The No. 292 chapter of the extremely fairy list was born

  Almost in the light and flint, the wood feathers disappeared into the trees, and the figure of the sky appeared in the position where Mu Yu stood.

  As long as the night even a breath, Mu Yu will Chachinanfei!

  When Deng Tiantian’s face was ugly, he had already noticed that a breath of stagnation was in this place, but he did not find any shadow after he fell. His spiritual power swept through every inch of the surrounding land, and he wanted to find a little clue to the wood feathers, but unfortunately there was no gain.

  Since hearing the news that Mu Yu came out from the second day, he secretly set up a ban on the Qingzhu Peak with his hand on the door, strictly prohibiting all disciples in the door from entering the mountain, so that he can come to this place. There is only wood feathers in the place. As soon as Mu Yu comes back, he will definitely be the first to notice it!

  When Mu Yu came, it triggered the ban on the whole mountain. When he was immediately found in the sky, he directly integrated into the void and stepped on the mountain.

  If it is not the control of Mu Yu, I am afraid that he has already landed in the hands of Deng Tian. When Deng Tiantian was distracted, the Dan Ding sent a sixth-order alchemy teacher, and he was more than enough to deal with Mu Yu!

  "I know you are here, I will kill you."When the cold voice of Dengtian was like the bell of death, it sounded the whole mountain and it echoed for a long time.

  No one responded to him, and Mu Yu did not dare to take a breath when he was hiding in the air. In the face of the time, he is still too weak, and once he shows his feet, he is dead! There are many people in the realm of comprehension who want to find him. When he goes to heaven, he is undoubtedly the one who wants to take his life.

  When Dengtian still couldn't find the clues of Mu Yu, he was furious, and waved his hand and smashed the atmosphere of the heavens and the earth. The bamboo in front of him suddenly became a powder! He walked up to the only cabin in Qingzhufeng, and there were some traps in the room, but it didn't start at the moment.

  He just snorted coldly, and the whole wooden house exploded, and the explosion was heard! There have been several six-stage blasts that have been placed in the sky for a long time. Originally, they were intended to deal with Mu Yu. They wanted to blow the wood feathers out of the bones, but the wood feathers did not appear in the wooden house.

  Qingzhufeng is such a shabby building that can barely enter the eye. At this moment, it is also disappearing in the hands of Deng Tiantian!

  "I have ruined everything in Qingzhufeng today. I see where you can escape!"When Deng Tiantian swept out the violent breath again, the bamboo forest around him had been razed to the ground and was a mess. He didn't know that Mu Yu had already integrated into the trees, otherwise he would surely uproot all the plants of the entire Qingzhufeng and destroy the wood feathers!

  However, the void was a wave of volatility, and the figure of cold and snow fell.

  "When you go to heaven, the head let us go to discuss the orders issued by the Mie Palace. What do you want to do?"The cold and snowy voice was equally cold, and her face was very bad.

  When Deng Tiantian raised his hand, he took out a burst of dan, and instantly blasted Qingzhufeng out of a deep pit, completely ignoring the cold and snowy eyes, and even did not want to talk.

  "Send it to me!"There was a sigh of anger on the face of cold ice and snow. When she saw it, she threw out a blasting dan, and she immediately took out the blast, and said coldly: "The dead wood has been punished in prison." Is it not enough for the rest of my life? Are you ruining the entire mountain, are you willing? Don't forget, Qingzhufeng is one of the foundations of our Danding School. If you destroy him, do you think that the master will let you go? ”

  The face of Deng Tiantian is almost distorted to the limit, and the resentment in the heart is like a volcano that is about to erupt.

But what he suddenly thought of, the corner of his mouth was hard to outline a vicious arc, and the volcanic eruption trend was suppressed.

  "Sister, the command of the head, I dare not, let us go!"

