Chapter 343 Strong Buying and Selling

  "What happened?"A four-step alchemist came up with a frown.

  "Ji Shixiong, this guest does not agree with my appraisal, but I have carefully checked his work to hate the night lotus, it is indeed a thousand years."It was a young pharmacist who seemed to be only in his early twenties. He saw the fourth-order alchemy teacher came over and quickly explained the situation.

  "nonsense! This lotus root has been slightly reddened from the center of the night sky, which is obviously a feature of two thousand years. Although I am not an alchemy teacher, I always rely on selling herbs for a living. This common sense is still there! ”The young man with a slap in the face retorted.

  "The Taoist friend is a little bit safe, let me look at it."

  The fourth-order alchemist is a 30-year-old man named Ji Liangcai, one of the alchemists sent by Dan Ding to take charge of the business. As an alchemy teacher, he speaks much more than an pharmacist.

  The anger of the young woman in the face has gone a little bit, but she still can't help it: "Dan Shi asked me to look at it. By the way, I also taught the pharmacist. What is the difference between a thousand years and two thousand years! I am really worthy of hate Shenglian! ”After he finished, he took a look at the pharmacist.

  More than two thousand years of hatred night lotus is called the hatred of the holy lotus, the value has turned over ten times! Therefore, the Ma Ying Youth will care about its vintage.

  Ji Liangcai carefully took up the hateful night lotus, gently turned, his fingertips gave a faint white light, and crossed the hate night lotus. He sniffed a bit of hate night lotus, and then his eyes flashed a touch of undetectable strangeness, fleeting.

  After a long time, he said: "This friend, your away hate night lotus texture crisp, aura rich, it seems that there are 2000 years, but from its lotus root color and lotus flap can be speculated that it actually in the year between 1500 to 1900 years, belong to the false holy Lotus, the price of about 10,000 Lingshi. ”

  The price of the two thousand years of hatred Shenglian has at least 100,000 Lingshi, and the value of the hatred night lotus under two thousand years is greatly reduced, and the use has become different.

  The Maface youth heard the identification of Ji Liangcai and immediately shook his head: "Impossible. Before I came here, I specially found someone to identify it. This is a genuine and hateful holy lotus."

  "Does the Taoist friend question my judgment?"Ji Liangcai’s voice is cold. He is a fourth-order alchemy teacher. Being a fourth-order alchemy teacher is enough to make him stand on the triple continent. Many of his people did not intend to disobey, and the young man who said that he was accused of seeing his eyes and arrogant how can he allow others to question?

  There was a flustered look on the face of the young woman. The identity of the fourth-order alchemist was something he couldn’t afford. It was not something that ordinary comprehensions would do. Because many comprehensions are willing to do anything for the other side of the alchemy's hands, including the lessons of the alchemist.

  "Dan Shida is misunderstood. I am not questioning your judgment. Since Dan Shi’s role is that I am a hateful night lotus, I still don’t sell it, bothering it. ”

  The young woman of Ma Ma still thinks that her own hateful night lotus is a true Shenglian, and she dare not question the fourth-order alchemy teacher of Baicaotang. She can only put away her own things and prepare to leave.

  However, Ji Liangcai stopped him and said: "This is not a holy lotus, but there is a sixth-order alchemy in the Dan Ding School. It is necessary to use the night-shoulder lotus. How does Wanlingshi’s price buy the Taoist night lily?

  Sixth-order alchemy cranes elders!

  Many self-cultivators around me suddenly lost! The status of the sixth-order alchemy is already comparable to that of other sects.

What's more, this is still from the Danding School's alchemy division. The sixth-order alchemy teacher has a demand for a certain medicinal material. As long as he sends a message, I am afraid that many comprehensions will be willing to hand over the medicinal materials. If it is possible to exchange some high-ranking medicinal herbs, it is already a must. .

  Many people look at the young people on the face and see if he will agree. Not to mention the price of 20,000 to buy the hate night lotus is already worth the money, is to face the face of the sixth-order alchemy teacher also have to give!

  The young woman is hesitant, but it is the sixth-order alchemy teacher! How many people want the existence of Bajie, and he has to give this face to him. However, he is very reluctant. He firmly believes that the person who hates the night lotus in his hand is Shenglian. If the price is 20,000 yuan, it is too bad.

  Ji Liangcai looked at him quietly, his face with an unseen sneer. His words are actually disguised in the threat of a young woman, which is equal to strong buy and sell. If the Ma Yan youth is still not willing to sell, it is undoubtedly not to give the sixth-order alchemy face, this hat is a bit big!

  The young man with his face tightened his fist and he knew that he had no reason to refuse. If he does not give the face of the sixth-order alchemy teacher, I am afraid that it will be isolated by many people. Many people will follow him and find opportunities to take away the hateful night lotus in his hands, and then take it by himself. Ba Jie, the sixth-order alchemy teacher.

  In the realm of comprehension, anything can happen. When you only have one hate night lotus, maybe no one will take risks for the 20,000 spirits, but when you have a sixth-order alchemy teacher looking for it. When I hate the night lotus, the result is different.

