The 34th chapter sees Water village again

Mu Yu did not sleep all night, the next day he was yawning and Langling son separated. The location of Qingshou City and Liushui Village is different. Lan Linger is anxious to go to Qingshou City, satirizing and sarcasm, letting Mu Yu be careful not to accidentally throw away the dusty face, and let Mu Yu go to Qingshou City three days later. Look for her.

Mu Yu and Lan Linger mixed their mouths and turned to the road to Liushui Village.

Liushui Village is still so peaceful, a clear stream around the village, to feed this lovely village. Mu Yu flew all the way, overlooking the village from the air, do not have a taste. He fell not far from the entrance to the village, and another statue was set up at the entrance to the village. Mu Yu licked his mouth, not to mention that the new statue should be him.

Thinking of this, he was a little uneasy in his heart. He remembered that a sculptor requested by Mr. Laobu had carved the first person who became a fairy teacher in ten years, and he felt that he might not escape this fate.

Mu Yu took a closer look, and the stone in his heart fell to the ground. Fortunately, the village chief Laobu invited a relatively high level this time. Although it was still ambiguous, it still didn't seem at all difficult to see. Near the Liushui Village is farmland. Many villagers are doing farm work there. Mu Yu does not want to disturb them. He wants to go to the village head first.

There is a sunbathing field in the village, and there is a small pavilion next to it. In the past, the village heads will tell the little ones about various interesting things, and today is no exception. When the village head is young, he will lead everyone to work together. Later, when he is older, he will not go out. He gathers the little baby in the village every day to teach them literacy and tell stories.

"One day, the calf baby accidentally dropped the hatchet into the river by the river. He was afraid to go back to his parents and would marry him. He sat down at the river and cried. At this time, a fairy teacher appeared. The fairy teacher asked why the calf baby cried. The calf baby said that he had dropped the hatchet that cut the firewood into the river. He was very scared and could not help but cry.

The Fairy division let Little Niuwa don't cry, and then the Fairy Division cast out from the river to make a silver hatchet, ask small niuwa this is not he dropped, small Niuwa shook his head, the Fairy Division and fished out a gold do hatchet, asked small niuwa is not he dropped, small niuwa and shook his head, this time the Fairy division out that iron do hatchet, small niuwa This just laughter, said he dropped it.

When the immortal teacher is happy, he will accept the Mavericks as an apprentice. What inspiration can you get from this story? ”The head of the old cloth sat on the stool, shaking the fan, and asked a dozen small children.

The second hair sucking the snot can't wait to say: "Why is the village chief grandfather, why don't the calf baby go fishing for a hatchet?"

"He can't swim, it's not the point!"Said the village head.

"But when I was three years old, I would go down the river to fish. There is no one in our village who can't swim!" Why didn't he learn to swim? ”Da Mao also said.

"He just had leg cramps that day and couldn't swim. This is not the point. The point is that this story tells everyone what is the truth? ”The grandfather of the village is somewhat helpless.

"Why do the calf baby go to the river with a hatchet?" My mother said that hatchets can only be used by adults, and children can't touch them. ”Said the quail.

"Yeah, I said that if I hit the hatchet, I will interrupt my leg."Da Mao continued.

The head of the village said with a headache: "The calf baby is an adult, you can use a hatchet."

"The adult is still crying, shameful."Huahua stretched his index finger and stroked his face.

"The calf baby is still a child, but that day he told him to bring the hatchet home, can you?"The village chief father corrected it again.

"Grandfather of the village, what is the hatchet made of gold?"The quail egg blinked and asked.

The head of the village chief licked his beard and said: "I, I don't know, I haven't seen…"

"The grandfather of the village does not even know that it is impossible for the calf baby to know that it is made of gold." I think if he knew that it was a hatchet made of gold, the calf baby must have said that he had lost it. ”The dog said with the left hand.

"Yes, yes, don't even have gold,

It’s a fool. ”Ermao said disdainfully.

"Grandfather, you just want to tell us a story about a fool?"Everyone laughed when Da Mao said it.

Mu Yu listened quietly on the side, and looked at it. They said it makes sense. Mu Yu was speechless. Children's thinking is broad, maybe no one will correct them, they will have more imagination.

"Don't laugh, don't laugh."The village chief said with anger: "This story tells us that being honest should be honest, only honesty will make others more optimistic about you, and only honest, maybe the fairy will see you and accept everyone as an apprentice. Do you understand? ?"

"Grandfather, I have a problem."Xiao Changsheng raised his hand slowly.

"Do you have anything to know about your long life?"The village chief knows that the longevity is slow, and often one thing has to be thought for a long time to understand, so he patiently waited for Xiao Changsheng to talk.

Xiao Changsheng said slowly: "Why don't the calf baby go fishing for a hatchet?" Can't he swim? ”

The village head rolled his eyes and got back.

Mu Yu quietly looked at the village chief's helpless look, could not help but smile. The village head has not changed much in the past two years, but Mu Yu has grown a lot and changed a lot. I don't know if the village chief can deny himself.

