No. 348 Chapter Hostility

  "Old god, do you have any other daughters to marry?"Some practitioners whisper softly.

  "Yes! The nieces and women are all married. ”

  In their view, they can become the son-in-law of the Danding School of Yuande. It is really a good fortune for three generations. It must have been won by the talents who have accumulated more than a decade. As long as they can climb up with the supreme Yuande old gods of Dan Ding, it is almost impossible to cover the sky and walk in the realm of comprehension!

  "What do you know, this is the famous dead wood, the people are coming more than you, and Mu Yu knows?" The handsome and promising young god apprentice also calls the dead wood Evergreen as the master! ”Mu Yu deliberately shouted in the crowd, ready to save the face of dead wood, don't let people look down. How to say that the dead wood is also his own master, always being ignored by Xiao Xiao.

  When Mu Yu said this, he also raised his face thickly and he raised himself. Anyway, narcissism is irrelevant.

  The dead wood heard this is the sound of Mu Yu. He heard that Mu Yu was maintaining him, his face was slightly relieved, at least his own name was also big, and Mu Yu did not fall into the stone, which made him very satisfied.

  "It turned out to be dead wood, I really heard that the dead wood is only the repair of the Golden Age."

  "No wonder! It must be that the light of the dead wood and the gods of the true gods will become the son-in-law of the old gods of Yuande. He really appreciates Mu Yu! ”

  "Yes! Yes! Evergreen Evergreen has not been repaired now and can still have this kind of treatment, they are all blessed by Mu Yu! Otherwise what is he? ”

  Everyone knows more or less the name of the poisonous king, Changmu Evergreen, but agrees that the dead wood is always favored by Yuande.

  The dead wood's face was darkened again, and he heard that he was about to blow up!

  Mu Yu listened to the discussion around with some horror, and some of them laughed silently: "Master, sorry!" I really want to help you to say good things. They are too narrow-minded, I really can't help. "

  Everyone doesn't know the true ability of dead wood, but it is not a weaker than the existence of sword dust. At the beginning, it was hard to use the hands and feet of the nine-day magic circle under the eyes of evil spirits to protect Mu Yu and others.

  Yuande Dao patted the shoulders of the dead wood and said kindly: "Although the dead wood is the master of Mu Yu, but it is also my son-in-law, you say it is not! Dead wood. ”

  The gentle attitude of the Yuande Dao people to the dead wood makes many people dying! For the onlookers, if you can say a word or two to this amiable old gentleman, you will be willing to pay the price.

  The dead wood lungs are all blown up, and the Yuande Dao people go back, don't even think about what happens when he goes back this way. The two may say that when they arrive at no one's place, they will smash each other, and the dead wood will be even more fierce, because the Yuande Dao people have already taken advantage of it.

  Because of the eyes of so many people, if the old gods don’t return, they will say too much. Although the dead wood does not like this old bastard, but he is not a wood feather, Mu Yu has no sense of belonging to the Dan Ding faction, and the dead wood is different. He has his own unique complex to the Dan Ding.

  The Danding School is the root of the dead wood, and Yuande Dao is a signboard of the Dan Ding School. He knows that he has the responsibility to maintain the old fairy image of the old bastard in front of the outsiders, so that more people will respect the Danding. . If he pointed to the Yuande Dao people swearing, although the Yuande Dao people would not take him, but the Dan Ding party's signboard could be ruined.

  If even the younger generation dare to swear by the old gods of Yuande,

Doesn't that mean that the Dan Ding faction has no rules?

  Besides, even the wooden feathers that have no sense of belonging to the Danding faction have not poked the true face of the Yuande Dao people in front of everyone, and they have been pretending to be respectful, not to mention the dead wood that knows more than the wood feather.

  The dead wood said stiffly: "Yes, father-in-law."

  "Don't be so talented, you have to call me '爹', we are a family."The Yuande Dao people had a beard and a smile. In the eyes of outsiders, his eyes on the dead wood are full of love, and only the dead wood knows that this "love" hides the ridiculous tricks.

  "Yes, hey."The dead wood almost bites the teeth and squeezes out the two words.

  "Well, good son-in-law, let's go home."Yuande Dao people laughed and strode forward. He knows that according to normal means, it is impossible to force him to swear by the dead wood. It is only by relying on the pressure of the people that the dead wood will be able to make a slap in the face, and that the dead wood will be soft, and at this moment, he will not be proud of his heart. It is.

  Many self-cultivators look at the image of the old god's kindness, respectfulness, and listen to the sound of the dead wood, and they are envious of death. They can't wait to replace the dead wood as the lucky one, but they can't help but call it!

  But if they kill them, they will not believe that this old fairy with a superb appearance is a living old detached stick!

  Although both the cultivation and the alchemy technology Yuandedao are top-notch, it is definitely not a serious old guy!

  Mu Yu looked at the dead wood and looked like a sly, secretly snickered, and now can't say that the dead wood is not suffering at all. After all, Yuande Dao is also the father of the dead wood in the name, so that people can say "爹". At the beginning, Mu Yu thought that Yuande Dao wanted to say "爹" in the dry wood. It was just a talk. I didn't expect him to do it. The old guy’s trick was really embarrassing, and even the dead wood could not be prevented.

  The Yuande Dao people had long expected that the dead wood could not be dismantled in the coat of his old gods in front of so many people. Therefore, the Yuande Dao people who were deceived at this moment were eager to have their tails cocked.

