Chapter 29 The Beast Forest

The sky is clear and the wind is beautiful.

Mu Yu himself did not expect that the first thing he had just encountered when he went down the mountain turned out to be a misunderstanding of other people’s territory. The other party was still a golden age. This huge gap made Mu Yu’s heart cool, and the ghost knew whether the other party would slap. Shoot yourself.

At this moment, a sword came out of the air, kneeling in front of the wood feathers, stirring up a lot of dust, a figure standing in front of the wood feathers after the smoke.

"Xu Ye, will your brain be broken to rob us of the dust?"

Lan Linger’s figure was overbearing in front of Mu Yu. She wore her hands in her waist and glared at the old man without fear. Lan Linger's cultivation is the foundation period, but there is no fear in the face of the Jindan period.

Mu Yu saw that Lan Linger had a sigh of relief. This girl finally found herself lost, and actually had a conscience running back to save the field.

Xu Ye's face changed slightly. He actually knew Lan Linger. His eyes sparkled. After meditation for a long while, he snorted: "It turned out to be a dusty person, really arrogant, rolling!"

When Mu Yu’s singer, the old man named Xu Ye’s cloth, was a disciple of the dusty school, suddenly he was willing to let them go? Is it that the martial art has spread far and wide? This can be fresh!

"I won't see you when I look back. Can you make me worry?"Lan Linger turned his head and turned it into a piece of wood feather. "If you don't understand it, you will be everywhere. If it is not for me to come in time, the ghost knows how long it will take!" If you are stopped by such a casual person, we will not be able to catch up with the school in the dark! ”

Mu Yu was somewhat depressed, and he glanced at Xu Ye with vigilance and found that the other party was watching them, but there was no meaning to block it. Mu Yu followed Lan Linger to vacate, until he could not see the dragon and tiger gorge, Mu Yu was relaxed. It’s also a good time for Linger, otherwise I don’t know how to end it.

"And, no polite, saved your life! If Master and Master did not let me look at you, I really don't want to come back to you. ”Lan Linger said impatiently.

"If it is not the old man of the Golden Age, I need you to save!"Mu Yu finally couldn't help but open his mouth. He was so good that he had beaten the other people. If he hadn't pulled out a golden dragon's repairer, he could grow up.

"Do you think that it is great to cultivate high? Do you know that there is something called a backing? Even if you are repaired to be higher than that of Xu’s men, do you have a mess to occupy a hill without a bit of skill to dare to robbery? ”

"If you have the ability, then why don't you dare to trouble us when we hear the reputation of our dust-drops?"Mu Yu is still not convinced, he thinks it should be because of his own master, after all, his master is the cultivation of the Golden Age, it is estimated that this is also the taboo of the old man.

Lan Linger suddenly stopped and looked at Mu Yu with a smug look. Mu Yu’s heart suddenly bursts, and he is annoyed with the expression of Lan Linger. As long as Lan Linger reveals this expression, it definitely means that she has to move out of the second brother to dig the wood feather.

"Fortunately, you are a dusty person. When the two brothers first taught them a lesson, they can't do anything to us now. At this point, you will thank the two brothers!"

Lan Linger said proudly, she found another point that could lower the wooden feathers and raise the second brother. Since Mu Yu came to the dusty party, everyone thought that Mu Yu’s talent was better than that of the second brother. Lan Linger believed that the status of the two brothers fell in the hearts of everyone. She always believed that the second brother would come back, so she could find a low. She will never miss the opportunity of Mu Yu.

Mu Yu tightened his lips, and this is the second brother without ghosts! If you don't see anyone, you will smell it, and you will be better than him in the mouth of Lan Linger. He also had to admit in his heart that these two brothers did have two brushes. In the past, I only heard how Lan Linger had blown the two brothers, but I didn’t expect the second brother to teach a person from a canyon once. It seems that the second brother is at least in the Golden Age. However, the repair of the Golden Age, how can it disappear for no reason?



Let's just let them go? ”No need for the big man to ask indignantly.

The old man in the cloth screamed coldly: "Would you also go to robbery? Why do you use your brain for a long time? ”

"Do they not be a sect of a person? Why are you afraid of them? ”No need for big men to understand.

The old man in the cloth is not happy: "Can you find a spiritual stone on the dusty person?" They are so cynical and do things with a little brain! ”

The others were startled, but soon they reacted. Fallout to the decline of penniless famous, a door to add up to less than 10 people, although the hidden world indisputable, but with so few disciples can still occupy a mountain to set up a door pie, so many years ago no one dared to hit their ideas, Do they look as simple as they seem?

But is this breath so swallowed? The boy used a sword to pack everyone up, and the girl was arrogant, and he did not have a bit of awe in the Jindan period. Can his own owner be tolerated and pointed to his nose?

The old man in the cloth stared at the figure of Lan Linger and Mu Yu disappeared into the sky, but there was some old things in his heart. The lonely and indifferent dusty disciples were clean and decisive. If it weren't for his mercy, perhaps the Dragon Tiger Gorge would no longer exist. He also remembered the fact that Feng Haochen was indifferent to the world, but his heart was inexplicably chilled.

