No. 331 Chapter Jumunling Master

  "Sword shadow dust, evil shadows are not old, long time no see."Choshe stood up from the array, with bright blue eyes looking at the wind-dust of the evil age and the closed eyes of the nine-day seal of magic.

  Both the evil and the dead wood have changed slightly, and there is still an accident.

  "Yes! Haven't seen it for nearly a hundred years? I heard that the undead body of Jianfeng Dust Wind was remembered by the guy in Sangong Palace. How do you believe that the Terran do not believe in yourself? ”Suddenly, he opened his eyes to the south. His eyes were filled with yellow light, heavy and thick, and it looked extraordinarily strange.

  Qiao Xue’s emotional out of control made other people feel the same, and the first one was affected. Both of them have been conscious of the Lord of Umming in their bodies!

  "Unfortunately, the sword shadow dust has always been guarding me, cutting off the exploration of these five people, my ability seems to be irrelevant to him, or maybe I can affect his mood."Xuan Ming looked at the wind and dust covered by the formations with some regrets.

  "Xuan Ming and Hou Tu, you two are eager to die!"The evil spirits are not old, and the six evils are already evil.

  The five Eugene spirits have their own names, namely: Mushen, Mang, Vulcan, Rong, and the gods, the god of gold, and the god of water. The Terran generally only refers to them as the Lord of the Umming Spirit. Except for the people of Fengmo and Evil, who know more about the Yumeng Mozu, others do not know their exact names.

  Evil is not full of evil spirits and killings, but Xuan Ming is just a scornful smile, if it is innocent.

  "Everyone is killing, why bother to come to these threats? However, Qiao Xue and the two men in the south will die, and we will experience another cycle. But I can see that in addition to the previous sword shadow dust, you can't force us to return to the Terran by virtue of evil. ”Xuan Ming’s voice is euphemistic, as if singing.

  "The evil is not old, the wind and dust make us not impulsive."The dead wood stopped the evil that was about to be shot. He frowned. Now both the South and Qiao Xue have been robbed of consciousness, and it does not mean that they have no room to recover. The nine-day magic circle has not yet been completed, and Feng Haochen is still maintaining the operation of the entire formation. All can only rely on five people in the array.

  "Sword shadow dust is a good calculation, forcing us into the cycle of the Terran, so that we can only huddle in this small and dirty human body, it is disgusting."After the soil went to Luo Wei, his hand pressed on the shoulders of Luo Wei, "Zhu Rong, still not awake?"

  Luo's face became flushed, but he did not open his eyes, still supporting it with hardships, and welcoming the body of Vulcan.

  "I have to say that the sword shadow dust wind teaches my apprentice very well, but unfortunately I have not found Qiao Xue, otherwise we may not have a chance to come out today."It’s not so easy to find out after the soil. If it’s not that Qiao Xue is out of control, the sentiment of sadness will be transmitted to the south, and the south will not be taken away by the back soil.

  "What about your five annoying guys coming out?" Can you escape in the ethereal land? ”The evil did not scream.

  Xuan Ming stretched out his waist and looked at other people, and then his eyes fell on the wind and dust that tried to maintain the separation of the law and the outside world: "There is a blessing in the appearance of a sword and dust. It is a pity that you all have a blind eye. Use all kinds of means to take away his undead body. The Terran has given up the dust of the sword shadow. Why don't you choose to join us? We have joined forces and it is a breeze to bring down the Triple Palace. ”

  The evil spirits are not full of anger and anger: "The people of the Mie Palace and I will go to the sword and dust."

I don't have to worry about it, I am careless, forget that you will use emotions to infect others. ”

  The most terrible place to be called the passionate Xuan Ming is not because of her water control and ice control, but because she can infinitely enlarge the emotions of the human family and defeat the human race from the inside out. She is keenly aware of the sorrow and happiness in each person's body. As long as she is willing, she can even evoke the deepest memories buried by one person, making people trapped in it.

  Xuan Ming’s ability is called “love” and is known for playing with human emotions. Human beings have many complex emotions, emotions and sorrows. Once the emotions are magnified, one's mind will be occupied by various emotions, infinitely impacting the human spiritual world, and finally the whole person will collapse!

  "How do you look at your smile and seem to believe that they can resist my feelings?"Xuan Ming walked to the side of the slogan, and stretched out his delicate fingers and gently licked the cheeks of the words, bearing the whole person becoming a little bit painful.

  "My favorite is to evoke memories of others. This slogan seems to like a girl named Qing Mei! In order to protect his master, he broke up with Qingmei, and the huge sorrow did not show up. It was a determined guy, but I liked to evoke his instinct. ”When Xuan Ming’s fingertips crossed the face of the promise, she had clearly seen the inner feelings of the promise.

  "Is it not the most annoying to tell the truth?" How did you choose a passionate human race kid as a body? ”After the soil, I looked at the words inexplicably.

  "Sword shadow dust is our old prince, how can his apprentice not be?"Evil is not old and dissatisfied with the wind and dust of his eyes closed, but Feng Hao dust did not hear what he was saying. Evil is not old, does not like love and love, he believes that more emotional, but become a burden, to be restricted everywhere, this is not in line with the style of the evil people.