Wood angrily glanced at the wooden feathers that sneered in the crowd, and resisted the urge to smash a wooden feather, which left the Yuande Dao.

  The envious eyes of all people fell on the dead wood, and the attention of Mu Yu was always placed on the dead wood. At this moment, Mu Yu suddenly raised his head and looked at the signboard of the "Tianzi" restaurant at the top of the head, as if he had noticed something. Then the figure is hidden in the crowd.


  "Would the Yuande Dao people leave with the dead wood?" This is tricky! ”I don’t want to drink another glass of wine again. Suddenly, my chopsticks are gently lowered, and my body has disappeared into my seat.

  After a long while, Mu Yu slowly walked to the position where he was not sitting, looking at the empty glass on the table, his brow furrowed.

  "Who are you?"Mu Yu secretly contemplates.

  Since his spiritual power has turned into a black and white spirit, he has become extremely sensitive to everything around him. Just when the dead wood left, he obviously felt that there was a hostility on the dead wood.

  This hostility is very slight, and the Yuande Dao people are out of the Baicaotang. The audience is very big. Everyone is staring at them. Some of them will inevitably fall on the dead wood. This is not even noticeable by Yuande Dao. If it wasn’t for Mu Yu’s intention to focus on the dead wood, I’m afraid he would not find this weak hostility.

  Mu Yu walked to the window and looked at the back of the dead wood and Yuande Dao, because of the Yuande Dao people, so he gave up a little.

  "No matter who you are, you want to start with the dead wood in front of the old man. You are still too tender."Mu Yu shook his fist.

  The day is not standing still at the corner, but he has not had time to think about anything, and the body is drawn again and disappears in place.

  He walked out from the corner, and his eyebrows whispered: "Dare to hit my uncle's idea, I really look for it!" Counting you running fast, don't let me know who you are! ”

  After that, he looked at the back of the dead wood and made a flower idiot.

  I don’t want to go on the streets of Shili, even if I was almost caught up by two people, but I still don’t change my color. These two people are not ordinary people, one is the apprentice of the true God, the other is the evil school jade girl, can detect his whereabouts, he is not surprised.

  The purpose of his trip was originally for Mu Yu. When he saw Mu Yu’s search, he chose to leave. It was not because he was afraid of anything, but worried that he would be amazed by the Yuande Dao who had just left. In the presence of Yuande Dao, he did not dare to let go. Even if he had the protection of the rules of the immortal, the Yuande Dao could still make him unable to eat. In addition, the southern 50-mile garden is not allowed to fight in the street. If he breaks the rules, it will cause trouble. After all, he is a small gatekeeper of the Star Gate, and it has a bad influence on the Star Gate.

  "The true God's disciple is not as good as me, but has such a sensitive sense of smell, and always feels that something has changed in him."The day is not waiting to touch the chin and meditate.

  Then there was a flash of light in his eyes: "But you are amazing, I will definitely return the wounds of my brother to you slowly, and then kill you!"


  There is an abandoned huts in an alley in the southern Fuli Garden. The dark huts reach out and there is nothing in the room. There is no furniture, no furniture, and even a spider web.

  However, at this time, a figure suddenly appeared in the room. His arrival seemed to bring the endless light, and the whole room was bright and white, all the dust was smashed in a flash, and the dirty house instantly became neat and tidy.

  There is no spiritual fluctuation in this person, but his figure is so sturdy in the white light, like a mean mountain, like a god above nine days, people look up. White light shrouded in this person's body, and even if someone stood here, he couldn't see his true face.

  Soon, another figure appeared in the room. This person, like the first person, had an endless light on his body, but his body was much smaller than the first person.

  "On the Lord, the sword shadow dust has been angry with the grass, what should I do next?"The second person asked, his voice was heavy and thick, and the thunder was coming.

  "He wants to recover and repair me. Where is it so easy?"The voice of the first person sounded very ethereal, as if it had crossed the time and space, from the ancient times of the sky, but it looked husky and hoarse. It was like a childish voice that was unpredictable and unpredictable.

  This person turned out to be the guardian of the Triple Palace!

  "Lord, how are you going to deal with the sword shadow dust?"

  The defender did not answer him positively, but sighed "Sword shadow dust, phantom rain, UU reading evil shadow is not old, there are always people who are detached from the rules of heaven, eternal life is not dead, really enviable. I have the entire realm of comprehension, but I can't escape the shackles of heaven. How can fate be so unfair to me? ".

  Rao is that he will go to the end of his life when he is repaired to heaven. He will marry those who will never die, and he also wants to have the power to live forever.

  "Jian Ying dust wind is a very smart person, he has already arranged everything. However, Rao is his wisdom, how can he think that some things will also have loopholes? ”The garrisoner chuckled.

  "Lord, you are the host of the back soil, south?"

  "Not only to the south, he is already in our bag, there is another person we need to help him."

  "You mean –"

  "Yuan Dedao people should let him go to the Mie Palace as soon as possible. Do you understand what I mean?"The Mie Palace guards indulged in a half-way.

 "But now time is not yet -" The second person stunned for a long while, and suddenly realized that "the subordinates understand."

  "Sword shadow dust wind which sword shadow dust wind, and you fight for a lifetime, I should win once. I have the entire realm of comprehension, the rules of the game, all the comprehensions follow my orders, how do you fight with me? ”

  The room gradually dimmed, and the endless light gradually dissipated, as if it was just a blink of an eye, and the whole room was once again in the darkness, as if nothing had happened.



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