The No. 280 chapter injures the person also to cut

  Are you ok?

  Yes! A thousand words are only used to make such a sentence, but a simple sentence contains a lot of complex emotions.

  Qiao Xue fantasizes about the scene she met with Mu Yu. She wants to pretend to be cold, and then refuses the man who is playing her. She is the princess of the Yaozu, and she does not bother to put down a shelf for a human being. But when Mu Yu really stood in front of him, she was like a lost road, her eyes filled with water mist.

  She never understood why Mu Yu had to save herself. When Mu Yu said those words, her heart seemed to have been stolen. In front of this guy, why did you say those inexplicable words?

  Mu Yu did not know Qiao Xue's feelings at all. He didn't have so many complicated emotions for Qiao Xue. He really only liked one person in his heart, but he never thought that his own idiom would make another girl hang for a year.

  "what happened to you? Huh? Are you crying? ”

  Mu Yu looked at Qiao Xue unclearly. What he was most afraid of was a girl crying in front of him, because it gave him the feeling that he had done something wrong. So when Joe Snow cried, he was somewhat uncomfortable. He would rather fight with ten fourth-order monsters than to face a crying girl.

  He did not know how worried about Joe Snow in the past year, even for him to beg the demon patriarch to help reopen the transmission array. But Mu Yu helped Qiao Xue just because Qiao Xue was able to control the water, and he had the same ability to control the wood. He didn't want Joe Snow to be caught by the ghosts, and that's it.

  But Qiao Xue did not know.

  "She likes you, do you like her too?"Qiao Xue asked.

  "Who? Are you talking about it? ”

  Mu Yu thought of the simple smile, and his heart was soft. Suddenly speaking the words that like him in the face of so many people, he knew that he was destined to protect that stupid girl for a lifetime. Mu Yu nodded and did not shy away. He thought that there was nothing to admit in front of Qiao Xue. There was no intersection between Qiao Xue and Suo, and he had nothing to do with Qiao Xue, so he admitted that it was very simple.

  "Well, I like it too. She is a very kind girl, I don't want to let her down. ”Mu Yu smiled, and when he suddenly said that he liked himself, he felt that the sky had never been so blue.

  However, Mu Yu did not know that he accidentally broke the heart of another girl.

  Qiao Xue was shaking all over, and his heart was empty. It turned out that he liked it! Yes! He is a demon person. He is standing on the side of human beings. Why do he like himself? I have never said that I like him, isn’t it? But why did he nod his head as if tearing his heart? Why is your heart so painful?

  Like a moment of being drained, Qiao Xue tightened his lips: "Why are you helping me in the second day?"

  Mu Yu laughed, his smile was very sunny, and people felt warm: "Because you will control the water, and I will control the wood!" My Master said that there are five people in this world who can control the power of Yumeng. We must help each other among the five people. I always want to let you know about it. ”

  A seed in the hands of Mu Yu opened a new shoot, and in the twinkling of an eye, the new shoot grew into a red flower, so bright, so fragrant, in the eyes of Qiao Xue, it looked so dazzling.

  "It turns out he helped himself just because of this!"

  Qiao Xue suddenly felt very ridiculous.

She stared at the flower, she didn't care who would control anything, and didn't care why Mu Yu would control the trees, she would control the water herself. She only knows that she has always been self-satisfied, and that people only help themselves for their own abilities. They should have thought of it long ago.

  "You have never liked me, are you?"Qiao Xue bit his lip and remembered the words that Mu Yu said to her. In the dream, you like me. "Even if it is in a dream?"She asked in disappointment.

  In the dream?

  In the dream of Mu Yu’s heart, the dream created by the illusion, Qiao Xue once asked this question. At that time, Mu Yu always thought that it was just a dream, so when he met Qiao Xue again from the dream, he took this to ridicule. she was. But today, Qiao Xue has mentioned it himself.

  He has already seen the clue, and Qiao Xue would like himself! But why? I don’t have much communication with her! Why does she like herself?

  Mu Yu remembered the dream that the original illusion gave him. In the dream, Qiao Xue liked himself, but he liked it. Whoever wants to be in the wrong place, this has become a reality! Is that just a dream? But Qiao Xue, who dreams of dreams, likes himself?

  Mu Yu didn't dare to look at Qiao Xue's eyes again. He didn't know that things would evolve into this way. At the moment when Qiao Xue said he liked it, Mu Yu felt a little panic. This is not the kind of joy that I heard when I liked Mu Yu, but the real panic.

  He likes to be awkward, but he doesn't have that kind of emotion for Joe Snow, just purely wants to help Joe Snow. He no longer said anything at the moment, afraid that he would hurt Qiao Xue again if he said something wrong, just like Miaoyu chose the wind and dust between the dead wood and the wind and dust, but let the dead wood sink for so many years.

