Chapter 32 Killing

The smoke and dust scattered, the trees in front have been destroyed, but there is no figure of wood feather on the ground, as if he has disappeared in the explosion of the previous explosion, there has never been a general. However, Li Yuan’s smile suddenly solidified. He saw a figure falling from the sky. He was surrounded by three flying swords. He couldn’t keep spinning. The surrounding aura was led by the sword, and the huge spiritual fluctuations rolled toward him.

Mu Yu did not die!

Li Yuan was shocked when he was surprised. He escaped the blow and the aura of rotation knocked the ground out of a big pit. Mu Yu’s figure stood opposite Li Yuan. His clothes were dust, but there was no damage. Everything was normal. The only thing that was not normal was the eyes of Mu Yu. At this moment his eyes were filled with gray, and the gray gas seemed to flow in his eyes, quite surprised.

"How can this be? You are not dead? ”Li Yuan is unbelievable.

Mu Yu did not answer him. His three swords were controlled by three invisible figures, and they continued to perform wonderful swords, which were endless and endless. In his hand, he holds the fourth flying sword!

Mu Yu’s dusty heart has been able to transform four flying swords!

Every flying sword is filled with a dead air, which makes people feel desperate and guilty. It should not be the atmosphere of a normal comprehension. It is like a reaper of life, swearing to the other end of life.

"Lang Long Xiaotian."

The fifth form of the dust sword method, falling dragons and whistling, illusion and tangible, to the virtual to the real.

Three flying swords stood up around the wooden feathers, and the spiritual power of the whole body turned into a gray dragon with the traction of the three flying swords. The gray dragon seems to be drawn from the wooden feathers, the fascinating faucet, the bumpy dragon scales, and the smart and free tail. The gray dragon screamed in the sky and stunned the monster in the distance. Long Wei Hao Dang, the monsters do not tremble!

The gray dragon's eyes are also strange gray, gray gas flowing in his eyes, it opened his mouth, a gray dragon spit to Li Yuan. Li Yuan wanted to dodge, but found that he could not move. He could only let the overbearing dragon hit him. A deep visible bone wound appeared on his chest, and the blood splashed. He flew out.

Mu Yu was in the shadows. He held the fourth flying sword in his hand and stabbed coldly into the heart of Li Yuan. Life seems to dissipate on a comprehension. If you don't respect life, then you are not qualified to enjoy life. !

The flying blood blossomed across the melodious arc in the air, splashing on the face of Mu Yu, the scarlet blood dripping into the eyes of the wood feather, and the hot blood shattered the gray gas in the wood feather eye. There was a glimmer of clearness in Mu Yu’s eyes. He was somewhat confused. He didn’t know where he was. He only knew that his sword was about to be inserted into someone’s heart and take the life of that person.

Are you going to kill yourself?

Mu Yu has never killed anyone, what is it like? Master often said that the realm of comprehension is experiencing killing every day. One day, he will also experience it, but the person who kills must be the one to kill, and must not kill innocent people. This is the principle of comprehension.

Is Li Yuan the one to kill? Mu Yu did not dare to make a conclusion. The other party killed a pregnant Yanma beast for the sake of benefit, and killed his brother for the sake of interest. It seems to be damned.

However, Mu Yu’s sword tip was slanted, stabbed the shoulders of Li Yuan, and at the same time stabilized his figure. He shot his palm on the other’s chest and flew it out. Li Yuan did not die. He was seriously injured. This injury was not fatal, but he had lost his ability to act.

Li Yuan has a reason to die, but Mu Yu is not ready to kill.

Mu Yu took back the sword, his eyes have returned to normal, and the gray gas in his eyes has already dissipated. He looked at Li Yuan with a cold eye. This man was not enough to die. Mu Yu didn't have any discomfort even if he killed him. He just had two years of comprehension. He didn't think about killing.

Maybe after killing a person, the next time you kill, you won’t hesitate?

Mu Yu put up the sword and stood quietly. He didn't know what happened to him. I only knew that when I saw the self-immolation of the Yanma beast, his heart seemed to sink to the bottom, and then there seemed to be another person in his mind.

A voice can't keep resounding in his mind, trying to charge Li Yuan's life. So the instinct drove him and brought his cultivation to the extreme. If it wasn't for the sharp blood that awakened him in time, I am afraid that Li Yuan has become a dead body at this moment.

A purple shadow swept over the woods, and the body fell agilely on the ground. A purple man appeared in Li Yuan. The purple people looked like they were young and far away. He frowned, looked down at Li Yuan’s injury, and walked over to close the big eyes of Tang Yang, and then looked up at Mu Yu.

"Is you killed my younger brother and made another serious injury to my other younger brother?"The purple man asked the wooden feathers.

"The murder is nothing to do with me. I am self-defense."

