Chapter 33: Mind

The night is full of stars and cool breeze.

Lan Linger caught a hare and baked it. The wood feathers were lying on the slab not far away, still fainting. The two of them are now on a hillside, and Lan Linger bakes the rabbit happily. Usually, this kind of thing can be done less. To be honest, everyone actually secretly did it, because An Shu is always rushing to cook, and his meal is a disaster, so everyone often secretly goes to the mountain to catch some pheasant roasting, this kind of thing is more The craft is naturally not bad.

Then the question is coming. Why did An Shu’s dinner for so many years still not grow?

This may be a mystery of the dusty faction.

Mu Yu finally opened his eyes. He slept for a long time. He hadn’t eaten anything today. The uncle’s dry food did not dare to touch it, so he was hungry for a day. He should have been to Qingshoucheng in the afternoon. It was only because of Mu Yu’s sake that it was temporarily found a wilderness.

"you're awake?"Lan Linger reluctantly threw half of the rabbit to the wood feather. Mu Yu took it and took a bite. It tasted good.

"Sorry, dragging you down."In fact, Mu Yu didn't want to be polite with Lan Linger. It was just one thing. The period of his coma was really Lan Linger taking care of himself. He really has no interface to find.

"I know that it's no good to come out with you!"Lan Linger snorted. "Before I came out with the second brother, only I would cause trouble to her. The second brother was always the one who cleaned up the mess for me."

"In fact, when you don't mention the second brother, it is quite cute."The physical strength of the wood feathers has recovered more than half, and the mood is also very good. Although there have been so many things during the day, it seems that it is not so bad now.

"You don't want to mention the second brother, that's because the second brother is much better than you!"Lan Linger did not forget to fight the wood feathers.

Mu Yu bite the rabbit's leg and then said: "I said that I have made that Li Yuan like that, you don't believe it, and you move out of the two brothers every day, there is a great theory here, I don't believe it! ”

Lan Linger snorted again, silently eating his own rabbit, and the atmosphere became very quiet, no one was embarrassed. The two people's squabbling will always be unhappy, and this wood feather is also used to it.

"The second brother will not tolerate that kind of thing happening."After a long time, Lan Linger suddenly broke the silence.

"What happened? Is it that I fly low and mistake other people's canyons or beat people down? ”Mu Yu spit out a bone, and found a salt from the sleeves and sprinkled on the remaining meat, usually go out to steal, this seasoning will still be prepared.

"Dogs bark."Lan Linger took a look at Mu Yu.

Mu Yu vomited a bone innocently: "You didn't give me an elephant to eat, what kind of ivory do I spit?"

Lan Linger pretended not to hear the words of Mu Yu, and continued: "The two brothers will not tolerate someone hunting the pregnant Yanma."

"You are a horse after the gun! Even this matter does not make me better than the second brother? ”Mu Yu is quite helpless.

"I should have let the Yanma beast burn you!"Lan Linger is in a hurry.

"Okay, I know that your two brothers are all good. But do you at least talk to me about the two brothers? What happened to him…"

Mu Yu originally wanted to ask whether the second brother was being trafficked or lost his memory. He couldn’t find a way to go home, but thinking about it was a slap in the face, so he still honestly asked a question that was so much the same. I stayed in the dusty mountain for two years, and every day I went to fight with Lan Linger about the two brothers, but he didn’t know the two brothers at all, and other people didn’t want to mention it. I really don’t understand what the guy did. Everything makes everyone want to talk about it.

"The second brother is mature and stable, kind and powerful, talented, and high and high…"

"Okay, I know that my monkey is anxious and full of smudges. Your second brother is my positive textbook. Let's skip this and go to how he disappeared?"Mu Yu is covered in goose bumps, which is obviously a girl’s admiration of the male god’s evaluation.

Although Mu Yu is not very familiar with this aspect, he feels uncomfortable.

"You are, and there is, our second brother, you should not see too much."Lan Linger glanced at Mu Yu and continued: "One day he said that he was calling him, he was going to pursue his own way, and then he left without saying goodbye."

Mu Yu raised his ears and continued to listen, but Lan Linger did not open again for a long time. Mu Yu asked with some horror: "Is this gone?"

"I can tell you about the daily life of the second brother! He is quick-minded, talented, and highly versatile. Master said that he is suitable for monasticism, and he does live up to expectations. I usually work very regularly, and I work hard and hard…"

"Wait, are you not talking about me?"Mu Yu quickly interrupted Lan Linger's words.

"As you practice every day, thinking about being lazy and stupid like a pig, can you compare with the second brother?"Lan Linger said with no anger.

Mu Yu touched the nose, and he only cultivated two loads. It was normal to compare it. He gave up his mouth and did not put Lan Linger’s words on his heart.

"Oh yes, this is for you!"Mu Yu took out a golden thing from his arms, and it was the demon of the Yanma beast!

