year.

  It is worth mentioning that although the birth of the White Demon King has injured many people, he also killed several people, but several people who were killed were from the door of life and death. There are rumors that the life and death gates and the ghost gates have once dealt with the white demon king in the double heavens, and almost killed the white demon king. Later, because Mu Yu interfered in killing the ghost Xuan Yue, it led to the white demon king to escape a robbery. Therefore, the first thing that the white demon king recovered and repaired was to kill the ghost gate and the life and death gate.

  Ghost Gate and Life and Death Gate have always had a bad reputation in the triple continent, but at the moment it has become the object of praise for everyone. Everyone mourned for the dead ghost disciples and the disciples of life and death. They all said that they died and they died. Their fire of the soul of the soul will never go out. The Terran will not forget them, and Mu Yu has become a shout. Crossing the street mouse…

  The development of the matter is too strange. Unknown, the human race hears the story, begins to reverse black and white, and swears that Mu Yu is a traitor of the human race. He praises the ghost gates and the people who are living and dying for the heroic righteousness, and also makes a monument to them.

  Those who do not know the ghost door have already secretly killed countless people in order to lay down the nine battles and seize the demon of the white demon king. The ghost gatekeeper who is so extinct is turned into a hero who is hard-wound and has become a comprehension.

It is really unreasonable!

  Stupid people are rumored to be rumored to follow the tide, and to see things that don’t go through their own brains. It’s terrible!

  "Lian Tianyou, brother, is this true?"Suddenly anxious to find the Dante's Lian Tianyou, even Tianyou as one of the witnesses of the incident, know more than others.

  Even Tianyou nodded silently and said halfway: "I really didn't think that Minghui's younger brother also died in the hands of Mu Yu."

  "Impossible, Mu Yu's character I know very well. There must be some hidden feelings in this. He is the comprehension person I have ever seen who likes to kill the most. He will not start with Shi Minghui."Suddenly retorted.

  "Whether Mu Yu really killed, I don't know when Minghui's younger brother, but Tianyunmen's disciple Tianyun was with Wenhui at that time. He was also seriously injured. He insisted that it was made by Mu Yu. He is a small star. Lord, his words are multiple and you are clear in your heart. If it is not a quick move of Tianyun, I am afraid that he will also end with Shi Minghui. ”Even Tianyou is a master of the young generation of Dan Ding. He is fair in his work and speaks well. He is loved by other teachers and sisters. He only tells the truth.

  It’s said: “It’s very likely that it’s Tianyun’s wood feather. When Tianyun was in the suffocating city, it’s going to be a slap in the air. It’s blocked by Mu Yu. Later, I heard that after we left, Mu Yu’s day is The cloud gave a fight, and the character that Tianyun would have reported must definitely take this opportunity to pour dirty water on him."

  Even Tianyou brows: "Let the younger brother, you have to remember one thing, Mu Yu is now the target of the public, you have to draw a line with him, you can defend Mu Yu in front of me, but prohibit what to say in front of others . People are awesome, they will treat you as a fellow of Mu Yu. ”

  The martyr said: "When there is no truth in the truth, we can't directly say that Mu Yu is a sinister person. Maybe it was the white demon king who used the magic technique to confuse the wood feather. Maybe the murder is even more illusory. thing."

  Even Tianyou angered and said: "Do you think that the brothers at the time would make a mistake? Even if the brothers make mistakes, there are ghost gates and people who can die and testify, and there are other
People with the same path saw it with their own eyes. I have no evidence that the death of Minghui’s younger brother is really related to Mu Yu, but whether it’s a cockroach or a dirty water, it’s a fact that Mu Yu let go of the demon king. In this situation, any rumors about the poor wood feathers are credible in the face of the self-cultivator. ”

  Mining can not pick up Liantian words, Liantian said right, when the real world people are identified white ape Demon King is Mu Yu released, Mu Yu has become the real world to denounce the object, whether he killed the Shiminghui does not matter, did not kill will not reduce the real world to his rage, killing also give people a more than a reviled his reason.

  "I don't believe that Mu Yu's brother must come back, I will definitely ask him."

  Suddenly, the tears suddenly came down. She heard the sound of the demon king when she was in the double heaven, but she came late, and when she arrived, the demon king had disappeared. She hates herself. If she can get to the next step, she may see Mu Yu, and follow Mu Yu to understand everything, but she failed to catch up in time. Now that Mu Yu is trapped in the Double Heaven, the hope of surviving, and suffering from the innocence, she is incapable of excusing Mu Yu.

  He sighed with a sigh of relief. Yesterday he found his brother Xing Gao and asked about the general situation. Xinggao said that Mu Yu admitted to killing a ghost disciple, and he did not know whether it was true or not.

