Chapter 28 fights

During the Jianguang flashing, the dust that hit the wood feather suddenly turned into a fragment of the sky, dissipated, and Zhang Zhong had already flew out when the morning mist filled, and fell heavily on the ground. At the same time, the sword of Mu Yu had already Arrive the throat of Zhang Zhong.

Zhang Zhong’s eyes were full of horror. He didn’t expect that he was only caught in a single move, and his opponent was still such a young child. This made him feel uncomfortable and his face was flushed. Just now people said that they didn't want to start. It was too lazy to do it, and they didn't do it by themselves. This face was lost.

"Master saves you!"Zhang Zhong shouted.

"Bad boy, there are two sons, you give me!"

There is no need for Dahan to wave his hand, and the rest of the people also sacrificed their own magic weapons to fight with Mu Yu. This level of attack is no different from Zhang Zhong’s shot for Mu Yu. The sword in Mu Yu’s hand is divided into two. The other Feijian is off the hook and meets the magic weapon. Mu Yu runs with one hand. The sword, the dusty nine styles, came out and effortlessly repelled the magic of others.

A huge flying axe appeared in the air and smashed toward the wood feathers. The flying sword in the wooden feathers was hit by a flying axe and shook slightly. The huge force made the wood feather almost out of control. He was a little stunned and did not want to be a big man. He didn't expect the strength of the other side to be so big.

Mu Yu kicked the ball in the middle of the ball, and then another flying sword was also separated from the air. The dust was thrown into the air, and the force of the big man flying axe was removed with a thin spiritual force, and the body also vacated. Go around the flying axe and go to the big man.

But the pink mist appeared in front of the wood feathers, the wooden feathers stopped the body shape, and the body turned back. This mist is what the glamorous woman did. The wooden feather immediately stopped breathing, but it was still inhaled a little, and his head was a little dizzy.

Mu Yu lacks the experience of dealing with people. He is not careful about the way of the glamorous woman. This pink mist is naturally poisonous. Fortunately, Mu Yu himself is repaired higher than the other, but the gas is dissolved in a breath. However, at this moment, the incomparable axe was cut again toward the wooden feathers, and the wooden feathers jumped forward. The swords and the axes were confronted, the sparks were wiped out, the spiritual fluctuations were leaked, and those who practiced the training period were smashed. Fly out.

Although these people are not as good as Mu Yu, the experience of the battle is obviously not comparable to that of Mu Yu, who is a fledgling person. Mu Yu was alone in dealing with two people who had been repaired in the base period. Even if he did not fall into the wind, he did not take up much of the cheap.

Others are even more shocked! Mu Yuming is just a 13-year-old look. He didn't expect it to be so high. They thought it was a small piece of meat that was slaughtered. They didn't want this piece of meat to bite.

"The age is so small, there is such a cultivation. Is he not an outstanding disciple of the Qingsong or Jiuhua School?"It is imperative that the heart of the big man is fretting and has already killed. If this person is really a disciple of the big door, I am afraid that being escaped by him will definitely cause trouble. Only removing them is the best choice.

"kill him!"There is no need for the Dahan Dynasty glamorous woman to say, the glamorous woman is also willing to know, they dare to occupy a canyon here, naturally live the days of the knife and blood, as long as things are clean and neat, will certainly not be found that people are dead in their hands of.

There is no need for Dahan to suddenly fly out of the sleeves of a silver wire mesh. This net will be windy and long, and the eyes will become huge, and I want to trap the wooden feathers. The foot of the wooden feathers was lightly moved, and the figure fluttered. The giant net flew empty. In the hands of the glamorous woman, I don’t know when a whip has appeared. The whip dances toward the wood feathers, but Mu Yu’s skill is more agile. The shadow sword has cut off the whip, and the sword is swept across the chest. The other side hits the fly.

"You-" the coquettish Woman's mouth shed a trace of blood, she never thought of their magic weapon in the wood feather in front of the Shadow Sword, magic weapon and master breath connected, a loss, her whip is to use the outer iron to build, its material value, texture is superior, but don't want a face to Mu Yu broke.

"His sword is a real magic weapon, be careful!"There is no need for Dahan to hold the glamorous woman.

He showed a dignified expression. His giant axe seemed to touch the flying sword of Muyu every time. It only wiped out Mars. In fact, the giant axe had left a sword mark on it. Although it was insignificant, it was so painful that the big man was heartbroken. The axe is more precious than the whistling woman's whip.

"Is your whip made of cloth?"

Mu Yu did not think that his shadow sword actually cut off the whip of others, he thought it was the fragility of the other's whip! What he didn't know was how precious the flying sword that Feng Haochen gave him, not only him, but the flying swords of everyone in the martial art were different.

Usually, everyone will learn from each other and no effort will hurt the roots, so I don't care about the origins of Feijian. I only know that my master sent it by hand, but I don't want this flying sword to be more precious than the magic weapon of other people in the comprehension world. very!