"How is this thing on you?"Lan Linger's eyes widened. The demon spirit is extremely precious. The spiritual power of its storage can be directly absorbed by the self-cultivator and used as a material for the refiner. Although they are not used at all in the refiner, their magic weapon is already extraordinary. It is. It is no exaggeration for the demon spirit to sell 10,000 Lingshi in the market. Only the repairers of the Golden Age can be obtained from the demon spirit, but where will the repairers of the Jindan period randomly sell the demon spirit?

"I said that I have made Li Yuan so that you don't believe it, then I will come as my sister!"

Of course, this demon spirit is not from Mu Yu. At the moment when Mu Yu appeared, Li Yuan made a guilty conscience and stuffed it into his arms. When Mu Yu hit Li Fangyi, he just shot the demon spirit out of his arms and was caught by Mu Yu and collected. Everything happened very quickly at that time, even the purple people did not notice.

"This thing is somewhat repulsive to the sleeves, can't be collected, can only be placed in clothes."Mu Yu knows this, Master once told him that the demon spirit is spiritual, it will not be trapped by the formation, and the sleeves in the sleeves use the array method to open up a space in their sleeves, so the sleeves can not be recovered. Demon spirit.

"You can hold this thing yourself. It is extremely helpful to break through the Golden Age in the future."Lan Linger waved her hand. She was not tempted by the demon spirit. Even if the demon spirit was put into the realm of comprehension, it would cause a big fight. This thing is too precious.

Mu Yu shook his head: "If it is the demon spirit of other monsters, I may consider it, but it is a demon spirit from the Yanma beast. It carries a mother and an unborn life, and it feels heavy."

It’s not that the wood feather is hypocritical. He didn’t think there was anything to hunt the monster. But the demon spirit that he had obtained from the Yanma beast, he always felt strange when he used it, and his heart would not be calm. Everything that I have done today is caused by the mother of the flaming horse, and it is ridiculous to take the demon spirit after robbing it. What is the difference between this and the indirect hunting of the animal?

"Let it be buried! It is also a confession to the mother of the Yanmao. ”Lan Linger also felt awkward in her heart. She asked her to kill a monster on weekdays. She would not be merciful, but she would only face a pregnant Yanma beast.

"There is always a savvy beast. If we don't bury it deep enough, it will be ruined. Go back and see how Master should dispose of it!"Mu Yu put the demon back into his arms again.

The night was deep, and the two of them also finished the rabbit in their hands. Lan Linger lay asleep on the side, and the wooden feather was still burning.

Mu Yu threw a dead branch into the fire. He looked at the burning flame and his thoughts drifted toward the Yumeng Mozu. The purpose of the true being is to destroy the Demon tribe, the Demon clan will control the fire, control the wood, earth, metal and water, these things although humans will not control, but know how to use, repair the real even can be used to roll up the leaves and stones to fight, many magic weapons are precious metal materials to build, including flying sword.

Mu Yu suddenly thought that if one day the comprehension was played with the Yumeng Mozu, could the Feijian be used?

Maybe there will be any countermeasures at that time?

Everything in human life is inseparable from these things. Why do you have to fight with the Youmen Mozu?

Everything in the world seems to be in harmony with each other. Wood feathers can control wood, so fire can destroy wood.

"But I don't feel sorry for the death of this dead branch!"The dead branches in the hands of Mu Yu suddenly came out with new shoots. He liked trees, but when the trees were burned by fire, he felt nothing. UU reading

People always live in a variety of contradictions, and some contradictions are unclear.

He shook his head, the new shoots of the dead branches disappeared again, and then he was thrown into the fire.

Mu Yu turned his head and looked at the sleeping Lan Linger. The moonlight was on Lan Linger's body, and it seemed so sacred. For a time, it made Wood Yu look a little crazy.

Usually, I often quarrel with Lan Linger, and I rarely see Lan Linger sleeping so quietly in front of him. If it is not noisy, Lan Linger is still very kind. She treats everyone in the martial art very well, except for Mu Yu. Mu Yu thinks again, if it is not the incomprehensible long-haired two brothers who are not known, the two brothers in the middle of the two, perhaps their relationship with Lan Linger will be like a brother and sister!

Lan Linger's eyelashes are long and look very moving, and Mu Yu never noticed this. He smiled and quarreled with Lan Linger. He was also very happy, because only this time Lan Linger would talk to him. Mu Yu suddenly hoped that this night should not go, so look at the quiet Lan Linger, there is no two brothers, he and Lan Linger, this is also very good.

He shook his head and dispelled the idea. That is the sister who never forgets the second brother, and there is no need to think about it.

As far as her virtue is concerned, it is estimated that only the mysterious man of the second brother will like her!

Mu Yu’s heart beats cheerfully. Before he went down the mountain, he thought that he would be annoyed by Lan Linger. After going down the mountain, Lan Linger sneered at him everywhere, but he did not directly throw him away. At this moment, Lan Linger fell asleep in front of herself without any warning. She did not worry about what Mu Yu would do to her. This feeling of trust made Mu Yu somewhat inexplicably happy.

Lan Linger licked his mouth and turned over to continue to sleep.

Sleeping Lan Linger really looks like a girl.

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