No. 302 Chapter Shing

  Bamboo forest slowly out of the Yundan Taoist, medicine and cold snow five people. Everyone's face is a little strange, apparently they have been waiting here, also heard the price of Mu Yu, each face dew embarrassed to look to Mu Yu.

  With the five of them coming, there is still a lot of enthusiasm. The medicine Wuji knows that the relationship between the spirit and the wood feather is good, so he also brought him, hoping to let the wood feathers speak better by collecting the fire.

  "Mu Yu, you are really awkward."He ran over with a grin and patted the shoulders of Mu Yu.

  "Oh, yes, forget you and your kid. Nothing, buy five get one free, I will give you free wood residue. ”Mu Yu was also very happy to see the sorrow, and hugged a bit. There are not many people who can make a good impression on him. The spirit is definitely one.

  The medicine showed the smile of the release, and he knew that this was the right thing to bring. Yundan Taoist people regret a little, because his disciples seem to have no one who is very good with Mu Yu. The best talents even Tianyou and Mu Yu have no friendship, and Biewenxuan and Mu Yu are just one side.

  The price of Mu Yu is really too big. It is really a big opening for the lion. However, everyone knows that if Mu Yu can help them remove the wood residue from the body, then the price is not excessive for these seven-stage alchemists. After all, removing the wood residue, this means that the alchemy's body has regained its new life.

  I think that the medicine promise was just a little bit of wood residue removed with the help of Mu Yu, and it broke into the distraction period. It shows how important this matter is to all alchemists!

  "Mu Yu Xiaoyou, we met again."The Yuanhua Dao people greeted him with ease, and the crutches in his hand were inlaid with a green bead. At the beginning, this bead knew the identity of Mu Yu, but he did not dismantle it in front of others.

  Mu Yu nodded and saluted. When he was confronted with the Yaozu people in Baicao Village, he remembered this person and his impression was not bad.

  Imagine the five people who look at the entire realm of comprehension. Anyone who stands out is a person who is respected by thousands of people. Each one is the object of the people in the realm of truth. But at this moment, it was robbed by Mu Yu and there was nothing to say. Even a little bit of complaints did not dare to reveal. If other people know, it will be a big surprise!

  "Come! I went to the old man to pay the money. ”Mu Yu will not continue to be polite with them, what price to do, even the Dan Ding faction has no possibility of accommodation.

  "The dead brother, you have received a good apprentice!"Yundan Taoist sighed helplessly, and waved a bunch of medicinal herbs to the dead wood.

  It is also the apprentice of Jianying Dustwind, and the geek who combines half of Cheng Dan, and can also eliminate the ills for the alchemy teacher. This kind of person is really against the sky. The most unexpected thing is that such a genius disciple actually reluctantly worships the dead wood as a teacher. No matter which aspect, the dead wood is far less than the sword and dust, but the dead wood always seems to be able to put the wood feather. Managed to obey the post.

  Where do they know that the dead wood and the shadow of the sword are the enemy's relationship? With the lonely character of the dead wood, nothing will be said to others. Yundan Taoist simply does not understand how Mu Yu is related to the dead wood. .

  Dead wood is also not polite, not sloppy, counted a bit, said: "Sister, seven more medicinal herbs, five more medicinal herbs."

  Yundan Taoist shook his head and said generously: "There are more sins for you as a brother. You know that I have a hard time for you, and I hope that I will not blame my brother."

  Yundan Taoist is a big deal.

What he does is actually an investment. Nowadays, with the identity and ability of Mu Yu, the future will definitely be limitless, and maybe it will be the first nine episodes. At this time, I can make a good deal, and in the future, Dan Ding will have a more powerful backing.

  Yuanhua Dao and Yuan Chengdao were not stingy, and they also paid more or more sixth-order remedies.

  "Mu Yuxian, I am only a sixth-order alchemy teacher, can the seventh order owe?" I can give you all the six medicinal herbs. ”The medicine was asked tentatively.

  "This has to ask the dead wood father, what he said is everything, he is the master."

  Mu Yu deliberately handed over this matter to the dead wood to decide, that is, let Dan Ding send these people to have nothing to do afterwards, and then it is difficult to find the dead wood that Jin Dan period has now. The next time they look for dead wood troubles, they will also avoid the dead wood, but there is still a bad apprentice, and it is worthwhile to apprehend the apprentice who has provoked the dead wood.