  "Well, I can sell it, but can I personally hand it over to Elder Crane?"The young man with a numb face asked.

  Selling the hate night lotus to the sixth-order alchemy teacher, he can accept it, but when he is an alchemy teacher, he should also go in person. If it is sold to the Herbs, who will know who is the sixth-order alchemy who found it? Credit
He was taken away by Ji Liangcai. He was equal to eating a dumb loss, not to mention that he also thought it was a higher value hate Shenglian.

  Ji Liangcai snorted: "The elders of the crane line have a lot of opportunities, retreating alchemy, no one dares to bother. And the idlers and so on can not enter the Dan Ding faction, so it is better for me to personally hand over to the elders, so I will not bother you. ”

  The young man's face has turned red. The reason why he came to Baicaotang is because the herb is affiliated to the Danding industry. The demand for medicinal materials is extremely high. Generally, the medicinal materials can sell a good price here, just to hate the night. The price of lotus is closely related to the year, which gives the other party a chance to play with their eyes.

  The other party first deliberately lowered the year of hating the night lotus, did not regard it as a holy lotus trade, and then used the sixth-order alchemy teacher as a threat, and forced him to the point that he had to sell in a few words!

  Sure enough, it is not a traitor!

  "If I don't sell it?"The young man with a slap in the face has a courage, but he still feels lacking in strength. Especially when he is gazing at so many people, it is simply uncomfortable to say this sentence.

  Sure enough, when he said this, many people looked at the young man with a sneer. The sixth-order alchemy teacher wanted to find the medicinal materials, but this guy refused to hand it over. It is clear that he did not want to continue to mix in the realm of cultivation.

  Ji Liangcai smiled and said: "I am doing a fair trade in the Baicaotang, and I am absolutely not doing strong buying and selling. If the Taoist friend refuses to sell this strain to hate the night lotus, I will not force anything, and the Taoist friend can only leave. This is the medicinal material required by the elders of the sixth-order alchemy, and the Taoist friends refused to sell them. I will naturally buy them from others. ”

  A fair trade, don't make strong buys and sells!

  Ji Liangcai’s words have already clarified the fact to everyone that he will buy from others to hate the night lotus!

  It is not a big way to find a hateful night lotus. It can't be found by simply climbing the mountain. It is very rare, and most people will not pick it easily. If someone else wants to have a night of hate, I am afraid that the easiest way is to start with a young man.

  Ji Liangcai’s face is very self-sufficient. Although he is a fourth-order alchemy teacher of Dan Ding, his identity is quite honorable to the outside world. However, since the family knows about their own family, the Danding School has never lacked the fourth-order alchemy teacher. The alchemy teacher who can be sent to the various grasslands in the three continents to deal with the business actually means that the alchemy teacher has no value in training. Can only be used to take care of some common things.

  This is a thing that has been entrusted by the elders of the cranes in the past. He is not sloppy about the elders of the cranes, and has been bothering to find them. It is not easy to find one today. He can see that this kind of hateful night lotus is a holy lotus, but it is natural to find various excuses to maximize the benefits.

  How ordinary herbal medicines are based on market prices, and Baicaotang will not blatantly suppress prices. It’s just that between the night of the night and the lotus, even if it’s a thousand and ninety-nine years and two thousand years, he wants to use this to earn the difference.

  The young man with his face bites his teeth. He has already noticed that many bad eyes around him have been swept away on him. Some people have not even concealed the greedy look in his eyes. This Ma Ying youth is only a Yuan Ying period repairer. I am afraid that when I walk out of the southern 50-mile garden, I will be besieged by a lot of comprehensions of the Yuan Ying period or even the monk period!

  He knows that if he really doesn't know what he is today, not only does he hate the holy lotus in his hands, but his life will be lost!

  "Okay, UU reading I, I sell!"

  The young man with a smacked face spit out these words, and he had no way to refuse. It is common for the comprehension community to rob the herbs. If he is higher, he may not need to be jealous of others. It is a pity that he is only a Yuan Ying period, and there are people who are more powerful than him. Taking away from hate night Tianlian is equivalent to bringing a burst of blast that will explode at any time. In front of his life, he has to choose a compromise.

  "Then I will thank the elders for the first time."Ji Liangcai put a false smile on his face. Other ignorant comprehensions are also disappointed. If the young people choose to sell, then they will not go to the troubles of the young people. Although there are quite a few 20,000 Lingshi, it is not enough to find the troubles of others for the 20,000 Lingshi. Many people value the familiar face of the herbalist to the alchemy.

  For everyone's point of view, Ma Yan Youth has undoubtedly made a very correct choice.

  "But I think this is not a simple hate night lotus! Its year can be more than two thousand years! ”A voice rang at the end of the crowd. At this time, when it comes to questioning, it is obviously challenging the authority of the herb.

  Ji Liangcai's face sank suddenly, and he asked coldly: "Which Taoist friends are chewing on the tongue?"

  Many people have turned their heads to find the person who is talking, and are ready to see what the unintelligible guy dare to do in the grass.

  The harmless smile of Mu Yu’s humans and animals is particularly eye-catching in the crowd.

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