Mu Yu looked at the purple man who had an unknown road. The other person’s cultivation was also built on the foundation of the sky, but it seemed to be deeper than Li Yuan. If you want to fight, Mu Yu doesn't know that he still has some room to fight back. After all, he has already experienced two battles today. There is not much left in the spiritual power. It seems that he is still alive and kicking. In fact, he is exhausted.

"Who did the Tang Yang brother killed?"The purple man step by step.

"Do you still have something to do with the two brothers?" Why not look at the sword wounds of the dead? ”Lan Linger suddenly fell from the sky, she did not know where she had just gone, the figure did not see, and returned at this moment.

The purple man carefully examined the sword wounds of Tang Yang, and then his face changed slightly. He turned his head and looked at Li Yuan. He shouted: "Is you killing you?" This is the sword wound of your short sword. Why do you want to kill the same door? ”

"you……you……you do not……"

Li Yuan opened his mouth and couldn't speak. His eyes were a little scared. His eyes were swept away between the purple man and the wood feathers. At this moment, the purple man suddenly crossed the sword in his hand, and a sword sealed his throat. His mouth was slightly open, and blood came out of his throat. He reached out and tried to struggle, but he couldn’t do anything. He was convulsing. Then, then slowly disappeared.

Li Yuan did not die in the hands of Mu Yu, but died in the hands of the purple man.

"Break the same door, sin is a sin! This is my Jiuhua faction. ”The purple man said mercilessly that he raised his voice and seemed to have deliberately said this to Mu Yu and the two of them listened.

Lan Linger still wanted to say something, but the other party seems to be cleaning up the portal. This kind of outsider is not good at interfering. Mu Yu frowned. He didn't expect the purple man to be so decisive and decisive. He didn't give Li Yuan any chance to justify it. It is a normal behavior to bring this kind of thing back to the martial art. Where will it be given to outsiders? Looking at jokes?

"In the lower ranks of Wenxing, it is a disciple of Jiuhua. The two younger brothers under my door have violated the rules. I have to dispose of them personally. I will bring back their bodies and have an explanation. I will leave."Ju Wenxing, dressed in purple, arched his hand, and the two hands held up a corpse, and the body flashed and disappeared into the woods.

"Sister, where have you been?"Mu Yu asked for a long time.

Lan Linger looked at the wood feathers and found that Mu Yu was fine. This pointed out: "Someone just sneaked us, don't you know?" But unfortunately let her run, the other is a woman, repair is not as good as me, running thief fast, really angry! Are you OK? How was the name of Li Yuan being so hurt? Did he self-mutilate because he was guilty of murder? ”

"I hurt him. He wants to kill me, but he hasn't beat me."A tiredness suddenly came to Mu Yu, and today's two consecutive fights consumed his great spiritual power. He felt a little whirlwind, and his powerlessness filled his body.

"What did you get? Who are you? The other side builds the foundation of the nine heavens, you are a rookie who builds a triple-day, and it is a matter of course to say that I have made him like that, you…Hey! what happened to you? Don't scare me! ”Lan Linger had not finished yet, and Mu Yu suddenly fell into the body and fell on Lan Linger. Lan Linger helped him in time.

"You are a bad guy, I said that it is a burden to bring you out…"Lan Ling whispered to lift the wooden feathers, UU read the book carefully examined a lot, found that Mu Yu just fainted, she just let go of her heart. Looked at the night, thinking of carrying an unconscious person to trouble the road, here is the monster forest, and can not rest casually, she thought about it, and then set up the flying sword, with the wooden feathers vacated…


"Brother, is the demon spirit ready?"

On one side of the Wicked Forest, a purple woman is next to Ju Wenxing. The costumes of the two are the same. The purple woman looks slim, but her chest is somewhat ups and downs, like a battle.

There was a change in the eyes of the purple man. He couldn’t help but groping in Li Yuan’s body. He broke the storage array in Li Yuan’s sleeve, and dozens of scattered Lingshi rolled to the ground, but there was no Arousing his interest, he went to search for the body of Tang Yang, and then he said with a gloomy face: "The demon spirit is not on them."

"How can it be? Where did the demon go? ”The woman in purple whispered.

The purple man clenched his fist: "I don't know, I'm afraid I can't get away with the two." Why didn't you win the girl? ”

The purple woman bites the beak: "The girl is not simple, I am not her opponent at all. What should we do now? If this matter is not handled well, we will be in trouble. These two people died here, one of them still died in your hands, not good to explain. ”

"This is really tricky. These two wolf-dog lung people died when they died. In order to block Li Yuan’s mouth, I had to kill people in front of them. But in the end, the bamboo baskets were empty, and I didn’t get the demon spirit. Trouble, I can't swallow this breath! ”The purple man's face is blue and green, as if you can screw out the water.

"Look at them like they should go to Qingshou City, where the school is located, let's start with it!"There was a glimmer of cold in the eyes of the woman in purple.

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