Chapter 288 Exposure (below)

  Wood feather?

  The white demon king’s brain is confused? The hijacked in his hand is a hurricane that has just clashed for the Terran. When did it become Mu Yu?

  The body shape of Cangbangzi also paused in the air. He snorted and then coldly said: "Who you say is Mu Yu."

  Mu Yu’s current name is no one knows no one else, and others don’t say it for a while, but the white demon king who came to provoke the Terran has an unclear relationship with Mu Yu. At this moment, the white demon king said that the identity of Mu Yu was leaked, and he said that he had to sneak into a miscellaneous account. Now the wood feathers are jumping into the Yellow River and can't be washed.

  Mu Yu was restrained by the white demon king, and he could not move. He had already greeted the 19th generation of the prince of the white scorpion. I have long been worried that once I get exposed, I will be careful. I didn’t expect to be caught by the white scorpion king of the old scorpion.

  "Let me go, old monkey."Mu Yu rudely yelled.

  The white demon king smiled and patted Mu Yu’s face and said, “I have only found that your face is not normal, let me give you a whole face.”

  Without waiting for Mu Yu’s protest, he stretched out the white-haired big hand and touched Mu Yu’s face, and made Mu Yu’s disgusting. He shouted: “Old monkey, I warn you, don’t move manually. foot! Destroy me, I am desperate with you! ”

  But it is already late, Mu Yu only feels that the spiritual power of his deliberate blessing has begun to dissipate, and his face gradually recovers and returns to the original face.

  Although Mu Yu’s reputation is large, few people know that he is long. However, there are still a few young talents who have been to Fuxianyu. When the Muyu was in trouble with Fuxianyu, these people were also present, so when Muyu was removed from the face by the white demon king Someone immediately exclaimed in disbelief!

  “Really Mu Yu?”

  "Yes, it is him!"

  "It turns out that the hurricane is Mu Yu, but is he not trapped in the double heaven?"

  "When did he run out of the second day?"

  As if a stone fell to the quiet lake, the comprehension suddenly blasted the pot and began to point at the wood feathers in the air. Many people were amazed, and at the same time, the words "Wu Yu is our Yaozu" caused the anger of the white demon king. The white demon king even said this sentence so blatantly, does it mean that Mu Yu really and white? Can the demon king not get rid of it?

  Since Mu Yu has helped the White Demon King to escape, the self-cultivator has been talking about him. Many people think that the white demon king used the magic technique to confuse the wood feather, and the wood feather also paid a price and was trapped in the double heaven, so no one would look for the falling of the wooden feather. No one expected that the white demon king suddenly came to such a hand and gave Mu Yu out of the hands of the self-cultivator.

  "Old monkey, who is your demon, you are less disgusting!"Mu Yu roared.

  "Bad boy, give your face a shameless face, our demon people are the best race, you want to join me, I don't want to accept it!"

  "I don't want to receive the best, then what do you do with me?"Mu Yu is about to blow up.

  The white demon king smiled and said: "Nothing, I just feel that I suddenly want to have some fun. You suddenly ran out and made a mess of my plan. I have to let you pay a price." Of course, I won't be hands-on, you can go back to your Terran. ”

  The white demon king released the wood feathers.

He didn't even think about hijacking the wood feathers. He just wanted to find the suffocation of Mu Yu. Now that Mu Yu’s identity was exposed, he said something unclear and forced Mu Yu to a desperate situation. The Terran has been calling their demon family all the time, and the White Demon King wants to see how the next Terran will deal with this guy who has caused trouble to the Terran and contends for the Terran.

  Mu Yu and the white demon king opened the distance, but more bad eyes have been cast on him. As the White Demon King thinks, Mu Yu has become the target of the Terran Comprehension at this moment, and many comprehensions will not believe in Mu Yu. This white demon king is very cunning, deliberately said to break the identity of Mu Yu, and then watched the excitement on the side, just to report the hatred of the wooden feathers.

  However, no one thought that a light figure had floated out of the Terran and went straight to Mu Yu.

  "Mu Yu brother."Suddenly the sound of the surprise sounded, and then Mu Yu only felt a burst of fragrance, and it has already plunged into his arms.

  "You really came out of the second day? Great! I know that you won't have anything to do. ”Suddenly weeping, when she saw Mu Yu, she felt that everything had become so beautiful, as if the things lost in her heart had been retrieved again, and the endless joy filled her chest.