The dust party may be poor, but it is not easy to provoke.


Lan Linger no longer flies very high this time. She digs the wood feathers while opening the road in front of Mu Yu. Obviously, the dragon and tiger gorge has greatly reduced the sharpness of Mu Yu and made Mu Yu have nothing to say. Can be said. Mu Yu sat on his flying sword and turned his eyes while blocking his ears.

"There is a forest not far from the front, where there are many monsters, killing a few to earn some spiritual stones!"Lan Linger slaps Mu Yu’s hand from his ear and then points to the lush forest in front of him.

"You are a girl's family, how to kill the monster so happy? Can't you hold on to it? ”Mu Yu shouted.

"Can you be a boy, don't you be such a girl?"Lan Linger did not take the words of Mu Yu seriously.

The city where the school is located is called Qingshou City. There are quite a lot of self-cultivators in Qingshou City. Everyone trades with Lingshi as the currency. It is difficult to go to Qingshou City without a few Lingshi.

"Also, if you want to buy clothes, it is best to buy them in the shop of the self-cultivator. The self-cultivators use silk fabrics for silkworms. They are better than ordinary people's silkworms. If you want to eat some good food, you must Going to the restaurant opened by the self-cultivator, where are the restaurants of many monsters and ordinary people available?"Lan Linger flew at the foot of the sword and quickly fell towards the forest.

"I'm afraid you are still for those rouge gouache!"Mu Yu swears, it goes without saying that the effect of the rouge gouache made by the comprehension is definitely better than the average person.

"Don't do anything, you can't do anything with the heart of beauty!"Lan Linger snorted and landed on the ground, and the flying sword at the foot disappeared.

Mu Yu is bored with the back of Lan Linger. This ordinary forest person does not dare to set foot. Only the comprehension will come in and hunt the monster. The monsters are also graded. According to their current strength, they can only deal with the second-order monsters. The third-order monsters can only be dealt with by the repairers of the Golden Age. Therefore, hunting the monsters is a thankless thing. The comprehensible person who lives badly will become the dish of the monster.

"Our goal is only those second-order monsters, don't be too far away from me. If you are eaten by the monsters, I can't save you."Lan Linger was hard to take seriously.

Mu Yu is not very afraid of the beast. When he went out, he followed the master. The master hunted the monster and had rich experience. Although he was generally onlookers, he also learned a lot of skills. As for Lan Linger, not to mention, she came here alone, and returned in good condition. Mu Yu felt that Lan Linger was even more fierce than the monster.

"Stop."Soon after they entered the forest, Lan Linger, who was walking in front, suddenly made a gesture, and Mu Yu almost hit Lan Linger.

"what happened? That is just a mouse! ”Mu Yu looked at the palm-sized brown mouse attached to the branch with a pine cone, and could not help but ask.

The voice just fell, a green shadow flashed, the mouse lost its figure in an instant, a green snake appeared in the place where the mouse stayed. The snake has only one color up and down, about three chopsticks, and the head is small. And the snake looks very different.

"The second-order monster is a young man."Lan Linger's understanding of the monsters is not lost in the words.

"what? Where did the mouse go? ”Mu Yu asked wonderingly. UU reading

"It's already in the belly of Qingluo. Qingluo is very fast. Don't look at its head so small. It's no problem to swallow the prey like a rat. Its saliva contains instant venom, as long as the prey is included. In the blink of an eye, it will melt into the essence of life."Lan Linger explained impatiently.

"Wow! so smart? So what if we are bitten? ”Mu Yu widened his eyes.

"Don't worry, it won't actively attack the creatures that it can swallow, but we can't catch it. It's moving too fast, be careful."Lan Linger waved his hand and indicated that he could move on.

The wooden feathers are placed on the trunk, and the surrounding trees are just like living. Each tree becomes the eyes of the wooden feathers. The wooden feathers can clearly see the hidden enchanting grass in the grass, and the green peaks between the trees. As long as he is willing, he can even use the branches to directly catch these monsters.

Then a dull tread of the ground suddenly came from the depths of the woods, the sound is like a horseshoe, but more vigorous than the sound of hoofs, horseshoe sound accompanied by bursts of sharp whistling sound, but I do not know why.

"what happened?"Lan Linger asked.

"It's an animal."According to the feedback, Mu Yu said that even if he doesn't use trees, he can hear it. The Yanma beast once saw him, and he was full of flames in the forest, but the flames on them could not ignite the trees. This is probably the forest. Rule of law. The Yanma beast is violent and aggressive, and will self-immolate after death, without hunting value.

"Listening to this voice seems to be coming over us."Lan Linger looked suspiciously at Muyu. I don’t know why Mu Yu would know that it was an animal. She listened to her ears for a while, then hurriedly turned around and couldn’t help but pull up the wooden feathers and flew to the branches.

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