The No. 260 chapter sees Fallout Mountain again

  The time spent through Reiki eyes is like 10,000 years, and it seems like a moment, people are overwhelmed. There was nothing in the barriers between the heavens and the earth, and it was impossible to see the surrounding conditions. I only felt that the overwhelming power of the devastating forces would destroy Muling. Muling is like a leaf boat in the raging wind and waves. With the waves drifting, there is always the possibility of overturning the ship.

  Wood Yu never had this feeling when passing through the Dan Ding transmission array. It was only a moment of time, without any discomfort, because the transmission array shielded all dangers from the outside. Mu Ling only resists the barriers of the heavens and the earth, and with the broken body against the pressure of destroying the earth and destroying the earth, Mu Yu and Mu Ling meet and feel the same, and the worry in the heart can be imagined.

  But then the wood feathers were light, and a repulsive force turned the woods out. Muling quickly stood up and stood quietly in midair, looking at the pure white hole in front of him. It is the eye of reiki.

  "Back to Sanchong days?" ”Mu Yu’s heart was ecstatic, and he glanced at where he was. Surrounded by a huge space wrapped in roots, Reiki nourishes the roots of the trees, but they are no longer close, and there is a solid barrier to block them.

  It’s a place where Xiaoshuai once stayed!

  "Are we really back to the dusty mountains?"Mu Yu’s heart jumped cheerfully and chose to leave here to save the Master. Floating in the triple continent, I don’t know how much hardship I have ever experienced, and now I have finally returned to the dusty party with nine qi and polyester flowers and grass.

  He no longer has to look for the Sangong Palace where the whereabouts are erratic. With Jiuqi Dishenghua and the grass, Master resumes repairs and is just around the corner. The millions of people in the Moushan Mountain will not die for no reason. Everything seems to be dying. A good direction of development.

  "What are you doing, go up! Chicken legs! Chicken legs! My teeth are already hungry and thirsty! ”Xiaoshuai grinned. It doesn't like the double heaven, because there are no delicious chicken legs in the double heavens, and the grain that the wooden feathers brought into the double heaven has long been squandered by it. Usually, the grilled monsters do not have enough spices when they eat, not enough. Into the taste.

  "What are you doing? Are you so anxious to eat An Shu's chicken legs? I think you really should taste the crafts of An Shu, so that you can't afford any interest in eating. ”An uncle's catastrophic cooking can make Mu Yu fast in January.

  Xiaoshuai used to be a strange egg when he was in the dusty mountain. After passing through the Yumeng Mozu transmission array, he accidentally gave the shell out, and the essence of the food was full. Maybe after throwing Xiaoshuai to An Shu a few days later, Xiaoshuai will be a good boy who eats chanting.

  The wood feathers were drilled out, and the imprisoned Xian prison did not limit the people who were trained in the Yuan Ying period at the moment, so Mu Yu came out without being threatened by the imprisonment. He directly integrated into the roots of the old banyan tree and returned to the cliffs along the banyan tree roots.

  The cliffs are cold and clear, and there is no one. There were no accidents, and there were only five people left in the dusty mountain at the moment. Cheng Yan and others have left, empty and wonderful should be in the mountains, ostrich eggs, An Shu may be cooking, Master and old people may be busy in the vegetable garden.

  Mu Yu stood on the dusty cliff, and the mountain wind swept over the cheeks. The distant city is still crouching like a dragon, the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of life, the patchwork of the fields surrounding the small village, fresh and elegant, a harmonious landscape painting.


  Behind him came a sound of something falling to the ground, and the sound of a surprise sounded: "Wu Yu? is it you? ”

  Mu Yu turned and saw the old man, suddenly smiled and said: "Looking for the old, yes, I am back!"

  There has been no change in the search for the old.

He still looks so spiritual. The broomstick that Mu Yu smashed to the ground was supposed to be cleaned on the dusty cliff. When he saw Muyu excited, he even fell on the floor with the broom.

  "Good to come back, come back well."Looking for the old man to step forward and hold the hand of Mu Yu, I can't help but repeat this sentence. If it wasn’t for Mu Yu, he had already lost his life. It’s also that Mu Yu let him live a life he was looking forward to, becoming a fairy teacher, not a gray disciple who was called to drink. I can't forget it forever.

  Mu Yu was also quite emotional. When he was in the school, he was bullied by the little tiger. He was looking for the old man to help him speak and let him be warm. He had long regarded the old man as his own.

  For a long time, Mu Yu asked: "Looking for the old, Master? And An Shu and two gangsters? ”

  Looking for the old man to hear it, his eyes dimmed, and said: "The air and the wonderfulness are cultivated in the Qingsong school. As for the adults and the heads, they left six months ago."

  Mu Yu frowned and asked inexplicably: "Leave? Where to go? ”

  Looking for the old man shook his head: "I don't know, the head allowed me to take care of the empty space and the wonderful, and left the Andai. He seems to mention that there is a change in the eye of the aura, and the white demon king is born, he must resolve the turmoil of the Yao people. ”

  Reiki eyes change, the white demon king is born, the demon people are in turmoil!

  Mu Yu’s heart is very shocking! Half a year ago, it was the moment when the White Demon King was out of the seal. At that time, he happened to have seen it all in the second day. The most important thing is that the White Demon King escaped from the Double Heaven or he caused it!