  Mu Yu is also holding a sigh of relief. He is warm in his heart, but he also feels a little tricky. At this moment, his identity is very sensitive. He will definitely follow him in the face of ignorance. If he is chased by the Terran, he will probably I am so tired.

  "Sorry, I am going to explain it to you in the future."Wood feathers lightly.

  A pair of wonderful people in the air hugged together, but everyone showed a strange look. When the Yaozu came out to do things, no one could beat their younger generation, and they stood up with the hurricane, and they learned a little about the Yaozu people and gave them a bad breath. But who can think of it, is the hurricane a wood feather, or the culprit to release the white demon king?

  "You are Mu Yu?"Cangbangzi snorted and he was deeply shocked by the fact that the hurricane was Muyu. Who can think of the genius of one person who is the only one of the demon people is actually the initiator of this incident.

  "Yes, it’s hard to die, from two
I am alive and returning. ”Mu Yu calmly responded, his eyes turned to Luo Wei, Luo Wei also tightened his lips and looked at him with a blank expression.

  "Do you have anything to explain?"Cang Bangzi asked again.

  Mu Yu raised his brow and asked: "Do you understand my explanation?"

  "No matter what, you need to go back with me, accept the interrogation of the major sects, and explain to the comprehension community, why you will collude with the Yaozu!"The scorpion snarls.

  "Predecessors, Mu Yu brother must have something to worry about. I know that he is not that kind of person. ”Said quickly and hurriedly.

  Cang Bangzi saw a sigh, and his face was slightly relieved. Compared with the unclear relationship between Mu Yu and the Bailu demon king, it is quite innocent. She was born in the red door and helped the Terran to sigh. Even now with Mu Yu, from what she just said, she Uninformed hurricane is the thing of Mu Yu.

  "Well, I will give him a chance to talk about what is hard!"Cang Bangzi Road.

  "Mu Yu brother, you have to explain to the seniors quickly, are you innocent with the Yaozu?"Said eagerly.

  Mu Yu touched his head with affection, but shook his head and said: "There is nothing to explain. I just wanted to help Joe Snow because she is a human being. I don't want her to have a relationship with the Yao people. ."

  He can't explain it. Is he going to say that he is helping her because of her ability to control water?

  "The reason is not enough here!"Cang Bangzi Road.

  Luo Wei walked to the wood feathers. Seeing the moment when Mu Yu recovered his appearance, he seemed to have expected it for a long time, without a trace of surprise.

  "You don't want to take a shot, wait for me to take you away?" Isn't it unhappy to not plug me? ”Luo Wei directly opened the wood feathers. Just as Mu Yu doesn't like this cheap second brother, the two brothers don't like this little brother.

  Mu Yu was not happy. He had an opinion on Luo Wei. He said, "Senior brother, you are not right." Usually it is trouble to find me, not that I am in trouble. ”

  "You two are still brothers? Are you also an apprentice of my long-standing dead wood? ”The Yuanhua Taoist slowly came to the side of Cang, and looked at Luo Yu and Mu Yu in surprise.

  "The dead wood is evergreen, I don't know."Luo Wei said briefly.

  Mu Yu feels that this matter should be explained, and it is estimated that it will be a mess. Strictly speaking, Evergreen is not his true master. His master is the true god sword of the triple continent. But he said this now, who would believe it?

  "No matter what, Mu Yu needs to go back to me with Dan Ding. Let's not talk about your relationship with the Yaozu. You also need to explain why the grandson who will go to heaven will die in your hands. In addition, the ghosts of the ghost gate are said to be killed by you. You need to explain this. ”The Yuanhua Dao was taken care of by Luo, and he was not angry. He said slowly.

  "Shi Minghui wants to kill me, I am just just defending." As for the ghost Xuan Yue? He is damn it. ”Mu Yu said in an understatement.

  Cangjiezi is very annoyed at Mu Yu’s attitude, and no junior has ever spoken in front of him. He angered: "The killing is still so arrogant! You are not allowed to go anywhere today. After the event is over, let us go to the Danding School and listen to your teacher's door! ”

  Mu Yu laughed and said: "My teacher? My teacher is not a Dan Ding! Dead wood has the grace of knowing me, but I am not his apprentice. I am not a disciple of Dan Ding. ”

  The following crowds are once again in vain, and Mu Yu is now blatantly betraying the teacher's door. It is really bold!

