No. 299 chapter of the Polar Fairy

  The existence of the Mie Palace is to lead the comprehensions of the three continents to fight against the Yumeng Mozu. Leadership is not just a slogan.

  The battle between the Terran and the Yumeng Mozu is extremely fierce. The way to defeat the Yumeng Mozu is not based on human tactics, but combat capabilities! Each time before the Mie Palace’s war with the Yumeng Mozu, it will publish a list of nine sacred people who can serve as human leaders.

  There are a total of ninety-nine candidates on the list of the immortals, known as the "great fairy." Everyone on the list is the best self-cultivator of the Terran, and can enter the list when they are no more than 40 years old. They were selected by the Triple Palace and entered the list. Everyone on the list competed against each other and competed for the top nine positions.

  At a certain time, the Mie Palace will let the top nine immortals enter the mysterious Sanchong Palace, teach them incomparable and profound cultivation methods, and train them into a man-made leader with no one to fight against Yumeng. Mozu. The remaining ninety celestials will also assist the top nine celestial beings and become outstanding generals under the leadership of the human race.

  The position of these nine immortals on the Triple Continent is very detached. Even if the heads of the major sects meet with them, they have to salute, because their cultivation will advance by the help of the Mie Palace, so that all the sects will only have their heads. Can look forward to its back.

  It can be said that these nine great cents represent the supreme right and status of the comprehension. Their words and deeds represent the Three Palaces. Their orders are the orders of the Triple Palace. They have the right to kill any comprehension who violates the order, even if it is The head of the big door is no exception!

  Ninety-nine elites need to fight each other and get ranked. As long as the triple palace does not release the final deadline, the ranking on the list will always fluctuate. Once someone defeats a certain immortal, he will successfully win the person's place.

  After the official release of the celestial list, there will be people who die on the list every day, but there are also replacements, and there will be no less than ninety-nine. This is a very cruel competition. If you can't survive this cruel rule, then you are not worthy of being a fairy! Not to mention the leader family.

  However, these ninety-nine celestial beings will naturally be protected by the Triple Palace. The Triple Palace stipulates that only the forty-year-old comprehensible can kill the celestial beings. If the forty-year-old comprehensible kills the celestial beings, Will get the punishment of the Triple Palace!

  The mysterious force of the Mie Palace, no one knows its true face, but it is the Lord who said it! It seems to be a ubiquitous ghost, paying attention to every fairy. People who have crossed the border want to challenge the authority of the Triple Palace, and they are undoubtedly killed by the Triple Palace!

  Why did Deng Dengtian kill Muyu at the beginning, that is, Mu Yu has not been officially recognized by the celestial list, although the list of Mu Yu has appeared on the celestial list, but he did not get the identity of the celestial list. So it is not really a fairy. Once Mu Yu gets the identity of the immortal list, even if there is a deep hatred, you can't do it anymore!

  The Yundan Taoist received the news of the Mie Palace on the extremely popular list. The Dan Ding faction was selected into the top of the list of seven people, respectively, the disciples of the Yundan Taoist, even Tianyou and Biewenxuan. The sea, the medicine of the promise of the pulse of the Huahua and the sorrow, the cold and the snow of the knife month, the last one is the wood feather!

  If anyone can become the top nine, it is a matter of Guangzong Yaozu. They will lead the entire race, not only their personal glory, but also the glory of the sect. If at this time Yundan Taoist does not recognize the identity of Muyu Danding, then Danding will have a chance to become famous, and even if it is one of the nine great immortals after Mu Yu,

Dissatisfied with the Dan Ding faction, it is almost easy to retaliate against the Dan Ding faction.


  Yundan Taoist stares at Muyu. The achievement of this kid is limitless. If he grows up, he may become one of the nine great immortals. He said: "Mu Yu, do you know that you have become a very popular person?"

  Yundan Taoist has not told all the Dingding disciples about this news, so when the Danding disciples on the side heard the news, they were not calm.

  "what? Did he even go to the top of the list? ”

  "It should have been thought of, he is such a talent!"

  What exactly does the Dingdingbang mean? These Dan Ding disciples are very clear. In fact, no one in the triple continent is unclear. The people who can be on the list represent the youngest and most powerful generation of the human race. It is a lot of comprehension even Dan Ding disciples. They all smashed the list that they want to go up. Unfortunately, Mu Yu did not know anything about this. He had never heard of anything that was a very popular list.

  "Is it a very powerful thing?"Mu Yu asked curiously. Feng Haochen told him a lot of common sense in the realm of cultivation, but there are many things he has not mentioned.

  Yundan Taoist people are a little surprised: "You don't know what is the best fairy list?"

  "Should I know?"Mu Yu asked.

  Everyone has been defeated by Mu Yu. The talents who are able to go to the top of the list are talented and talented. The people on the list fight each other. That is the true strength of the younger generation of the triple continent! Many people want to be in the list are not qualified, but Mu Yu, the guy on the list, actually did not know the existence of the extremely popular list?

