Chapter 345 Yuande ancestors (on)

  "Just now he said it was the Wende of the Dan ding pie?" ”

  "Yuan Tak-jo?" Is it the Yuande Taoist of the Danding School? God! How is he? ”

  "Yuan de old ancestor unexpectedly will appear here, this is the living fossil of Dan Ding faction!" It is one of the few seventh-order alchemists! ”

  "Oh my God! Seven-step alchemist! This unobstructed kid is dead! ”

  Many people took a breath of cold air, the fourth-order alchemy teacher is already very honorable, and now comes a seventh-order alchemy teacher, this identity goes out, you can trample a large piece of salted fish with a foot! Everyone wants to see the dead, watching Mu Yu. Just now, Mu Yu also slammed down the alchemy teacher. Now Danding has come directly to a giant, I am afraid this guy will be hard to see.

  "This old bastard is called Yuande ancestors?"

  Mu Yu has never heard of the name of the old man in the squad, nor does he know what it means in the realm of cultivation. Anyway, he likes to call him the old man. At this moment, I heard the words of Yuande’s ancestors. He hasn’t had time to turn around.

  When I saw the old man in the old club, he always dressed very casually, sloppy, and his hair was messy, and it seemed to be a guy who didn't wash his hair for decades. But where is the old man at the moment? The white-haired white hair is meticulously taken care of, and the clothes are also extremely expensive. It seems that the old man is completely different from the original one!

  The strange thing about Mu Yu is that this old guy's breath is more unfathomable than when he first saw him. It seems to have entered a higher realm!

  It is extremely unusual for the old man to be seen here. He lives in the Danjing Pavilion on weekdays. He usually does not even step out the door of Dan Ding, but he does not know what he is doing here.

  "Is you want to marry the Ding Ding sign?"The old man of the Shouge asked in a serious way, his eyes swayed in the crowd, and finally found the dead wood in the corner of the corner, but the dead wood did not even look at him.

  Mu Yu really wants to rush to point to the old man's nose and yells at the nose. In order to ask Mu Yu to help remove the wood residue from his body, he pretended to be like a grandson. Now he pretends not to know Mu Yu!

  "Yes, it is him! A kid who doesn't know how to be tall and thick, dare to open a river in our mouth and provoke the authority of our Danding school. Old ancestors, this kind of jumping clown does not know which one is broken out…"Ji Liangcai began to talk slowly.

  "Jumping the clown? Breaking the door? To shut up! Still not enough to be a shame? do you know who he is? ”Shouge old man frowned, yelled.

  "what?"Ji Liangcai was scorned by his ancestors and he was a little confused. He thought that his ancestors would at least give a lesson to the guy who degraded the alchemy teacher. He did not expect to be taught himself.

  "He is the new maiden of the Danzhuan Qingzhufeng. Which sect is the sect that you just said? ”The old man of the squad snorted, and the voice was like a thunder, and the bang was in the mind of Ji Liangcai.

  "what! He is Mu Yu! ”Ji Liangcai was stunned by the old saying of the old man. He remembered that last month, Dan Ding sent a message that Qingzhufeng’s new maiden master was already in the upper position, just because Qingzhufeng has never intervened in the Danding faction, so no matter who is the master and most of the Danding disciples It's ok.

  This is not the focus, the focus is the word "mu Yu"!

  "Is this kid a Danden faction?"

  "and many more! Wood feather,

How does the name sound so familiar? ”

  "Wood feather? Wood feather! Is the apprentice of the real god sword shadow dusty not called Mu Yu? ”

  "correct! The disciples of the sword shadow dust are said to be from the Dan Ding faction! ”

  Everyone was scared by the old man who guarded the pavilion, but it was the apprentice of Jianfeng Dust! The sword shadow dust wind is the true god who saved the entire human race. His apprentices are not idle people. They have made the truth of the cultivation of the real world three times and five times. No one has thought that the young man who was still being laughed at as a clown is actually famous. Wood feather!

  哎呦 lying trough! Just now I said that the true god disciple is a countryman. Suddenly everyone’s face is squeaky!


  Ji Liang was sitting on the ground all at once, his face suddenly had no blood, and he could not shake his body. He even accused the Dan Ding faction of being a clown in front of everyone. I have to drive him out of the Herbs, which is a matter of bullying the ancestors!

  A urinary smell came from the armpits, and Ji Liangcai’s pants were wet with a large piece. His body was shaking like a sieve, and he was scared to incontinence.

  "Nothing!"Shouge old man dissatisfied and replied, "Do you know that the words just enough to repair you to abolish, and then drive out the Dan Ding faction?"

  Ji Liangcai suddenly woke up, and even rolled up and crawled at the foot of Mu Yu, and kept screaming: "The pulse of the Lord, the villain has no eyes to know Taishan, and rushed to the adults, the villain damn! The villain damn it! Ask adults to spare! ”

  Although Mu Yu did not know why the old man who was squatting on the week suddenly became a serious man, he really had the appearance of a worldly high-ranking person. Since he broke his identity, then in the presence of so many people, Give him a face.

  Mu Yu walked to the old man in front of the Shouge, slightly covered, and smiled, said: "I have seen – Yuande ancestors?"

