The No. 274 chapter is short of manpower

  Cang Wan son's face is a bit ugly, the presence of the practitioners regardless of men and women, a total of more than 1000 people, but unexpectedly not meet the conditions of the people, there is no yuan bougainvillea days and out of the body bougainvillea days of the repair of the real person.

  Cang Bangzi continued: "What about the repair of the seven-day-old baby and the seven-day-old?"

  He lowered his request. He thought that many people who are in the midst of the nine-day and the nine-days may be in the process of retreating the bottleneck. It is justifiable that they are absent.

  Only two people stood up, one Yuan Ying seven heavens, one Yuan Ying eight heavens.

  "no yet?"Cangjiezi has been anxious, and the people of Jiuzhongtian can't find it. How can it be even the same in the Yuanying and the expiration period?

  "The disciple has seen the ancestors!"Just then, a young man’s voice came from afar, and a young man in white fluttered in the crowd. The young man walked quickly to the front of the scorpion and saluted respectfully.

  Cang Bangzi’s eyes lit up. He saw the cultivation of Yuan Ying’s Jiuzhongtian. He nodded with satisfaction and was very happy to be able to stand up for the young genius of his martial art. “You are here, you are here.” ?"

  "Returning to the ancestors, the disciples had to go to work under the command of Master, just passing by here, so come and investigate."The retreat is indeed just coming. He is not sure about the situation here. He does not understand why his ancestors will appear here. I just heard that there is an aura in this place, so I came over to check it out.

  Cang Bangzi told the specific situation about the retreat, raised the ignorance, and saw the white demon king who was no one in the opposite direction. He solemnly said: "Return to the ancestors, the demon people are so arrogant, the disciples are willing to represent the human race!"

  "it is good! well! You have to prepare first, I will find the rest of the people. ”Cangjiezi nodded and turned his eyes to the crowd. With the retreat of Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian, his heart has been more and more practical. He knows the outstanding disciples under his own door, and it is no doubt that the nourishment can definitely help the Terran to win.

  Nurturing is a well-known figure of the younger generation. It is also in the list invited by Fuxianyu. Compared with the winds of Fuxianyu, the dreams of the fairy goddess are not bad. When he went out to practice, he killed more than one hundred fourth-order monsters and killed himself. He knew that the fourth-order monsters are equivalent to the strength of the Yuan Ying period, and the monsters in the strength of more than one hundred yuan. Escape, you can see how powerful his strength is.

  In the double-day trip, he was among them, only when he chose to find a place to practice, and did not participate in the White Demon King. It is precisely because of this that his cultivation has been leaps and bounds, and now he has reached the repair of Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian. Only one step will be able to step into the expiration period, which will become the youngest genius in the history of Xuan Lingmen. disciple!

  The emergence of the nurturing is exciting for everyone. The Terran has a comprehension of the nine-day period of the Yuan Ying period. It is obviously impossible for the Yaozu to win. They have already begun to imagine the savage look of the White Demon King.

  Cangbangzi was looking for it, and he only found seven repairing men and more than 20 yuan in infants. However, the more than 20 yuan in the infants’ period was only one of the nine infants’ days. The rest are the six-day days of the Yuan Ying period. As for the out-of-the-season period, it is even more pitiful. The highest one is actually a middle-aged man who goes out of the five heavens! None of the young talents who have already made a name for themselves, such as Lian Tianyou, Meng Xin, Liu Feng, etc., are not present!

  "Hey, the white demon king is here today to make trouble, it is caused by the wood feather, he really damn it."Seeing the right people who are not suitable among the more than a thousand people,

Someone started to open up there.

  "Yes! If it wasn't for Mu Yu to help the White Demon King, how can you worry so much today? ”Many people have echoed.

  Cang Bangzi heard the voices of the crowd and looked at the Yuanhua Taoist people. He said with a bad tone: "Yuanhua dude, you Dan Ding sent a good disciple and took out such a big voice. It is really good. !"

