The No. 338 Chapter is the right to beat people.

  Mu Yu widened his eyes, his consciousness fell into the grass, feeling that time has passed thousands of years, but in fact, not even ten breaths of effort?

  "You just came out of the body and it was cold sweat. I don't trust you, I can only pick you up."Dead wood said again.

  Evil is not scornful and sneer: "The dead wood is a little fuss, and the block can't stop."

  "Don't try again. It's too dangerous to get your mind into the grass in your current situation."Feng Hao dust also shook his head.

  But if you don't try it, the grass will not help Feng Haochen to recover, so that everything that Mu Yu has done will fall short, and Feng Haochen will eventually die, and his body will be taken away by the Sangong Guardian. One thing is that Mu Yu is definitely not willing to see it.

  "I entered from the white leaves of the grass, and there should be no accident. The deadness of the grass made me feel desperate, and the desperate block could not stop. ”Mu Yu didn't want to give up, his hand reached the white leaves of the grass.

  But the dead wood blocked the hand of Mu Yu, and said seriously: "No! Death and vitality are completely different. If your vitality is too strong, your energy will fall into endless excitement. If you want to succumb to it, it will be difficult to get rid of it. When I want to wake you up, I will only point you to the dead, you want to become a waste. ? ”

  The dead hole of the comprehension is Dan Tian.

  Point to the dead hole, the light hand may not wake up the wood feather, but the weight is heavy, it is easy to hurt the foundation, and even ruin the repair of the wood feather!

  "What should I do? Can't you give up like this? ”Mu Yu still wants to fight.

  The dead wood pondered for a long while, like what determination was made, said: "I follow your consciousness, if there is any problem, let them just point me to my death, and when I take it out, I can take you. come out."

  "No."Feng Haochen and Mu Yu said in unison.

  The dead wood slammed and scanned the two people coldly: "Is there a better way?" Feng Haochen Your Dantian is protected by the heavens and the earth. You can't touch anyone except you. You can't touch your own Dantian after you go in. People who are not old and evil will not count on him. Can you find a better candidate? ”

  Feng Haochen shook his head and said: "I can't let you take risks for me."

  "For you? You don’t put gold on your face! I am for her! I don't want to let her suffer anymore! ”The dead wood clenched his fist.

  The wind blew and stopped, and finally sighed.

  Mu Yu smashed, he knows that the dead wood refers to the Miao language 嫣, the dead wood is willing to sacrifice for anything in Miao language, but Mu Yu still objected: "What if your repair is a problem?"

  The dead wood said in an understatement: "I have been repaired once and I have been scrapped once, not bad this time. I have decided that after this matter is resolved, I will return to the Danding School. Someone will take care of me, and it will not matter if it is repaired. ”

  Dan Ding sent cold ice and snow to protect dead wood, but Mu Yu still does not want to endure a little bit of self-protection ability to return to Dan Ding. Cold and snow can't protect dead wood anytime and anywhere, just like the last time, when you pick up the opportunity, you will definitely kill the dead wood.

  "No, I don't want you to have an accident."Wood feathers refused.

  "Don't honed, you want to save your master, I want to let Miao language escape from the red dust door, this is the only way! And I don't necessarily have an accident. If you succeed, you don't have to take my repairs. ”The dead wood hand was on the shoulder of Mu Yu.

  Taking the repair of dead wood as a bet,

Mu Yu did not dare to gamble.

  However, when he saw the firm vision of the dead wood, he knew that the dead wood had already set aside life and death for the loved one. He could not refuse the request of the dead wood.

  "I will succeed."Mu Yu said firmly. Regarding the safety of dead wood, he did not dare to care.

  "Less nonsense, hurry up."

  The consciousness of dead wood sinks into the body of the wood, and the wood feathers carry the consciousness of the dead wood. In order to prevent it from falling into the dead air again, he chose the white leaves of the grass to enter.

  The white mist covered the wood feathers and the dead wood. The feeling of harmony and joy was born, and the grass suddenly flew around, the bees and butterflies danced, and the scene was full of vitality. Mu Yu was surprised to find that he was no longer dead wood, but rather stunned. Suddenly smiled very happy, she snuggled in the arms of Mu Yu, a touch of fragrant scent, so that Mu Yu could not help but hold on.

  The wonderful body temperature in my arms is so real, so that Mu Yu almost forgot that this is just a fantasy in his own mind.

  "We will never be apart?"Asked gently.

  "Ok."Mu Yu really wants to hold on to it, never let go. He has an endless desire in his heart, and he wants to be obsessed with it, but he tries to restrain himself. At this moment, there is still a dead wood in his mind. He knows that dead wood is also caught in a certain illusion. He cannot sink into this vain hope.

  "We will definitely."Mu Yu gently kissed his forehead, then closed his eyes and pushed it away.

  When he opened his eyes again, he saw Grandpa, the village chief, who told the story not far away, then see the Mu Yu back to the Fallout Mountain, live a carefree life, see the master restored to fix the Triple Palace of the Guard, see the Youmont Demon clan bowed down, see the people have no selfish to fix the true person, All the practitioners are xiangjingrubin.

