Chapter 275 is unbearable

  The shadow of the sword, and Xingying hit together, stir up the thousand layers of blast, tumbling out!


  With a loud noise, a shadow quickly fell from the air, squatting on the ground and pulling the ground out of a big pit. All the comprehensions held their breath and looked at it with horror. The audience was silent and silent!

  A fight, raised and lying on the ground, fell into a coma.

  No one had thought that the same Yuan Yuan’s nine-day retreat could not be done in Xiong Ming’s hand. Xiong Ming used the simplest and rude moves, and the fist broke the Feijian’s flying sword and directly raised it. From the chest, will be raised and blasted to the ground! This boxing smashed the ups and downs of Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian, and also slammed into the hearts of all the self-cultivators, letting their hearts skip a half-shoot.

  Everyone was horrified at the retreat of the chest sag, which is one of the strongest young talents representing the human family. It is the Zuofeng sword of the Sword Valley, and Mengmeng of Yaomen does not dare. Said to be able to defeat the foster, not to mention a trick to win, but no one expected that the strength of the bear demon has reached such a horrible point!

  "I don't have a heavy hand!"Xiong Mingtang touched his head thickly, revealing an incomparable smile. His smile was like ridicule in the eyes of the self-cultivator, and each comprehension clenched his fist.

  The loss of support is lost, and the defeat is very thorough!

  The scorpion's face is iron and blue, and it is almost necessary to screw out the water. Here, there is a total of one person, and it is still from his martial art, and he is valued by him. It was thought that a bear man who had dealt with the Yao people was more than enough. Cang Bangzi even deliberately raised his own not only to win the first match, but also to delay the time and other people who came to the Nine Heavens and the Nine Heavens. However, it seems to be a bit ridiculous now.

  Delaying a fart time! The bear demon has only beat you with a punch!

  The expression on the face of the white demon king has not changed. When Xiong Ming fell down and raised, he even yawned. After seeing Xiong Ming’s victory, he slammed his head and walked back. He frowned slightly and deliberately shouted: “Little bear, isn’t it for you to tap it? We are here to come to the military association, not to hurt people, I did not tell you the point to go? ”

  "The demon king, I, I have already started very light, I only use five points!"The expression on Xiong Ming’s face is still somewhat wronged.

  All the comprehensions are angry, and the white demon king is typically cheap and sold. What is the martial arts friend, and the person is called this martial arts friend? Can you be more shameless? But no one dares to say anything, because Xiong Ming only shows the breath of the Yuan Ying period from beginning to end. He does not hide his strength, nor does he play any tricks. It is a direct punch and hard hit, and the hearts of some people in the place are hit. Into the bottom.

  Is the Yaozu really so strong?

  "It's not that the demon is strong, but that we have been comfortable for too long. We have forgotten that the demon's own combat power is not weaker than the human race."The Yuanhua Dao shook his head slightly.

  Thousands of years ago, the Terran and the Yaozu and the Yumeng Mozu were three-legged and fighting each other. The Terran is very familiar with the Yumeng Mozu or the Yaozu. They know each other's weaknesses and know how to defeat each other.

  But thousands of years ago, the Yaozu defeated fiercely. A hundred years ago, the Yumeng Mozu were suppressed. The Terran wanted to become stronger and only fight each other. Their opponents are all Terran. Today, the Yaozu shot, these young people still hold the mentality of fighting with the Terran, and losing is inevitable.

  They only know the characteristics of the Yao people in the sects of the sect.

Where is the actual experience of the Yao people?

  Cang Bangzi sighed, and the Yuanhua Taoist was right. The young people now know too little about the Yaozu and lack of crisis awareness. This kind of malpractice was revealed in the first test.

  Now the Yaozu is second, the most important is the Yumeng Mozu, the Yaozu you can bargain with them, and there is no room for negotiation with the Yumeng Mozu. If these young people of a comfortable and long-lasting ethnic group directly confront the Yumeng Mozu, they will probably be vulnerable and will not be defeated!

  "Does the second game be more than the Yuan Ying period or the flood season? My Xiong Ming is the least powerful. ”Bai Hao asked lazily. He had long known that the Terran had gone to the rescue army. These people were only trying to delay the time, so he did not let the bear demon come up, and did not give the Terran any chance to delay the time. And Xiong Ming did not bear the burden, winning the crisp and neat. The so-called "Imperial Friends" just blame if the word is true!

  Cangzhangzi shook his head slightly, and Yuan Yuan’s nine-day retreat left a trick in the hands of the Yaozu. Other Yuan Ying repairers were not the opponents of the Yaozu. As for the expiration period, he has no hope at all. In the mid-term period, he is the only one who has the highest level of training. He is afraid that he will lose even more in the hands of the Yaozu who is out of the nine heavens!

  What is awkward is that many outstanding disciples of the Terran are not present, which makes the Yaozu so flamboyant. But when I think about it, the cultivation is already a good category. He has been defeated like this. Even if other so-called excellent disciples come over, can there be any hope of victory?

  The younger generation, who is truly famous, has heard more or less, and these people are almost the same. Nurturing is also a young and outstanding child who is relished by everyone. It is no worse than other people, but it is still not an opponent of the Yaozu. I am afraid that in the younger generation, there is really no one who can defeat the Yaozu.

