Chapter 31 Humanity

In the woods, OO@@ is ringing, and the birds’ songs rang through the forest with the wings. The ashes on the ground have not burned out, and the surrounding dead leaves are still dancing with the wind.

The demon spirit is in the hands of the person holding the golden circle. The expression on his face is very excited. Presumably he finally got a demon spirit that only the Jindan period master can get. What a precious baby, with a demon spirit, Breaking through to the Golden Dan is just around the corner.

He was very excited, but relaxed his vigilance, and when he reacted, his chest suddenly highlighted a bloody sword tip. The young man with a short sword didn't know when he had been behind his back. The short sword was facing the chest and pierced the other's body without mercy.

"Li Yuan, younger brother, you, you actually –"

The man never imagined that his younger brother would suddenly be in trouble! How is this possible? I have deep feelings with my younger brother. I usually take care of my younger brother. When I get this demon, he takes it for granted. He thinks that the younger brother will definitely not have any opinions, but he did not expect to meet. His own turned out to be a cold dagger.

"Tang Yang brothers, although you usually take good care of me on weekdays, but we are all building the foundation of the nine heavens, we must know that without this demon, it is very difficult to break through the Golden Age. I don't want to wait, so I only have to grieve you. ”

Li Yuan’s sword in his hand was shocked, and the overbearing spiritual power suddenly destroyed the heart of Tang Yang. Tang Yang’s eyes widened. He tried to turn his head and look at the younger brother, but Li Yuan had pulled out the sword and took him. Kicked to the ground.

"Sorry, brother, you can go with peace of mind! At the door of the division, I will say that you have accidentally protected me. I will burn paper for you. ”Li Yuan wiped the short sword on Tang Yang and wiped away the shocking blood. Tang Yang Zhangkou still wants to say something, but his mouth is full of blood, his words are all drowned in the blood of the cockroach, his breath gradually dissipated, with a trace of remorse and unwillingness, with the Yanma beast Go, I can't close my eyes.

Another life is gone, and the person who was still alive and dead has become a cold body. For the sake of profit, the means of killing the pregnant Yanma beast is unscrupulous. For the same benefit, the life of the companion becomes dispensable.

Lan Linger's face is a little pale, but she has seen the killing in the realm of comprehension. For the treasures to turn against the enemy and draw the knife, this is a normal thing in the realm of cultivation, so she is still calm. But Mu Yu was the first to see death. Lan Linger remembered the first time she was shocked by this kind of thing. She thought that Mu Yu would also be scared, so she quickly turned to look at Mu Yu.

Mu Yu did not have any expression, he just stared at the pile of ashes, no sorrow and no joy, even breathing is so smooth, it seems that Tang Yang’s death is just an episode, not a big wave in his heart.

However, at this moment, Lan Linger suddenly turned the sword back in a vigilant manner, a sharp needle stuck in her sword, she bounced off, she saw a figure flashed past.

"Who?"Under the tree, Li Yuan, who was smug and self-satisfied to kill the brothers, suddenly heard the movement of Lan Linger, and suddenly took up the demon spirit and yelled.

"Wood feather, be careful! There are other people here. ”Lan Linger flashed toward the figure, she wanted the wooden feather to catch up, but Mu Yu did not keep up, because Li Yuan’s short sword had already hit, Mu Yu turned over and escaped the short sword. Falling on the ground, and Lan Linger's figure has disappeared in the distance, and there is also a fighting sound in the distance.

Li Yuan looked up and down the wood feathers. After feeling the repair of Mu Yu, he just let go of his heart, and his face showed a stern look: "Have you seen everything?"

Mu Yu did not answer, he turned his gaze from the ashes of Yanmao to the dead Tang Yang, and the eyes flashed with gray light from time to time. The light seemed extremely weird. This kind of thing was never on Mu Yu. When Li Yuan greeted Mu Yu’s eyes, he suddenly saw it, because he did not see a human eye, but a dead eye, cold and incomparable, just like looking at the god of death,

Let him indulge in a cold.

Li Yuan shook his head, and he laughed that he was too suspicious. The other party was just a teenager who built a base for three heavens. He was repaired so much higher than him. How could he be afraid of him?

"Kid, if you don't talk, it means the default. In order to keep my secret, please ask me to bury my brother!"Li Yuan’s short sword has already drawn a lead in the air and headed for Mu Yu. He doesn't want to make extra-budgets, so one shot is the strongest blow. He thinks that killing Muyu only needs such a blow.

Maybe a person who builds a base and nine heavens will deal with a person who builds a triple sky. It’s true that such a blow is enough, but Mu Yu did not imagine being hit by this sword. He just picked it with his own sword. A blow is easy to resolve, as if the blow was made by a baby, so unbearable.

“Is life so worthless in your heart?”

Mu Yu whispered, his flying sword is no longer shining like a blue light, but filled with a kind of dead gray, with a sad despair to attack Li Yuan. Li Yuan did not think that the sword he had brewed was actually solved by a teenager who had only been built by the three-day-building. He suddenly realized a serious problem.

A teenager who seems to be only fifteen years old, why is it to achieve the triple-day of building a foundation?

He remembered the door of his own martial art. Even the best people never broke through to the foundation period in the three years of cultivation. What is the sacred boy in front of him? Maybe his actual age is more than just looking so young?

He didn't have time to think about it. UU read the book and immediately recalled his short sword to meet, the sky's sword light flashed, the surrounding trees shattered, the leaves fluttered, and turned into dust in the violent sword. Li Yuan trembled with trepidation, and he was surprised to find out how the strength of the other side could only be built on the triple heaven. Not at all! However, his spiritual fluctuations are clearly only three days of building a foundation!

"Jiuhua 祛印!"

Li Yuan shouted, and the short sword in his hand made a chaotic sword shadow. He quickly formed a pentagonal red mark in front of him. The center of the imprint flashed a little, and all the spiritual power was suppressed on that point. This is the supreme heart of the Jiuhua School. Non-core disciples cannot cultivate. This is far from being a low-ranking disciple in the Jiuhua School.

The tip of the short sword is on the red dot, and the mark forms a spiritual shield in front of the body, which bounces the flying feather of the wood feather. In that instant, everything seemed to be still, and only the magic was left, huge fluctuations from the center of Law and India, with a dagger as traction, Tao Jin burst, mixed with the Mu Yu, Roar to Mu Yu as the center burst open, in this forest exploding, dust rolling, prolonged not scattered, surrounding the trees have been razed, A mess!

Li Yuan breathlessly looked at the dust in front of him, even if the repairer of the six-day-old building had no bones in the explosion, Jiuhua’s seal was the top-notch of the Jiuhua School, and its power was endless. The fellow practitioners are almost invincible in the fight, and the Jiuhua faction is second only to the Qingsong faction. Their martial art is a must. However, the consumption of one's own spiritual power is also huge, let alone Li Yuan has not fully mastered this mentality, but he is completely sure to use this trick to completely wipe out the wood feather!

No sound came from the front, and Li Yuan’s mouth showed a smile, even if you reached the base period at the age of fifteen? In the face of absolute strength, your talent is nothing!

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