"I told you that there are two immortals in our village for ten years. Two years ago, Mu Yu was very eager to be seen by a certain sect. Now it is already a prestige, and you have to be a little more competitive. I hope that one day, all of you can become a fairy teacher, you know? The province is always ridiculed by other villages. The big village has two more people this year. People are more popular than people! ”The village chief began to sigh again.

Mu Yu heard it. In the past two years, there are no children in the village who have the talent to cultivate. It is no wonder that the village head will be so distressed that every time he goes out, there is no light on his face.

Mu Yu didn't know what would happen if he didn't meet his master. I am afraid that he is still a gray servant disciple in the school, waiting to be seen by a certain school. Sometimes it is also a chance to cultivate the fairy. If there is no fate, Mu Yu will not meet his master.

"Grandfather, grandfather, then you talk to us about the story of Mu Yu's brother! What kind of person is Mu Yu’s brother usually? Maybe we can learn to be a fairy teacher when we learn his behavior! ”Shouted.

The head of the village waved his hand: "The immortal teacher can't talk casually. They are inductive. When they say that he is bad, they will hear it."

Mu Yu blinked, and he still didn't know that he had this ability. Obviously, in the eyes of ordinary people, the immortal master was over-deified. Mu Yu remembered that the last time the village was returned in the last ten years, the villagers were squatting and worshipping. At that time, Mu Yu did not want to hide outside, and did not want to salute the person.

"Tell me about his good words!"Ermao said.

The village chief licked his beard and then his face was full of pride: "Mu Yu, he was very embarrassed when you were so young, obedient, sensible, polite, never mischievous, no fight, what is he? all good……"

Mu Yu really wants to pull Lan Linger over, let her listen to how the village chief praises himself. Although most of these words do not match the wood feathers, such as Mu Yu is not very obedient, likes to swear, and occasionally fights with other children, but he is sensible and really ignorant, not ignorant of his parents, only the village chief Must be sensible.

Mu Yu decided not to correct the village head. He walked toward the village chief's house. He did not want to disturb the villagers. He did not want the villagers to make a big fuss and fire.

Near noon, the village head slowly took a little song back to cook. He pushed open the door of his yard and found that the door was open, thinking that he had forgotten to lock the door, and did not care, went straight into the yard.

"Village grandfather."Mu Yu squatted on the swing in the yard, the swing was originally made by the village chief to Mu Yu, and still remains.

"It's Mu Yu!"The village chief habitually nodded. Once Mu Yu often sat on the swing waiting for him to come back to cook, and for a time he thought he returned to a few years ago. The village head turned and closed the courtyard door, but immediately stopped, and turned sharply, widened his eyes: "wood, wood, wood feather?"

Mu Yu stood up with a smile, and he touched his stomach and said: "Grandpa, the village chief, I am starving."

The village chief did not move. He looked at Mu Yu with a sly look. He had not recovered from the shock until Mu Yu went to the front of the village chief and mischievously licked the short beard of the village chief. He only came back to God. There was some overwhelming control in the battlefield.

"Wood, wood feather, oh no no, Master of the Master, Master of the Master is on…"The village chief hurried down, but Mu Yu held him.

"Grandfather, I am a living person, I don't have to kneel."Mu Yu smiled and hugged the village head. Even after two years, Mu Yu grew taller, but he was still shorter than the thin village chief. For Mu Yu, the village chief’s chest was still warm.

I was hugged by Mu Yu, and the familiar feeling returned to the village head. UU read the book The village head reached out and wanted to pat the back of Mu Yu, and hesitantly did not dare to shoot it. I couldn’t help but gently touched the back of the wood feather.

"It’s really Mu Yu, it’s really Mu Yu…"The village chief showed a trace of love, and the urchin who often squatted in front of the village chief really came back, and for a time he was so mixed.

"Grandfather, I am hungry."Mu Yu said that he had not eaten the meal prepared by the village chief for a long time. In this world's meal, except for the master, only the village chief cooked the rice to make Muyu happy.

"I, I will immediately inform other people, pick you up and wash the dust!"The village head said quickly.

"No need to use it, I don't want other people to know that I am coming back, Grandpa, the village chief, cook a meal, you and me."Mu Yu knows that the attitude of the village chief to treat the immortal teacher must be a feast. Maybe he has to invite the opera to sing for two days. Saving is a kind of virtue. After all, Mu Yu has been used to living in a simple life.

"How can it be? How can you be as simple as you are now? Be sure to do the wind and the scenery, let other villages look at our little wood feather fairy. ”The village chief said with a dazzling dance.

Mu Yu didn't want to destroy the village chief's feeling of showing off. For the village head, the village has been in the village for ten years. Now it should be twelve years, and there are two immortals. They can’t lift their heads in front of other villages. I can't wait to see other villages look at them, long face. Mu Yu felt that the opportunity to deprive the village chief of such a proud eye was not very good. He thought about it and said, "Will that tomorrow?" I'm really hungry right now. ”

"Okay, I am going to cook right away and cook for our little wooden feather fairy." I'll tell the others in the afternoon …The village head ran cheerfully towards the kitchen.

Mu Yu looked at the village head's hurried back, thinking that this is his first home, and it feels good to go home.

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