"Asshole! Yu Ge, kill him! Take his flying sword and give me a gift! ”

The fascinating woman was smothered by Mu Yu’s words, and her precious magic weapon was gone, and she was swayed by others. How can this be tolerated? The whip has cost her a lot of Lingshi to buy from others, and she can't swallow this breath.

No need for the man to bite his finger, a drop of blood broke out and turned in front of his eyes. His spiritual power wrapped the blood into the huge axe. For a time, the momentum of the giant axe suddenly rose, and the violent breath Everyone is forced to retreat, and even Mu Yu has to pay attention to it.

"Master has used the essence of qi!"

Zhang Zhong’s eyes flashed with a trace of awe. The essence of Qi is the foundation of the comprehension. With the gas pull-up, the blood-driven magic weapon can make the magic weapon more powerful and powerful in a short time, but the price is exchanged. It is the damage of your own breath that takes a long time to recover.

Mu Yu knows this too, and his master told him not to use it because he is forced to use this method, because the essence of Qi is closely related to his own roots. Excessive use will lead to damage to the roots of the cultivation, and even repair may stop. . This is not necessary for Dahan to take the wood feathers, is actually doing this risk!

This kind of breath made Mu Yu feel a threat. The advantage he cultivated suddenly disappeared. He urged his own spiritual power, but his heart became unsettled. The only way to pay attention to it was to be quiet and not to be shocked. The enemy is winning. This is the first time that Mu Yu has played against others, and the other party's cultivation at this time is not lower than him. He needs to calm down and calmly analyze his opponent.

Feng Haochen said it well. He is interested in the mind, and Mu Yu is able to calm down and move, so that he can change his mind.

"Kid, take your life!"

There is no need for the great axe of the great man to be mixed with the momentum of the millennium, and the air has become a little dignified. The surrounding atmosphere is very violent, and it is suppressed by the giant axe. The wooden feathers are shaking, and there are three flying swords around him. Each flying sword plays different moves. The surrounding spiritual power gradually appears a barrier in front of the flying sword. Inadvertently, a flying sword has already Going through the air, bypassing the giant axe, going to the shackles and going to the big man.

One heart and three uses, this is the powerful part of the dusty method. Mu Yu can do it with one heart and three minds, and let the three flying swords do different things. This can be done in two years of practice time. Talent is already amazing, it is no wonder that Feng Haochen will say that Mu Yu is suitable for monastic training.

A huge roar burst open, and the surrounding vegetation was instantly crushed, flying sand and dust, and the dust was flying. The people in the training period had already escaped far away. The confrontation between the two foundation periods directly blasted on the ground. Big pit is coming.

Mu Yu’s flying sword has only one left, and the other two can’t control it and dissipate automatically. The big axe that did not need the big man was taken to the side. At this moment, there was no need for the big man to lie down on the ground. His legs were crossed by the sword of Mu Yu, and the blood was now surging.

Mu Yu stood there, in addition to the excessive consumption of spiritual power, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com He was not injured, just a little gasp. He looked at the needy man, thinking that if he could not control the three flying swords, I am afraid that the blow may not be able to benefit. His own flying sword just scratched the legs of the big man, so that the breath of the other party was chaotic, and the power of the giant axe was only half, which was a triumphant victory.

But at this time, Mu Yu's brow wrinkled, and a heart-felt breath suddenly shrouded him, and suddenly he could not move. This breath will not admit his mistakes, because the promise is that when they are discussing with An Shu, their breath is like this, and both Cheng Yan and An Shu are the repairers of the Jin Dan period. Sometimes An Shu will fire when he is angry. This breath enveloped them.

This Dragon Tiger Gorge actually has a master of the Golden Age!

"Who would dare to let go in the site of my Dragon Tiger Gorge!"

The loud voice sounded through the canyon, and a white-haired Tsing Yi old man did not know how to appear in front of Mu Yu and held his hand. He had to send all the hair, the eagle-eyed eyes stared at the wood feathers, so that Mu Yu felt like a wild wolf stared at the prey, so that Mu Yu was uncomfortable.

"I have seen the Valley Lord!"

When Zhang Zhongyi saw the old people in Tsing Yi squatting, they did not need to squat and bow down under the help of the glamorous woman. Mu Yu also thought that there were just a few people in Longhu Gorge. I didn’t expect to take out a master of the Golden Age from the secret. This is not good. Hit the small, the old ran out to take revenge.

"Waste, even a child can't clean up! What is your use? ”The old people in Tsing Yi simply did not look at other people. Others also slammed their heads on the ground, and the atmosphere did not dare to come out. Obviously, the Tsing Yi old man was very majestic on weekdays.

"Boy, are you impatient?"Tsing Yi old man narrowed his eyes and looked at the wood feathers.

In the Jindan period, Mu Yu did not have any means of entanglement. He knew that he had kicked the iron plate.

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