  The Yuanhua Dao people said without hesitation: "Mu Yu is indeed a genius, but unfortunately the old man is always outside, and he has not seen this child. It is a bit regrettable. He can integrate Banchengdan, who is already the best alchemy teacher of the younger generation. Those half-chengdans can't even be integrated with our older generation. According to Yundan, the child was also injured in order to integrate half-chengdan. I don't know if it hurts the foundation…"

  Yuanhua Dao is a person of love. He heard from the Yundan Taoist that Mu Yu could help the alchemist to remove the wood residue. This ability is like a long dry drought for their alchemists. of. Although this thing is not done properly, but he still feels that this matter should be hidden.

  "Yuanhua, I am not here to listen to you praise the disciples under the door. He is superior in talent and helping the demon king to escape from the double heaven is sin."Cang Bangzi interrupted the words of the Yuanhua Taoist impatiently, and he was very dissatisfied with the praise of the Yuanhua Taoist to Mu Yu.

  Yuanhuadao people smiled slightly: "I think things are not so simple. In fact, you and I know that even if the white demon king is not born, the rise of the Yaozu is inevitable. They have been recuperating for a thousand years, and have forbeared for a thousand years. They have long secretly accumulated their strength. The birth of the White Demon King just gave them a more convincing reason. Even if there is no white demon king, their demon will come out sooner or later. ”

  "Yeah, if the White Demon King is not born, we will not be so embarrassed at this moment!" The affairs of the Yumeng Mozu have made many of our martial arts busy, and now there is a demon king. Is it too much trouble? ”The scorpion is cold and snarled.

  The ethereal fairy heard it, but shook his head and said: "In fact, I think the white demon king is out this time.
It is not a bad thing. We all know that the Yaozu will come back sooner or later, and now it is at the height of the Yumeng Mozu. Before we officially started the war with the Yumeng Mozu, the Yaozu was born at this time. We still have room for negotiation. If we are fighting with the Yumeng Mozu, I am afraid that the Yaozu will be robbed and we will not be able to prevent it. ”

  If the Terran and the Yumeng Mozu are fighting again, this time the Yaozu will threaten the Terran with the Yumeng Mozu. At that time, I am afraid that in order to prevent the knives behind the Yaozu, the Terran can only promise the more savage conditions of the Yaozu.

  "Yeah, so at this point, Mu Yu actually did a good thing in the wrong place."Yuanhua Dao said with a smile.

  In the distance, Mu Yu listened for a while, and the Yuanhua Taoist who had never met before helped him to speak. This is very rare. However, he gave up his mouth, and if he did not do good things, he couldn’t control it. After he helped Master to recover, many troubles would be solved.

  "Since he has done a good thing, who is going to clean up today's mess?"Cang Bangzi is annoyed by the people who can't find the war. Yuanhua Dao is still excusing Mu Yu. If he didn't read the friendship for many years, he almost picked it up.

  In the blink of an eye, it has reached noon, and the time from the appointment test is almost the same. Unfortunately, the Terran has not been able to make a suitable match. If you can't, you can only send these people to try your luck.

  "Are your people determined to be good candidates? How many people can't find the right person for so long? I also thought that all of you are all young talents. If you just pick them up, they will sweep across the square. Am I wrong? ”The white demon king deliberately screamed in the distance, and the taunting tone in the words ignored all the comprehensions.

  The White Demon King has already drawn an empty test site outside the village of Baicao. The ten demon people he brought have already stood at the entrance of the village. Everyone is fascinated by the tigers and tigers, and the people are shocked.

  These ten demon people are cultivated as one of the five elements of the nine-infant nine-day and five out of the nine-day.

  Yuan Ying Jiuzhong Tian and Jiu Jiu Tian Tian have already represented the most powerful existence of the Yuan Ying period and the monk period. If the Terran wants to defeat the Yaozu, I am afraid that I have to send five Yuan Ying Jiu Jiu Tian and five Yu Jiu Jiu Tian. !

