Chapter 317 9-day magic array

  Feng Haochen said to other people: "You three don't have to cover up, dead wood is your own, and he knows the power of wood feathers."

  It is politely politely said to the dead wood: "The dead wood predecessors, the younger generation will control the metal."

  He appeared several black metal spheres around him, turning around him. The metal spheres began to change in various dexterous shapes, and even turned into a sword, and they danced without stopping. Finally, it is directly covered on the arm of the slogan, like the armor, with the luster of metal, cold and tough.

  Luo Wei was not so polite, and he said that the flames were beating directly, but they did not burn his clothes. A hot breath rushed to the surface, making people feel bad.

  "Can you stay a little longer! How can you not be so angry? ”Mu Yu does not like the steaming flame, and probably does not like the second brother.

  "I take you to heaven?"Luo took a look at Mu Yu, his eyes were very rude, and the flames of the whole body disappeared. The two people are not pleasing to each other, Mu Yu does not like Luo Wei because of Lan Linger's sake, Luo Wei does not like wood feathers because the wood feathers almost killed Master. Due to the identity of the second brother, Luo Wei saved Mu Yu several times, and every time he saved Mu Yu, his mood was not good.

  Mu Yu is grateful to Luo Wei is one thing, not like Luo Wei is another matter.

  "Who is there another?"Asked the dead wood.

  Lan Linger ran over and kicked the south to the south on the hammock. She ran over to the south and saw Mu Yu’s surprise greeting. Hearing to reveal his ability to control the soil, he also quickly recruited a few stones from the side of the flowerbed, the soil of the flower garden poured into the ground, and the orchids were smashed.

  "The flower I planted!"Lan Ling did not hit a place and went to the south.

  Sorry to the south, said: "Sister, I am sorry, I will help you get it, no less stone, no soil, I promise!"

  Mu Yu had never seen his brothers personally show their abilities before. Only when they met the illusion in the double heaven, they saw it in the dream. But at that time he always thought it was only false, and the scene was too ridiculous, and Mu Yu did not take it seriously.

  It is said that if you have the ability to have the Yumeng Mozu ability, if you can keep it secret, even if you are not aware of it, then the outsider will not find it. Both the promise and the south have hidden their abilities very well, but Mu Yu has been greatly embarrassed.

  However, Mu Yu still does not understand.

  “Can someone explain what is the nine-day magic array?”Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

  "The nine-day magic array is a very old array. The power is terrible. It is the method used by the Terran to deal with the Yumeng Mozu. The conditions for the nine-day magic array are too harsh and will be restricted everywhere. This array is specifically designed to limit the ability of the Yumeng Mozu. ”Feng Haochen explained.

  The dead wood looked at the wood feather, and other people didn't care, but it was related to the safety of Mu Yu, and he also had to pay attention. Although he always moved to the wood feathers, he said that Mu Yu was useless, but the weight of Mu Yu in his heart is extremely heavy.

  Deadwood Road: "The power of the Youmeng in your body can be restricted by the nine-day magic circle, because the power you possess is not pure, and the consciousness of the five Eugene spirits sleeps in you, from time to time according to you. Emotional changes, wake up. The nine-day magic array can prevent the consciousness of the Lord of the Lord in your body from awakening.

Then you will not lose control. ”

  Mu Yu was the first to hear the nine-day magic array. He felt a little embarrassed. He clearly knew that his two masters were experts in the law, but he seemed to have only learned a little bit of knowledge of the array, and even the fur was not.

  This does not blame him. At the beginning, Feng Haochen did not teach a few people to practice the law, in order to prevent them from discovering the existence of the imprisonment. The dead wood is to teach Mu Yu a lot of knowledge of the formation, but unfortunately, Mu Yu puts more energy on the medicine, and the method of understanding only knows more than ordinary people, but the understanding of the method is far from reaching the level of dead wood.

  "How do you do this array?"Mu Yu asked.

  "Take your body as the foundation and seal the power of the Lord of Umming, which means that the Lord of the Lord in your body will not wake up again." Muyu is the most unstable in your body, and this time I came back and found that your body is getting stronger and stronger. You have lost control more than once or twice after leaving the Mohe Mountain Range. You are now more and more controlling the plants. Stable, I think, has your wood spirit been repaired? ”Feng Haochen said profoundly.

  Mu Yu opened his mouth and could only help but nod. Sure enough, nothing happened to Master. When he was in Fuxianyu, he lost control and was taken away by dead wood. In the double heaven, he was created a dream by the magic spirit. He lost control in his dream.

  Feng Haochen defeated the true God of Yumeng Ling by one person. He is familiar with the affairs of the Yumeng Mozu.