  When Deng Tian’s eyes swept like a snake in the trees hidden by Mu Yu, it had been turned into a flat land. He remembered that Mu Yu’s breath disappeared there, but he could not really be sure. Then Tian Tian squinted and smiled, and disappeared into the void.

  The cold snow and ice chest undulating, her eyes glanced in the surrounding trees, said coldly: "I don't know if you are here, but when you find the way to kill the dead wood." I only said one sentence, refining the heart of the cliff, prisoner Dan. ”

  After that, the cold ice and snow tightened his lips, and he stepped out in the next step, going to the Dan Dante's parliament hall.

  After a long time, Mu Yu only drilled the trees. If he did not transfer quickly, I am afraid that it will be blown up by the time. The ban on setting up around the world has been broken and will no longer take effect. He knows that he is somewhat arrogant this time. After his accident, the dead wood will inevitably be watched by the time. How can he not think of waiting for the rabbit when he goes to heaven!

  The bamboo forest has been ruined by the time, and he is very angry. Although he has no feelings about this place, but the dead wood father has grown up here, and now even the only wooden house has been turned into pieces, when the world is really hot!

  However, compared with the fact that Dengzhu was destroyed by the sky, the dead wood was trapped in the refining of the heart of the prison, and it made him even more angry! Mu Yu clenched his fist, because of his own affairs, the dead wood father was actually punished for a lifetime in the prisoner's array! He always thought that he had a debt and had a debt. He made a mistake and had nothing to do with the dead wood, but why did the head have to bear the dead wood?

  “What do you mean by Mu Yu, Refining the Heart Cliff and the prisoner?”Xiaoshuai asked inexplicably.

  "The prisoner's squad is a place dedicated to the imprisonment of the Danding prisoners. It is full of evil people, almost all of them are traitors of the Danding. The spiritual power of these people will gradually be taken out by the prisoners and used to complete other Dan Ding disciples. ”

 Mu Yu listened to the dead wood and said that the Dandan faction was used to provide the alchemy of the alchemy alchemy. In the prisoner's room, alchemy can make the alchemy master's alchemy process unbiased, and the rate of Cheng Dan will be even more high. The alchemy room itself is a battlefield, and its eyes are the spiritual power of the prisoners in the prisoner's array under the heart of the heart!

  Dead wood is not easy to re-enter the road of cultivation, but now it has been imprisoned by the Yundan Taoist, which means that the spiritual power he cultivates every moment will be deprived, and it will never be possible to further. If the prisoner does not practice, he will not be able to provide enough spiritual power to the prisoner, and will gradually become a mortal, and eventually die!

  Cold snow and ice tell the wood feathers the fall of the dead wood, it is hoped that the wood feathers will save people. Cold and snow is a person of Dan Ding, her father is also a Dan Ding, she can not betray the Dan Ding, but will not watch the man who loved his life for a lifetime in the prison.

  Mu Yu was angry, and he re-drilled into the trees and went to the heart of the cliff.


  Dan Ding, the main hall of the proceedings.

  The Dan Din faction hall is called the Ancient Dan Hall. At this moment, the atmosphere in the temple is very solemn. There are more than a hundred stable elders in the temple. The minimum period of cultivation is a period of embarrassment, which is equivalent to the fifth-order alchemy teacher! Although the repair period of the expiration period is not high in the realm of cultivation! But the status is comparable to the repairer of the distraction period. Not to mention that there are fewer than ten fifth-grade alchemists here, most of them are sixth-order alchemists!

  Every elder is an elderly person, with white hair and a sacred bone. At this moment, everyone is sitting in danger, looking at the first person in the temple with great seriousness. He is also the head of the Danding School, a seventh-order alchemist, Yundan Taoist.

  The Yundan Taoist looked suspiciously at the people who were present. These people are the elders of the Dingding Middle School. Each one is out of the Dan Ding School. In the realm of cultivation, they are all high-level alchemists who admire everyone. These elders are also relying on the Dan Ding faction. Because of their existence, the comprehension community has a deep fear of the Dan Ding.