  Yuanhuadao’s face is also a bit unsightly. He shook his head and sighed: “If you say this, even if I want to keep you, it’s impossible.”

  "Don't I go back with you, can I save my life?"Mu Yu sneered, Dan Ding sent another time to go to heaven, when Deng Tiantian wants to avenge his grandson, who can stop him?

  "Don't go back with us, you can't fly!"Cang Bangzi was furious and reached out to grab the wood feather.

  "What are you doing so urgently? Mu Yu also wants to join us Yaozu! ”The white scorpion demon king smiled and slammed the scorpion.

  "White demon king, don't be too much!"The scorpion snarls.

  Mu Yu and Luo Yu have already retired, and they want to keep up, but the floating fairy has caught it and said: "You can't go."

  "Do not! I want to be with my brother Mu Yu. ”I want to get rid of the ethereal fairy, but she has no room for rebellion in front of the ethereal fairy.

  Mu Yu secretly sighed in his heart, naturally can not follow him, he is now a wanted criminal in the realm of the real world, can not drag on.

  "Ximen is unfortunate, not yet rolling over."Luo Wei shouted.

  Simon unfortunately mixed a bitter face in the distance, apparently he was reluctant to come to this drowning. But I don't know why, he still fluttered to the side of Mu Yu, and glanced at Mu Yu: "Mom, every time I meet a little nephew, there is no good thing, and this is going to be smashed by people who have been repaired."

  "Mom, have you been scared enough?" Also, let me say that I am not your nephew. ”Mu Yu simply wants to marry this guy.

  "Ximen unfortunate, do you want to help Mu Yu leave?"Yuanhuadao asked with a walking stick.

  Simon unfortunately shook his head and said: "No, I don't help anyone, but I may be the same as they are."

  When the voice just fell, Simon unfortunately pulled out and his evil fan suddenly changed.
Into a large fan, fanned directly toward the crowd. Suddenly the wind raged, flying sand and stone, a horrible gas blade to the Yuanhua Taoist and others.

  The Yuanhua Taoist screamed coldly, and with a wave of his hand, the gas blade turned into nothing. He held out a hand and grabbed it toward the three.

  Mu Yu took out the Yufeng Dan who was blackmailed at the old man's head. This is a sixth-order medicinal medicine, which is used exclusively for escape. Even the masters of the divine period do not want to catch up. At the beginning, the old man was still dead, and the white feathers had been given to Mu Yu. Mu Yu had never been willing to use it. How to say this is equivalent to one more life, but now it is not necessary.

  "Hold me!"Luo Wei Shen Sheng, his violent breath suddenly swayed, UU reading in the hands of the burning sword has been out of the sheath, red light rose from the ground, with the sword of the air sweeping all the comprehension By. Everyone was shocked to find out how strong Luo Yi was. If this sword is not repaired, it will definitely be finished!

  "you dare!"Cang Bangzi was furious, and Luo’s sword gas rushed toward the self-cultivator. Where can these people resist? He waved his hand and turned to appear in front of everyone, intercepting the sword.

  Under the wooden feathers, Yufeng Dan, Mu Yu feels that his body is as light as Yan, and the body has no reason to produce surging spirits. These spiritual powers are in the body of Mu Yu. Mu Yu shouted, and his body covered Ximen unfortunately and Luo Wei. Luo Yan also slammed his hand, and a powerful spiritual force flowed out of his hand. As the red light flashed, the three suddenly disappeared into the air, without any foresight, and disappeared out of thin air.


  Yuanhuadao was shocked. He didn’t know what happened. Why did the three disappear? His eyes turned to the east, and the breath of the three appeared there. He just wanted to chase, and suddenly the white demon king took a picture.

  "We are not finished yet! Just don't care about others. ”

  The White Demon King seems to be deliberately letting Mu Yu and others leave. His mouth is full of smiles. One person will stop the Cangjiezi and the Yuanhua Dao, and he will be quiet and free, without gasping at all. If it is really hands-on, the three old people from the Terran are not enough for him.

  In fact, think about it, the three young guys left, and the rest of the test is still asking who can win?

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