  "Senior brother, the elders of the dead wood? How is he? ”Asked sharply.

  Even Tianyou clenched his lips: "The uncle who has taught the wooden feathers of the dead, has already caused public outrage. Everyone knows that Mu Yu is now dead on the second day, so I want to find an object that vents anger, and the dead wood master is the first to bear the brunt. The head has protected him for security reasons. ”

  "What is protected, the head is under house arrest!"The explanation of the dissatisfaction with Tianyou.

  "Bold, I am warning you, you are a member of the Dan Ding faction. Any decision made by the head is not something you can question. Let me hear you say the disrespectful words, I will not spare you. !"Even Tianyou slammed his hand and left with anger.

  The clenched fist clenched, and the dead wood had disappeared since the accident of Mu Yu, saying that it was protected by the head. However, the dead wood has been guarded by the elders of the cold ice and the old guards before the accident of Mu Yu. What will threaten him? Why should the Masters personally protect?

  "Chen brother, what do we do now?"Suddenly the eyes are red, and when everyone is denying Mu Yu, only she and Cai Li believe in Mu Yu.

  He shook his head and shook his head. He could do nothing in this matter. Mu Yu had already paid the price for his actions. Even if he could come out, it would be ten years later. The conditions of the Double Heaven are extremely bad. They have all experienced it. Who knows that Mu Yu can persist for ten years? Besides, even if Mu Yu can live until the next transmission array is opened, then his repair is definitely beyond the Yuan Ying period, and the transmission array cannot transmit people above the Yuan Ying period.

  "Mu Yu is not optimistic now, even if he can go out of the double heavens and return to the triple heaven, the comprehension world can not accommodate him."Cai Li believes that Mu Yu is being desecrated, but he is also only a small alchemy teacher. After everyone believes in those ridiculous rumors, no one can change the situation of Mu Yu.


  Everything in the outside world has nothing to do with Muyu. No matter how the outside world revils him, Mu Yu knows nothing about it. At this moment, he is struggling with how to enter the demon island. Without the help of the demon's transmission array, he can't think of other ways to leave the double heaven.

  "Deer boss, have something to say, I don't do it this time…"

  A crutches hit and the seawater in a large area was evaporated and filled.

  "The turtle predecessor, I know that the day before yesterday is that I am wrong, you see if you want to get through…"

  A turtle shell slams down and the seawater in a large area is evaporated and filled.

  "It’s always a lot of things to do. If you look at this, the sea level will be lowered. I will say a few words…"

  The crutches and the tortoise shells blew at the same time, and the seawater in a large area was evaporated and filled.

  Time flies, it has been half a year. In the past six months, in addition to cultivation, Mu Yu went to visit the two guardians of the demon island. It is a pity that the other party does not want to see him. When he comes to the crutches and the tortoise shell, Mu Yu does not know how many attacks he has escaped by Mu Ling.

  In the past six months, Mu Yu’s cultivation has been leaps and bounds, and it has reached the Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian. It has to be said that the aura of the Double Heaven is extremely helpful for cultivation. But he can only stop practicing, because if he breaks through to the expiration period, then the transfer array can't take him out.

  The two old guys apparently felt that it was a very difficult thing to catch the wood feathers. He was like a piece of leather candy and couldn’t walk away. Xiaoqiang’s general spirit finally “touched” two old monsters who were so angry that they were gnashing their teeth. UU reading

  "In the end what you want?"Deer boss said impatiently.

  "I just want to go back to the triple heaven!"Mu Yu said innocently.

  "How come you don't say back to the triple heaven?"Deer boss hated and said.

  Mu Yu touched his nose: "I said it at the beginning!"

  "You don't know the memory of the elderly is…"

  "It's very bad. I know that important things are said three times. I want to go back to Santian. I want to go back to Santian. I want to go back to Santian, can I?"Mu Yu shook his head and shook his head.

  "You don't want to borrow us to transfer the array, but I have to wait another ten years. I think, the demon family was shut down by the day before yesterday. I thought they would not be able to use it."The old turtle said slowly.

  "what! Turned off the day before yesterday? I am grassing your old mother egg…
…"Mu Yu’s eyes widened and he finally began to swear. He has never seen such a person who is not reliable, always thought that Xiaoshuai is a confused representative, I did not expect that these two old monsters can be compared with Xiaoshuai.

  "It turns out that you are not trying to figure out the treasures on our holy island. If you say it early, I am too lazy to catch you every day."The deer boss sat on the reef and scratched the antlers on his head.

  Mu Yu wants to cry without tears, do not understand whether the two old monsters are playing with him.

  "In fact, you don't have to use our transmission array!"The old turtle screamed awkwardly.

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