  The disappointment began to be born in the heart of each comprehension, and the excellent nourishment was lost.

  "Who are you next?"Cang Bangzi sighed and looked at the remaining nine people he had screened.

  These few repairs are already the highest number of people present, and one of them is even a middle-aged or even middle-aged.
People, and the younger generation have no contact at all, but they can only take him to make up the number. Cang Bangzi did not pin his hopes on these people. His original plan was to let the Yuan Yu’s nine-day-old nourishment delay the time, let the news go out, and let other Yuan Ying Jiu Tian Tian and the people who came out of Jiuzhongtian come over. If it doesn't work, let these people play. But now it seems that even if the Yuan Ying Jiu Tian Tian and the people who came out of the nine heavens came over, it seems to be useless.

  At the same time, the nourishment of Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian can not hold the boxing of the Yaozu, no matter who has no hope.

  Everyone looked at each other and the comprehensible who began to excite the generosity for the Terrans at the beginning were dumb. The end of the nurturing is obvious to all, leaving a deep shadow in their hearts. Anyone who has such a good reputation can’t win. What are they based on?

  Those who are in the stagnation period are also very panicked. Although they are more powerful than the Yuan Ying period, they are faced with the demon people who are in the stagnation period. During the squatting period, Jiu Tian Tian and Wu Zhong Tian are a difference. Other concepts.

  "No one else?"Cangjiezi is disappointed with these younger generations. Even if he loses, he will lose his face. What does it mean to fight without fighting? Now the younger generation of the human race has been unable to do this?

  "Let me do it!"The middle-aged man who came out of the Five Heavens stood up. He was named Sun Bang, but he was a small martial art. Everyone has no hope for him, including himself. But Sun Bang still wants to gamble, he thinks that the Terran can be defeated, but can not take the initiative to admit defeat!

  "We can't let the Yaozu feel that the human race has no courage to fight!"Sun Bang's face is very dignified, and there is even a look of death.

  Cang Bangzi patted Sun Bang’s shoulder and said, “Be careful.”

  The words "be careful" are completely redundant. Just now, Xiong Ming’s defeat of the phoenix, it’s a sign that it’s not a “careful point”. Sun Bang’s courage is appreciated by many people, but it is not enough to have the courage to fight for the Terran. It also requires absolute strength.

  Sun Bang floated in the air, looking at the Yaozu, a green wolf in the Yaozu flashed out. The blue wolf demon once again bowed his hand and did not give a savage impression. Their demon family has been rehabilitating for a thousand years. It is not just about playing. In order to be able to confront the human race, they not only strive to become stronger from the cultivation, but also make great changes from the spiritual outlook.

  The Yaozu has been improving himself and becoming more powerful, but the Terran has been comfortable for too long, and naively thought that the Yaozu is still the barbaric race.

  "Human, Sun Bang."

  "The demon, the green wolf is strange."

  The green shadow flashed, Sun Bang sacrificed his flying sword and the green wolf demon. It was just a matter of breathing. The grandson of the five-day-old Sun Bang was deceived by the demon family. Broke into the soil! The Yaozu people are very well-informed. They are only coming to humiliate the human race today, not to kill them. Therefore, in addition to being comatose because of trauma, Sun Bang did not hurt the foundation.

  "It's lost again!"

  Everyone's mood was very low. At first they thought that they could defeat the arrogance of the Yao people, but they sent two people to lose and lost completely. In front of the Yaozu people, they did not even have room to fight back!

  "We have won two consecutive games and won the right to use Reiki for two months. We have given you the opportunity at the beginning. Unfortunately, you only want to play ten games stubbornly. This is no stranger to us."The mad voice of the White Demon King is once again clearly introduced into the ears of each Terran Comprehension.

  It seems as if the demon people are slap in the palm of their hand, and everyone’s face is burning. At this juncture, no one can come out for the Terran, it is really ridiculous!

  "Mu Yu, UU reading You really don't?" You are all married to the old monkey! ”Xiaoshuai asked quietly.

  Mu Yu did not know that the comprehensions of the Three Continents are shouting at him, turning the right and wrong, and holding the evil-throwing ghosts into the demon king, the noble character, so he really needs to be in the ridiculous comprehension world. ?

  What if it wins? The purpose of the demon king is not the aura of the village. He just found a chance to give the Terran a horse. Now that his purpose has been achieved, the Terran of the Three Continents has been comfortable for so many years, and it is time to reflect on it.

  But he knows that he is also a member of the Terran. The Yaozu has been bullied. Can he sit and watch?

  "I don't want to go."Mu Yu shook his head and he didn't want to expose himself.

  But at this moment, the sound of a clear bell came from a distance. It was a woman's voice. When it was ringing in the ear of the wooden feather, it made the wood feathers feel like thunder and smashed in place!

  "I will teach you the Yao people."

  Suddenly stepping on the Xianlu sword, like a green elf-like drop, the graceful figure, such as the fairy who does not eat the fireworks, is so admirable. This is a pure hoe, pure enough to make people unable to bear it.

  Mu Yu’s heart was filled with joy, but it was awkward! It’s really awesome!

  He stared at the figure dumbly, recalling the hustle and bustle of the dream in the double heaven, his heartbeat could not stop accelerating.

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