  "Since you are a master of sorrow, and you have helped Mu Yu, you don't have to pay."The dead wood on the side looked at the cold snow and continued, "I don't need ice or snow."

  Medicine Promise and Cold Ice and Snow are sixth-order alchemists. They are incapable of refining the seventh-order medicinal herbs. In fact, the cold-snowing father's father is the seventh-order alchemy teacher, which he can replace. However, the dead wood has been spoken, and Mu Yu naturally has no opinion. The medicine is the master of the spirit, the cold and snow and the dead wood have an unclear relationship, how can he care about these.

  "Thank you for your brother!"The medicine is infinitely busy, and the dead wood is inferior to the Yundan Taoist in accordance with the order of entry of the teachers and brothers. The medicine is also the younger brother of the dead wood.

  The medicine looked at his apprentice with great satisfaction, but fortunately, in the suffocating city, the singer met Mu Yu, and the two became friends. I think that it was because of the indiscriminate passage of the Dan and Muyu, and it was thanks to my lazy disciple that I got a good chance.

  Cold ice and snow went to the front of the dead wood, pushed a bunch of medicinal herbs to the front of the wood, and whispered: "Thank you."

  The dead wood tightened his lips, and when he didn’t have any points, he put it in his sleeves. He muttered and looked at the cold and snow.
He did not escape, his heart struggled and hesitated. For a long time, it seems that I made up my mind and said: "I thank you, thank you for being protecting me. If the wood feathers are solved, if you are willing to wait for me, I will follow you. ”

  I will follow you.

  To escape for a lifetime, it is time to rest.

  Cold and snow, a glimpse of the body, this sentence she waited for half a lifetime, finally said from the man's mouth of this coffin head. Her eyes flashed with crystal light, and suddenly she tiptoed her head, and ignored the eyes of others, and kissed the man who loved and hated her.

  At that moment, the lips were warm and the time seemed to be stuck here.

  Living for the rest of my life, why not live for yourself?

  The heart of the dead wood is hot, maybe he still has the status of Miao language, but this time the trapped Daniels let him understand that cherishing the talents at hand is the best choice.

  He once loved a girl and did everything he wanted to save her. Even if her heart did not belong to him, he delayed another girl. He already wants to understand that some things are done unscrupulously, just to not leave regrets, but to make up for regrets can not be at the expense of those who love themselves.

  "Mu Yu, why do you want to lick each other's lips?"Xiaoshuai asked inexplicably, but Mu Yu pulled out a chicken leg to plug the mouth of Xiaoshuai, and the guy who did not understand the style would not explain too much with it.

  Mu Yu looked at the dead wood in a pleasant mood. Now the dead wood is the image of a middle-aged man, and the cold and snow also maintains a young face. The two are a good match. After the dead wood, there is a spring time, Mu Yu thinks, if Feng Haochen and Miaoyu know all this, they will certainly be happy for the dead wood!

  He remembered stunned and Qiao Xue, his heart sighed slightly, he liked it, and liked him, but he also made Joe Xue a mess because of a joke. In the future, maybe he will become a negative heart, he just hopes that Qiao Xue can figure this out!

  The old man guarding the house looked at the bitter lover with a gloomy look. The daughter stayed alone for a lifetime and finally let the dead wood turn back. He grew up watching dead wood and cold snow and ice, and they could understand each other. The two of them came together, and the stones in the old man’s heart fell.

  Shouge old man sat on the steps of the bamboo house, looked at it all, nodded slightly, it seems that life no longer has any regrets. At this moment, one hand rested on his shoulder. He looked up and found that Mu Yu was looking at him like a smile. He had a sudden smile. He had seen this smile once. When he was in the Danjing Pavilion, Mu Yu was the smile when he blackmailed him.

  The old man of the squad is ready to be blackmailed again, but for the five people of the Dan Ding, even if his property is taken away by Mu Yu, he has nothing to say. Shouge old man helplessly asked: "My little ancestor, extorted so many people, what do you think of your kid?"

  But soon he widened his eyes, because the slag deposited in his meridians suddenly began to surge along the meridians as tides. The wood slag that has plagued him for decades seems to be swept away by his arms. Those slags that have accumulated a lifetime of life can not be removed by any means, but they are all automatically assembled under the driving of Mu Yu. stand up!