  "There is also this wooden feather, and I will play Joe Snow casually. I stole Joe Snow's heart and it is still stupid, and the EQ is really low."Xuan Ming walked to the side of Mu Yu, smirked. Although she showed disdainful laughter, the voice still sounded like a sound of nature. It’s strange that she is
What to do.

  "You two are still not going back?"Evil is not old.

  Xuan Ming lazily looks at the evil: "The evil shadow is not old, you either directly kill the girl, let me enter the reincarnation, then I will reincarnate to my water Yumeng, and play another game in the future. Also save trouble?"

  "Reassure, if you kill me this time, I will not fight back."After the bandits smiled thickly, then frowned. "The little bastard in my body is struggling, give me down!" It’s right to give your dead mother a cry. ”

  Feng Haochen knows very well about his apprentice. He knows that the heart of Mu Yu and others will not be easily occupied by Yumeng Ling, but Qiao Xue has changed. When Joe was a child, he was abandoned by the Terran and was driven away by his loved ones. Her heart was very fragile. After being conscious of Xuan Ming, Qiao Xue’s emotions were magnified and infected to the south, which had experienced the pain of death. This led to problems in the south. However, it is believed that the three minds of Luo Wei and Mu Yu are still relatively firm, and they are still fighting against the Umming spirit in the body.

  The nine-day magic array has gradually entered the body of the promises and other people, as long as they give some time, they will successfully pass. If the evil is not old, if you take the shot of Xuan Ming at this time, it will also interrupt the nine-day magic array, causing irreversible influence on other people.

  The current situation is only waiting, waiting for the nine-day magic array to be completely engraved into their bodies, able to seal a Yumeng Ling master, and the rest can not seal, can only do the worst.


  Luo Wei’s left half body violently ignited the blazing flame, and his hair instantly turned into a dazzling red. He opened his eyes and his eyes flickered. The eyes on his left eye flashed with flames, and the right eyelids were still the cold look of Luo Wei.

  "This little bastard won't let me out."Zhu Rong won half of Luo's body, his voice with a whistling sound, seemingly mad.

  "You shouldn't come out."Luo Wei’s right eye is very cold, and his right half is trying to push down the body’s wishes. However, Vulcan wished that the fusion was extraordinary, and Luo Wei could not completely suppress Zhu Rong.

  Xuan Ming came over and smiled and said: "I wish you a helping brother, I want to help you?"

  A little bit of blue brilliance emerged from Xuan Ming, gently covering the entire right half of Luo Wei, Luo Yan’s cold right eye showed a panic and awkwardness, and then the flame of the wish melted over the right half of Luo Wei. Take his right body too.

  "I hate the smell of cockroaches. This kid makes me feel bad."Zhu Rong said hoarsely.

  Luo Wei is a very hot and cold guy. He was the first person to leave the Mouyun Mountain Range. It seems to be very low-key after coming to the Triple World. The young talents of Fuxianyu don't know him, but the millionaires will invite him, and no one knows what he has experienced.

  "I don't like these inscriptions."They stared at the faint golden inscriptions on their arms. Although they occupied the initiative of the body, the nine-day magic array was still under constant maintenance. They could not get out of this array, even the whole body. They are all banned.

  Other Umming spirits who are awakened are also not to say that they are now greatly reduced in their ability. Even in the heyday, they can’t play their strength in this ethereal land. They are waiting for the nine-day magic array, as long as they are still taking the initiative of the body after the end of the nine-day magic, then the nine-day magic array will lose its effectiveness!

  "Strange, what is the sentence? I remember that there were more times to wake up than I did. He should recover faster, why didn't he pick up the kid? ”After the soil, I turned around and turned around Mu Yu’s body.

  Every time they wake up, they will recover most of their vitality and gradually adapt to the body of this stranger. If you wake up often, it will easily take control of the body. UU reading makes the body owner wake up again.

  Qiao Xue and Mu Yu’s body have the most number of times of waking up, and the two of them are more dangerous than others.

  "He will wake up, no hurry."Xuan Ming deliberately looked provocatively at the dead wood and evil. Although Xuan Ming could not resonate with the surrounding elements of the five elements of water at the moment, her purpose was not to escape, but to deliberately anger them, forcing the other party to shoot, and to interfere with the smooth progress of the nine-day magic circle.

  Evil is not a gentle person, he is arrogant and intends to destroy Xuan Ming, but the dead wood has been blocking him.

  "hold on! Feng Haochen is still maintaining the nine-day magic array, don't do anything! ”The dead wood shouted. As long as you can succeed, it is also very good. Even if you can't succeed, the dead wood will never let the evils kill the wood.

  The wind and dust collected the four feathers as a disciple. The intention was never to kill them. Instead, they wanted to rely on them four to suppress the Lord of the Eugene, and not let the Lord of Eumunds continue to make trouble. But the evil can not manage so much, he has always been very simple.

  Xuan Ming once again wraps around the slogan, and the blue is smooth and poured into the body of the promise. The body of the whisper trembled fiercely, and his face showed unspeakable sorrow, seemingly recalling some painful memories.

  Then he opened his eyes, but his eyes flashed with cold metal luster, without any human emotions.

  The five Eumundine Lords have already awakened four, and the evil spirits have been unable to hold back.

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