  He has four seats on both sides, sitting in the cold and snow, when the sky and the medicine are endless, only one seat is empty.

  The Dan Ding faction has a total of five pulse masters, each of which manages its own main peak, and other elders assist the pulse to carry forward their respective veins. But now there are four veins of elders and pulse masters, but only a dead wood.

  The dead wood is always rare, leaving only dead wood and wood feathers. The Dan Ding faction stipulates that unless everyone in the veins dies, the head can reassign the new pulse master. Now the dead wood is still alive, even if he is imprisoned, there is still a nominal disciple Mu Yu, so even the head can not deprive the dead wood of the main position.

  The dead wood was not in the Dan Ding faction for more than a decade. Therefore, he did not participate in the meeting of the Danding School. The seat next to the Yundan Taoist was empty for more than ten years. Now even if the dead wood returns to the Dan Ding faction, but because of the oppression of the various forces in the comprehension, Yundan Taoist people have to imprison the dead wood, so this seat will continue to empty.

  "What is the so-called call to all of us?"Asked the old man.

  In the past, there was something big in the martial art. The Yundan Taoist would only summon the pulse of the other three veins, so that the pulse master could send the news back to the elders of each pulse. The old man of the Shouge was originally one of the five veins of the pulse. It belongs to the pulse of the cold and cold peak, but he has retired and handed over everything to his daughter for treatment. He has never been here for a long time.

  The Yundan Taoist said solemnly: "To summon everyone here today is to tell everyone one thing. The Sangong Palace officially sent orders, so that we no longer have to clashed with the Yaozu people. The demon king was recognized by the Sangong Palace. ."

  Many people are cautious, and the birth of the Yaozu is recognized by the Sangong Palace. This is enough to show that the situation of the Yumeng Mozu has seriously affected the stable life of the Terran. The Terran cannot cope with the Yumeng Mozu and the Yaozu at the same time, so they can only choose to form an alliance with the Yaozu.

  The Mie Palace has always been mysterious and has nowhere to go, but they are very clear about the situation on the triple continent. Every time they issue orders, they are justified and never go wrong. They said that the default demon people were born, so the demon people had its necessity when they were born.

  "So is this just?"The old man of the squad continued to ask. With his many years of experience, if only this matter was called, it is obviously not enough to convince him.

  The Yundan Taoist looked very serious and said slowly: "There is one more thing, after more than one hundred years, the Triple Palace once again promulgates the immortal list!"

  "what? Extremely popular list reborn? ”Shouge old man's eyes wide open, UU reading seems extremely surprised. Others also looked up and looked at Yundan Taoist incredulously. This three-character list is like an unparalleled power that makes everyone shocked!

  On life and death, set the rankings, the dragon fights, the people fight the devil!

  Not only the Dan Ding School, but also the people of the major martial arts in the realm of the real world are extremely shocked when they hear the celestial list. The authoritative list of Mie Palace, the birth of the immortal list, caused a burst of squally showers in the realm of the realm, and the triple continent is destined to not continue to be quiet.

  The older generation knows what the immortal list means. It is a list of glory and a list that everyone wants. Those who can be on the list are the heroes of the younger generation. Everyone must be talented and bright, and the future is extraordinary!

  “How many of our descendants are on the list?”The old man of the Shouge was indulged for a long while and asked seriously. He is a very high-ranking person in the Danding School and is also the one with the most say.

  The eyes of Yundan Taoist people flashed some light, and they said for a long time: "Seven."

  "Which seven?"

The seven celestial beings are Lian Tianyou and Bie Wenxuan under my door, the knife and moon under the cold teacher's door, the time sea under the teacher's door, the sorcerer and the sorcerer under the pharmacist's brother, the last one, I think everyone knows Who is it? ”Yundan Taoist scans everyone, and does not clarify all the words.

  But everyone in the room is already clear.

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