  "Qiao Xue, listen to me."Mu Yu said in a panic, he felt that it was necessary for him to understand his heart.

  "Well, what do you want to explain?"Qiao Xue looked at Mu Yu. She didn't know why she suddenly became so calm. Maybe it wasn't her. She was just blinded by Mu Yu's joke. She didn't even care about how Mu Yu was out of the sky. .

  Mu Yu heart sinks, yeah! What do you want to explain?
What is your own explanation? Could it be that Joe Snow is all a misunderstanding? But Qiao Xue has realized that he must do more.

  "I am sorry."

  Mu Yu only squeezed out these three words for a long time. He experienced so many difficulties. There are so many people who teach him how to deal with the enemy, but no one teaches how to treat feelings. He said the most pale and powerless words like a papaya.

  "You also let me let go, know that you are fine, I will not worry anymore. Since then, we have no connection, you are a human race, I am a Yaozu, our victory and defeat have not been separated, you are careful. ”

  The tears in Qiao Xue’s eyes have been scattered and the ice debris has fallen. All the extra emotions have been collected. She looks at Mu Yu with a blank expression, and her eyes are very complicated. No one knows what she is thinking at the moment, but she suddenly shot at Muyu, perhaps blaming Mu Yu’s deception, perhaps it’s awkward, and she shot Li Yu so fiercely, without any mercy.

  The cold sword formed in her hand, shining with the coldness of the man, and stabbed toward the wood feather.

  Unstoppable, Qiao Xue’s sword pierced the chest of Mu Yu, and the wooden feathers and even the hands did not move. They were already stabbed, and the blood just came out and was frozen.


  Qiao Xue stunned, why didn't he avoid it? Why is he taking this sword? Why is Jian Mingming stabbing him, but his heart is so painful?

  Mu Yu looked down at the ice sword and was in the heart. He could not survive here even if he had unlimited vitality, because there are no plants, no plants can provide him with vitality. He wants to mobilize the plants, but the vitality of the plant is from himself, how to treat himself?

  "I don't know if I should hide. I simply don't hide. I thought we were the same kind of people, and you won't kill me."Mu Yu frowned. He thought that Qiao Xue would stop at a critical juncture, but Qiao Xue did not. She was stunned by some emotions and had no time to stop.

  Qiao Xue’s ice sword has disappeared. She looks at Mu Yu and wants to do something, but she doesn’t know what to do. Is she going to save him? If he is dead, what will his heart be like? For such a long time, when she actually saw it, she sent the sword into his chest, and she regretted it for a time.

  That sword hurt him, but it hurt her.

  Mu Yu looked at the wound in his chest. Only a sword wounded by blood, but the cold sword gas had invaded him. His face became very pale, and the cold sweat that had flowed out had been frozen into ice.

  The vitality is gradually dissipating, are you dying? What should I do? I haven’t had time to confess to myself, what should Master do? He is still in prison.

  No, you can't die, you have to live, but how do you get in touch with the plants outside? He would die without a plant and he must break through the ice hockey.

  "Plant, I need plants."Mu Yu clenched his teeth and he needed to live.

  "Wood feather, are you doing hair?"Xiaoshuai poked his head out from the chest of Mu Yu, UU reading www. The sword just passed through his tail and almost stabbed it. When it came out, it found something wrong. It was surrounded by ice and snow, and the body temperature of the wood feather began to decrease.

  "This sword is coming into my heart, my God! This is not good. ”Xiaoshuai saw the injury of Mu Yu at a glance and quickly flew out. It glanced at Qiao Xue, and then the furry tail began to shake, and the spiritual power of the whole body began to gather toward its tail, and then slowly merged into the wound of the wood feather.

  "Hey, you two lonely men and women are in a room, can't you do something to do something?"Xiaoshuai grinned, and he shouted, "Broken sword, come out and save lives!"

  Mulingjian is like hearing the call of Xiaoshuai, or saying that it feels something wrong with Muyu, and suddenly it flashes out. A soft blue light shrouded the wood feathers, and a steady stream of life went to the wood feather body. Xiaoshuai found the sixth-order medicinal medicine from the sleeves of Mu Yu’s sleeves, and the Taiqing illusionary dan, the medicinal medicine was extorted from the old man’s head. The wooden feathers must break through to the stagnation period when they want to survive. To heal this wound with an infinite vitality that breaks through the realm of the moment, this medicinal herb finally works.

  Qiao Xue looked at Mu Yu, oh, regret, blame, and suddenly came to my heart, she wanted to help, but she knew that this was her help. She could only stare at Mu Yu on the sidelines, looking at the man and letting her worry about the person for a year.

  If he dies, then he will not live!

  Qiao Xue inexplicably had such a thought.


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