  He was so angry that he looked around and sent people to the nearby suffocating city to find someone at the beginning, but there was no news at this time. There are many people who have a lot of self-cultivation in the city of Qiucheng. It is not difficult to find Yuanying Jiuzhongtian and Jiuzheng.

  However, the White Demon King is calling again. It has already reached this point. There is no way for Cangbangzi to go to the only Yuanying Jiuzhongtian’s retreat: "Carry away, you go up and fight, remember! If you can win, don't win easily. Try to delay the time. You have to wait for other Yuan Ying Jiu Tian Tian and the people who have come out to win the game. ”

  After a pause, Cang Bangzi said again: "We must win."

  If you win in the first game, you will surely boost morale and set off the spirit of the Yaozu, so that they don't want to be so smug, and give the Terran some confidence.

  The retreat came from Xuan Ling Men. Cang Bangzi was his master. He was also accidentally here today. He did not expect to meet his ancestors. Seeing the ancestors made him somewhat flattered, and the ancestors of the ancestors made him more confident.

  As soon as he thought of being able to play for the Terran in front of his ancestors, he was rejuvenated and he was in the chest. If you get a good start, you will definitely be rewarded by the teacher's door. Later, you will be praised by people. This rare opportunity is naturally to be grasped.

  "The uncle of the teacher is relieved, and the disciple will not let the uncle of the teacher disappoint."The retreat said respectfully, and then stepped on the foot, flying in the sky, slowly standing in the air.

  The retreat in Xuan Lingmen was the first young disciple, and Cang Bangzi once personally pointed him. His talent is outstanding, his comprehension is outstanding, and he has never been disappointed by his elders. This time, letting him play the victory of the Terran is a sure thing.

  The atmosphere of Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian was unreservedly released. He did have the capital of pride. It is very rare to reach Yuanying Jiuzhongtian so young. His cultivation is no worse than Mengxin, and the wind and the wind are not bad. Even better.

  "Nursing and refueling! Let us teach you a little demon who doesn't know how to be tall! ”

  "It is! The Yaozu people are too arrogant, let them know that our Terran is not so good! ”

  Seeing the brave and brave momentum, everyone is uplifted. Anyone who knows how to raise is aware of how powerful this person is. It is a genius that they can't catch up with. The future must be the backbone of the human race. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

  The white demon king lazily looked at the nourishment on the field and looked very casual. He was turned a deaf ear to the crusade of the surrounding self-cultivator, and he buckled his ears with boring.

  "Is the first game to be held in the Yuan Ying period? Well, Xiong Ming, you go up, remember the quick fix, but – no, want, kill, man. ”The White Demon King deliberately said the words "Don't kill people" very loudly, but also dragged the accent, and the play in the tone was full.

  "Asshole! Too embarrassing! ”

  The scorpion's face was iron and blue, and he was despised before he started playing. The anger in his heart has already accumulated to the extreme. But when he saw that he was not surprised at the place of raising, he felt a little relieved in his heart, and it was not a problem to deal with the Yao people with the ability to raise. He put his gaze on the demon people who came up, and sneered at the bottom of his heart: "I want to see when your Yao people can be arrogant!"

  "Yes, demon king."

  Xiong Ming is a strong bear demon, and he has a bear-bearing waist. His eyes still have the characteristics of a bear. He walks up to a large open space that Bailu deliberately cleans up. He looks at the air in the air.

  "The demon, Xiong Ming."Xiong Ming’s thick voice came, and he held a fist and even knew the etiquette.

  "Human, keep away."The flying sword that has been raised has already floated in front of his eyes. He did not put Xiong Ming in his eyes. In his opinion, Xiong Ming is just a stepping stone for him to become a hero of the human race.

  The sword light crossed, and the meaning of chilling was all over the battlefield.

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