  "The ability to use some of the Eugene Mozus is inevitable, because it is already integrated into your spiritual power, as long as you don't let the power of sleeping in your body wake up, nothing. But if the strength of the body wakes up too much, they will not be quiet again in your body, they will become more and more active. When you are out of control one day, maybe they will suppress your own consciousness, and then the Lord of the Lord will return! ”Feng Haochen put on a serious tone.

  Everyone was silent, Luo Luo tightened his lips. He is actually out of control like Mu Yu, but he can wake up in time. But this kind of thing is still not easy to say, if they are awake after a certain loss of control, what should they do?

  Both the promise and the south are probably the least number of out of control. It is said that the Yumeng Demon power in the body is the most stable, and the south is second. They are not as restless as Mu Yu and Luo Wei.

  "After the nine-day magic array, can I still control the plants?"Mu Yu asked.

  "Yes, this ability has long been integrated into your spiritual power. Now the Yumeng Mozu is already ready to make a comeback. I am not worried about the four of you. If you are out of control and occupied by the body of Yumeng Ling, it will be more troublesome. The nine-day magic array can completely seal the power of the Lord of the Lord in your body, so that he can not wake up, set in your body, even the Yumeng Mozu can not be cracked. ”Wind and dust.

  The dead wood frowned: "But with the repair of the two of us, I am afraid I can't lay the nine-day magic array." There must be someone else, who are you looking for? ”

  "The evil is not old."Feng Hao dust said faintly.

  Evil is not the head of the evil school. The disciples under his door are very evil. Just see Ximen unfortunately and the two know. When Feng Haochen said that the evil is not old, the dead wood is very surprised, and the wooden feather is also.

  "Is not old will help you? I don’t want to kill you! ”The dead wood is sarcasm. Some of the disciples of the evil school were so interested in Mu Yu’s fingers. It was because of an order of evil and not old. If the evil is not old, it would be strange to help the sword.

  Feng Haochen reluctantly said: "I used to have some grievances with evil spirits. I think this time because of the white demon king, I also spent a lot of time to let him promise to negotiate with the Yao people, let the Yao people agree to stand. In the position of our human race, how could the guy in the Mie Palace possibly let go of Mu Yu?"

  "It turned out to be the trouble that Master helped me solve."Mu Yu said with gratitude, he did not know how big the scorpion he had pulled out.

  Mu Yu’s release of the White Demon King is equivalent to giving the Terran a greater threat to the survival of the Terran. This is unforgivable in the eyes of the Mie Miyagi, especially in the eyes of the Umon Mozu. The birth of the world has undoubtedly brought tremendous pressure on the human race.

  If it is not Feng Haochen to convince evil spirits to go to the Yao people to negotiate, the Yaozu agree to deal with the Yumeng Mozu with the Terran, I am afraid that the Triple Palace will not let the wood feathers, nor will they recognize the Yao people. Nowadays, the younger generation of the Yaozu on the top of the list is the best explanation. Needless to say, it is definitely the merit of the wind.

  "Master, since the people of the Mie Palace have already known that the Yumeng Mozu has escaped from the imprisoned fairy, why does the Mie Palace guards not help you to remove the Dynasties?"Mu Yu asked.

  The Yumeng Mozu is preparing to make a comeback. Although the Sangong Palace is picking the celestial beings to deal with the Yumeng Mozu, it is a better choice to choose the sword shadow dust. As long as the sword and shadow dust is restored, the Yumeng Mozu will not be able to go wild, and will inevitably be crushed again.

  "The Mie Palace is not a kind force. You have to understand this. They can use whatever means to win the Terran. Anyone who can threaten their status will be removed." So they dare not let me recover, they know that I will not forgive some things that are untrustworthy. ”In the voice of Feng Haochen, there is less peace in the past, and an unspeakable majesty. This kind of majesty makes his disciples stunned.

  Mu Yu is also curious. His master has never shown any majesty as a head. He has always been tolerant to his disciples, never getting angry, and not scolding them. In their eyes, Feng Haochen is an amiable elder who has no shelves, only doing plain things, and living a dull life.

  Feng Haochen has never shown such majesty in front of his disciples, and this majesty makes everyone feel strange.

  When the wind and the people of the Mie Palace made an agreement, he made a sacrifice to trap the Yumeng Mozu, on the condition that all the people in the Moyun Mountains were saved. However, after the imprisonment of the imperial concubine, Sangong Palace chose to violate the agreement, allowing the millions of people in the Moyun Mountain to fend for themselves. If the wind and dust are restored to repair, and become the sword and dust of the past, then the sword and dust will definitely be counted with the Sangong Palace.

  "The guardian of the Mie Palace is afraid that I will kill him. He is afraid that he is right. I will kill him."Feng Hao dust said faintly.

  The invisible killings did not flash, but even so weak, it still made Mu Yu’s heart tremble. Master, who has always been very accommodating, has actually killed people. But soon he was relieved.

  Can clean up the five shadows of the Lord's sword, how could it be a bloodless person!

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