  There is no longer any killing in the realm of comprehension. Everything is moving in a beautiful direction. There are hopes and laughter everywhere, and people are reluctant to leave.

  All this makes him excited, the life he wants is
Here, if all this can come true, he is willing to take everything for change. But with the lessons of the past, he tried to suppress these hopes, he must find a balance between life and death.

  He ran hard, looking for the dead wood, and finally saw the dead wood on a piece of grassland. Dead wood and a beautiful woman embraced each other and sat quietly on the grass. This woman looks like a seven-pointer. If Mu Yu doesn't guess wrong, it is Miao language. There is no trace of erosion on her face, it is still so elegant and mature.

  The dead wood looked at the Miao language, and his eyes were filled with tenderness and love. His world seemed to have only one Miao language, and no one else could accommodate it. Mu Yu has never seen such a tender side of dead wood. In the past, dead wood was awkward to him. Basically, he did not give Mu Yu a good look. Only here can you see the unknown side of dead wood.

  Mu Yu even saw himself. He and he were sitting on the side of the dead wood. They looked at the dead wood and smiled happily. They laughed so happy. The kind of true laughter was so smooth, without any impurities and without any troubles.

  It was a very warm picture, and Wood Yu couldn't bear to destroy it.

  "It’s been a long time here, but it’s very slow outside, so let the dead wood enjoy this happy time!”Mu Yu sat down not far from the dead wood, looking at the two pairs in front, the heart wants to stay for a few hundred years is actually very good.

  But his head was suddenly slap in the face, which made him raise his head with some pain, and found that the dead wood stood behind him at the moment, an angry look.

  Mu Yu squinted in the blink of an eye, look at the dead wood in the distance and the Miao language, and look at the dead wood behind, how is the dead wood divided into two? Which one is the delusion?

  "Mixed kid, are you still awake?"The dead wood behind it smashed the distant scene and snarled.

  "I don't want to let you hold it for a while? Really, I don’t know people’s hearts. ”Mu Yu touched the back of his head and shouted.

  The dead wood said: "Are you stupid? That is you fantasizing that I am there, I am not there at all! ”

  "What do you mean?"Mu Yu looked at the dead wood behind him, and looked at the dead wood in the distance, some puzzled.

  "All the pleasant things here are all your own thoughts. You think that the best thing about me is to be with the language, so you see that I am really with her, but this is the illusion that you think. ! Because you saw the scene you are willing to see, still waiting for me in a stupid way, want to wake me up for a while? ”Dead wood swears unceremoniously.

  "Hey, how am I confused."Mu Yu looked at the dead wood behind him. "How do I know if you are illusory?"

  The dead wood gave you a slap in the back of the head, saying: "I am making you happy?"

  Of course, Mu Yu doesn't like to be beaten every time by the dead wood. Every time he is taught by the dead wood, he just wants to maintain the self-respect of the dead wood, too lazy to avoid it. He touched his head and said quickly: "When you do, don't fight again, I know you are real."

  Mu Yu turned his eyes and dared to think that he still thought too much. However, it seems that I also want to see that the dead wood can be happy, and the thing that makes the dead wood feel happy is the Miao language and the dead wood together, so the scene appears, but the helplessness is that he thinks that the dead wood is true. Dead wood.

  The hope that this grass gives people is terrible, and people are willing to see any sight they like to see. But he suddenly changed his mind and thought that he would like to recognize Master and his daughter, and then the family would live together!

  Just when his thoughts were formed, UU read The dead wood in the distance suddenly turned into a dusty wind. Feng Haochen and Miaoyu嫣 both smiled very happily, a fake Mu Yu also smiled silly on the side.

  Then the dead wood gave a slap in the back of the wood feather.

  Mu Yu turned his head and looked at it. He found that the dead wood was dark and black, and obviously did not like to see the scene of Feng Haochen and Miaoyu.

  "Who made you think about it?"Dead wood is annoyed.

  Mu Yu was aggrieved, and he wanted to point out the scene of the dead wood and was scorned by the dead wood. He wanted to let the wind and the dust be happy and reprimanded by the dead wood. How could it be so bad!

  That's it, still think about what you like!

  In the distance, Mu Yu’s left hand was holding the stunned, and his right hand was holding Qiao Xue. He was holding his left and right, and the three men looked at the rising sun from the east.

  The dead wood slammed into the past, scolding: "You a little boy wants to pedal two boats?"

  "It's all fake anyway, can't you think about it?"Mu Yu shouted, "I always beat me, I am better to repair than to be higher than you, or the pulse of the Dan Ding, you respect the master!"

  "Who respect? Do you still dare to rebel? ”The dead wood was unceremonious and the palm of the hand fanned over, and then a serious saying, "I am calling you to make you have unpleasant memories, let you remember this is the real me."

  In the heart of Mu Yu, 10,000 grass mud horses rushed past, and it was reasonable to beat people, my God!

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