  The dead wood around him frowned, said: "Senior brother, is this true?" Is Mu Yu really on the list? ”

  Mu Yu does not know the immortal list, but how can you know the dead wood? The birth of the immortal list is a very important thing. If this Yundan Taoist does not pursue the story of Mu Yu, it seems to be justified. The more sects of a sect, the more powerful the overall strength of this martial art young disciple! If the Yundan Taoist does not admit that Mu Yu is a disciple of the Dan Ding School, then the Dan Ding School will have one less.
Very fairy.

  With the enchanting talent and potential of Mu Yu, it is very likely that it will become the last nine celestial beings. How can such a chance of Yundan Taoist be let go?

  “Don't I still have a joke on the open list?”Yundan Taoist shook his head helplessly, and at the same time saw Mu Yu's eyes. Today, Mu Yu’s retreat from the promissory period will be able to repel the distraction, which is enough to explain his strength. If this genius is driven out of the Dan Ding, it is a huge loss.

  "Old man, what is the best fairy list? Tell me first, okay? ”Mu Yu feels like a countryman, everyone knows, but he doesn't know. Everyone is envious of being a great immortal, but he does not understand where this envy comes from.

  "I will explain to you later, you are now the owner of the Qingzhu peak, you can't help but understand?" Don't humiliate the name of the lord, and tell jokes to others. ”Dead wood did not say good.

  Many Dan Ding disciples have already secretly laughed at Mu Yu, a bandit who has never seen the world. Actually, some people will not know the very popular list. It is really laughing at the big teeth. Even some disciples have exposed some ironic smiles. After all, they do not recognize the existence of Mu Yu as the pulse master in their hearts.

  "There is no name for this pulse master!" As for the two polished commanders, where is the name? ”Mu Yu shrugged indifferently. He didn't feel any embarrassed. "More, what are the jokes? What am I laughing at? Is it ignorant? But I am still the master of the pulse! Laughing, I haven’t even heard of the celestial list? However, people who haven’t heard of the very popular list are on the list. How have you heard the list of the most popular charts? ”

  Lying trough! Naked ridicule!

  All Dan Ding disciples can't wait to jump up and work with Mu Yu! Mu Yu’s words caused 10,000 points of crit damage to them, but they couldn’t even say anything when they repaid their mouths. Because Mu Yu said that they are all truthful, they really can’t match Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu is a monkey eager to see that some people hate their teeth and take him without any means.

  Yundan Taoist shook his head slightly, and Mu Yu said that this has already scorned the many talented disciples of Dan Ding. He is also incapable of doing this, because Mu Yu does have a proud capital.

  The dead wood crossed the wood feathers and held back the smile. Knowing that Mu Yu had already squandered many Dan Ding disciples. He ignored Mu Yu and turned to continue to ask Yundan Taoist. "What is the identity of Mu Yu? What is his ranking in the polar list? ”

  Yundan Taoist waved his hand, and a complicated and mysterious pattern suddenly appeared in his hands. The pattern was only a thumb-thickness, but it was filled with a sacred and majestic atmosphere, as if it were an unspeakable sacred object. As the pattern appeared, it quickly went to the right hand of Mu Yu and firmly covered the back of Mu Yu's hand.

  "Hey? What is this stuff? ”Mu Yu shouted, trying to tear the line back, but the pattern was like a dog skin plaster, carved into his skin, and then slowly appeared a number –

  eighty two

  Then I didn’t know where there was a strange and distant sound, which was ringing around the wood feathers:

  "Wood feathers, sword shadow dust and dead wood, the disciples, the 82nd most immortal."

  Shouge old man nodded and encouraged to say: "The 82nd is extremely fairy! Not too high, but it is already very good, and there will be more in the future…"But when he said half of the time, he suddenly squinted his eyes like a big bell. "Wait, who are you, who is the apprentice?"

  Sword shadow dust? The true god of the triple continent, the sword shadow dust!

  "what! The disciple of the sword shadow dust? ”

  "The Mie Palace will not be mistaken, right?" The true God of the Triple World will be his master? ”

  "Sword shadow dust, UU reading This, is this not true?"

  When everyone heard these four words, they were suddenly scared. No one thought that this enchanting wood feather was actually an apprentice of the sword shadow dust! The reputation of the sword shadow dust wind is unknown in the three continents. He represents the supreme cultivation of mankind. It is also the original sword shadow dust that annihilated the five Yumeng spirits and saved the entire human race.

  The most important thing is that the sword shadow dust wind is not one of the nine great immortals selected by the Mie Palace. His origin has always been a mystery. After defeating the Yumeng Mozu, the sword shadow dust disappeared, leaving only his nine swords and the supreme swordsmanship to be talked about by the world.

  However, the sword shadow dust wind actually had apprentices, and it was this wood feather that made the Danding party feel uncomfortable! In this way, it seems that Mu Yu’s catastrophe in the realm of comprehension can be explained by a cancellation. This Nima backstage is terrifying!

  The Yundan Taoist and all the elders of the Danding faction froze when they heard the dust of the sword shadow! They only know that Mu Yu is an apprentice of dead wood, but he did not expect that he still has such an identity enough to shock the entire realm of cultivation! If you say that Mu Yu’s time to repel the distraction period will only make them shock, then the words “Jian Ying Dust Wind” are like a hundred seventh-order blasts that blew at them at the same time. In the ear, they blew their heads.

  Is the apprentice of the Triple Gods really not kidding?

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