  "Master, who are you?"

  Mu Yu’s heart couldn’t be calm for a long time. The aura of the dusty mountain was connected to the seal of the White Demon King. He always thought it was a coincidence, but he did not expect his master, the sword shadow dust wind to know this all the time.

  Mu Yu didn't know what Master used to use Xiao Shuai's food to stop the aura. But one thing is certain, Master knows the secret of the other end of the eye, and also knows what the Aura eye means. He built the martial art in the dusty mountain
It must not be an accident, but to guard the eyes of the aura and monitor the situation of the white demon king.

  When Mu Yu associates these things together, he feels more and more ridiculous. The most shabby dusty party in the Moyun Mountain Range is like a layer of layered yarn. When the wood feathers unveil a veil, there is always another layer of yarn shrouded. Master is still so unpredictable. The identifiable head of the unparalleled world is the true God who saves the whole people. In order to bring peace to the people, he sacrifices himself and becomes the base of the imprisoned imperial prison. . At the same time, he is still the guardian of Reiki Eyes, the watcher of the demon king seal.

  What secret did Master have not been revealed?

  Mu Yu’s heart is swaying, and his thoughts are thousands of years. He can’t calm down for a long time. From the moment he walked out of the village, everything seemed to be in the wind and dust. What is the unknown identity of this mysterious old man?

  Although Mu Yu’s concealment of Master’s concealment is not enough, there is nothing to complain about. Everyone has their own secrets and there is no need to give them all. In any case, what Master has done is his reason. He will not harm his apprentice. This is what Mu Yu firmly believes.

  "Master said that he wants to resolve the turmoil of the Yaozu? How can he resolve? ”Mu Yu asked.

  When the White Demon King broke free from the seal, Master left here to resolve the turmoil of the Yaozu. Can he really do it with the help of Master?

  If you change to the true God of the previous three continents, the sword shadow dust, Mu Yu will not doubt Master's ability. He can even beat the Yumeng Mozu, not to mention the little Yao people. However, now Master has become the eye of the imprisonment of Xianqu, Dan Tian was devastated by the imprisonment of Xianqu, and repaired to fall to the Golden Age, where can he stop the riots of the Yao people?

  Looking for old memories, he shook his head and said: "I don't know. I vaguely listened to the head and said that he was going to find someone named evil. If you go to find me, it is not clear."

  "Is not evil?"Mu Yu has never heard of this person. Why is this person’s name so strange, is it a cultist? When Mu Yu thought of the evil school, he remembered the unfortunate thing that Simon was unreliable and shameless. This evil is not necessarily a master of their evil school!

  Mu Yu doesn't know much about the triple continent. He spends most of his time with dead wood. This stuttering old man is obviously not the kind of person who will tell you a story. Let me not say that he is lonely and look down on other people. Even if he is willing to talk, it will feel like a day after Muyu has finished listening. Therefore, in addition to the Dan Ding faction, Mu Yu is not very familiar with others.

  "Why are you still looking for the old, you shouldn't be in the Pines?"Mu Yu asked.

  "Since they left, I will come back every ten days and clean all the rooms. I can't let the house come back when the house is full of spider webs!"Looking for old laughter. He knows what it means to be in the dusty school. Every disciple of the Dust School is talented, and he is still only a man of temperament, which is so insignificant compared to everyone in the dust. Although everyone did not regard him as an outsider, he also felt that he needed to do something within his power.

  "It's hard for you."Looking for the old can have this heart, but also make Mu Yu quite moved. Looking for the old is a very good elder. The school that was able to manage the mixed fish and dragons in the past is enough to show that his ability is extraordinary. He is very relieved at Mu Yu.

  He and the old man left the dust cliff, UU read went to the residence to go around. Looking for the old to go to the medicine garden to take care of those herbs, and Mu Yu is to check the previous room. The familiar wooden houses and furniture look so intimate, although worn, but it feels solid. If you can, he really wants to stay in this place for a lifetime, stay away from the realm of self-cultivation, and make noises with everyone all day, complaining about the unpalatable food that Anshu made. Every night, sitting on the cliff and listening to Master’s explanation. A magical experience, leisurely and leisurely to make a fairy.

  However, Mu Yu knew that the imprisoned Xianji had not been lifted, and that Master’s cultivation had not yet been restored, and his life was threatened. The millions of people in the deserted mountain range were also in jeopardy. He could not stay here forever. Especially the outside of the Yumeng Mozu, the Yaozu people are ready to go, the realm of the real world is turbulent, he has the ability of the Yumeng Mozu, and wanting to be independent can only be a luxury.

  Looking at the nine gas and the soul of the grass and the grass, he sighed a little, and finally got these two things, but encountered a bigger problem. The dead wood did not tell Mu Yu how to use these two rare herbs to restore the repair of the wind and dust, perhaps Feng Haochen knows that only Mu Yu came back a step later, and he missed it.

  "Looking for the old, let's go to the Qingsong school. I want to see how the two tricksters are going."I haven't seen you for three years, and Mu Yu is also very much missing them. Although the two are extremely restless, they bring countless joys to everyone.

  "Well, I will take care of the medicine garden and leave."Looking for the old man is busy in the medicinal garden, Mu Yu also went over to help. With his help, he saved a lot of troubles, and then he went with the direction of looking for the old and the pines.

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