  The old man in the squad has a slight look. How can he not know that Mu Yu is chilling at him, but it is already very good that the wooden feathers are not pointing at his nose in front of outsiders. He is very useful in his heart, thinking that this guy also has a bow in front of me.

  "Ok! Everyone is a Danding person, what is the matter? As my grandson and the pulse of Qingzhufeng, you need to make things clear. ”The old man of the sergeant asked a beard and asked him.

  Everyone heard the words of the old man of the Shouge, but it was a burst of sorrow! Mu Yu is actually the grandson of Yuande's ancestors? Many people quickly remembered it. It is rumored that Mu Yu is not only an apprentice of the sword shadow, but also an apprentice of the dead wood. The Yuande ancestor is also the uncle of the dead wood, and this grandson is not wrong.

  Mu Yu really wants to put his sole on the face of this old man, mom! At this time, I still don’t forget to take advantage of my own cheapness, but also my grandchildren! Why didn't he go up to shoulder with the sun?

  "Back to the old – ancestors!"Mu Yu deliberately dragged the tone to the old man, and thought that he would have to rectify the old man. "There is a fair and just way to open the door." A customer's benefit. This has been three thousand years since I hated Shenglian, and I was said to have been a thousand years by this. If we made this business, we were told by outsiders that we thought we were a big bully! I really couldn’t stand it anymore, so I stood up and wanted to help the friend. ”

  Mu Yu handed the hate Shenglian to the old man of the squad, and the old man guarded the wooden feather. Then he measured it and slightly nodded. Lang said: "This is indeed the three thousand years of hatred."

  The face of Ma Yan’s youth suddenly became ecstatic, and he was able to get the personal identification of Yuande’s ancestors. This is the privilege of supreme!

  Happiness came too suddenly, and the young woman with a small face stared at the wooden feathers, and could not wait to rush to embrace Mu Yu. Mu Yu was stared at by the young face, and suddenly he regretted that he was nosy. Mom, this guy won’t have any Longyang.

  Mu Yu cleared his throat and continued to say: "Our Dan Ding sent a thing to say one thing, two said two, the customer is supreme, only to polish their own signs, can get more people's trust. Doing business is based on the trust of both sides. From hating the night, Tianlian is the hatred of the night lotus, and the hatred of the holy lotus is to hate the holy lotus. We never reverse the right and wrong. So everyone can come back to our Baicaotang to do business in the future, don't worry, we will let you suffer. I hate treacherous people in my life, so I have never helped my relatives. ”

  "well said!"

  "If you are a true disciple, you should pay attention to principles."

  Mu Yu’s words were so arrogant, and they actually stunned a group of people. Everyone couldn’t help but scream for Mu Yu. There were also some people who saw the wind and the rudder. Of course, all of this is all about Mu Yu. He stood up and just couldn’t understand the attitude of Ji Liangcai’s high-handedness.

  Shouge old coughed two times, the interface said: "In fact, three thousand years of hatred Shenglian really accidentally will be treated as a thousand years of hate night lotus, even if the fifth-order alchemy is possible It is wrong, so it does not blame Ji Liangcai. I can assure you that similar things will never happen again in the future! ”

  Mu Yu is quite happy with the words, and the old man can only help the aftermath. He is still a Dan ding pie, this time certainly cannot admit is Guillancay deliberately for, otherwise everyone will think Guillancay used to be such a pit to fix the real, so keep the court all blame the old man to hate the Holy Lotus is too confusing, resulting in the four-step alchemist to see the wrong, not only the preservation of the Dan Ding pie in the face of Paraquat, also not to let people suspicious.

  "Okay, hurry up! Going back to the wall for a while, copying the creed of "100,000 people, treating others with sincerity, and doing things" is not allowed to come back to the Herbs. ”Mu Yu kicked Ji Liangcai's foot, and the latter was like a big man, and he nodded as a chicken.

  "Well, everyone continues to do their own thing, Mu Yu has the corner, you come with me!"The old man of the squad turned slowly and stepped on the stairs. UU reading www.

  The dead wood snorted, and this reluctantly followed up with Mu Yu. The second floor is where Dan Ding sells medicinal herbs. There are also many people around there. The customers on the second floor don't care what happened downstairs. The old man of the squad climbed up the third floor with both of them and entered a spacious and bright room.

  "What is honesty and treat others?"The old man of the squad throws a cane to the side, and the cane is simply a look of pure wood that is purely designed to look proud.

  "Sincere! Honesty and determination, my faith in life. ”Mu Yu replied casually.

  "I don't know when you have faith."The old man of the squad closed the door, then sat down and lifted his legs. At this moment, he still has the kind of high-minded look just now, and he is a big old man.

  "I want you to manage! Oh shit! Who was the son of the grandson who just said? And what are you doing so grandly? Are you mourning? ”Mu Yu shouted unceremoniously.

  But the dead wood has been staring at the old man in the squad, and asked: "Are you breaking through the robbery period? Eight-stage alchemy master, right? ”

  The robbery period! Eight-stage alchemy teacher!

  "Yes, the blessing of the little bastard, after cleaning up the wood residue in my body, I accidentally broke through. Haha! ”The old man is very happy like an old urchin. He continued, "How can I say that I am also a person with identity, can't wear it again."

  Mu Yu’s heart was slightly shocked, the eighth-order alchemy teacher! That is really a god.

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