  The old man screamed in shock, this is not the same degree that Mu Yu helped him clear. Before that, Mu Yu was always a small step and a small step, but now Mu Yu seems to want to keep the rest of his body. The wood residue is cleaned once!

  "You cleared me, then, what do they do?" Five people who said good–"Shouge old man supported me. His entire arm has completely become green and looks very strange.

  "Less nonsense, break your skin, then pay the money to the dead wood!"Mu Yu shouted. He is not the kind of ruthless person. The old man is willing to give up his own life, and he protects the dead wood everywhere. How can Mu Yu not help him?

  The old man in the squad was ecstatic, and quickly broke his arm. The slag poured out along the crack and was controlled by Mu Yu in his hand to form two fist-sized slag.

  "It’s really hard to kill so much slag. It’s a miracle not to kill you."Mu Yu slammed the road and threw away the slag.

  The Yundan Taoist and others on the side have widened their eyes. Does the wood feather actually remove the wood residue from the body of the old guard?

  The wood slag that has plagued all the alchemists for a lifetime is so easy for Mu Yu? This is not a dream!

  "Thank you, thank you, I am really, really…Thank you. ”The old man of the squad felt that his body seemed to be reborn, and the stiff body became very flexible. He wanted to scream for the sky, but he still resisted. Looking at Mu Yu for a while, it became a bit sensational, and even talking was unfavorable.

  In fact, it is said that the alchemists are weak in the same realm, mainly because they have a lot of wood residue deposited on their bodies. These slags affect their ability to react more or less, and it is inevitable that they will suffer from the comprehension of the normal realm.

  "Not much nonsense! Give me the money! ”Mu Yu kicked the old man's head.

  The oldest generation of the Shouge is extremely high, and the Yundan Taoist does not dare to neglect him. He is a master of the previous generation. Although his character is greatly embarrassing, no one dares to disrespect him. However, Mu Muyu kicked him, and the other person was still indifferent.

  If other Dan Ding disciples see that the eyeballs will come out, this wood feather really dare to do it!

  "My little wood feather, look, Cher and dead wood are together, dead wood is your master, equivalent to you
Father, I am the father of dead wood, so I am your grandfather…"

  "Do you qualify as the father of Jiansha Dust?"Mu Yu responded coldly.

  He knows that the old man said that he wants to play a relationship card and come to a relative price to see if he can discount it. Others may be polite, and this old man Mu Yu is definitely not polite. It is a matter of helping him. It is another matter to blackmail him.

  The old man at the squad had opened his mouth and seemed to be frightened by the words of Mu Yu. He has forgotten that Mu Yu has another master, but that is the true God of the triple continent! Where did he dare to have such an idea, he quickly sneered and said: "Don't dare, don't dare, when I didn't say it, when I didn't say it. UU reading"

  "Take money, and if you don't have a medicinal herb, you will put these slag back into your body."Mu Yu snorted and snorted, scanning the rest of the people who were shocked, said faintly: "Next!"

  Others just woke up. Yundan Taoist smiled bitterly. It’s really better than a human being than a dead person. Who can be quite a young man who has messed up the realm of repairing the real world. He sees such a way to clear a person’s wood residue. The face is not red and the heart is not jumping, it is terrible!

  Yundan Taoist quickly came over, Mu Yu was a little polite to him, and then the Yundan Taoist also solved the wood residue in the body, and then solved the remaining people's wood residue. It is even simpler to collect the spirits. The spirit is still young, there is no wood residue in the body, and only a little bit is fixed by Mu Yu.

  The whole process can't take much time. For him, these slags are simply a piece of cake. As for them, they will doubt what Mu Yu is too lazy to pay attention to. He has the true god of the triple continent as a master. What can be said about these things? of? If you suspect, you can suspect the sword shadow dust!

  "When the younger brother really should not provoke this kid."Yundan Taoist sighed in the heart, when the alchemy talent of Dengtian is also very high, if he can remove the wood residue in the body, he will certainly become a seventh-order alchemy teacher, but unfortunately he and the dead wood hatred can not be resolved for a lifetime.

  "The next time there is any after-sales problem, I can continue to come to me. I am very good at buying and selling, the second half price."Mu Yu showed an innocent smile.

  Everyone has a cold, shuddering.

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